Chapter 51 – Frost (2)

◈ Chapter 51. Frost (2)

How many hours have passed?

Even if you bring the Demon King with you.

I don’t think there will be any change in my confident attitude.

I certainly thought so.

… … It’s not just words, even thoughts become seeds, really.

[Class Quest: Slaying the Demon King].

Demon King.

Their demonic powers begin to reach out.

Last of the Demon Hunters.

Tear down the king’s throne.

─Train your weakened body. (Repeat)

Investigate the northern city of Frost. (Ongoing)

You stare at the flashing quest window.

The Demon King.

This must be the demon king I know.

“Cold water, no, this is ice water.”

No matter how much I love a plot twist.

This is the first update since the Yusra Islands that crosses the line, really.

I wanted to ask you after we left.

Can you handle the atmosphere right now?

-It’s nice to see NPCs after all these years.

-Marlon the mascot is here.

-Marlon? Who is that?

-You don’t know Marlon? There’s a Tsundere blacksmith.

-The nickname is a generous tree, right? Maybe?

Frost appears.

The community was excited about that.

But I had a pretty good idea of what the quest was about.

Frost isn’t as normal as players think it is.

“Because it’s something else, and it involves a demon.”


They were both close and strange to me.

That’s because Arcana is just a virtual reality game.

I was in my second year of middle school.

The demon hunter NPCs in Akshan always said.

-Demons, they are our enemies.

I listened to them like nails in my ears.

The information about demons was still fresh in my mind.

I picked up the feather pen.

“You will be honored to know what I remember.”

If the Demon could hear me.

I paused for a moment to think of a ridiculous line.

I moved the pen to organize that memory.


1. Demons King are incomparably stronger than ordinary demons.

2. There is one Demon King and not two.

3. There is a hierarchy among the demons…….


I could write a lot more, but…….

I think this is a good three-line summary.

After writing it down and looking at it again, I’m even more confused.

‘The battle has not begun.’

Isn’t this the beginning of the real struggle?

In short, the Demon King was the boss monster of the Demon Race.

So let’s think about the level.

First of all, it would be different from Count Ascura, starting with the first digit.


The comparison would be with the great evil, the Seven Sins Greed.

But even that couldn’t be a proper estimate.

It was a demon hunter’s intuition.

‘The Seven Deadly Sins Greed, he’s not in the right state.

He saw a young demon within him.

He didn’t know why, but he was definitely not in his right mind. It wasn’t like the stories I’d heard from the Akshan demon hunters.

According to my memory.

The great demons were of a higher rank than the demons themselves.

I mean, I defeated one.

I wasn’t making a big deal out of defeating a great evil……!

After much deliberation, I came to a conclusion.


A one-line assessment of the Demon King.


However, to me, it is only an unworthy demon.


That’s right.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a high-level demon or a demon king.

‘……In fact, if the Great Evil dropped some loot.

That’s a Demon King, stronger than a demon.

I can’t imagine the quality of its loot.

No, not even the loot of a demon king.

If only the class quests had rewards……!

‘Well, maybe I’d feel a little more confident.’

But my self-confidence.

It’s nothing compared to the pride of Grandfell.

I rose from my seat and said.

“I believe you will not die a despicable death while claiming to be a king.”

It was a warning.

“Do not disappoint me. Demon King.”

In the end, my task was simple.

All I had to do was struggle to keep from drowning under the weight of my pride.

Please, just let me keep my word.

I begged desperately and opened the status window.

[Luck: 3]

With such a wish.

I spent one point on luck, then a few more.

[Luck: 5]

Call me superstitious.

The number 4 was unlucky when it came to encounters with demons…….




My two points are like flesh and blood……!

A whopping two levels of value.

I wonder if my desperate struggles have paid off.

Luck did not betray me this time.

Magic Tower’s laboratory.

I checked the items on my desk, the magic tools that had been sent to me.


[Vampire Count’s Orb] – Borrowed

[Pure Emerald Crystal] – Jewelry Crafting

[Island Treasure, Giant Lava Carp Scale Silk] – Crafting Hankerchiefs


Except for the orbs you have granted on lend.

