◈ Chapter 74. It’s Just a Fluke (1)

The Weight of the Chief (Repeat)▲

Proceed with the verification at Topaz Hall. (Success)

Successfully organize a regular meeting. (Ongoing)…….

Events in the Magic Tower.

A regular meeting is about to start.

I don’t know about other players.

For me, it’s an important event.

“How is it already time?”

Why, I remember the last one.

Even back then, I learned useful magic just by attending, including Marcelo’s advanced magic, [『Anomaly』].

Such a regular meeting of a magic tower.

For me, it was a big event where I could improve my magical level.

It was a big event……!

“New knowledge is always exciting.”

Okay, for once, I’m sympathetic to this rhetoric.

Above all, it was me who had a specific justification for attacking the crack.

That means we need to jump into the cracks more aggressively.

And at a fairly decent level.

“If I don’t have enough levels, I have to make up for it on the other side.”

So you have to look forward to it.

“In that case, it’s good news.”

Of course, I’m in a different position than I was at the first meeting.

As the quest says.

As Marcelo’s co-researcher.

I carried the weight of seniority.

“You have to show the right attitude.”

Mr. Grandfell, you’re used to weight and position.

So as soon as the grueling physical training was over.

I went straight to my desk without a proper break.

I reached for the stack of spellbooks on my desk.

Yes, these heavy spellbooks.

This is the weight I must carry.

“You mean you need a better understanding.”

Research presented at regular conferences.

All magic is tried and tested, old and new.

I have a weight on my shoulders, and I will not be able to observe things as I have in the past.

In other words, the High Pride has no intention of taking the efforts of the presenters lightly.


……In the end, it’s me who’s dying this time.

I can’t remember the last time I was in a dorm room.

Magic Tower’s laboratory.


Yusra’s office.

Magic Tower’s laboratory…….

It wasn’t just my mood, I was really only going back and forth to those three places.

If it’s going to be like this, I might as well move.

I swallowed my sigh.

“That’s all for now.”


I opened the magic book.

Despite my grumbling, I was frighteningly focused.

The book that required such intense concentration was none other than the book on ‘secret herbs’.

The preliminary tests in Topaz Hall.

The few studies I had passed.

One of them was a study on the cultivation of elixir herbs.


You said it was new to the Magic Tower.

No wonder it’s new to me.

But who was Grandfell?

He wasn’t the kind of man to bring a topic that was foreign even to him to a regular meeting.

I was responsible for getting the study passed.

After all, I was carrying the weight of a book.

“There’s so much involved.”

Healing, pharmacy, and manufacturing…….

There’s so much to memorize.

If it weren’t for Grandfell’s talent, I would have beaten him a long time ago. Really.

But it’s all in the mind.

“If it can’t be avoided.”

Yeah, let’s enjoy it.

Let’s dream of a happy future.

The cultivation of elixir herbs.

The research will become expensive elixirs and potions in the future.

Let’s drink some kimchi soup.

Of course, his body was already enjoying it, unlike his mind, which was just now becoming discouraged.

“I’m looking forward to it.”


No wonder the lab is filled with the sound of books being flipped through.

* https://pindangscans.com


I flip through the channels.

-Together with the Gaon Guild, the value of player Lee Ho-yeol is hard to even dare to measure…….


-There’s a lot of talk about the message that appeared in the crack in the Quernberg machine tower, and it’s Lee Ho-yeol who may hold the key to solving it…….


-His skill at maneuvering mechanical devices is on full display here. I’ve searched all the players and classes, but I can’t find anyone with that skill…….

Somehow, no matter how many channels I flip through, I can’t stop hearing about Lee Ho-yeol.


Mrs. Choi sighed in frustration.

She couldn’t come up with an excuse.

“Well, whenever I turn on the TV, I see his face.”

To be honest, she seemed to see her son’s face more often than the faces of her neighbors. I don’t know if he’s talking about himself or not.


Lee Jun-wook was concentrating and cutting out something.

“Are you going to get the newspaper again?”

“What? It’s nothing.”

“No, it’s nothing, it’s just that if I see Lee Ho-yeol’s name in the newspaper, I’ll take out a pair of scissors.”

“Hehe. No.”

The corners of his mouth turned up to his ears.

