◈ Episode 514. Not a Pleasant Thing (3)


‘Didn’t you think about it?’

I didn’t realize the quest objective was Grandfell as a child.

‘No, is it worth it?’

Maybe it’s not that strange. Certainly not if it’s Grandfell in my setting……. He’s an important figure in the history of the Arcana continent from his childhood.

That gave me a clue.

‘Maxima’s golden elite soldier.’

And who is the guy who was said to have gotten involved with Maxima’s family?

‘Pride, is that you?’

Is this why you wanted Grandfell out of the competition to succeed Claudi? Suddenly, I remembered the current head of House Maxima, Ignite Maxima.

Yugrik of the Forest.

Kansul of the Valor.

Acamond of the Shiver.

‘I hate to say this, but…….’

Unlike the rest of the House, who had repented and pledged their loyalty to me, Ignite, Lord of the Golden Maxima, had not yet come to his senses.

‘Not figuratively, but literally.’

I mean, he’s not doing his job.

Neither I, nor Bellier, the senior mage of the Healing School, nor the priests of the Goddess Church, who had come to see if they could be of any assistance, could guess why…….

‘If it was all the price of this day, I can understand.’

Oaths are heavy things in Arcana.

So much so that even dragons and high-ranking demon kings cannot break them.

Perhaps Ignite is paying for Maxima’s sins in hindsight, as Maxima’s household, and if so, can change the past restore Ignite’s sanity?

‘Well, in some cases, yes.’

But I don’t think so.

‘This is still crossing the line, Maxima.’

I’ve watched my only nephew, Arang, be born, crawl, and grow. I had a rough idea of the age of the quest objective, little Grandfell.

Five or six years old, at most.

He was old enough to be snotty and prickly. Little Grandfell already had an air of formality about him. But even he looked cute because he was a kid.


He pokes his head out of the bushes with his tiny hands, frowns, and brushes his hands off. He checks to see if he’s gotten any dirt on his clothes. …….

‘You’ve had that dysentery all along, haven’t you?’

But sure enough, there was a glint of life in little Grandfell’s eyes. It’s definitely a humanity that can’t be found in the current Grandfell.

‘You pretend to know everything about the world, you are what you are now.’

I had a sudden question.

It must be the mind of an uncle with a nephew of the same age.

How had young Grandfell been exposed to such a threat?

‘Of course, before you think about it.’

I thought to myself.


I exclaimed with elven footwork.

I stealthily approached the Maxima Golden Elite.

I covered my face and body with a flowing Akshan cloak.

Still, they seemed surprised.

‘One of the Four Houses, surely, the elite of Maxima.’

You see what you know.


You must have sensed something unusual in my movements, but I have no intention of complimenting you on your perception. At this moment, I don’t need a fancy weapon.

‘First walk.’

After all, isn’t the first start important, Grandfell?

‘I’m not going to traumatize him from the start.’


A barrage of coordinated attacks pierce the four corners of my vision.

A high-level coordinated attack, aimed at my throat.

But I’m sorry.

I’ve faced far worse than this.

In the holy grounds of the Shadow Mercenaries, the most feared criminal organization on the Arcana continent.


The Golden Elite’s attacks were dull compared to the Shadow God’s apostle’s rain of blows. In a word, they lacked intent. They couldn’t even penetrate the flowing Akshan cloak.

Then it was my turn.

I searched for the magic particles that had been emitted since I discovered the Golden Elite. Of course, my [Strength] and [Dexterity] would still pale in comparison to those Golden Elite.

‘Anyway, I just need to be stealthy.’

But the tricks of the trade.


The destructive power of bare-handed combat, propelled by magic particles, was truly an ‘anomaly’. I dispatched the two golden elite soldiers without a sound.


Only one remained.

He must have sensed the gap.

The last Elite knelt before me, begging.

“Li, live……?!”

I simply put my finger to my mouth.

[Maxima Golden Elite suffers a status abnormality, ‘Silence’.]

I told you, don’t interrupt that kid.

I covered the Golden Elite’s mouth.

I looked over at little Grandfell.

‘He’s sensitive, anyway.’

