◈ Episode 516. There is light there.

The Eighth Throne Demon King, the gentle Barbatos.

“This is not like you, Paimon.”

At this moment, his demeanor lacked its usual ease.

The events that were unfolding in the Demon World.

It was beyond his comprehension.


His hands trembled, but he didn’t let go of the telescope.

Thanks to him, he was able to witness.

The entire western part of the Demon World.

Paimon’s domain.

All being sucked into the ‘curse’ in the sky.

“What is this curse for?”

So many sacrifices?

Paimon was not like the other Ten Thrones, though he was nothing compared to Bael. To have such power and yet be content with the 9th throne is evidence of a realm beyond Barbatos’ comprehension.


He swallows dryly in nervousness.

“So, it’s him.”

Barbatos hadn’t been expecting a visitor.

He thought of Pride.

It had been an unplanned meeting.

He expected the place to fill up quickly.

Paimon and Pride’s conversation did not end easily.

“How nice of you to talk under such circumstances.”

What is such a situation?

The new Tenth Throne, Lee Hoyeol. He was referring to his thundering rampage without regard for his influence. Barbatos used his understanding as a Mediator.

‘Perhaps you have already guessed.’

Is that why the conversation was held without paying attention to the new Ten Thrones? And if so, Paimon, is the curse you’re manifesting by sacrificing your domain also part of the plan?

Barbatos shook his head sincerely.

“……It would be an act only Bael could understand.”




Pride said.

“The world of adventurers, specifically, the Republic of Korea.”


“Yes. A ray of light came from that land.”

From Greed to Lust to Envy. The Seven Deadly Sins had long ago expanded from the Arcana Continent into the Adventurer’s World, so Pride was well-versed in the information of reality.

“Unlike you, who are confined to the demon world, we have no restrictions. Of course, now that Behemoth’s Maw is no longer active. You could invade the Arcana continent anytime you want, but…….?”

Pride asked coyly.

“The Arcana Continent is not your goal, is it, Paimon?”

Paimon was intrigued by Pride’s cockiness.

‘A lowly demon of the Arcana Continent.’

That was how Pride was seen in Paimon’s eyes, but Paimon did not underestimate him. Pride understood the dangers of a ray of light.

Pride seized the opportunity.

“If we can’t extinguish the light, we can make the land where that light originated a living hell. Let’s show the demon hunters ‘A Ray of Light’ what it’s like to fall into hell in reverse.”

He sensed his opponent’s displeasure, but he did not relent.

“To do that, Paimon, I need your determination. I, a lowly demon compared to you, do not have the power to turn the world into hell……..”

“What does that mean.”

“What does it mean…….”

Tasteless golden eyes.

‘……If you answer me wrong here, you will die as you are.’

But Pride would not be silenced.

“You could jeopardize the one ray of light that holds and shakes my poor brother. I can cause a ray of light to fade of its own accord. Isn’t that reason enough?”

The day Claudi’s territory burned.

For it was the one light that shone on Grandfell.

Pride had not overlooked it.

Suddenly, Pride gritted his teeth.

“If we don’t change, that light will never be extinguished. You will lead my brother cluelessly, condemning him to eternal torment. So let us destroy that one light from within, so that it may lose its own light.”

Paimon pondered the words that had stuck with him.

-“Shut up., for at this moment, I am extremely restrained in my urge to tear you to pieces.”

I could see it in your hostile eyes.

To extinguish the light that shines within you.

I may have to risk my life to confront you.


‘Let the light extinguish itself.’

It was a ruse.

It was a despicable poison.

It was not a noble way to die.

But Paimon was determined.

‘For your sake.’

I will not think of dignity anymore.

“Pride, your offer is accepted by this noble Paimon.”


Immediately, the noble gaze turned toward the domain.

The western part of the Demon World.

The Lich that once threatened Buer’s position, now that Discus is gone.

The only land in the Demon World that could be called a territory was the West.

Paimon’s power,
El Dorado (Golden Fragrance).

But in this moment, Paimon laid aside the weight of nobility. He laid aside a more meaningless emotion, mercy.


The golden land immediately lost its glow, turning to dust and fading away.

