Chapter 499 – Hero

◈ Episode 499. Hero

Only after we’ve gotten away from the Magic Tower.


Camilla unclenched her fists.

“Are you really sure there’s no blood or tears?”

If not, you’re really something.

“To the Commander-in-Chief…….”

Camilla thought of Hoyeol.

How could she blurt that out in front of Jesse?

Those few words would break her heart.

-“No matter how much I think about it, I can never forgive a betrayer.”

Camilla rejected the proposal for one reason: her heartless excuse.

Magic Tower, the blazing eyes turned toward her.

She didn’t want to light a fire under Jesse, who knew nothing.


After Dmitry’s death.

Lox had changed.

He didn’t stop the harsh lashes that were directed at him.

-“Aren’t you pushing yourself too hard, Lox?”

-“I can’t help it, I have to do Dmitry’s work.”

-“Well, Dmitry hasn’t been living up to his end of the bargain.”

-“Has he? Haha.”

I’ve been watching Lox for a long time. She knew the last laugh wasn’t genuine, but she knew Lox would get over it.

Camilla laughed bitterly.

“In that sense……. I guess I’m an accomplice.”

Back when Arcana was just a game.

It was a mistake to think that Lox would be able to ignite that competitive drive and use it to fuel his momentum because from what we’ve seen of him, he’s been unimaginably competitive.

-“Everyone was amazing.”

After the Great Monster raid.

-“Everyone was so shiny.”

Lox said with vacant eyes.

Looking back on their performance, it was easy to feel that way. Especially Nam Taemin, Hisagi, and Leonie, who he considered to be on a similar level to him. Their growth and performance was dazzling.

“Even back then, I…….”

I comforted him indifferently.

-“It’s all thanks to the Class Quest~”

Lox’s Class, [Knight].

One of the classes whose class quests are unknown.

At least I shouldn’t have said that…….

-“I’m sure you’ll be able to catch up, Lox, if you just do the class quests.”

Even though we know that class quests aren’t that easy to do……. I shouldn’t have given you a class quest so easily when you craved it more than anyone else…….

After all, I’m not the least bit to blame.

“……I’m sorry, Jesse.”

What’s next?

The class, [Bow Master], seemed to be clear as day, even if I didn’t have to look at it. Even if he had stormed the empty Bohemian Guild House, taken the command center, and won the immediate siege.

That would be the end of Lox’s endeavors.

‘Yugweed’s mourning is complete.’

The Bohemian Guild will return to the Guild House.

And such the Bohemian and allied guilds.

The guilds of the Holy War Alliance will lend a hand.

‘With the Shining, we might be able to hold out for a few days.’

Heavenly Unity, the Shining, and the Great Alliance.

Now that the Heavenly Unity had fallen apart, Shining was one of the few remaining super-giant guilds. But Camilla was aware of it. Guild Master Lox’s control over the guild was weakening.

‘I guess that’s why she contacted me instead of following Lox.’

Lox is on a rampage.

Maybe it’s best to chalk this up to Lox acting alone, not Shining. And it was. But Camilla couldn’t look away.

“You know, Lox. It’s scary to be affectionate, isn’t it?”

Now that Dmitry left first.

I don’t think I can leave you alone.

Speed radiating from a high [Agility] stat.


Camilla easily jumped over the building and arrived at the Shining Seoul branch. And we caught Lox attacking the Bohemian branch in the building across the street.


And then she noticed something strangely unfamiliar.

Blond hair.

Decadent eyes.

An unchanging expression.

It was all Lox.



“……You, what are those wings?”

For some reason.

Wings sprouted from Lox’s back.

Wings of a black beast.


I looked at the bustling players.


The Shining slapped me on the back.

I was quite surprised. After all, Shining had been cooperating with the Holy War Alliance for a while now. Why, hadn’t he even participated in the Great Monster Raid recently?

“I suppose it’s because they haven’t neglected their quest.”

Yeah, I remember seeing that on NetTube. An edited video of players trapped in a prototype rift, trying to escape it by interacting with reality. There was definitely a Lox in that video.


Although he no longer existed in reality, nor on the Arcana Continent.

If Liu Zunqun had slapped him on the back, he would have shaken his head.

He would have gotten away with this kind of behavior.

