Chapter 66 – Magic Tower (3)

◈ Chapter 6. Magic Tower (3)


The clinking of teacups echoed through the lab.

Marcelo sipped his tea and let out a small sigh.

“Indeed, I can see why you like it.”

The least he could do was float a green tea bag.

His attitude made me feel like a dick.

Of course, I wasn’t deterred and fired back.

“The real value is not in the value or rarity.”

I’m just trying to put some meaning into a green tea bag that costs 200 won a piece……!

At this point, it’s not just the people who are listening.

I mean me.

I’m spewing black history in real time.

“You’re giving me a lot to think about.”

What if I say something back?

Of course, Marcelo didn’t come to me to nod his head in agreement with my bullshit.

I recognized his intentions from the flashing quest window.

─Accept Marcelo’s offer (Success)

Prove your abilities. (Success)

The Weight of the Chief (Repeat)▼

Approach Anomaly (Ongoing)

Newly created quest objective.

What is an Anomaly?

You mean eccentric, as in eccentricity in action.

I knew it, but I didn’t take my lips off first.

Marcelo, setting down his teacup, interrupted.

“As you may have guessed, there are unavoidable circumstances at the Tower.”


Right out of the gate?

I was well aware of Marcelo’s personality.

Seriously, no brakes.

“But I’m afraid. I can’t talk about that right now, because I’m only keeping my own speculations to myself. In short, they’re unverified.”

Marcelo laughed bitterly.

His face was skinny, without a trace of flesh.

He didn’t usually show emotion on his face.

His bitter smile conveyed complex emotions.

Sweet tea─

I leisurely sipped my teacup.

“I understand how you feel.”

“Thank you for your understanding.”

“But what’s the real reason?”

“……You guessed it, I can’t hide anything from you.”

It was the quest window that guessed, not me, but whatever.

It didn’t matter.

I focused on what Marcelo said next.

It boiled down to this.

“Magic and science, two completely different concepts. I’ve decided to call this advanced form of magic ‘anomaly’.”

『Anomaly』 was what he meant.

Then I could guess the new quest objective.

“New concepts need to be tested.”

For me, it was Grandfell’s magical talent.

I, Lee Ho-Yeol, had the scientific knowledge.

The two concepts were easy to accept.

I had no trouble utilizing the anomaly.

But not the other mages.

They were being pushed by Marcelo, the chief.

“You need to build on that foundation.”

Of course, a process I don’t need.

But there’s a quest, isn’t there?

And who knows, maybe I’d learn about the inevitable situation of the tower.

“Where do you need my help?”

Marcelo asked politely.

“I’m afraid I’m constantly in your debt.”

His next words left me speechless.

“I would like you to investigate a crack.”


This must be the crack I know.

The crack where the monster comes out.

But what does a freak have to do with a crack?

A moment of shock.


Something flashed in my head.

“……No, a crack is the same as an anomaly.”

An anomaly is a fusion of two completely different concepts.

A rift is two completely different worlds.

A space where reality and arcana intermingle.

I imagined a landscape of such a rift.

A landscape that seemed to be half subway and half gnoll habitat.

Yes, the landscape was [『Anomaly』].

I immediately opened my mouth.

“I think I understand what you mean, Marcelo.”

“The rift is where the two worlds……. Huh, do you understand?”

Quest objectives updated at the same time.

Approach Anomaly (in progress)▼

Attack the Crack. (repeated)

“I don’t think we can find out much right away, but if we can get a little information about the rift. I’m sure we’ll make great strides in our quest for anomalies.”

A quest that makes my slackened pride tense.

I would have to do everything in my power to keep from sinking.

Warm-ups were a must.

I’d have to be diligent.

Of course, that might not be enough.

Class, Demon Hunter.

Because if I didn’t have a [natural enemy], I wouldn’t be a nutcase, I’d be a screw-up.

That’s why I’m determined to be prepared. Why, I don’t have to be completely naked, do I?

