Chapter 64 – Magic Tower (1)

◈ Chapter 64. Magic Tower (1)

Magic Tower.

A group that is unrivaled in Arcana by force of arms.

Even the emperors who command the continent.

Even the emperors who control the continents fear their influence and want to establish friendly relations.

But only because they are so powerful.

The Magic Tower have been largely absent from any of Arcana’s events.

Of course, that was back when Arcana was just a game.

It was just a limitation of the system.

Why would the Magic Tower intervene in an event where the players would be active?

The Magic Tower clears things up in a flash.

The players would just suck their fingers.

But Arcana was no longer a game, it was real.

“And yet, he didn’t do anything.”

It was.

Even when summoned to the real world.

It was natural not to expect much.

The wizards of the tower taking action?

As a player, it was unthinkable.

And yet.


We’ve heard the news.

I see you’ve been busy slaying Dekarabian, the demon who descended on Frost. As the Chief Mage of the Magic Tower, I can only say thank you…….


…… What kind of nuance is this?

No matter how many times I reread it.

Not to anyone else.

I’m the head of Magic Tower.

A letter from Marcelo, the Chief Mage, that’s for sure…….

Given his personality, he’d never say anything empty.

No matter how many times I read this……?

It’s filled with the feeling that even if he wanted to, he couldn’t.


I set the teacup down and parted my lips.

“We all have things we can’t talk about.”

Yeah, I have my own unspeakable black history…….

“No, that’s not the point!”

You sure look like you have a story, don’t you?

I have a thing about noticing.

Besides, since I officially entered the Magic Tower.

I’m the one who knows the structure of the tower and how it rolls. Moreover, I had a quest to fulfill in the Tower.

[Quest: Marcelo’s Research].

The Magic Tower, Chief Mage Marcelo.

To reach the next level of magic.

He wants you to join him.

‘……Hold on, maybe this.’

I fumbled with the loose pieces.

Yes, there are unspeakable circumstances in the Tower.

It’s a situation that prevents the mages from taking active action.

Marcelo is concerned about that.

I am his collaborator and ally…….

Then, what was completed was a plausible happiness circuit.

“……If you resolve Magic Tower ‘s situation at the end of this quest.

Wouldn’t that make him more proactive?

Of course, in the process of clearing the quest.

It’s natural to build up a lot of relationships and influence in the Magic Tower.

That means…….

‘Magic Tower is also a reliable ally……?

No, let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

If you have high expectations, you’re bound to be disappointed.

Besides, if you like to eat raw.

I’ll be speechless with an upset stomach.

So it’s best to organize your thoughts at this point.

“I’ll find out more when I do the quest.

For now, there was nothing I could do about my curiosity.

Shouldn’t I ask Marcelo, the person in charge?

No way.

It’s not polite to ask about things that can’t be said.

It would be impolite.

Here’s what I wrote back to Marcelo.


I understand your struggle.


“A meeting is always welcome.”

I don’t want to get into a fight.

I’ve taken too much…….

One other calculation I make is thorough.


The Frost Skirmish.

The aftermath of that day did not go away either the next day or the day after that.

It was inevitable.

Unlike before, there were too many eyes to see in the Frost War.

Shining and Heavenly Unification.

First and second in the guild rankings.

Their strength had been proven once again.

Their strategies and tactics outmaneuvered the demon army.

Indeed, it seemed that their experience in siege warfare was not in vain.

Unexpected reinforcements also appeared.

The commander of the Demon Corps, Horikan.

Nam Tae-min faced the named monster alone.

Not only did he break Horikan’s legs, but he also tore off his wings.

His fierce battle left players guessing.

-Is Nam Tae-min finally starting his class quest?

-Looks like it??? He’s a little late compared to the other rankers.

-Isn’t it rather amazing that you managed to stay in the top 10 without doing any class quests?

-Ahhhhhh Now, there’s only one day left to eat rice cakes. Let’s go to Gaon Full Support

Even without that big event.

Inazuma’s polite demeanor.

Jesse Heinness’ departure from the Shining Guild.

The power of the Shadow Mercenaries.

Harkon’s one-hit kill of a Demon Corps Commander.

There was so much going on in the Frost War.

Well, to each his own.

Everyone has different interests.

But one thing was certain.

Objectively, popularly.

The one that was getting the most attention.

So who is the hottest potato among them?

“It’s definitely Lee Ho-yeol.”

The cast nodded in agreement with the expert.

The expert flashes a satisfied smile.

“First, let’s look at his abilities. As you can see from the data screen, this skill is far different from the skills players have been using up until now!”

The Goddess of Flame in Frost.

If a person concerned listened to it, praise continued to the point of deafening.

Just utilizing the [Aesthetics] stat.

Just adding an aesthetic touch.

“So, I dare to make a prediction. This player, Lee Ho-yeol, must be a Fire Mage hidden class former.”

Flame Mage?

That’s a hidden class?

That was a huge misconception.

But even on that, opinions are divided.

“I disagree.”

“Oh, do you have a different opinion, Expert Huang?”