In a moment.

Everything was sucked toward the curse that floated in the air.

It was like a declaration of sorts.

‘…… is dead.’

It is truly a mad power, the Ten Thrones.

Pride swallowed hard.

Paimon said to Pride.

“You have helped me.”

It was a grateful gesture, but Pride felt uncomfortable.


He had caught the subtle change in Paimon’s voice.

But that was it.

Soon, blood spurted from Pride’s mouth.


A lump in his throat.

The sudden outpouring of blood-soaked his long silver hair red.

Paimon spoke nonchalantly.

“Therefore, I will spare your life.”

With those words, Pride realized.

‘You’ve stopped playing the nobleman and revealed your true colors?’

You are truly a demon now, Paimon.

No wonder you’re called the Ten Thrones.

Pride gritted his teeth.

Still, he bowed his head.

“I thank you for your mercy…….”

Grandfell Claudi Arpheus Romeo.

For the sake of my poor brother.

I would have endured this pain for him.


Jeju Island.

“The situation is serious, Taemin.”

Nam Cheolmin looked out over the island from the helicopter.

The mages of the Magic Tower were granted free movement.

Thanks to their quick support.

“I’ve evacuated all the remaining residents through the portal……. The damage has already been done. I can’t seem to get a grip on the flames, starting with the green tea fields……. No, I’d rather see it in pictures.”


Nam tapped on his laptop and sent the message.

A meaningful voice came back immediately.

-……, is that even a rift?

It’s Nam Cheolmin, a player just like his brother.

The information about the ‘rift’ covering Jeju Island had to come to mind.

Nam Cheolmin shook his head.

“No, as AAU predicted. It wasn’t an ordinary rift, it was a curse.”

[Curse, you have discovered ‘Paimon’s domain.’]

Nam Taemin immediately replied.

-Hyung, just out of curiosity, the other players haven’t arrived, have they? And the mages are still watching from afar, far away from the Curse?

“Huh? Uh, that’s right. The flames are so strong that I won’t be able to land for a while. Well, from the looks of it, the situation with other players and other guilds shouldn’t be much different…….”

-Thank goodness. Anyway, I need you to block the entry.

“Why? Do you have any idea what’s going on?”


Even as an analyst, it was an unfamiliar word.

In Arcana, a curse was a curse.

It is usually referred to as a debuff.

I’d heard about it briefly when I was working with the Commander-in-Chief, he’d said that demons used curses to draw targets into their consciousness and that a mere mortal wouldn’t be able to break through them.

Nam Cheolmin couldn’t believe it.

‘…… draws someone into its consciousness?”

There was no way Hoyeol’s information could be wrong. This was Mr. Hoyeol, the man who had resurrected Akshan, the holy land of demon hunters, and had the Akshan Wolf at his disposal.

That was why Nam Taemin couldn’t calm down.

-I didn’t understand exactly what consciousness was back then, but now that I can enter and leave the Spacetime Social Hall, I can guess a little bit, so that’s what I’m saying, big brother.

Nam Taemin’s voice rose in intensity.

-From the moment the curse materialized, Jeju Island has already fallen into Paimon’s consciousness. Unless you have the mental strength to counteract it, it would be suicide to set foot on the island!




Maia Deian, Senior Earth Mage.

“Kotein, is that the best you can do?”

He urged Kotein Revel, a senior in Ice Mage. Kotein frowned hard. He tried to control the flames with all the magic he had and all the magic he didn’t, but it wasn’t enough.

“Something’s wrong, that flame.”

Maia pouted.

“You’re trying to blame it on the compatibility of ice and fire? I’m sure Senios of the Ice Cap, the man who quelled the flames, would have scolded you if he’d heard.”

“I’m not discussing compatibility, old fart!”

Kotein gritted his teeth.

“It’s impossible to interfere at all with that fire!”


“It’s like illusion magic, in other words!”

……illusion magic?

Maia raised her already high nose even higher and scanned Jeju Island. If it was an illusion, did that mean that even the heated earth was suffering from an illusion at this moment?

“That’s impossible…….”

Kotein interrupted.

