Chapter 488 – The Foundation (4)

◈ Episode 488. The Foundation (4)

Bensch William.

The reason I made Bensch the temporary acting chief of the mighty Magic Tower is simple. I’m being honest. Consider my position, Prefect!

-‘That’s worse than most spam texts, you.’

The first time is the best time.

Didn’t Bensch, who didn’t know the taste of the Magic Tower not long ago, get a taste of the Magic Tower, and a good taste at that? Where is the desire that was once so intense?

That’s right, it all came back to me as an application for go out from Magic Tower.

One, two, three…….

Now it wasn’t just one a day, but at least three or four.

If the reasons were still absurd, I would have signed the rejections, but it was no longer ridiculous as before, but strangely plausible.

‘……I wonder if he’s gotten to the bottom of Grandfell’s temper.’

It doesn’t matter how obvious the other person’s true colors are.

If you don’t do things fairly, with formality and procedure.

He has a personality that causes thorns to sprout all over his body.

Thanks to Grandfell’s insistence, I could not overlook Bensch’s application to go from the tower, and the continental expedition application.

I was forced to look at the reasons for the requests, which I smeared on my lips like spittle, and evaluate them.

-“You have finally realized, Bensch William. Your pride.”

At that point, I changed my mind.

I had. Rather than stirring up Bensch’s lust with my presence, I’d rather have me, Marcelo, and Matisse absent from the Tower.

-‘Feel my hardships.’

Let’s give him a chief job to teach him a lesson.

That’s the only reason Lee Hoyeol had Bensch act as temporary chief. I had no idea that entrusting Bensch with the full power of the tower would lead to such an unprecedented outburst.

My lips move apologetically.

“Bensch William, I’m sure you’re more than capable of handling it.”

Do you really think so, Grandfell?

You can fool everyone else, but you can’t fool my eyes, can you?

If only you had a mirror, you could see the truth of your words…….

“Your instincts are very sharp indeed.”

……What, seriously?

It was a bullshit of empty words. The fact that Bensch was given a favorable evaluation. Regardless of me, Lee Hoyeol’s prejudice, Grandfell was evaluating Bensch highly.

‘……I’d rather be happy if that’s what you are.’


I stared at the crumbling fingers and guessed. Perhaps the Fused Intelligence Yugweed is causing damage in the real world that hasn’t been seen since the Cataclysm.

‘Of course reality is more dangerous than the Arcana continent.’

In that sense.

“Exploratory warfare is over. Show me your true colors.”

Best to move quickly through the phases.


A new quest objective flashed.

-Fused Intelligence: Defeat Yugweed Lupeng. (Ongoing)

●Neutralize the Fused Intelligence Fingers. (Success)

●Neutralize the Fused Intelligence Right Arm. (Ongoing)

Finger, then right arm?

As soon as the message flashed, a huge shadow fell. With the sound of falling rubble, Yugweed’s massive arm shot up at right angles to the sky.


If you guessed the amount of destruction from its size…….

Perhaps that thing holds the destructive power to surpass even the highest level of magic, Meteor Strike. It’s not something that can be simply dodged.

The Wind Spirit King, Aerial, spoke up.

“At this rate, the Arcana continent, its axis will shake……!”

There is only one solution, then.

An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.

I surged up my magic power.

Without [Natural Enemy] triggered, my magic stats are around 1000. If you ask me, what can I normally do with a thousand or so magic points?

The illusionary magic that was manifested in the Magic Tower.

The Magic Tower’s illusionary magic, which was used to ward off unwanted guests at the regular meetings, I had assessed as being at the level of 1,000 magic power. I was able to intuitively estimate it because of Grandfell’s talent, of course.

Then Grandfell was speaking.

“And remember, Hiel, everyone.”

Perhaps now, I would suffer from magic exhaustion just from blocking that blow, or worse, I would close my eyes on the Arcana continent.


Still, I didn’t stop and raised my magic power. Even though it was a different kind of magic power and anomaly added to it, it was still an existence that had entered the realm of the anomaly.

‘Well, it might be way ahead of me.’

That thing might have been a fusion of Yugweed, the elder mage of the Magic Tower, and Oried, the Spirit King. So I have to give it my all.

[Stat, ‘Tenacity’ converts to ‘Magic Power’].

My tenacity.


Converts to Magic Power and turns it into even more massive magic power.

No matter how efficient the magic of construction magic is.

to withstand something like that.

A truly massive amount of magic power will be required.


Long, silver hair flows in my vision.

This is due to the rapid increase in magic power.

The magic is flowing out to the point where it’s affecting my body.

[※Warning: Your magic power is backflowing.]

[Status abnormality, ‘Magic Poisoning’ occurs.]

[Status abnormality, ‘Magicalization’ occurs.]…….

Magic Poisoning.


I’ve only ever read about it in Magic Tower books, but this?

I never thought I’d experience it firsthand.

The subsequent messages indicate that the First World Tree’s Blessing has rejected the status abnormality, but there is no need to laboriously reject it. As I said, this was part of my plan.


At that point, you should all have realized.

Something is wrong with me.

It’s bound to happen.

Status abnormality, Magicalization.

