Chapter 69 – Akshan’s Legacy (3)

◈ Chapter 69. Akshan’s Legacy (3)

[Quest: Breaking the Trap].

Avoid the elaborate traps and reach the portal.

You will be rewarded according to your rank.

─Current Rank

1st : 1:01

2nd place: 4 minutes, 41 seconds

3rd place: 4 minutes, 50 seconds

The [Trap Breaker] quest.

The reward for that rank.

It was a reward that would directly help me in the next quest, the [Tournament] quest.

A small mechanical device caught my eye when I checked my inventory.

[Quernberg Rising Lever – Level 3]

[Rank: Unique]

[Limitations: None]

[Effect : When used in a tournament, earn 9 points].

[Description: An elevation device that can be used in the center of the Quernberg Machine Tower. When combined with a mechanical device, it can be used to ascend three floors in one fell swoop. It looks simple, but it’s quite a bit of work].

Winning, and winning by three!

Considering that the goal of the [Tournament] quest is 30 points.

The effectiveness of the item was pretty amazing.

But I wasn’t fooled.

‘This is the reward for being alone?

What do you do with 9 points?

Every team I’m going to face is going to be three people.

Even if I gave them points, I was sure to forget them.

So I started thinking.

…… I’m going to go all the way.

I’m not going to waste anything.

I’m going to bring everything I don’t have.

Just like my motto.

I didn’t even bother to read the message in the description.

‘It looks simple, but it contains a lot of technology…….’

If I were Lee Ho-yeol, I would have passed it by.

I’d take a quick look at the mechanism.

I would have thought, “It’s more complicated than it looks.”

But not Grandfell.

If he opened a magic book.

I’d stay up all night to get to the end of it.

He would not stop training until he was exhausted.

Does Grandfell’s physical body just pass by after seeing this explanation?


It can’t be true.

It was.

I picked up [Quernberg Rising Lever – Level 3].

I didn’t use the item right away.

I stood upright on the mechanism.

From that position, he began to explore.

“Intricate circuits. Exquisite technical skills to realize them.”

Such was Grandfell’s talent and aesthetic.


Whoever the creator was, this was no ordinary object.

If it were any other object, the search would be over quickly.

But as I said, the lever was extremely complex and sophisticated.

Dozens of different types of minerals.

The design of each part was so perfect it gave me goosebumps.

“It’s a great tool.”

After a long search.

That was my assessment.

I could hardly believe how focused I was.

“If it hadn’t been for the consolation prize system, I would have been eliminated.”

I was so focused on the lever that I didn’t have a proper response.

But it was good to be good.

Anyway, I made it through the navigation process.

Thanks to you.

“I’ve been waiting for you.”


It means you’re confident enough to greet the other person.

The source of that confidence?


“I’ve got the basic structure and circuitry figured out.

It’s in the manifestation of magic.

I’ve completed the most laborious part of the search.

I could now interfere with the Quernberg machine tower.

Just as I could interfere with a rock that had completed its search.

I could interfere with the mechanical devices that I could see.

In other words.

“I see you don’t intend to say hello.”

I don’t know what’s giving you that look.

You’ve made a big mistake.

“You rejected my polite greeting.”

Grandfell’s response to a lack of manners.

My attitude towards quest rewards.

A moment of agreement.

There was no hesitation on my part.

I raised my magic.

In the end, victory or defeat is only as good as the cog in the center. It’s a fight, but it’s not a fight that ends with the cog.

What are my chances of losing if I interfere with the machine tower?

“Why not just build a machine wall and take it?

To be honest, I’m not sure.

“……I admit defeat.”

……But what?

He’s just going to surrender?

I was dumbfounded.

What, some kind of team conflict?

His expression was serious.

Maybe there was a reason, but it was none of my business.

“I respect that decision.”

I hope he changes his mind.

I grabbed the cogs.

Until then, I was still half-hearted.



I watched the other team’s machinery descend.

I checked the quest window and realized.

─Current Victory Points (W: +3p / L: -2p)

1st place: 18p

2nd : 13p

2nd place: 13p

Earned 3 points to take sole possession of the lead.

