Chapter 496 – The Noble Ones (1)

◈ Episode 496. The Noble Ones (1)

The Consciousness of the Ten Thrones.

The air inside the Consciousness was heavy. All the Ten Thrones watched through the Evil Eyes. It is a fusion of two completely different worlds, the Arcana Continent and the Adventurer’s World.

Shapes blurred.

Beneath a translucent veil.

One of the Ten spoke.

“Behemoth has grown another mouth, you know.”

It was a simple explanation, but the implications were not light.

Behemoth, the great monster of the demon world. To think of all the effort and time the Demon World spent to restrain him, opening the way to the Arcana continent…….

“It means that the boulder was comparable to Behemoth.”

If so, it is indeed surprising.

“Of course, it’s not surprising that such a being would emerge from the Arcana continent. It is a land of Dragons, Elves, and other beings of untold power, however.”

A lower, more sinister voice.

“It is a wonder that anyone has ever overpowered that Behemoth.”

Evil Eyes floated in two worlds, the realm of reality and the Arcana Continent. Because of this, the Ten were witnesses. The miraculous moment when ‘he’, who had died in Arcana, was resurrected in the Adventurers’ World.

Beneath another veil, someone spoke.

“Adventurers, perhaps their power has returned.”

“If you mean the Adventurers’ power, do you mean resurrection?”


The power of resurrection was given to the adventurers.

They knew about that.

If, if it were true.

The future was clear as day.

“In the past, the power of resurrection was the reason Adventurers were able to grow so rapidly. Not fearing death, they were able to push themselves beyond their limits again and again, growing stronger.”

“Do you think they pose a threat to us from beyond the Demon World?”

“I don’t know.”

Even if they try, what difference will it make?

But there was an exception.

Yes, it was referring to Hoyeol.

“Are you listening?”

The Ten Thrones were so powerful.

So powerful that their mere presence in one another’s presence can have an uncontrollable effect on the Demon World. Even in the realm of consciousness, they faced each other through the veil.

“Noble Paimon.”

It was taboo to call each other by their true names, even in consciousness. Likewise, the mere act of calling each other’s names could affect the Demon World.

But things were different than usual.

“Who is the one who called my name?”

“Paimon, are you truly curious about my identity?”

“No, not really.”

Behind a gorgeous veil.

“I’m sure you’re not the only one who wants to scold me.”


Paimon sat back in his antique chair and tilted his teacup. He already knew why he was breaking taboos and calling himself by his real name.

The questioning continued.

“Why did you step down?”

Paimon’s army was advancing on the Arcana continent.

It was a golden opportunity.

A golden opportunity to swallow up the Arcana continent?


In a way, it was even more dangerous than the Arcana Continent.

This was their last chance to defeat Hoyeol.

“At that time he was in a very unstable state.”

“He was not as calm or complete as he is now.”

“Paimon, you could have done it.”

Then came the stinging words.

“Even the foolish Bael would not have made such a judgment.”


The moment the name is uttered.


The consciousness space shook violently.

An impact that could not even be compared to Paimon’s name. Paimon thought. That fool’s mention of Bael must have killed hundreds of thousands of demons in the Demon World.

Not that he cared, of course.

Paimon opened his mouth to speak.

“I don’t know who’s being stupid.”


“Aren’t you the ones who are so clueless about your narrow-mindedness? You see as much as you know. You are still acting like ignorant imps.”

It was ridiculous.

Paimon recalled briefly.

The encounter that day.

‘You think I’ve defeated him enough?’

Sure, he was clearly flailing precariously that day.

But that is not evidence of weakness.


“You’re kidding me that the owner of the first throne is stupid, isn’t it?”

They still don’t get it when it comes to Bael.

Paimon tried to be sarcastic, but it wasn’t even remotely funny.

Paimon doesn’t want to set foot in this place again.

Maybe it was the sharp conversation.

“You’re so arrogant, Paimon.”