A newspaper clipping.

Mrs. Choi was right, it was Lee Jun-wook’s new hobby.

Someone would have to ask.

The youngest son of a daughter’s rich family.

What’s so strange about keeping newspaper clippings from your own son’s wife?

Of course, Mrs. Choi had plenty to say.

“Do you know that you have more than a box of newspapers? No, I don’t mean a box. I just need to point out a corner of the house and newspapers will pop out……!”

“Uh-huh. Dude, it’s all just a memory and…….”

“In a world where we watch the news on our cell phones, didn’t Yerim teach us how to capture screen last time, right? Do you have to cut out paper newspapers and collect them? Not even properly organized, just stubborn.”

It was.

A day or two.

It wasn’t just one or two lines of newspaper!

Lee Ho-Yeol.

An article with his son’s name?

If you buy a daily newspaper, Ho-yeol’s name appears in one article, adding a little lie.

Politics, economics, even entertainment and sports.

It was all over the place.

“Hmph, what is it, you two fighting again?”

“Who says we’re fighting? On this fine day.”

“Well, I just can’t let go of those scissors.”

No. 3, a familiar scene for Lee Yerim.

Her brother’s face on the TV as soon as she opened the door was also familiar. Lee Yerim’s mouth watered.

“Mom, it’s your birthday the day after tomorrow, but didn’t Ho-yeol contact you?”

“He’s busy. I don’t think he’d have the time.”

“No, he’s busy with his work, but what kind of son forgets his mom’s birthday?”

I don’t care how good you are.

A brother is a brother.

Son is son.

Lee Yerim coughed loudly.

“As a very good big sister, I have to say something.”

Of course, it’s an excuse.

Inside, Lee Yerim was sarcastic.

All she wanted to do was tease her brother.

“That’s because I recognized you from your own room?”

Why, from the chicken breast to the salad ingredients.

My sisters may have been fooled by Lee Ho-yeol, but not me.

Yes, Lee Yerim hadn’t given up since then.

What caught her eye was an article about Ho Yeol in an entertainment newspaper.

Yi Yerim broke into the cold war between the menopausal couple.

“Mom, what do you think of your foreign daughter-in-law?”

In this case, the foreign daughter-in-law was Jesse Heinness.

Jesse’s decision to leave her guild behind and join Ho Yeol had caused quite a stir. Of course, as you can see, it also drew Lee Yerim’s attention.

“You thorn in my side, are you going to say something stupid again?”

“…… Mr. Lee. Not funny. Then, Dad!”


“Dad, what do you think of the chaebol’s daughter-in-law?”

The chaebol’s daughter-in-law is the Shinhwa Guild Master, Baek Yi-seol.

The same Baek Yi Seol who was kicked in the teeth by Ho Yeol time and time again.

She’s gotten over it now, but it was a shock at the time.

Baek Yi-seol was secretly popular among women as a femme fatale.

She was humiliated by her own brother, Ho-yeol.

‘The unnies weren’t making a fuss either. at that time.’

She wonders if Ho-yeol has some kind of magical charm that we don’t know about.

But her delusions were short-lived.


“Ouch! Mom, why are you clutching my head?!”

“This thorny is always going to be teased Ho-yeol whenever something happens.”

“I’m not making fun of him, there’s definitely something going on! Doesn’t mom know the intricacies of the relationship between men and women? Who knows if it’s a relationship?”


Lee Joon-wook, who had been reading the newspaper, spoke up.

“I know. She’s the one who gave birth to them.”

He also bought a brother and sister as annuals…….

Of course, she couldn’t let him finish.

After all, Mrs. Choi exploded.

“Shut up!”

Both of them were furious.

Even though her son was on TV every day.

She couldn’t help it.

Besides, Ho-yeol was a player.

It seemed odd to worry about him until now.

Ho-yeol was doing so well without a crisis…….

It’s not for nothing that they say you never stop worrying about your kids.

“……I wonder if he’s eating properly.”

If I stopped by once in a while, I’d make sure they had a good meal.

I knew Ho-yeol was so busy.

Her mouth didn’t drop easily.

Lee Yerim noticed and said.

“This is why it’s useless to raise a son like this…….”

But before he could get a slap on the back.