Counting the 9 points earned through the [Quernberg Rising Lever – Level 3]…….

Only 1 win left.

With one more win, I will reach 30 points.

I was able to finish the [Tournament] quest in first place.

[I am currently searching for a suitable opponent…….]

[There are ‘0’ opponents with the same number of wins].

[Waiting for an opposing team].

Looking at the message that popped up, I thought to myself

“Who’s not going to surrender again?

Well, I’ve already gotten a forfeit win.

If you want me to eat any more raw than that, I’m not even going to bother trying.


The two teams in the lead.

15p → 18p

15p → 13p

The moment their points flipped.

The onlookers gulped.

“First of all, one team was Rocks, right?”

Rox, the master of the Shining.

None of their teammates, including Rox, were streaming or broadcasting privately.

The fact that they were tied for the lead was announced the moment the four-win groups faced off.

“Hey, you thought your heart was in your throat!”

Rox’s intimidation was clearly visible to the opposing team.

Ranked 2nd in the player rankings.

One of the few level 400 players.

When someone like Rox appeared.

The observers couldn’t help but feel excited.

-Where there’s Camilla, there’s Rox.

-I’m so jealous of his teammates, seriously.

-Lol, I don’t think there’s an express bus like that.

And it lived up to the hype.

Rox’s overwhelming performance earned them a cog.

Even with the balance system in place and the average leveling up.

There was no way to stop him.

“Heck. That’s some serious experience, Mr. Rox.”

As the absolute level increased.

Arcana’s system exponentially increases the amount of experience needed to level up.

It was only natural that the amount of experience would make a difference in skill.

“Look at the members of the top teams! They all have one top-ranked player. Rox, Camilla, and even a South Korean player from my country!”

Yes, there is a balance system.

It would be impossible to balance it perfectly.

So the anticipation only increased.

“Then the other team is definitely Lee Ho-yeol, right?”

The overwhelming power of the Demon King in the Decarabian Raid.

Some people had predicted Ho-yeol’s level based on his performance.

However, this time, there was no chance to accurately gauge his level.


“……, the machinery begins to descend!”

A showdown for the sole lead.

Who would lose?

In the midst of all the attention, a figure appeared.


It was Rox.

Rox had lost and dropped to a 13-point deficit.

He was bombarded with questions from the other team.

“It was Lee Ho-yeol up there, wasn’t it?!”

“No, I don’t know if it was Lee Ho-yeol. Someone should have seen it.”

“……What’s with all the facial expressions?”

A lot of experience, as well as a high level.

That meant he knew more than others.

Because you look like you know.

Rox’s shock didn’t wear off easily.

“Clearly, he was alone.”

Rox assessed himself soberly.

“Do you think I can take on three players by myself?”

No, that was impossible.

Isn’t there a balance system?

Rox wanted to ask.

‘That means there is an appropriate level in the crack.

[Quernberg Machine Tower Rift].

That level was a whopping 400.

And this place.

In the center of the tournament, the maximum level was 450. Most players wouldn’t even be able to set foot in it.

‘You should be at least level 300…….’

No, even that was way too low.

Still, Rox couldn’t shake the shock.

That was it.

“Then, no matter how low you set Lee Ho-yeol’s level……?

It was the equivalent of at least level 900.

Demon King, right after the Decarabian Raid.

Rox had predicted Ho Yeol’s level to be 700.

I thought I hadn’t underestimated him.

“Even if I was behind, I was far behind.

Level 900.

I didn’t even dare to think about catching up.

It was nothing compared to Ho Yeol.

He was one of the top players himself.

I understood the effort it took to move up a level.

Is that why?

I’m starting to understand Ho-Yeol’s behavior.

A child of the heavens and earth.

A confident demeanor.

A mental strength that shrugged off demonic abnormalities.

An arsenal of skills he couldn’t even name.

Finally, a little while ago.

-I was waiting for you.

Even the casual greeting.

‘……I shouldn’t have thought it strange.’

It was all natural, considering the level of respect.

Realizing that, I felt refreshed.