But Lox’s behavior.

It wasn’t even a slap in the face.

Marcelo opened his mouth.

“It just seems like a pointless act to me, sir.”

Are you sure, Marcelo?

That’s all I see, too.

The Shining, not the whole thing moved, just Lox alone.

An audible murmur.

“Come on, Lox, you’re still ranked higher than Guyver, but you’re not even in the top ten anymore. What can you do on your own?”

“You’re literally opening up an empty house.”

“You think you’re going to get away with this, anyway?”

“I saw the Bohemian Guild earlier, everyone was so pissed off.”

And this was the real world.

CCTV, the eyes of the public, and smartphone cameras.

That meant everything Lox had done had been heard.

“I’m sure. Lox attacked the Bohemian guild alone.

Even after taking over the Bohemian guild house.

The Shining Guild members didn’t join him.

No wonder.

He’s not a [Monarch].

‘You can’t forcefully brainwash them into loyalty as Liu Zunqun did.’

What he means is simple.

Sooner or later.

Alone, Lox will be subdued.

I spoke softly to Grandfell inwardly.

‘So we don’t have to do anything?’

I’m not even the owner of Seoul yet.

There’s no reason to overstep our bounds already, Grandfell.

And we should get some rest, even at a time like this.

That I can endure it even when I have to work like a dog later.

At this, my mouth opens.

“It’s too early to think about it.”

Anyway, you have a strict reason.

“The mourning for those who have gone before us in the Magic Tower will be held for one day during the Arcana Continent. Even taking into account the time difference between here and Arcana, it’s still not enough.”

Yes, according to the strict rules of the Magic Tower.

My mourning for Yugweed was not yet complete.

Therefore, I sat stiffly in my seat.

‘Like I said, this is none of our business.’

A conflict between Lox and Bohemian Guild.

Not for me to meditate.

No reason to stop mourning for Yugweed and move.

“Sir is right.”

Marcelo nodded, then spoke.

“Then, Sir, may I ask what is next on your agenda?”

What’s next?

“No other than that, now that this city is connected to the Arcana Continent, I would like to ask whether it would be acceptable to grant complete freedom of travel to all mages in the Magic Tower.”

Complete freedom of travel for mages?

Why not?

No, actually, it’s me, and I’m all for it!

‘I get a few applications a day just to get in and out of the Magic Tower……!’

Except, my dear Grandfell.

You have not the slightest consideration for my personal convenience.

Therefore, a question was inevitable.

“I’m sure you have a more specific reason.”

“The twilight magic I felt on the Arcana continent can now be felt in this city. We believe that the magical achievements of the members of the Magic Tower will be enhanced if they are surrounded by twilight magic.”

“Indeed, that makes sense.”


‘Do you understand the concept of buffs now?’

Unlike me, who scribbled down notes in a notebook to understand 『Magic』, you are quickly absorbing the knowledge of this world. My lips are falling.

“I’ll review it positively.”

Wait, positively review……?

That’s what the chief said.

I’ve never seen something get passed before……!

‘Please, I believe you, Grandfell. Help me.’

It was a moment of internal pleading.

“But there’s something I need to take care of first.”

I blurted out.

‘……No, is there anything more important than division of work?’

I guess not.

I, Lee Hoyeol, had forgotten.

Grandfell must have forgotten something.

“I must enter the Demon World.”


Marcelo’s pupils widened.

You don’t have to panic, Marcelo.

I’m just as surprised as you are.

‘Yeah, I was.’

Reuniting with Paimon of the Demon World aside.

I had a duty, a duty to find the body of the Long Shenglac.

There was an obligation that was not an obligation.

Because I had seen his pride with my own eyes.

I added lest Marcelo misunderstand.

“You have nothing to fear, Marcelo.”

“But, the Demon World……!”

“Even if it is, it won’t take long. I mean, you don’t have to reschedule your regular meetings and roundtables for me.”

How obsessively I’ve been keeping time commitments.

More than anything else.

Marcelo is quickly convinced and nods.

“If I can be of any further assistance, Sir, please let me know.”

Help, I answered confidently, as always.

“I’m more than capable of handling myself, even if it is for the first time.”

That’s enough.

I’m already thinking about entering the Demon World.

My breath catches in my throat.

