◈ Episode 511. The Shortest Week (3)

The Arcana continent fell into the abyss of destruction.

-Everyone, can you believe it! This is the Arcana Continent!

There are those who fearlessly set foot on the land that even the players dare not tread. Yes, they are lunatics—ratings-crazed broadcasters.

Squishy squishy.

Hyun Yongseok chewed his gum in disgust.

-We’re going to take you to the Arcana continent like no other program has ever been able to, with our exclusive live Arcana production team…….

Playing on the monitor.

Compared to the Today Arcana he directed, it was TQBC’s “Close-up Coverage Live Arcana,” which boasted a viewership rating that was literally not even chewed gum.

“Even if you put an irrational number, you still put it like this, right?”

“Today Arcana is not doing well.”

“Ok, fine. Roll as much as you can.”

A scary monologue.

Yoon Jongjin, the camera director.

He’s standing by and keeping his mouth shut.

‘I don’t want to cause any sparks.’

You’re so fearless, by the way.

‘No matter how thirsty you are for ratings. How can you even think of setting foot on the Arcana Continent? It’s a land that can’t guarantee anyone’s life.’

Let alone demon-type monsters.

What if they just encountered a monster?

Just the thought of it sends shivers down my spine.

“I think that liver is really out of the stomach.”

Yoon Jongjin muttered to himself.


“Senior, don’t call me by my name like that.”

“What? What’s the matter?”

“Just tell me to leave, I’m going to write my resignation right now……!”

“Jongjin, no matter how crazy I am about ratings, I don’t go out on a limb. Besides, those bastards crossed the line, and they crossed it well. Look, there’s a backlash, right?”



Social media updates on the screen of the smartphone Hyun Yongseok hold out.

Regardless of the skyrocketing ratings.

The viewers’ reactions were definitely bottoming out.

-No;;;; What’s wrong with them???

-What are they going to do if a monster pops out while they’re doing that?

-What a nuisance hahaha.

-What a bunch of weak, opportunistic assholes.

That’s some serious shit, viewers.

Hyun Yongseok smirked.

There was no better word than an opportunist.

“The players have been reporting on the events on the Arcana continent for quite some time now, and if you turn on NetTube right now, you’ll see a lot of news, starting with Park Hwifgang.”

“So much for journalism and the right to know.”

“You think you’re real journalists? When you need a real sense of mission, you’re just a bunch of assholes who’ve been stuck in the shadows, trying to catch the falling beans.”

Hyun Yongseok smiled like the person before him.

“Well, I’m sure advertisers will be attracted by this reaction. I don’t know what you’re thinking, but this time it was a handshake, TQBC.”

“You know, you sound like a professional at times like this.”

“You’re the only one who says that to me, Jongjin.”

Well, never mind.

What’s so pretty about these things that are increasing viewership? The only ones who can’t compete are the dead crews. It was at that moment that Hyun Yongseok picked up the remote control.

Suddenly, the anchor’s urgent voice is on the next screen.

-Ah, as I speak, there they are!

Then, a sudden zoom-in.

Instead of a sneer, Hyun Yongseok’s mouth is filled with sighs.

He shakes his head.

“Wow, that’s great. You’re going to scatter ashes all the way?”

“Yeah, those players. They look like they’re really busy.”

“Forget it, what do they know, those little chicks.”

Before and after Seoul was colored by the Arcana Continent’s biography.

Humanity has survived many crises.

The aftermath hadn’t quite worn off yet.

-Oh, wait, that’s……. The Great Alliance!

TQBC, those guys.

It was as if they wanted to be a burden to the players who were busy cleaning up the aftermath. At that point, Hyun Yongseok gritted his teeth.

“It’s a Great Alliance.”

It wasn’t that he hated the alliance.

The problem was that it was too good to be true. If it was dirty and ugly, it could be seen from the fact that there were no broadcasters who criticized players and Nam Taemin.

My stomach is getting sick.

Squishy squishy.

Hyun Yongseok chewed his favorite gum even more enthusiastically.

“Beginner’s luck. That’s it.”

TQBC assholes, you might be lucky enough to get an interview.

If it’s the Nam Taemin I know.

I’m sure he’d be willing to do an interview one way or another.

But, you know, there’s no such thing as never?


That Nam Taemin.

The one with the reputation for being gentle.

The moment he saw the camera, he said coldly.

-You guys, go back to Seoul right now.

Hyun Yongseok’s fingers twitched at those cold words.

“Shit, I’ve never heard Mr. Taemin speak so scary before.”

Do you have any bad feelings towards TQBC?

Anyway, it’s a shame, assholes.

He said to Yoon Jongjin, who was watching the fire across the river.

“Jongjin, get ready.”

“What? Prepare? Prepare for what?! No, senior, I’m really resigning……!”

“I’m not asking you to go to the Arcana Continent.”

Hyun Yongseok’s expression turned serious.

“I think the aftermath might flow back to Seoul.”


The Great Alliance.

Nam Taemin.

The expressions of the two executives from Gaon were serious.

Nam Taemin asked.

“Did you see that they went back?”

“Yes. I heard that you were angry with them.”

“I think Cheolmin is going to yell at you.”

“No, do you think Cheolmin will approve this time?”

“Yeah, that was out of line.”

Why was Nam Taemin able to build a gentle image?

His older brother, Nam Cheolmin, had a lot to do with it. Especially in public, Nam Taemin used to recite lines written by Nam Cheolmin. But this time, Nam Cheolmin wasn’t there, and he couldn’t resist.

“You may feel sorry for me, but…….”

I couldn’t help it.

Not to mention the public.

The message was speaking to me in a way that the camera lens couldn’t capture.

[The giant star that illuminates the Arcana continent has fallen.]

