◈ Episode 503. I Wanted to Be the Light (2)

There is no choice.

“No one should have to shed blood.”

Paimon and Lox.

No matter who you are, you won’t be hunted down with the silver dagger senior handed me.

Well, that’s a long way of saying…….

My Grandfell, you don’t choose from the options given to you.

You’re the one who creates new options, aren’t you?

I stared into the two eyes that turned toward me and said.

“They have shown me the light.”

I saw pride in Paimon, the demon.

I also saw shining in Lox, a fallen half-demon.

I found his will to be the light.

‘In the end, Lox’s rampage was without precedent.’

All to be the light.

To be strong.

Not for himself, but for Dmitri, who closed his eyes first. Akshan, who had his hood pulled down at my words, said.

“Are you saying you’re going to postpone the disposition?”

Well, he can’t be coldly wrong, can he?

Such a plain answer.

I blurted it out in a Grandfell manner.

“I’m not postponing.”

“Well, then.”

“We’ll wait and judge.”

He’s not wrong.

I realize that if I hunted either Paimon or Lox right then and there, I’d never be able to get rid of the feeling that I’d be stuck with them for the rest of my life, so I’m going to give them a little more time and watch their pride.

‘I’ll have to have a proper talk with Paimon.’

Why is he doing me such a favor?

‘And I’ll have a proper talk with Lox.’

I’ve never had a proper conversation with Lox, even if I had a vague idea.

‘Then that’s all that’s left.’

Is this the answer to our Akshan seniors’ questions?

I glanced at the blinking quest objective.

I accept or reject the Akshan of Hell.

‘You really should ask the questions you’re supposed to be asking.’

I, Lee Hoyeol, not yet properly steeped in pride, may have been mistaken for a moment……. Our Grandfell has never for a moment failed to recognize the Akshan of Hell, has he?

I wonder what kind of bullshit you’re going to spew this time.


In front of the seniors of Akshan.

I, Lee Hoyeol, with my lips slowly falling.

It was a moment that made me close my eyes tightly, as always.

“I won’t listen.”

Oh, my senior, who suddenly interrupts me.

……Hey, you’re not pissed, are you?

While I was confused, my senior had no hesitation.


He retrieved the silver dagger he held out to me with a deft flick.

He sheathed it in the scabbard on his thigh and pressed his hood deeper.


[Participants withdraw from your exorcism.]


The fires of hell flared up, and one by one, the seniors began to disappear in green flames. Apparently, there was some sort of order to their departure.


Shegwin stared at me, waiting for his turn.

Does he not need to hear my answer, by the way?

I glanced at the quest status.

-Meet with the Demon Hunter of Hell. (Pending)

●Convince the Akshan of Hell (Select).

●Reject the Akshan of Hell. (Select)

……It’s not like I put it on hold because I wanted to.

Bitter, I suppose, but I’m not the kind of person who can be so outspoken as to turn the other cheek.

Besides, until Shegwin is gone beyond the flames of hell.

The Demon Hunter, his face hidden from view.

This is because the senior turned around and added.

“You’re not ready to face it yet.”

……Ready to face it?

‘What’s that, I’m ready for anything.’

Ready to face who, exactly?

Anyway, it’s Akshan’s way of speaking, which is nothing compared to Grandfell’s way of speaking. Before I can say anything else, he starts to burn from the feet up.

And yet, he delivers it one-sidedly.

“If you are truly ready to face it, come find us.”

It’s obvious where you’re asking me to come find you.

“To Hell.”

Another flashing quest.

-Meet with the Demon Hunters of Hell. (Pending)

●Convince the Akshan of Hell (Select).

●Reject the Akshan of Hell. (Select)

-Enter Hell. (in progress)

I held my tongue.

‘Well, what is there to say right now?’

The seniors, no one else, told me I wasn’t ready, and I didn’t even understand what they meant by ready.

‘What’s the point in making excuses now?’

I knew that.

Even Grandfell’s cocky snout is keeping his mouth shut.

There was also the matter of the fact that there was still work to be done.

‘In the end, I guess I’m having a hard time buying this again.’

Still chained up.

Paimon and Lox are staring at me.

I, Lee Hoyeol, have become an ax soldier again.

I wonder if I should release the restraints like this.

‘I’m sure he’s even angrier than before.’

Considering the nature of our Akshan seniors…….

I don’t think they would have been gentlemanly enough to use the restraints.

Would I be the one to bear the brunt of his anger?

It was a moment of hesitation.

The last of the Demon Hunters, his head in a blazing inferno.

He half-turned his head and opened his mouth.

Between those dripping lips.

He spoke words that stunned me even more.

“I will wait for you, Grandfell Claudi Arpheus Romeo.”


‘Do you know my full name, you……?’

Someone will ask.

Who cares if anyone knows?

But it means a lot, at least in Akshan. Let’s put it this way: I’m not just going to lump you all together and say you’re Akshan seniors.

Unless you’re a named NPC like Gabriel.

Demon Hunters don’t even know each other’s names.

I told you.

Akshan were a bloodless, tearless group.

They don’t talk to each other in a friendly manner.

They don’t even speak in unison.

But they know my, Grandfell’s, full name.

‘This, maybe…….’

At this moment, the seniors just walked away.