A thud.

” ……What does that mean?”

The sound of something tapping on the window was heard.

He turned to the window and gasped.

“Ugh, what is that?”

Something crashed through the open window.

It was a winged stack of papers.

To be precise, it was a letter in which 『magic』 was manifested.

Flap, flap, flap.

The winged letter landed precisely in Mrs. Choi’s arms.

A letter that came to life.

Not so long ago.

I would have thought this was a movie.

Now I could guess.

“……Wow, it’s from my Ho Yeol, right?”

It was.

In fact, I could tell just by looking at it.

Rolled up in a circle.

The letter was sealed with a candle and exuded elegance.

Lee Yerim said softly.

“He’s a tongue-in-cheek guy. What’s the big deal, right, Mom?”

“I know. I’m sure he’s in a hurry…….”

“Ugh. No way!”

Well done, my brother.

No matter how busy you are, you always remember your mom’s birthday.

Seeing Mrs. Choi Kang-hee’s brightened face, Lee Yerim’s mood instantly improved.

By the way…….

“Mom, he must be crazy!”

I ripped open the candle and saw.

How many characters is this?

A long letter that must have taken hours to write.

” …… Did you think Ho Yeol would say something like this?”

Lines of text, each one filled with formality.

Of course, it wasn’t just a letter.

Mrs. Choi had found something in the curled up letter.

There was no need to look too closely.

Its appearance was all too familiar.

Lee Yerim frowned.

“Isn’t that a tea bag? Is that green tea? What does it say?”

A dense letter.

Mrs. Choi finally found the one he was referring to.

“…… herbal tea? It’s a tea made with herbs, Ho Yeol?”

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Like in the movie, you don’t need an owl to send a letter.

All it took was a little mana.

I opened the window and the letter took flight.

No matter how busy you are.

You can’t ignore formality.

“I’m sorry for not being able to attend.”

My mom, Mrs. Choi Kang-hui’s birthday was the day after tomorrow.

I would have attended the family event if it weren’t for the regular meeting.

In that sense, I can’t help but be grateful for the regular meetings.

Why, just writing it down is hundreds of lines.

Imagine trying to convey that in words.

‘Even in front of my sisters?’

……I can only imagine. Really.

Anyway, I didn’t forget to enclose a tea made from herbs.

You’re both at an age where you need to take care of your health.

In that sense, the herbal tea should help.

You know, the kind of herbs that make up potions and elixirs?

It made sense that brewed tea would have similar effects.

‘It was worth it to look in the book.’

Of course, it was because of his knowledge of elixirs.

He’d been poring over all sorts of magical texts in the run-up to the conference, and he’d gotten a rough idea of how to use them.

“But it’s still a long way off.”

Of course, I had an idea.

Not enlightened.

For one thing, herbal knowledge isn’t something you can magically see. It’s something you have to memorize, word for word.

Moreover, elixir herbs were plants that grew on the continent of Arcana.

The vast Arcana Continent.

There were millions and millions of medicinal herbs growing there.

Gaining knowledge of such medicinal herbs like that…….

Is that even possible?

I had my doubts.

Like I said, it’s all in the mind.

‘The possibilities are endless,’ he said.


That’s why I’m disappointed,

I’m the one who’s disappointed with the level, and I have no choice but to sell the well.

A second look at my herbal books.

But my reading didn’t last long.


Medicinal herbs are a class of plants that grow on the continent of Arcana…….



Suddenly, I remembered the passage.

The Demon King, Decarabian.

Something about him.

Yes, Decarabian used birds as his minions.

He had knowledge of all minerals and ‘plants’.

All plants.

That would include the knowledge of medicinal herbs.

Yes, I have the spoils of such a Decarabian.

[The Pentagram of Impure Knowledge]

[Rank: Epic]

[Restrictions: None]

[Effect: Sealed]

[Description: A demonic curse has sealed its effects, and it must be purified to know its full power.]

It’s a strange loot, from the name and rank to the……!

‘……Wait, you can’t tell me this is impure knowledge?’

But with great expectations comes great disappointment.

I know that.

Plus, Grandfell’s personality is notoriously unreliable.


I just blurt out casually.

“Every hypothesis needs to be tested.”