Or maybe it’s that he’s finally showing his true colors.

Because if it’s not the first throne, it’s meaningless.

Paimon was content to stay on the 9th throne.

One would have thought everyone would have remembered that.

Time must have forgotten that.

Paimon stood up and said.

“Arrogant, who do you think you are to say that?”


“I, Paimon, suggest you do.”

Paimon’s eyes reveal themselves as he rises to his feet.

Unlike the relaxed demeanor of a nobleman.

Paimon’s eyes burned with the impurity of a demon.

“Why don’t you pray fervently from now on?”

Paimon’s voice had changed completely.

He finally realized what was going on.

The rest of the Ten, except for Bael.

“Please, I hope there is a reason for his actions that has nothing to do with me.”

Paimon had not overlooked his promise to Hoyeol.

The promise of a reunion in the Demon World had created a stir that would not be easily quelled. He decided that there were good reasons, both for him and for himself, to postpone the reunion.

“As Lord of the Western Demon World.”

Paimon had his own guess as to why.

“I intend to treat him well, by any means necessary.”

One of the possibilities.

What if I had overestimated my strength?

If my status is not enough to face you.

Paimon is not lacking in honor.

In other words, he was going to win the rank.

“Remember, we’re in the midst of the ‘Proof of the Ten Thrones’.”


By trampling on the top ten and stealing their thrones.

Paimon was on equal footing with Hoyeol.

Because I was planning on welcoming him as he entered the Demon World.

Even if, in the process.

The first owner of the throne.

Even if it meant taking aim at Bael.

In the consciousness of Paimon’s departure, a voice seemed to be tired.

“You’re out of control, Paimon.”


It’s time for settlement.

[Name: Grandfell Claudi Arpheus Romeo]

[Titles: Last Adventurer, Noble, Transcendent, Dark Dragon, Heavenly Realm, Master of the 10th Throne, Master of Anomaly, Savior of the Black Veil]

[Class: Demon Hunter]

[Level: 1,065]


Strength : 241 / Agility : 239 / Magic : 981 / Luck : 16 / Aesthetics : High / Tenacity : 50 / Charm : exist / ??? : exist

[Points held: 4]

The first thing that caught my eye was the level.

Thanks to dying on the Arcana Continent, I completely lost my experience.

And a few stat points.

‘Still, how did I get that level?’

After level 1,000, the requirements for leveling up became ridiculous.

It meant that you couldn’t even dream of leveling up to 50 unless you killed a big boss all by yourself.

That was another reason why I couldn’t just rely on the [Last Adventurer] effect and waste my life.

‘But this time, the opponent was the opponent, so I guess it was offset.’

Yugweed, the Fused Intelligence.

As it turned out, I was unable to defeat the Fused Intelligence. In the final phase, the Fused Intelligence self-destructed by Yugweed’s will.

‘And yet…….’

The amount of experience I gained from that one contribution alone was so great that I gained four levels after the death penalty. Add to that the newly acquired [Noble] title in place of [Sublime], and the {Nature} abilities expressed as [???].

No matter how much I feel like I’ve lost in levels.

‘How many more times can I die for this……?’

That was the moment I thought.

“One should value the body one inherits.”


I don’t have enough nobleman’s attitude anymore.

Don’t you want to forget your Confucianism, Grandfell?

Of course, I don’t want to die as soon as possible.

Who in the world wants to die?

I’m not being coy.

But no matter how many times I die and come back to life.

I don’t think I’ll ever get used to it.

‘Sometimes it’s like this…….’

I was worried that the system that doesn’t lie was lying to me this time and that the [Last Adventurer] effect would betray me.

Are you trying to console me?

Grandfell style of speaking.

The snout spits out an unprecedented declaration.

“I will work harder to avoid causing concern to the family.”


I never thought that the heavenly Grandfell would declare that he would grow further, not arrogantly.