There were two items on the desk.

I requested them to be made into jewelry.

Sure enough, it was as requested.

I picked up the pure emerald ring.

[Pure Emerald Ring]

[Rank: Unique]

[Limit: Lv.200]

[Effect : When hit, recovers Health].

[Description: A specially crafted ring. Even the most renowned blacksmiths could not bring out the effects of emeralds more than this].

Specially crafted.

That’s because there were no blacksmiths in the Magic Tower.

The smelting, the processing, the composition.

The whole process was done with delicate magic.

That’s how they were able to get the best out of it.

“……Wait, that’s not normal. This?

The effect of a single, short line.

But in other words, there were no specific conditions attached.

In other words, if it’s right, you’ll be restored to full health.

Of course, I wouldn’t know how much health it would restore until I took it.

‘It’s like being in a permanent potion state anyway.

…… This is more than I expected.

At that thought, my gaze naturally shifted.

I lifted up a carefully folded handkerchief.

A Hankerchief made from [Island Treasure, Silk of the Scales of the Giant Lava Carp].

Indeed, its appearance was not unusual.

The light was subtle yet brilliant.

Just by looking at it, one could tell that it was precious.

“Indeed, excellent.”

Before I’ve even read the information.

My mouth drops open.

But unlike Grandfell, it was the effect that mattered to me.

After all, I was about to embark on a huge class quest called ‘Demon King Slaying’.

Suddenly, I remembered the information on the handkerchief.

[Masterpiece – Giant Lava Carp Scale Hankerchief]

[Rank: Unique]

[Limit: Lv.200]

[Effect: When equipped, increases Fire Property Affinity / Increases Evasion Chance of all attacks / Opens Aesthetic Stat]

[Description: Specially crafted from the rarest of materials. Its value is beyond anyone’s comprehension. It is worthy of the title Masterpiece].

……Wait, a masterpiece?

A masterpiece, just by having that title in front of an item.

Its value is indescribable.

That’s because masterpiece items are rare even in Arcana.

Even blacksmiths only make them once in a lifetime.

Why, it was rumored that by placing a masterpiece item on the auction block, one’s relationship with the auction house and influence would be maximized.

Of course, more important than that is the actual performance.

The other effects were just as I’d expected.

All that remained was the effect of the [Aesthetics] stat, which even Magic Tower hadn’t figured out.

I wasted no time.

I stuck the handkerchief straight into my jacket’s breast pocket.

A message popped up.

[Aesthetics stat will open].


At the same time.

Knowledge about [Aesthetics] flooded into my head……!

I looked at the newly opened status window and thought.


Strength: 38 / Agility: 42 / Magic: 186 / Luck: 5 / Aesthetics: low

[Points held: 0]

Well, that’s a different way of putting it.

“Upper, middle, and lower.

Considering the effect of aesthetics, this was a reasonable way to put it.

I wanted to see the effect with my own eyes.

Magic Tower’s lab wasn’t the right place.

And there were calculations to be done first.

‘I’m afraid. I’m scared.’

Did you say you want the best results regardless of the cost?

To hell with honor.

“Grandfell, you bastard!”

But it’s already gone.

What’s the point of resenting the past?

There’s money going out, and there’s money coming in.

Besides, I still had a reward from Yusra Kingdom that I hadn’t checked yet.

So I didn’t flinch and checked the dreaded bill at…….

No, I checked the bill.

Don’t be surprised if it’s in the billions, or even tens of billions.

I told myself.

And then I realized again.



We do not accept payment from wizards with the authority of Chief Wizard or higher. To attain the truth. We hope you will repay us with more in-depth research.


Indeed, the 2 points invested in luck were not wasted!


A new update that has the world’s attention.

The northern city of Frost has finally been revealed.

A moment when its location was captured.

Inazuma’s Guild Master.

Kazuma Hisagi pumped his fist.

“……It’s done!”

The Frost is in the North Sea of Japan.

It had appeared in the sea near Hokkaido.

Finally, a chance.

A chance to change everything!

Hisagi shivered.

How many times had he been humiliated?