I wondered if it had something to do with Grandfell.

If so, I shouldn’t postpone my entry into Hell too long.

‘I’d better get ready right away.’

Lorenzik, the romantic explorer. I’m sure he’ll welcome me with open arms, even if Hell is dangerous.

[Skill, ‘Exorcism Ritual’ is canceled.]

Simultaneously with the flashing message.

I immersed myself in my last thoughts.

It was a plea to my senior, who was now completely gone.

‘By the way, could you please not mention that name to the other seniors……? Even if everything else is correct, Romeo, you can leave that out…….’


So, my fears were not unfounded after all.

‘My dear.’

In the Exorcism Ritual.

It wasn’t the flames of hell that frightened Paimon, nor the Demon Hunters that emerged from them. Paimon was afraid and wary of only one thing.

‘That’s where it all started.’

A ray of light.

A single beam of light that turned the tide.

At that point, Paimon was certain.

‘Perhaps it’s time to make a decision for you.’

Even if it means earning your hatred.

Now I have no choice but to act.

I have no choice but to save you.

‘From that damned ray of light.’

Paimon threw away the restrained incarnation without any hesitation.

It must be the influence of the fire of hell and the dead who came back from hell.

Not all of its power could be recovered, but that mattered not.

‘He, too, is sufficient for a vessel.’


I have a vessel of my own right next to me. Human flesh was useless, but the effects of the Corruption have tainted it with demonic blood.

‘It is enough that you have recognized my voice.’

Qualified as a vessel.

It didn’t take much effort to possess it.

The Ten Thrones were absurd.

Paimon soon took over Lox’s body.

He gained a more accurate understanding of the power of the Mixed Blood.

It was convinced.

‘It is enough.’

You are not my target.

It was only a matter of extinguishing a single source of light.

In a way, I killed two birds with one stone.

In the process, the world would fall into even greater chaos.

‘The world will never be free of negative emotions.’


Soon, the fires of Hell were extinguished, and the landscape changed.

Paimon took advantage of the gap in Lox’s body.

And then the opportunity came.


The silver collar binding his body was loosened.

He wasted no time.

It was because I didn’t want to see any more.

I didn’t want to see you, so insignificant.

The way you were swayed by a single ray of light.

Paimon’s power, Golden Fragrance.

The sword in Lox’s hand began to change. Paimon’s army emerged from Behemoth’s Maw. It was the power that enveloped the Golden Army.

Its exact effect was to force the target’s rank to rise.

At this moment, the weapon that Lox wielded was ranked [Unique], so its power increased to [Epic]. It was safe to say that it had been transformed from a [Epic] to a [Legendary] ranked item.

That wasn’t all. The blood flowing through his veins had also begun to be infused with golden energy, a change that was impossible to hide. Lox’s wings began to grow even more.


It’s possible.

I can see the future.

I see myself saving you from a ray of light.


The restraints released completely, and Lox and Paimon took flight.

They rushed toward the defenseless Hoyeol.

And blood gushed out.



From the nape of Lox’s neck.

It wasn’t pure magic, magic, anomaly, or sword energy.

Lox had stabbed himself in the nape of the neck with his own hand.


Of course, it was.

Paimon had never done such a thing.

So it didn’t make sense.

How could a mere mortal resist my possession?

With that kind of mental power.

It doesn’t make sense to go against my rule…….

“……Thank you.”

With a snarl, blood poured from Lox’s throat.

“I’m not good enough, I’m stupid, I’m greedy, I don’t deserve to be called a hero, and in the end, I’m ugly…….”

Lox’s mouth curled into a faint smile.

Toward Hoyeol, and no one else.

“Thank you for calling me the light…….”


Paimon noticed, belatedly.

You weren’t the only one mesmerized by the light.

Even this foolish human.

It had vaguely followed him.

But Paimon was unfazed.

For Paimon was certain.

‘Human, do you dare think you can stop me?’

This made it even more certain.

I, Paimon.

Even if it means dying in your hands.

For his sake.

that I must extinguish that one ray of light.

I am convinced.

‘No mere mortal can stop me.’

The only way to stop me is to kill yourself, human.

But you have no such resolve.

This is an unreasonable possession that is not profitable.

It is.

Even if Lox takes his own life, Paimon will not die.

Because the Ten Thrones are absurd.

Only a small portion of its power and consciousness would be extinguished.



Lox’s sword did not stop.

Until it pierced his own throat.

He drove it deep.


Even Paimon was stunned, momentarily losing his majesty as the Ten Thrones.

Lox had already decided to die.

Then Lox spoke.

“……I was hoping that the worst demon in the quest objective would be me.”

No matter what.

That doesn’t seem to be the case.

Suddenly, Lox’s vision flashed.

[Class Quest Failed].

A series of unexpected messages followed.

[The Great Master of Anomaly will lead you to the realm of Anomaly.]

[A new class quest begins.]

[Class Quest: Wandering Knight]


Hoyeol said to Lox, whose eyelids twitched.


With a unique way of speaking.

“You clearly told me to get out of your sight.”

He accused.

“So until I hear a good reason for that remark.”

I gave the appropriate disposition.

“I will not allow you to rest in peace.”


Then, the light of life flickered in Lox’s body.




[The blessing of the First World Tree is bestowed upon the target.]