In front of the Lee family, you’re so straightforward, aren’t you?

‘Actually, it’s me.’

Because Grandfell is a man who always keeps his word.

Then I, Lee Hoyeol, have nothing to worry about.

I’ll just have to erase any hint of foreboding.

[Holding Points: 4]

It’s a dead point……! Is it only because we keep talking about death that we see it that way? In the end, I, Lee Hoyeol, couldn’t ignore the superstition this time and stretched out my finger.

[Luck: 20]

Of course, from our Grandfell. He can’t understand that I invested points in [Luck] for such an unseemly reason. So he shamelessly adds.

“This is my Luck, dedicated to you, who is going on a long journey.”


“Elder Mage, Yugweed Lupeng.”

I guess I’ll just have to pretend I don’t know.


Yugweed Lupeng.

Her funeral was held in the Magic Tower.

Of course, there was no such thing as a body.

Bensch whispered to Vangrit.

“It’s less solemn than Senios, Vangrit.”

“……Wouldn’t that be true?”

Bensch hadn’t been blindsided.

In fact, Yugweed’s funeral had been filled with conversation, large and small.

Bensch shook his head.

“Yugweed, you acted like a mage until the end.”

Yes. Yugweed had become the earth, itself, and closed its eyes as it unleashed its final magic to usher in a new era. Vangrit, thinking hard, came up with a word.

“That’s right. That’s what they call it propitious mourning!”

“Hosang……? Is that a word related to Chief Lee Hoyeol?!”

-## tl/n: Hosang(호상) : propitious mourning ##-

“What? I’m not sure about that.”

Bensch rambled on, this time not offended.

“Well, given Chief Lee’s influence, there are……. I suppose it’s no wonder there are several words named after him, like, what, homen? In that sense, it’s quite fitting, isn’t it, Senior Vangrit?”

A former elder mage who does not belong to the Magic Tower.

Therefore, there was no reason for such formalities.

It was also a courtesy.

Marcelo, the Tower Master, smiled.

“You are indeed very kind.”

Elder Yugweed.

Whatever happened to you, I don’t know, but I’m glad I was able to remember you in the Magic Tower in your final moments.

Marcelo closes his eyes tightly.

It was a moment to remember Yugweed.

The time was nearing, and as usual, the procession entered.

It was then.


He felt uncomfortable.

‘…… Wait.’

For some reason.

There were no Holy War Alliance members in sight. Or, more precisely, no adventurers. Here, now that Seoul and the Arcana continent were connected.

Even the spirits and Arcanians.

They’d gathered at the Magic Tower to honor Yugweed’s final resting place.

Yet not a single adventurer was to be seen.

Under such circumstances.


Eventually, the hands of the clock struck the hour.

“Punctuality is an important law.”

The cold voice continued.

“I hope you haven’t lost your nerve.”


Seoul, the land of anomaly, has become the Arcana continent.

The implications of that statement were complex.

It was not surprising, then.

The Korean branches of the large guilds in Seoul.

[Guild House: Giant Alliance].

“G, Guild House?”

The color of the Arcana is overlaid on those branches.

[There is another Guild House nearby.]

[There is another Guild House nearby.]

[There is another Guild House nearby.] …….

A message flashes nonstop.

Nam Cheolmin paused as he adjusted his black suit.

It made sense so far.

‘This street alone is lined with branches of large guilds.’


[The competitive quest begins.]

I wasn’t expecting the next message.

[A siege on the Guild House begins.]

[For defense purposes, access to the guild house is restricted.]

[The Command Center is sealed off for defense.]…….

“Si, siege? Restricted access?!”

I suddenly check my watch.

Yugweed’s memorial service is almost upon us.

Nam Cheolmin screamed at the tightly closed door.

“No, who cares? Open the door right now! What kind of siege is this all of a sudden?! You can take away as many branches as you want……! But the trust of the Chief Commander is irreplaceable!”