“The bigger the goal, the better.”

I felt like I’d finally shed a garment that didn’t fit.

“Since when do I look down on others?”

Yes, always, when you’re from the bottom.

When you crawl up from the bottom.

An underdog who becomes even more motivated.

Then Rox’s eyes changed.

“Still, it’s probably too soon to give up.”

“It’s ……?”

“The rule is to get 30 points first.”

There was a giant wall of favoritism above me.

It didn’t mean we had to break it down.

Why, you could just as easily knock out the other team for three points.

I wondered if Rox had gotten the memo.

The team recovered from their shock.

“……Yes, because Lee Ho-yeol is bound to be waiting for us!”

At least one team.

Until the other team reached the same point.

Ho-yeol would have no choice but to stay put and wait.

Rox was going to take advantage of that system.

Rox grinned at his teammates.

“It’s unfair, isn’t it? We’re the only ones who feel his fear.”

“It is. I couldn’t put it into words. It was…….”

“How can you say hello in that situation……!”

Yes, the game is over with at least 27 points.

But only with one game to go.

“I need a strategy.”

The moment Ho-yeol faces the team that won 27 points.

They also face another team that won 27 points.

They win before Ho-yeol does.

They reach 30 points before Ho-yeol does.

“This is the easiest way. No, this is the only way.”

Expect to win against Ho-yeol.

It seemed easier to coordinate the other teams’ points.

Rox raised his sword.

“Ah, no! Mr. Rox. We don’t intend to fight to the death……!”

I asked a question, not an answer, and he drew his sword.

Panicked, the players threw up their hands.

Rox didn’t budge.

“Last chance.

He had guessed Ho Yeol’s level.

He realized that competing with Ho Yeol was pointless.

No matter what crack, no matter what raid.

It would be impossible to outperform him.

‘Maybe this is my last chance to get ahead of him.’


I can’t miss that precious opportunity.

Rox rushed towards the cogs.

But Rox doesn’t realize it.

9 points in one fell swoop.

[the Quernberg Rising Lever].

All he needed was three points.

was only three points.

And at the same time.

“It’s a shame, because you must have worked hard to get up there.”

And the fact that Ho Yeol got the last cog!




As I had hoped, I had won.

A wall of machines blocked the players’ movements.

I reached for the cogs.

“……, Ho-yeol. Ho-yeol Lee, are you sure you’re alone?”


“Uh, how did you get here alone……?!”

“Formality and procedure must be observed.”


He had surrendered before.

This time, the players didn’t go ballistic.

They just had the same look on their faces, like they saw it coming.

“The result would have been the same anyway.”

Well, even if they did, they wouldn’t have been able to take down the mechanical wall.

It was an alloy wall made of dozens of different minerals.

It is incomparably harder than a stone wall.

Twenty-one points.

I didn’t hesitate.

[Quernberg Rising Lever – Level 3].

Coupled the lever to the mechanism.


Pull the lever.


The mechanism began to ascend at a frightening speed.

At the same time, the quest window flashed.

[Quest: Tournament]

A scaffolding that moves based on victory or defeat.

Win, earn 30 points and be the first to reach the upper level.

─Current Victory Points (Win: +3p / Lose: -2p)

1st place: 30p

2nd place: 16p

3rd place: 15p

[You have met the conditions].

……How much faster is this thing going to get, anyway?

It’s a gyrodrop, what is it?

How high and how fast is it going to go?

It’s deafening, isn’t it?!

Of course, he was impressed, but he didn’t show it.

“The pinnacle of technological brilliance.”

……Yes, it’s better to bluff than to gag.

I was thinking to myself.

Suddenly, the scene changed.


Like looking through a glass window.

I could see the outside of the Quernberg Machine Tower.

The sight was as bizarre as ever.

But I knew it.

A strange sight.

But that was reality and Arcana.

It was a mixture of both worlds.

So I realized.

‘……That’s the continent of Arcana?

Nam Chul-min, Hakuna, and Baek Yisul…….

Why the real world was full of demons.

At that moment, quest windows flashed.

Two of them.