“No, I’m saying it’s similar, not that it’s a true illusion, and judging by the way we’re tearing each other apart as usual, our mental powers are intact. Unless it’s an illusion that goes beyond the five senses and disturbs the sixth.”

“Hmm, I’ll leave that to Senior Naslow, who is an expert on that.”

“Whatever. You don’t believe me, do you, Maia?”

The mumbling Kotein fought back.

“So, Maia Senior, are you not ashamed of the Gentle Giant the former Elder Mage, Yugweed? At this moment, the earth is screaming…….”

“There was a story that Ms. Yugweed told me that she only told me.”

“What, only to you?!”

Oh my god, you had a private conversation with the Elder?

Earth Mage.

Though they did have the same school of thought in common.

‘……Senios-nim. What does that make me?’

Ice Mage.

Why wouldn’t you speak to me, a junior student of the same discipline? I, too, should be able to hold down the nose of that overbearing earth mage……!

‘That’s disgusting, Ms. Yugweed…….’

Kotein swallowed the spit.

Ignoring him.

Maia continued.

“An earth mage must be cautious until the very end.”


Maia was being patient at this moment.

For now, at least.

“I, too, am tempted to cut through the burning earth, Senior Kotein.”

But it’s the ground beneath all things.

And the aftermath of its manifestation is the greatest.

I must exercise patience.

Why, Ms. Yugweed, didn’t you show me?

‘I guess you taught me a lesson until the end.’

Your death connected the Arcana continent to the world of adventurers. So Maia desperately contemplated Jeju Island. Soon, a group of apprentice mages from the Adventurers arrived on Jeju Island.

“The update history clearly states that it’s a rift……. I don’t think it’s a normal rift.”

“Are the letters in your vision different?”

“Yes. It clearly says it’s not a rift, but a curse……!”

As taught by Chief Lee.

You have not neglected Anomaly’s quest.

It wasn’t hard to understand the adventurers’ words.

“The Curse, Paimon’s Domain.”

Mulling over the exact name, Maia decided.

“I guess we’ll just have to wait for Chief Lee…….”

The only one who can solve this situation.

There is only Chief Lee.

But a voice answered her thoughts.

“No, we can’t rely on him forever.”

“……You are?”

“I’m sorry, Senior Maia.”


The conical hat.

Jesse lowered her head but remained resolute.

She’d seen it just a moment ago.

‘Chief Lee doesn’t have that kind of luxury.’

Chief Lee, who was desperately suppressing his emotions in the Spacetime Social Hall. I wonder if Master in the conical hat would have said something in defense of him?

-I can’t put another burden on him.

Jesse spoke up.

“At least we shouldn’t be the first to ask for help.”

“Is that so, Miss Jesse Heinness?”

Maia stared at Jesse.

She’d gotten lucky.

A girl who mistakenly believes that her abilities are solely her own.

But no matter how much she’d been favored by the Magic Tower.

“Even if you were, you’d have to take responsibility for that statement.”

There was no favoritism in the responsibility of speaking out against a senior mage who was one of only twenty in the Magic Tower. Maia relaxed.

“Well, why don’t you show me how to do that?”


“How do you propose to extinguish the curse, the flames that even magic cannot quench? Adept Mage……. No, I mean Miss Jesse Heinness, the successor of the Archmage?”

Who’s disciple is that cheap bitch?

The cone hat snarled.

Before Jesse could reply.

Maia’s face contorted.

It was a reflexive reaction.

Precisely because she had caught a glimpse of a deliberate imprint.

The moment they stepped on Jeju Island.

Maia gritted her teeth.


That’s right.


A longing she couldn’t resolve.

The bad blood with the Shadow Mercenaries.

‘You dare to trample on the ground where Ms. Yugweed is buried……?’

What right did they have to crawl out from the Arcana Continent into the world of adventurers? Maia immediately closed her eyes and searched the magic traces to trace the Shadow Mercenaries’ movements.



Something was wrong.

The Shadow Mercenaries.

Their outfits were…….

It was too flashy.

“……What are those cloaks?”


[Additional Urgent Updates]

※Akshan will now resume demon hunting.