I was still not confident of victory when facing a high-ranking demon king. Of course, if I deliberately let the [Heavenly Infant Solitude] run wild or borrowed the power of the [Blackening]……….

‘I might still be able to beat Paimon.’

However, Paimon owed me a debt of gratitude in Antonium, and Paimon was not the only high-ranking demon king in the Demon World. Even if Paimon tolerated me, there was no guarantee that the other high-ranking demon kings would stay quiet.

‘My life is in danger, companion?’

My bold declaration is for your own good.

I hope you understand my meaning.

Marcelo nodded.

“If it is your will, I will wait.”

I’m touched that he would do that, written or spoken.

They cared for each other.

It seems like the scent of humans is finally coming from the Magic Tower.

That was the moment when I was about to nod my head.

“…… Wait.”

The players’ wreaths are still being offered to this day.

Suddenly, those who had finished paying tribute to Yugweed were shocked.

But then I heard a conversation.

“He’s alive?!”

“Who are you, so surprised?”

“Are you asking because you don’t know? Look closely!”

I wasn’t trying to eavesdrop.

I’m just lucky enough to have developed hearing that allows me to clearly hear even the lowest whispered conversations. I even realized why they unintentionally lowered their voices.

“This guy, he was in the same group as me.”

Indeed, there was a reason for the whispers. In the past, players who were part of the organization were looked down upon for their behavior.

However, their innocence and pride would have been proven just by coming to pay their respects at the Magic Tower, so I couldn’t help but overhear the conversation between the former guild members.

The man scratched his head.

“What was his name, he was very peculiar…….”

“……Wasn’t it one of the Five Stars?”

“It was a dog or a cow or the Five Stars, but what……! Oh, I get it!”

The next name left me speechless.

“Long Shenglac, that’s the one facing Lox!”

……Long Shenglac?

He’s dead.

He fell into the Demon World, and now he’s standing in the way of Lox……?



His vision is confused, and his hearing is faint.

lox was only belatedly aware of a voice in his ear.


What is it, Camilla?

“Camilla, I’m fine.”

With that, Lox looked around. Seoul’s branch of the Bohemian guild was devastated. As soon as he entered the empty command center, a cluster of lights flashed in his blurry vision.

[Attacker Side: Shining Victory]

[Guild House: Bohemian conquered]

[Your name begins to echo through Seoul].


A quest.

Surely, he was on a quest.

‘It was a strange quest.’

But, why am I now?

am I on this strange quest?

Lox ran a hand through his thinning hair.

He examined his surroundings a little more closely.

His own body was floating in the air without resistance.

Class, [Knight].

There is no such thing as a levitation skill.

Lox let out a strained breath.

“What the……. I’m dreaming.”

Just then, a voice came from the front.

“It’s not a dream.”


“Man, you have been corrupted.”


A newly known condition.

It was the moment when Player Lox’s knowledge reared its head.

“I am corrupted……?”

Once again, Lox’s vision flickered.

This time, it was a quest.

[Class Quest: Path of the Hero.]


Only this time, it was the class quest he’d been waiting for.

Lox’s eyes lit up.

Whatever the figure in front of him was saying.

It was inaudible to Lox’s ears.

“Mixed race. Imperfect and strong at the same time because of your blood. It’s a strange thing indeed, and without you, I would not have learned it in eons.”

This moment.

For Lox.

He could only see the quest objective.

-Defeat the ‘Worst Demon’ and prove your worthiness as a hero. (Ongoing)

The quest objective began to flash more intensely.

Lox could feel it in his gut.

The man in front of him.

The one the quest objective was talking about.

The worst kind of demon.

‘I must capture him.’

For Dmitry, for Camilla, even for you.


It was the moment when Lox spread his wings, wings he didn’t even know he had.

This time in his ears.

A sound that could not be ignored.


At the same time, Lox’s face contorted sharply.

“Get away from me, Hoyeoooool.”




Get away from me?


You talk so harshly that it makes me sad……?

tl/note: I’m a bit confused here because Lox has a Knight(기사:gisa) class and in the title and class quest it can be interpreted as Warrior(용사:yongsa), idk. and Skal class: Dragon Knight (용기사: yong-gisa), I think Hero is more suitable for this because Warrior is usually a brave Knight.