“Of course, the Goddess of Flames was great, but look. Do you see the black aura emanating from player Lee Ho-yeol here?”

It was a mid-level black magic, the Black Crown.

“This is an entirely new class of skill! From its appearance, I’m guessing it’s black magic-why, black magic that hasn’t even been officially recognized by the Magic Tower yet!”

“That’s a very interesting claim, isn’t it?”

“Yes. Isn’t Lee Ho-yeol the first player to attain a status equal to that of a Chief Mage in the Magic Tower? Certainly, with a class related to black magic…….”

This is Ho-yeol’s position in the Magic Tower.

It was quickly spread by mage class players.

That opinion wasn’t completely ridiculous either.


“But isn’t the problem that he used those two great skills at the same time? What do you think about that, you two experts?”


“……Well, I don’t want to talk about that.”

The moderator’s point has left the two dumbfounded.

Ho-yeol makes the experts look like fools.

Yes, Ho-yeol was literally the eye of the storm.

At the center of events big and small.

He was in the spotlight.

Despite the media talking about him all day long.

-And as if that wasn’t enough, you’ve been rescuing survivors and collecting bodies.

-If this isn’t Noblesse Oblige, I don’t know what is.

-Just like a Gentleman.

Calm as always.

Never losing his stance.

The kind of demeanor that makes it seem strange to be worried.

“…… F*ck it. Look who you want to see.”

So it’s no wonder I was worried about my precious sister.


Leonie tossed the remote control onto the couch and entered the room.

Berserker’s guildmates, who had been holding their breath, began to chatter.

“My sister’s face is a mess.”

“It wouldn’t be a lie. I was just getting a little choked up myself.”

“You really thought you misheard that?”

That’s the story from Reclaiming Frost.

During the recapture of Frost.

Ho-Yeol’s voice came from the alley across the street.

“What, you’re serving tea? I never thought I’d see that?”

It was Jesse Heinness, offering to serve tea.

Jesse was the center of attention in the guild.

She doesn’t say it out loud, but her hair is a mess, my sister.

“How many times have you picked at your hair and it’s all over the place…….”

“That’s just because I didn’t wash my hair today.”

“I haven’t eaten anything since yesterday…….”

“Not eating. My room smells like pizza.”

“… … Then why is that sister overdoing it?”

No, just one thing.

The guild members couldn’t guess what was going through Leonie’s mind.

But there was nothing they could do about it.

“Sh*t. What the hell.”


Leonie laid down on her bed and buried her face in her pillow.

Leonie, even she didn’t know how she felt.

I’m serving tea.

To Jesse Heinness.

” …… Isn’t that a slap in the face?”

That was definitely offensive.

I mean, who doesn’t?

I was curious about the flavor of the tea.

I’m trying to be diligent about sorting through what was sent and received.

Apparently, it was.

-Not a bad move. Leonie.

……What a compliment.

Saying all the right things.

Considering Ho Yeol’s straightforward nature…….

That’s probably just a comment because it wasn’t a bad move.

But at the same time.

I also knew that Ho-yeol never said anything empty.

“What the f*ck.”

So it must be terrifyingly nerve-wracking.


“Make me a cup of tea while you’re at it. F*ck.”

Leonie stomped her foot.

He turned on the TV to clear his head.

No matter how many channels he flipped, the face of the culprit, Ho-Yeol, popped up.

That’s why he gave up the remote and slumped in the corner of the room.

” …… Let’s play a game, just play.”

Leonie went online and was stunned again.

A picture of Ho Yeol’s article adorned the main screen.

Truly, a huge presence that could not be avoided anywhere.

Leoni threw a pillow at it this time.

“Ew! I’m not drinking it, I’m not drinking it!”




“It’s like being robbed.”

Said Rox, the Guildmaster of the Shining.

“Don’t be mistaken, Rox. You’ve never had it.”

“That’s just the way it is, even if I do say it…….”

“Well, Camilla, it’s not like you’re wrong.”

Rox shrugged.

Jesse Heinness treated the Shining as a strictly business relationship.

The only reason she stayed with the Shining was to get the best deal.

And it guaranteed her freedom of action.

“I knew it, but it’s not a pleasant feeling.”

Like something was being taken from him.

It was certainly an unfamiliar sensation to Rox.

He’d always been more of a giver than a taker.

“Isn’t it a little early to start feeling sorry for yourself?”

“Hey, Camilla. You’re just trying to be a dick again.”

“No. Jesse never said he was leaving The Shining, and you’re already getting emotional, so I’m just worried. What if she really is leaving?”

I don’t know if Dmitry is insensitive even if I watch him all his life.

Camilla could feel it.

Rox’s emotions were stirring.

“His breath is ragged.”

A wind that affects shooting.

I can feel it because it’s like Camilla who doesn’t let go of that wind.

The slightest change.

Rox was holding back his emotions.

“You’re not used to it.”

No, it would be unacceptable.

‘It’s about your personality.’

A founding member.

From the earliest days of The Shining, Camilla had watched him.