“Fifth in the guild rankings? Hisagi, this is a disgrace. It’s a disgrace!”

Yes, the guild rankings changed from time to time.

If it was just a drop in ranking, I could understand.

But above Inazuma.

Two rungs above him.

” …… Those ignorant bastards from Gaon!”

It was hard to accept the fact that Korea’s Gaon was there.

But here was a chance to turn the tables once again.


A private plane headed for Hokkaido.

Hisagi checked her email on her smartphone.

Everything was going according to plan.

“Everything is on our side, Inazuma.”

That’s because Frost was in Hokkaido, Japan.

Just like him.

The Japanese government put it all on the line this time.

The moment Frost was spotted in Hokkaido.

The operation was meticulous.

A complex process was put in place to prevent other guilds from gaining access to Frost first.

“Of course, it’s against the AAU agreement.

According to the AAU agreement.

The Japanese government had no authority to block players.

But even with the social criticism that would follow.

They wanted to give Inazuma the first chance.

“I must repay my country.”

A private plane landed in Hokkaido in secret.

A fierce northern wind.

Hisagi led Inazuma’s guild members out.

“‘Ugh, it’s cold. This is why I hate Hokkaido.”

“You just turned that into a regional insult, didn’t you? This is why I hate Kyoto.”

“……What the hell. Didn’t you do the regional insult?!”

“Everybody be quiet. Let’s be as stealthy as possible.”

Inazuma enters Frost alone.

The Japanese government stopping other players.

All of this was possible because there was no danger in the Frost.

But the government’s hold won’t last long.

“We have an hour or two at most.”

Other countries would recognize the value of Frost.

“In the meantime, we need to quickly establish Frost’s relationships and influence.”

So we had to move quickly.

The most important thing, Gaon, was to get ahead of them.

Hisagi recalled the information she’d already gathered.

“Nam Tae-min is one of the most influential players in Frost.

Nam Tae-min’s class is Barbarian.

Barbarian was a class that could be changed in the forests around Frost.

Nam Tae-min was the number one ranked Barbarian.

‘He must have cleared a lot of quests in Frost.

As an individual, I wouldn’t be able to keep up with Nam Tae-min.

But as a guild, it was different.

Hisagi was confident.

“Besides, Gaon has invested a lot in the Kingdom of Yusra.

It is natural that they can’t invest too much in Frost.

On second thought, this was a golden opportunity.

Hisagi’s snake eyes flashed.

“We will rise above Gaon again!”

But his resolve was quickly dashed.

“……What, what is that?”

The towering walls of Frost.

Something glimpsed over them.

One of the guild members activated the skill, Clairvoyant, and then freaked out.

“It’s a head, it’s a human head, it’s……!!!”

“What’s that?”

“Wait, that beard is Marlon, isn’t it……?”

“If it’s Marlon, the blacksmith, does that mean Marlon is dead?!”

Yes, it wasn’t just Marlon.

Dozens and hundreds of heads adorned the walls.


At that moment, flames erupted from within the frosted walls.

A shiver of fear ran up my spine.


Swallowing hard, Hisagi immediately shouted.

“Call them now, and stop holding the players back like an idiot!”




As the expectations were high, the shock was bound to be great.

No wonder everyone was panicking.

” ……How am I supposed to get into a place like that?”

“It’s a demon that’s big enough to take over Frost.”

“As if that wasn’t crazy enough, it’s a real siege. This.”

“Raymond Sean, you crazy bastard, you’ve f*cked up again!”

The Shining and Heavenly Unity.

Even they and the big guilds were unable to enter Frost.

It was the perfect twist.

So to turn this gloomy atmosphere around.

I needed an equivalent shock.

For example.

“…… is Ho-yeol.”

Like now.

“No, wait. It’s not just Lee Ho-Yeol.”

It was.

He wasn’t alone.

Soon, the faces of the players turned to look in horror.

“It’s Harkon.”

“What, the Knights of the Lionheart are out again?”

“No, not really. Isn’t that Kitsch and the Shadow Mercenaries? Why are those freaks fighting with Lee Ho-yeol and……? Isn’t the Knights of the Lionheart enough?!”