‘Herbs, potions, temptations…….’

Why, there are things you can use.

You have to make the best of it.

That’s how I do it.

Then Marcelo said to me.

“I can’t accompany you, but the exploitation of the Rift is part of your research. No, it’s not just research, it’s the first step toward the truth. If you need anything, you can ask the Magic Tower.”

…… “Anything”?

At this point, I’m wondering.

Does he know what I’m going to ask him for?

‘Do you want me to show you something real?’

Really, do I need to show him what it’s like to uproot a tree?

Should I let him know that words spoken cannot be easily picked up.

I hesitated, then stopped.

Damn it, innocence.

As long as Grandfell’s eyes are wide open.

I can’t be greedy for nothing.

But greed and preparedness are two different things.

We must take what we can of the Magic Tower’s support.


I hesitated, then raised my teacup to Marcelo.

“Here, let me finish.”

“It smells so good. What is the name of the tea?”

“It’s called green tea.”

“Green tea…….”

“I’m afraid I don’t have any to share with you.”

“Alas, that would be…….”

“But that won’t matter now that I have a rocket delivery.”

“……Rocket delivery?”

“Just green tea and brown sugar green tea. What do you want?”

“……What’s the difference between the two?”


An approach to [『Anomaly』].

The crack strategy that would become its foundation.

The first step in that preparation was getting to knowing myself.

“Getting to know myself.”

Well, that’s a big word.

I was just checking my inventory.

A demon, Decarabian.

The three items I’d sacrificed in the ritual for him.

[Possessed Sword]

[Noblewoman’s jewelry box]

[A strangling cord].

The demonic item.

They were purified when I defeated Decarabia.

I looked at the items with an aesthetic eye.

“Not bad.”

I had picked them out at the auction house myself.

Naturally, I was picky.

Most importantly, I looked at the level restrictions.

“Even if you have a lot of money, it’s better to spend it well.

I checked the sword’s information first.

[Nameless Blacksmith’s Legacy – Longsword]

[Rank: Unique]

[Limit: Lv.280]

[Effect : When attacking, has a high chance to inflict the status ailment “Bleeding” on an opponent.]

[Description: This is the blacksmith’s last work, and it was only after his grudge was over that he regained its true value].

……I wasn’t expecting much, but it was a surprise.

I didn’t even think about it when it was a [Possessed Sword], but this?

First and foremost, it was a unique ranked longsword.

Even if you leave aside the effects and just look at the basic performance…….

How many times the purchase price did I get for this?

‘I’m finally getting out of my training longsword.

Training in swordsmanship.

I took the [Lionheart Knights – Training Longsword] I had saved along the way.

I’ve gotten a much more powerful item.

I can finally take off my beginner’s robes.

I checked the information on the jewelry box with satisfaction.

[Jewel Box of Warmth]

[Rank: Unique]

[Limit: None]

[Effect : Grants ‘warmth’ to the trinket you store for a certain amount of time].

[Description : A jewelry box handed down to a noble family. A mother’s heart for her daughter has been passed down from generation to generation].

Wait, this is also a unique?

I can’t help but be impressed.

Maybe I’m just a little sharp.

‘An item that buffs jewelry.

Quite an unusual item.

A [Warmth] buff.

I couldn’t think of anything just by looking at it.

Well, it’s a buff.

I’ll just have to figure it out later.

Finally, I picked up the tie.

[Masterpiece – A favorite of the Duke of Swalin]

[Rank: Unique]

[Limit: Lv.250]

[Effect: When worn, slightly increases M. Atk. regeneration / slightly increases aesthetic stats]

[Description: Duke Swallin’s tie. It had a curse to match its complicated story, but now that it has been purified, it is worthy of a museum].

Not just unique this time, but a masterpiece?!

Now I was convinced.

Apparently, I have a natural talent for auctions.

‘Well, it’s not really my talent, it’s Grandfell’s.’

Apparently, the aesthetician was able to assess even the original value of the cursed item.