She knew better than anyone else what Rox’s nature was.

She knew it better than anyone.

“I was mistaken.”

“Are you going to fight again? Can’t we just get along?”

“What were you mistaken about, Rox?”

Camilla asked bluntly, ignoring Dmitri’s pleas.

Rox ran a hand through his hair.

“I was thinking you were beneath me. I’ve always thought I was just lucky. I thought I had Jesse for Ascura and the Lionheart Knights for Yusra.”

“……Rox, that’s a fact.”

“But I was mistaken.”

Rox’s eyes flashed.

“He’s definitely stronger than me.”

No, he’s stronger than the No. 1 ranked Skal.

It was a gut feeling, the kind you get when you’re playing against the same player.

Rox said, his serious face.

“At least level 600.”


“Wait, what’s level 600……. Hey, Rox. Are you kidding me?!”

“Level 700 max.”

Rox’s face was serious without a hint of humor.

“That’s the level I expect Lee Ho-yeol to be.”


……You’ll never know.

[Name: Grandfel Claudie Arpheus Romeo]

[Class: Demon Hunter]

[Level: 295]


Strength: 45 / Agility: 46 / Magic: 243 / Luck: 5 / Aesthetics: Low

[Points held: 0]

You’d never guess I’m less than level 300, really……!

Topaz Hall, Magic Tower.

A large event in Magic Tower, a regular conference.

Before standing in the Crystal Hall, where the Regular Society is held.

The process of proof that one must go through.

This is the place where that preliminary verification takes place.

It was the Topaz Hall.

I’m sitting here now, equal in status to a Chief Mage.

What am I doing here?

If anyone asks.

First, let me show you the flashing quest window.

[Quest: Marcelo’s Research].

Magic Tower, Chief Mage Marcelo.

To reach the next level of magic.

He wants you to join him.

Accept Marcelo’s proposal (Success)

Prove your abilities. (Success)

The Weight of the Chief (Repeat)▼

You did.

This is a co-investigator with the same qualifications as the chief.

In other words, it was a weight I had to carry.

In other words, it was a job.

‘……It’s a heavy burden.’

I’m well aware of what a great bunch of mages they are.

Not counting the Chief and Senior Mages,

their strength was incomparable to those of the players.

‘Because even Jesse of the world is treated as a minor in the Magic Tower.’

Tea time in my lab.

Jesse held his teacup with both hands and said politely.

-I, an apprentice mage, have been granted a private audience with the Chief Mage! It is an honor beyond measure, and I have prepared well thought-out questions!

The mage of the mages.

That Jesse Heinness.

In the Mage Tower, he is an apprentice mage, one step below a skilled mage.

I see.

That was why I brought up levels.

‘I’m not an apprentice, but to verify a skilled mage… … ?’

…… Me?

I’m not even level 300?

It was an insane amount of pressure.

But that will always be me, Lee Ho-yeol.

Topaz Hall.

Sitting in the front row.

I didn’t feel any pressure or nervousness.

The dignity of a senior.

My posture was not even slightly out of place.

I was nonchalantly studying the parchment…….

‘… … This must also be my struggle.’

Yes, if you can’t avoid it, you might as well enjoy it.

I realized that long ago.

I stopped bemoaning my situation.

On time.

Now that it was time, I opened my mouth brazenly.

“Let the verification begin.”





Klee, an adept mage of the Healing School, calmed her pounding heart.

‘I’ve been working hard to prepare……!’

The Magic Tower’s regular conference.

Standing in the Crystal Hall as a speaker was an honor few mages could match.

She remembered the words of Bellier, a senior mage of the same healing school.

-Nothing to be nervous about, Klee. Your abilities are more than adequate.

If you’re still nervous, think of all the hard work you’ve done.

-And if that didn’t work out, then……. Chalk it up to the jealousy of the senior mages and move on. What Klee needs is confidence.

As I recalled Bellier’s calm voice, my heart, which was threatening to burst, began to calm down.

Yes, Belie, for your sake……!

I’ll go through the verification without trembling.

‘Of course, there’s also the honor of the Healing School!

How much research do they present at their regular conferences?

The school and its senior mages would make or break their reputation accordingly.

Just look at the treatment of Senior Vanguard Tom, who hadn’t published anything recently.

“We can’t put Ms. Bellier through that kind of humiliation!

You can. You can…….

Klee muttered to herself.

Suddenly, the door to Topaz Hall opened.


What the hell is going on here?

An adept mage who had been cheerful when she entered.

She rushed out in a huff.


As if that wasn’t bad enough, her eyes were swollen shut.

She must have shed a bunch of tears.

Heart pounding.

Klee’s barely-contained heart began to beat wildly.

Klee couldn’t hide her panic.

“……, what’s going on in there?

What kind of person would be waiting for……?

A moment of concern.

A voice came through.


“Next. Kleodia.”

…… Now, wait a minute.

“Surely this is the voice?!

Klee exclaimed, clutching her head.

‘Why, it must be that adventurer…….

No, ‘he’ is……?