[The future of the Arcana continent becomes uncertain.]

It happened.

Giant Star.

There weren’t many people in Arcana who could be called Giant Stars.

I’d always had a hunch.

The last message drove the wedge.

[Hidden Piece, ‘Pandora’s Attic’ is closed.]

“I guess we didn’t find it after all…….”

Great Sage, Rise.

On the day of the Great Monster’s rampage, he disappeared, as did the Elder Mage Yugweed. The Great Alliance scoured the Arcana continent in search of such a Great Sage.

But I never thought Rise would die.

Nam Taemin spoke up.

“Even if you want to turn a blind eye for now because you don’t deserve to see the Commander in Chief, ……. This is a matter that will shake the Arcana continent to its core.”

The station’s reporters couldn’t see the system message.

Maybe they didn’t have any fear and stepped into the current Arcana.

But every player can feel it, including himself.


The messages that were constantly flashing stopped all at once and were updated continuously.

Specifically, the Holy War Alliance’s Commander-in-Chief.

It meant that Hoyeol’s activity had paused.

Like a moment of silence for the Great Sage.


That’s why Nam Taemin clenched his fist.

Even if the Great Sage had already died.

He wanted to at least get his last act right.

“I need to know what happened to Rise.”

As usual, he doesn’t say much.

He’s obviously in deep grief.

For the sake of the Commander-in-Chief, Hoyeol.



‘Finally some quiet.’

Because of the Hidden Piece.

No news from the Arcana continent.

That means we won’t be bombarded with strange system messages for a while.

‘Why are there so many legends about this guy?’

Even if I tried to understand that it’s inevitable that exaggeration would increase with every word passed from mouth to mouth, I couldn’t help but think…….

‘I’m too tired to mention them one by one.’

Anyway, I think it’s safe to say that a message about me pops up as a world message every second, and in that sense, I swallow my admiration again.

“Still, it’s a weight I’m used to.”

Beyond shameless.

It makes me wonder if there’s such a thing as a conscience, Grandfell……!

But right now, I couldn’t afford to argue with Grandfell.

‘Time is passing even at this moment.’

A week in real time.

In Arcana Continent time, he had several times that much time to spare.

Considering the circumstances, there was no time to spare.

‘Those bastards are so unpredictable.’

The Ten Thrones, Paimon.

The Great Evil, Pride.

Two demons whose behavior is so contradictory that even a demon hunter’s intuition can’t penetrate their minds. If only they could actually hold hands…….

‘Terrible, really.’

Therefore, my feet could not help but move wildly.

Thanks to the [Heavenly Demon Reign] steps.

The landscape changed in a single step.

At the same time, a line from a notebook appeared in my head.

『They were in the shabbiest part of Claudi’s territory, Grandfell Claudi Arpheus Romeo, because that was the first order of the new head of the family.』

Dark history.

You can’t forget it until you try to forget it.

I wonder if it’s impossible to forget.

‘…… Next time I stop by my parents’ house, let’s come and see it.’

I’m sure it’s in a warehouse somewhere.

Who knows?

On the day that anyone discovers the notebook with my dark history written on it…….

I, Lee Hoyeol, would be truly ashamed of myself.

‘I think I’ll feel safer if I at least put it in my inventory.’

At the same time as making a promise.


I have them.

I made my way to the shabbiest place in Claudi territory.

The corridors of the spare rooms were as vast as the mansion itself.

In that hallway, I passed the fork in the road again and again.

Finally, a large door came into view.

‘Actually, it’s not so shabby after all.’

It’s just that Claudi’s mansion is so grand that a relatively modest guest room would seem unassuming. Nevertheless, the restrictions on this door were not modest.

『Those who stand in front of it must offer something precious to them as a sacrifice. Because without that level of determination, you are not qualified to face them.』

The one mentioned earlier.

It was Claudi’s legacy, of course.

On the day he was exiled, Claudi’s territory had already been destroyed once.

Reversal Magic is not universal. I had no idea how much of a legacy was left, but……. Even if only a few of them remain, it’s a tremendous help to me now.

‘Actually, it’s been a while since the level of equipment stopped improving.’

Well, I guess it was because I couldn’t get better equipment.

I rolled my eyes.

Let’s see, it’s precious.

What do I have to give you to get you to open the door for me? Well, the legacy of Eunaxus is a definite no-no. ……. Even as I, Lee Hoyeol, was suffering, his snout expressed his displeasure.

“It’s an illusion I don’t want to face.”

In any case, he’s a man of integrity who considers wealth and fame to be worse than stones.

It’s nothing else but the legacy of the Claudi family, Grandfell.

It’s yours, after all, and you don’t have to hate it.

I wonder if my pleas have reached you.

“But it is also my weight.”

Eventually, Grandfell’s stubbornness gave way and I was able to take a step closer to the door. Then, indeed, the message came.

[Claudi’s Patriarch, offer up something precious to face it]

And I could see why Grandfell had hesitated, with all the reasons he could think of.

The inside pocket of Dawn’s Jacket.

‘……Is this because of you?’

The only remaining green tea bag.

Indeed, nothing is more precious to you than this.

But just this once, Grandfell, give in.

Next time, whatever green tea you want.

I’ll have it rocket-shipped to you.

‘I’m the only person in the world who would sacrifice a single sweet green tea bag to a Hidden Piece that requires a sacrifice of something precious to enter and eat it raw……!’


Regardless of the cheerfulness in my heart.

The cold words fall from my lips.

“I hope it’s worth the investment.”

……A worthy investment?

The shamelessness is beyond belief.

You’re embarrassing me, Grandfell!




[Entering ‘Claudi’s Abyss’ Hidden Piece.]