It was only a moment, but I must have heard something.

Little Grandfell was looking around with wary eyes.

I swallowed a sigh of relief.

‘See, I’m glad I paid attention, huh?’

If it was Dawn’s jacket, we’d be a hundred percent spotted now.

‘Then this is…….’

If that Grandfell lets his guard down a bit, I’ll interrogate him then.

As for Pride being involved.

It’s always been my guess.

‘Better to be sure.’

I telepathized my intentions.


I see he’s scared and can barely shake his head.

I won’t have to worry about any of that nonsense.

Even the golden elite soldiers seemed to be following orders they didn’t want to.

‘Anyway, we’re in luck.’

Why, at the end of the walk, Grandfell would return to the Claudi family’s mansion. I was able to complete both the Hidden Quest and the Mythic Quest for the Claudi family at the same time.


Is this a normal walking route?

The more I look at it, the more I realize it’s not.

In the first place, this forest was connected to the outside of Claudi Territory.

That’s why the golden elite of the Maxima family were able to hide here.

……Wait a minute.

‘No way, this is his first walk.’

You’re going out of Claudi?!

You’re not exactly a runaway, are you?

‘I don’t think our discipline-minded Grandfell would allow such an aberration. Besides, think of his age. Even if he is precocious, running away at his age is a bit…….

“It’s hard to watch.”

The snout, who had been quiet for some reason.

‘That’s you, Grandfell.’

You’re hard on your younger self, aren’t you?

Grandfell looked like he wanted to discipline his younger self right now.

I desperately shut my mouth.

No, I couldn’t help it.

‘I’m going.’

My vision flickered.

[Skill, ‘Natural Enemy’ is activated].

A demonic presence.

As I said, before the Cataclysm, demons were rare on the Arcana continent. Needless to say, the way Akshan was treated is a testament to that.


‘…… unfamiliar.’

I couldn’t help but frown.

Fear of the demon is low.

Negative emotions were also weak, so the demon couldn’t be strong.



The Demon Hunter’s senses tingled.

I could roughly guess its identity.

It must be one of the Seven Deadly Sins.

‘Apparently, the Seven Deadly Sins called the demons of the Demon World hybrids.’

The reason was simple.

The Seven Deadly Sins considered the demons of the Demon World to be a nuisance. There’s only a certain amount of negative emotion, and the demons of the Demon World went on a rampage and stole their share.

To think that the pre-cataclysmic demons had this kind of power…….

In a way, it’s a good thing.

It’s horrifying to think that there were seven more high-ranking demon kings, right?

But at the same time, that’s why I felt so out of place.

‘So who are you?’

Greed, for starters.

The last of the Seven Deadly Sins yet to be hunted, Pride.

I had felt the signs of all the Seven Deadly Sins, directly or indirectly.

But this moment.

The aura of the Great Evil that so intensely stimulated my senses was unfamiliar.

I wasn’t sure which of the seven sins I had encountered before.

It was then.


A tremor was transmitted from the disordered magic particles.

I didn’t hesitate.

I interfered with the magic particles and immediately manifested ‘Absolute Zero’.

The [Natural Enemy] has been activated.

My combat power has increased dramatically.

No matter how vast the magic power is.

I was able to manipulate it even more stealthily.

This time, the battle ended without a sound or any noise.


I turned my head and stared at the frozen figure.

It wasn’t a demon, frozen like a statue.

It had been chilled while disengaging its stealth.

That helped me figure out its identity.

A member of the Shadow Mercenaries from the past.

The day Claudi was destroyed.

Did the bad blood begin then, too?

But questions still remained.

『There was a good reason why Grandfell was chosen as the heir to the family at the age of only seven.』

According to my setting, Grandfell was at least a year or two away from being chosen as the successor. There would be no reason for Grandfell to be targeted for such a blatant murder in this time frame.

‘Unless, of course, it’s the work of Pride.’

Who could it be?

The closer the younger Grandfell got to the outside of Claudi’s territory.

More and more blatant killing was directed at young Grandfell.

It was as if the whole world hated him.

‘Damn, my head is spinning.’