I won’t starve to death if I have this one item.

I thought to myself.

‘How many times?’

Because I saw a benefit that was several times the purchase amount.

Of course, my emotions didn’t change a bit.

I was too swayed by such a small gain.

The bowl of the Grandfell was too vast.

I put on my tie nonchalantly.

Indeed, it was a masterpiece.

‘Better than a masterpiece.’

Masterpieces were one of those items that could be recognized for their value just by having a label attached to them.

The effect is also simple, but it’s one that I crave.

‘Slightly increased magic regeneration.’

It’s a slight increase, so it won’t have much of an effect.

It was more usable than the brooch.

[Effect: When using magic, recovers 10% of consumed magic].

Increased magic regeneration without such conditions?

In battle or at rest.

It was supposed to regenerate magic.

Same slight increase.

Although [Aesthetics] still remained in the [Low] grade…….


For a first purchase at the auction house, that was pretty good.

Besides, he hadn’t forgotten about the [Necklace of Sublime Promise] he’d obtained during the Count Ascura Rift.

A level 300 restricted item.

I wondered if I’d ever be able to wear it.

I was only five levels away from reaching level 300.

I checked my outfit in the mirror.

‘Suit, hankerchief, tie…….’

I looked even more formal than before.

As if that wasn’t enough, he had silver hair.

It’s almost foreign.


I didn’t recognize myself in the mirror at all.

I stared into the mirror and muttered.

“This is me.”

The Grandfell, my past, my black history.

And these foreign feelings.

Part of the process of overcoming black history.

Knowing that, I didn’t hesitate.

I immediately went through the portal to the Kingdom of Yusra.

To capture the new crack that had been created in the Yusra Kingdom.

“I don’t know who this person is, but he has a lot of confidence.”

Whose land is that…….

No, I don’t even know under whose ‘authority’ it is.




A rift had appeared in the kingdom of Yusra.

There was no particular significance to that fact.

It just added to the number of newly updated cracks.

It was Nam Tae-min who brought the information.

“It’s just that the number of cracks has increased, and one of them has appeared near the Kingdom of Yusra. And it’s something that only me and my brother know about…….”

I looked at Nam Tae-min, who whispered beside me.

……Is it okay to tell me something so important?

I was grateful, of course.

Who is Nam Tae-min?

The strongest player in South Korea and the guild master of the world’s third-ranked team, Gaon.

What kind of information and rumors does he get?

It’s high-level information that I have no way of knowing.


And there I was, taking the favor for granted.

In response, Tae-min continues.

“The moment Inazuma severed his connection to the Japanese government, there was no reason or rationale for the Japanese government to claim rights to Frost.”

Among the advanced information.

The story about Frost was particularly important.

I had a “Authority” feature in Frost.

Up until this point, I thought the people of Frost needed time to come to terms with the situation.

I hadn’t acted, but now I had to.

“I can’t stand by and let this happen forever.

Demon King, after the destruction of Decarabian.

The Japanese government was relentless.

The mere fact that the Frost straddled their territory was enough for them to claim the right to it for all sorts of reasons, so it was no surprise.

“Kazuma Hisagi. There’s no way he’d do that.”

I never thought Inazuma would turn his back on the Japanese government.

Nam Tae-min also found it puzzling.

“Of course, it’s none of my business.”

It was just a moment ago that I thought …….

“‘Welcome Mr. Lee Ho-yeol’!”

Including Kazuma Hisagi.

The entire Inazuma Guild was waiting for me.

Lined up in two rows in front of the Golden Palace.

A fleeting moment.

I rolled my eyes.

What had brought them to me, to the Yusra Kingdom?

Was it because of what Nam Tae Min had told me?

I had a vague idea of his intentions.


“Pardon me.”

In Rome, one must follow Roman law.

“I don’t have meetings that aren’t arranged in advance.”


Whoever it is.

No matter what.

Formality and procedure come first.