Chapter 486 – The Foundation (2)

◈ Episode 486. The Foundation (2)

Yugweed Lupeng, the Fused Intelligence.

Even half a presence was enough to wreak havoc on reality. The AAU checked the flood of video information.

There was no need to bring up the Another Space Ship.

“What the hell is so damn big?!”

“Are there any updates on the official website yet?”

“Nope……! Nothing yet.”

“It’s foul to pop up like this out of nowhere, Raymon!”

AAU Korea Branch.

Located in Seoul, close to where the Fused Intelligence appeared, I didn’t have to look at the monitor to realize the gravity of the situation.

“Crazy bastard.”


I look out the window and see a cloud of dust rising. The ground is shaking violently. So much so that the AAU headquarters building, which could not have been built poorly, was shaking.

Reports of damage are coming in.

“The exact number of casualties hasn’t been estimated yet, but the good news is that it’s the weekend and it’s early, so there’s less traffic, so if you evacuate quickly……!”

I couldn’t call that a good thing.


I grit my teeth.

“What do you all think the reason is?”


……Tap, tap, tap.

The fingers stop.

Park Minjae asked the people who were tapping away at the keyboard.

He was genuinely curious, not as a branch leader.

“What does that crazy bastard want from us, breaking the unspoken rules that have been in place for so long to throw us a bone like this?”

Raymon Sean.

I didn’t know what was going on, but I knew this day would come. But I didn’t expect the first move to be so unexpected as to shake things up.


Everyone was silent for a moment.

Yoon Soogyeom was racking his brain.

All he knew was.

The knowledge of the Arcana Continent’s biography, which was nothing more than a game.

The current situation after the cataclysm could not be explained by common sense.

It was impossible to reason from past knowledge alone.

But that was the best he could do.

Soon, Yoon Soogyeom opened his mouth.

“From its appearance, it appears to be a golem.”

“A golem? Yes, it certainly looks that way. From its rocky body to its human-like appearance. Of course, it’s too big to stand up, and it’s only halfway out of the rift, so it’s flailing about.”

That was the scary part.

“That asshole is doing unprecedented damage with that thing alone.”

What if the other half of the creature appeared in reality or stood up on its own two legs? It was possible that the AAU Korea Branch, as well as the region where it appeared, would disappear into history.

Park Minjae asked.

“So, what did you see in the clue about the golem, Soogyeom?”

“If it’s a golem, that means it’s magic.”


I look through the database, back when Arcana was just a game.

Yes, there were giants among the monsters players could hunt.

Golems didn’t exist.

“If a golem is a magically summoned creature…….”

Does that mean it’s also a manifestation of magic?

A thought struck me while I was thinking.

Yes, to Yugweed, the Gentle Giant, the elder mage of the Magic Tower.

“Surely, Yugweed has such a thing……?”

“Yes, she summoned a golem from the Zero Mountains.”

“That was much smaller than that, wasn’t it, senior?!”

Yoon Soogyeom nodded at Sung Hyunjoon’s words. The size of the golem that appeared now was so different that it made him wonder if Yusra General Manager Lee Hoyeol could summon it.

Sung Hyunjoon spoke in disbelief.

“And even if the Elder Mage Yugweed left the Magic Tower on her own accord……. It wasn’t because she had any ill will toward the tower, was it? I thought she left the tower out of responsibility…….”

“It’s an internal matter. Do you remember what the General Manager said?”


“It literally means that you can’t be sure.”

Park Minjae asks.

“What’s the possibility that it wasn’t Yugweed?”


At Park’s next question, Yoon adjusted his glasses.

He swallowed dryly.

He answered with determination.

“No. It’s definitely Yugweed’s work.”


“Just now, we’ve pinpointed the exact location of its appearance.”


Yoon Soo-gyeom clicked his mouse and the exact coordinates popped up on the control monitor, and a look of despair crossed Sung Hyunjoon’s face as he desperately tried to refute.

“……, isn’t it the Magic Tower?”

Yes, it is.

The rift that spat out the golem had appeared at the same coordinates as the Magic Tower.

Beads of sweat formed on Park Minjae’s forehead.

He muttered to himself.

“……What the hell happened to the Magic Tower, Marcelo?”

However, Marcelo, who could answer his question, the tower’s chief, Lee Hoyeol, and the senior mages had headed to the Arcana Continent to stop the great monster’s advance.


“……Is the Magic Tower unharmed?”

The AAU couldn’t help but worry about the Great Magic Tower.

After the Cataclysm, the reason why Korea’s national power had skyrocketed.

It was due to the fact that the Magic Tower had appeared in Seoul.

However, Park Minjae was not simply concerned about the safety of the Magic Tower for the sake of Korea’s national interests. If the Magic Tower were to collapse or falter as a result of this event, it would be destroyed. …….

‘The submergence of the Arcana continent will cause reality to collapse.’

So what is the exact situation with the Magic Tower?

Park scoured the footage from the Another Space Ship, but there was no sign of the Magic Tower. He had been completely engulfed by the golems that had taken over the area.

It was then.

Through the players.

The details of the appearance message were sent to the AAU.

Everyone’s faces went white, including Park Minjae.

“It’s not Yugweed’s doing……. That’s yugweed, itself……?”


Contrary to their fears, Magic Tower was safe.

The basement of the Magic Tower.

The foundation of the Magic Tower is Void (Mugan).

Because the framework that transcended time and space protected the Magic Tower from outside influences. However, only a very few people in the Magic Tower knew of such Mugan existence.

“What should I do?”

Player Park Hwigang, class explorer.

“I’m so lucky.”