The demon from earlier was getting on my nerves.

In reality, he wasn’t extending any kind of demonic energy towards Little Grandfell, but rather, non-demons were sincerely aiming for Little Grandfell’s life.

‘I don’t know what the story is.’

But one thing is clear.

‘It’s hard to watch as an adult.’

Aside from the quest, if that little boy does something wrong, I wonder what he did wrong to be put under such threat. It was a situation that I, Lee Hoyeol, could not understand.


I didn’t hesitate. I wanted to do it without the sharp little Grandfell noticing but considering the number of enemies in the forest, that was impossible.

‘In that sense, let me ask you a favor, young Grandfell.’

Don’t be alarmed by the commotion.


Grandfell made up his mind.

To leave the Claudi family.

It wasn’t an impulse or a curiosity.

Unbelievable for a five-year-old.

It was a decision made after careful consideration.

“…… is done.”

Everything went smoothly.

In the forest leading out of Claudi’s territory.

Until he came face to face with the ‘someone’ who stood in his way.

Grandfell swallowed hard.

…… The magic around him was unnerving.

It was unlike any magic his family had ever encountered before.

Complex, highly interfering magic that was impossible to see and impossible to follow. Someone, whose face was shrouded by a black, billowing cloak, must be its manifestor.

That someone had said.

“Remember, boy.”

The man’s words rippled through young Grandfell’s chest.

“There is no paradise where you ran away.”


Perhaps it was then.

From childhood, Grandfell had had a high aesthetic.

One particularly strange taste began to sprout.


A backlash of magic power.

Grandfell’s eyes glittered as he looked at the fluttering cloak. There is no paradise where there is running away. Grandfell clenched his small fists and turned away.

Toward the Claudi territory from which he had run.


……, Grandfell.

Do you really have to say that?

Grandfell’s way of speaking, anyway.

‘Somehow you’re the hardest on yourself.’

It’s amazing how curious a kid can be at that age.

He might be curious about the outside world.

In that sense, I, Lee Hoyeol, was honestly a little disappointed.

‘Bitter, I was curious.’

I wondered what kind of mischief little Grandfell would get up to once he escaped from Claudi’s territory. But the brat……. No, thanks to the nagging of our Grandfell, the adult among adults.

‘Maybe it’s because you’re not yet an ugly seven-year-old.’

Little Grandfell meekly turned his attention to Claudi’s territory.

At that point, the quest flashes faded.

I could feel it in my gut.

‘It will be over when Little Grandfell returns home.’

The quest will be a success, and I’ll be bounced out of the past.

Let’s quicken our pace, then.

Why, there’s another quest.

-Witness the intact House Claudi. (Ongoing)

The strange demon’s presence still bothered me, but it was purely out of curiosity.

What would an intact House Claudi look like?

Let’s see if we use what we just witnessed as inspiration to unleash a Reversal Magic…….

While I was thinking.

Little Grandfell’s steps stopped.

He had emerged from the forest and reached the meadow where he could see the mansion.

At the same time, my vision flashed.

[You have fulfilled the condition].

My vision rapidly blurred.

Through my blurred vision, I caught a glimpse of Claudi’s shape.

And then.

I regretted it.

‘What the hell, is that……?’

I asked.

Little Grandfell, being polite, bowed towards the forest I was in. Behind him was a field of flowers, and yes, they were familiar to me.

They were red.

Red as blood.

Only grown from the blood of deep resentment.

It was a [Blood Grown Lycoris Flower].

The vast meadows of the Claudi territory were filled with Lycoris Flowers, blooming as far as the eye could see. I realized in hindsight what Grandfell had done to himself, to little Grandfell.

You shouldn’t have sent him back, Grandfell.

Why did you say such a mean thing?

I didn’t know, but you shouldn’t have said that……?

‘Why the hell……?’

But by the time I realized it, it was too late.




[You have succeeded in the quest].

[You have fulfilled the conditions].

[You will receive your reward].


For the first time, I was angry at your stoic demeanor.

I told you everything about myself, including my dark history.

Why did you…….

‘Are you still hiding your past, Grandfell?’