I recall the knowledge from the book I’ve been cramming into my head.


A high sensitivity to magic is a double-edged sword, as it can swallow up your body and mind. On the other hand, it can lead to the possibility of being consumed by it, both physically and mentally…….


What is Magicalization?

In simple terms, it is a condition similar to the ‘Blackening’ of Black Magic.

The difference is.

Magicalization was much more dangerous than Blackening.


So beware, Magicalization mages die.


I snorted when I read that.

-‘I’m more afraid of Blackening than Magicalization.’

Of course, I still feel that way today.

Thanks to the [Last Adventurer] effect. For me, who can be resurrected from the dead on the Arcana continent, I’m more afraid of Blackening than the current one, because I’m afraid of the possibility that I’ll tell a dark history with my mouth……!


[Status abnormality, ‘Magicalization’ occurs.]

[Status abnormality, ‘Magicalization’ occurs.]

[Status abnormality, ‘Magicalization’ occurs.]…….

I was able to stand up even on my deathbed.

“Blessed one, is your body……?”

I knew because I could see and feel it.

Magicalization, literally.

My body was turning into a pure mass of magic.

I continued speaking in response to the question full of concern.

“You can do it.”

Even if the death penalty prevents me from entering the Arcana continent for 24 hours, the power of those on the battlefield at this moment should be enough to keep it at bay.

‘It’s not a great sacrifice.’

It’s just a matter of covering their backs.

I was the medium, so to speak.

As I said, the Spirit Kings’ {Natural} powers of the Spirit Kings, themselves.

Amplified Natural Abilities must be.

“It’s all part of nature.”

……Yes, according to the grand scheme of things.

I’m sure we’ll be able to overcome whatever phases remain. Because the earth spirits that had been in the way were no longer loyal to Oried due to the [Hierarchy of Blessing] effect.


“……What does that mean?”

I guess everyone has a different understanding of ‘natural law’? Of course, it’s natural for people to die. It’s true that I’m going to die here and now, but…….

“No way, that……!!”

You don’t have to make such a fuss, do you?

In a day, anyway.

In four days, Arcana Continent time, I’ll be back alive and well.


Are you vaguely aware of that fact?

Only Hiel bowed her head at my words.

I cast the last of my magic as I checked on them.

Aesthetics are important to remember in such situations.

I manifested architectural magic with [Aesthetics].

And then, a soaring statue.


In the collision, my magically transformed body began to scatter into the air. I began to seep into nature, into flame, into wind, into ice, into forest, into lightning, into the spirits.

A system message flashed that did not lie.

[Your magic power will flood the land].

Another flashing message.

[You are dead].

[Death penalty applied].

[Your experience gained will be reduced].

[Your deeds will echo across the Arcana continent].

[The lives of the Arcana continent speak of your sacrifice].

[Your title, ‘Sublime’, changes].

[You’ve earned the title, ‘Nobility’].

[Your title, ‘Last Adventurer’, effect is activated.]

[Immediately returns to reality.]

[Cooldown: 23 hours, 59 minutes]

In my blurring consciousness.

I had only one thought.

As I said, I was not the least bit worried about the Arcana continent.

I was only hoping.


You’re doing fine in the real world, too.

Right, Senior Bensch William……?


Another Space Ship.

“You’re crazy.”

The mere existence of a monster with the same name as the former senior mage of the Magic Tower should be cause for alarm. Its size could be seen from far away in space.

“What about the Magic Tower? Is it still there?”

“Yes, it’s buried in the rocks and can’t see anything.”

“Damn it. Let’s get a better angle.”



I touched the instrument panel and the angle of the Another Space Ship began to shift.

Toward the mysterious rift that spat out that nonsense.

Toward the Prototype Rift.

“An incomplete rift.”

The players of the Holy War Alliance, caught in the Prototype Rift, thought they had glimpsed a possible connection between Arcana and reality within it.

“……That makes it all the more ominous.”

The Fused Intelligence Yugweed was only half of what it was.

Given the possible connection between reality and the Arcana Continent. The rest most likely appeared on the Arcana Continent.

“It’s not like a normal rift. At this moment, the Arcana Continent could be dealing with the same guy as us. If so, then……. it means we can’t expect any help from the Arcana Continent.”

It was a depressing speculation, but it needed to be confirmed.

The Another Space’s cameras zoomed in on the rift.


“……Look, I see it!”

“You see what? The Magic Tower?”

“Oh, no. I see the landscape inside the rift!”

The view inside the rift.

Or, more accurately, the Arcana Continent, as I had expected.

I wonder why my ominous premonition didn’t come true.

Surely, they’re struggling too?

“Damn it.”

I managed to hold back a curse word.

In the brilliant light.

This time, I saw something I shouldn’t have.

It was.


A jaw-dropping sight.

-Another Space Ship. Please respond.

It’s enough to make you forget about the urgent communication.


After a moment of silence, the man muttered hopelessly.

“This is the Another Space.”

I said in disbelief.

“Beyond the Prototype Rift, on the Arcana Continent…….”

All the footage was telling.

“Player, Lee Hoyeol’s death has been captured……!”