“Thank you, Hwigang.”

“Brothers, are you really going to say something unfair?!”

He was preparing to join the Explorer Federation in their expedition to the Arcana Continent. Though the explorers would only be a hindrance, not a help in hunting down the great monster.

Until they learned of the existence of the Prototype Rift.

The Explorers had a chance to make a living, but now they were gathering at the Magic Tower Portal to head to the Arcana Continent.

“It’s not a tiger’s den, but let’s keep our heads up!”


An unprecedented monster appearance.

They were completely isolated inside the Magic Tower.

“Federation Leader Fabian, the entrance to the Magic Tower is blocked.”

“The portal is still working, what should we do?”

“First, let’s figure out exactly what’s going on.”

Such were the orders of the head of the Explorer Federation, Fabian Delong.

Park pressed the start stream button.

Outside viewers would have a better idea of the situation in the Magic Tower than he did.

The chat window updated as the broadcast began.

-Hwigang, you’re alive!

-Seoul is completely destroyed;;;;

-Where is Hwigang???

-Why does the background look familiar?

-What, it’s a real Magic Tower? I thought it was a title aggro….


But it was too much of a negative news story to comment on. The number of viewers who tuned in to see what was going on inside Magic Tower was unbelievable.

Park Hwigang swallowed hard and tried to answer.

“The Magic Tower? It’s a little shaky, but I don’t think it’s going to collapse. What are the mages doing? Well, I can see a few of them, but they don’t seem to be in much better shape than we are…….”

The reaction of the apprentice, adept mages at first glance.

As the most powerful military organization in Arcana, they had never been threatened by anyone, and now they were surrounded and isolated by an unknown enemy. The mages’ expressions showed their concern.

“Ms. Jibril……, should we prepare ourselves?”

“Don’t get all excited, Linne.”

“No, how can you not be sure?!”

Linne Ardem, adept mage.

Her expertise was in short supply. Linne’s specialty was earth magic, and she pointed a trembling finger at the rock formation beyond the window.

“That’s a golem, no matter how you look at it!”

Jibril snapped at Linne.

“So, Linne, do you believe that the current situation is caused by Yugweed, the only mage of this age who can manifest a golem?”

“Well, I’m not saying that, but……!”

“Well, then, just be quiet and wait.”


Jibril, it was no coincidence that a crowd was gathering around her.

Jibril had a calmness uncharacteristic of an adept mage.

Before she entered the Magic Tower.

It was one of her family’s traits.

Jibril’s gaze traveled up the Magic Tower’s stairs.

“I’m sure he’s not going to stand still.”

But the Magic Tower was not currently at full strength.

Only Master Marcelo and Chief Lee had traveled to the Arcana Continent.

And only a few senior mages.

‘…… Just the absence of Chief Lee.’

Even if the current Magic Tower is half as powerful.

It must have been a generous reward.

Jibril thought seriously.

With a start, she saw a familiar face in the distance, Klee.

“Miss Klee……?”

But Jibril hesitated.

At the end of the hallway.

Klee’s appearance in the Healing School’s private chambers was unfamiliar.

Where were the plain robes she usually wore, and…….

“Why are you dressed in such colorful attire, Klee?”


Jibril’s eyes twinkled.

Thankfully, Klee quickly changed the subject.

“Please don’t all stare at me like that, and why are you all here, and why are you still wearing your robes?”


“Miss Klee, what do you mean by that?”

Jibril and Linne are startled by the sound.

They examined Klee’s appearance more closely.

No, now that they looked at it, it wasn’t just a fancy outfit, was it?

Especially the waist, it’s a staff……!

Jibril’s pupils dilated.

How could she not recognize it as a luxury item in the Magic Tower?

“Magic tools for decisive battle……? Klee, no way……?”

Klee nodded in disbelief.

“Yes. Magic Tool for Decisive Battle was approved for use a while ago, right?”

“The Decisive Battle Magic Tool has been authorized for use……? Such an unprecedented grave matter? Even Senior Mages aren’t allowed to handle it, but you mean to tell me that it’s been approved for use by us adepts?”

“Don’t get all excited, Linne.”


Jibril nodded grimly.

This was an unprecedented situation and an unprecedented decision.

But circumstances were circumstances.

Jibril had a sudden thought.

‘The only one who can make a decision like this is…….’

Master Marcelo or Chief Lee Hoyeol.

But they are currently.

They are absent, traveling to the Arcana continent.

‘If anyone is able to fill their absence, you should…….’

Senior Black Mage, Senior Matisse Dean Karl.

But even though he had traveled to the Arcana continent, so one of the senior mages currently remaining in the tower would have to make this decision on their behalf.

Jibril muttered.


And that was as expected.

How could the current Acting Chief of the Magic Tower grant full permission for the use of the Decisive Tool? That’s according to fair procedures. It was because he wanted to use a magic tool for the final battle.

Garnet Hall.

Kiko Armin, Senior Enchantment.

She looked at her colleague with concern.


Similar to, yet different from, a miniature magic sun.

A decisive battle magic tool, [Anatosh’s Flame], or more accurately, a higher compatibility. Kiko muttered to herself as she looked at the Acting Chief, Bensch William, who held the magic tool in his hands with a satisfied smile.

“What in the world did you see Chief Lee…….”

You appointed this shit as acting chief……?

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Tower Master.

Marcelo received the news telepathically.

The real Magic Tower was under threat.

But he wasn’t worried.

“We have the Flame Emperor.”

Marcelo marveled.

His judgment in appointing Bensch William as Acting Chief.

He now fully understood.

“Once again, I learn from you, Sir.”