Chapter 483 – The Call (3)

◈ Episode 483. The Call (3)

Hidden Quest.

Players can’t help but get excited when they see that word.

After the Cataclysm, quests have become a rarity.

A Hidden Quest.

You’d think a hundred people would be excited, but not me. I’m not complaining that I’ve gotten bored with all the hidden, main, class, and other quests.

It was because there were too many flashing quests!

“I see.”

The knowledge of Spiritism flashes through my mind.

There are as many hidden quests as there are attribute spirits.

No, to be precise.

Aside from Darkness, there was one missing.

I did not overlook its presence.

“Dryad, I will remember you.”

Dryad, Spirit King of the Forest.

At least it was a sphere.

Dryad didn’t seem to question Hiel much.

‘My knowledge of the Spirit’s {Natural World} is still limited.’

‘At least there is some warmth.’

Of course, the quest didn’t say so.


In the order, I remembered.

He slips Dawn’s jacket over his shoulder and inspects its contents.

As expected, you’re the first to go.

[Hidden Quest: Proof of the Flame.]

Phoenix, the Flame Spirit King.

Phoenix wants to prove the World Tree’s blessing.

Overcome the trials of the flames and prove the existence of the World Tree.

-Natural World: Enter the Realm of Flame. (Ongoing)

As you can see, the other quests aren’t much different.

In fact, there was nothing new about proving anything.

I told you that proving things to Grandfell was a routine.

And with Grandfell like that.

Proofs, like it or not.

I was the one who struggled to realize my overestimation.

All I could see was the goal.

“Is this the Natural World?”

Again, let’s look at it from the player’s point of view.

‘What do you want me to do?’

Spirits are creatures that ordinary people can’t even witness.

Contract spirits are said to be visible to the public, but in order to make a contract with them, you must first encounter them in their natural state.

In that sense, the natural world where the spirits reside?

It must be a fantastical place.

Feiyan Lot, Senior Mage of Spirit Magic.

I seem to recall there was something about it in one of her books.


Spirits live in the Natural World, however, even if a Spirit has been witnessed, there is no one who has witnessed the Natural World. Humans have lost their “Purity” and have not fulfilled the conditions to enter the natural world…….



‘I do not know, but Grandfell is also pure.’

So one purpose.

If you don’t describe a man who only seeks pride as pure.

Who else can be described as pure?

‘That’s why I was able to see the spirits.’

The problem was how to enter the natural world.

So what is the way to enter the natural world?

Feiyan had asked the contract spirit, Fire Drake, about that as well.


In the past, Fire Drake had tried to guide me, a contractor, to the Natural World, but after countless attempts and endeavors, I was unable to reach the Natural World. My body is not light enough. I’ve fasted hard enough, even giving up the food I used to hide in my cuffs, but…….



Giving up snacks.

You did your best, Senior Feiyan.

“I salute your efforts.”

Now I know that humans cannot enter the natural world by any other means. But who am I, the [Grand Master of Anomaly] ……, who pioneered a new way to get into the natural world when most ways have already been tried!

I opened my mouth.

“Do you remember, Hiel?”

I said to Hiel, who might already be in the middle of a proof.

I didn’t hear an answer, but I knew that Mana Hiel would remember.

The anomaly path we walked together.

I knew from early on that the {Natural} abilities of spirits were a different force from skills or magic. Because I was aware of it, I worked hard to develop it into Anomaly early on.

And in the process.

“The structure of magic.”

I taught 『Magic』 to Hiel.

Another obvious one.

Hiel is the alter ego and mirror of me, Grandfell.

Even if she started out as a Nymph, a lowly spirit.

Just as I have realized my overestimation.

She must have gained the power to match her overestimation.

I continued.

“Open the way.”

Who is our Grandfell? He is a person with a good temper who welcomes any proof at any time and is the embodiment of foolishness who does not just sit by and watch others suffer.

“Lead me to the path of proof.”

At the same time, in the imperial palace of Antonium.

“You may call me by my name, Hiel.”


A mysterious magical power stirs in my private room.

It was no ordinary magic.

It was the unique magic of the {Nature}.

Next, a portal manifested by Hiel appeared in the air.

I didn’t hesitate.

I stepped through the portal.

[You have entered the Natural World, ‘The Realm of Flame’].

[You have mastered the Achievement, ‘Where Even Romance Has Not Reached’].

[※Warning: the field is currently hostile to you].

……Isn’t this message scary?


Spirit King of Flame.


He bellowed.

“I’m sorry for you, Spirit.”

It could not have been more sincere.

“Your service will end here.”

At a moment when all the Spirit Kings except Dryad, the Spirit King of the Forest, doubted Hiel’s worthiness, the object of their doubts spoke for themselves. What an opportunity.

“How ridiculous.”


Because it exists in all nature.

They are more familiar with the news of the Arcana Continent than anyone else.

Such is the story being told at this moment.

The whereabouts of one of the greatest wise man on the Arcana Continent, the end of Oried’s favorite mage……. The spirits loved to talk about useless things.

Phoenix was familiar with them.

-“Fire Dragon, Flame Emperor, what a ridiculous reputation.”

Phoenix’s emotions flared whenever he heard such stories.


-“Be thankful that the shackles of purity have saved you.”

Phoenix was not allowed to travel to the Arcana Continent.

The order of the natural world did not allow the Spirit King to do so.

But things were different now.

“If you are broken, it will be proof.”

If a spirit blessed by the Mother could not overcome a trial, it would be proof that the Mother and the New World Tree were imperfect, and a good reason to cast off purity.

A Spirit King who deals with nature itself.

The field sees Hiel as an enemy and begins to attack.

This is more than a simple transformation.

A realm of flame.

All the elements of the field unleash a fierce heat upon Hiel.


Such natural hostility.

Indeed, Mother’s blessing was not a lie.

But it’s pointless.

Phoenix swept a hand through his red hair.

“The King’s name is not light.”

Your proof, Hiel, ends here.


Phoenix, who has been masquerading as a human, begins to reveal his true form. The highest peak of the volcano. The human body burns, and huge wings of flame unfold beneath the skin.


At the same time, the flames of the field rise up in worship of the king.

But in that same moment, Hiel hears a sound.

It was not the cry of a phoenix.

-“You may call my name, Hiel.”

It was only the voice of the Lord.

“Why do you command me to call on your name…….”

This, too, was a trial that Hiel thought he had to endure.

But had the Lord prepared for even this?

A memory flashes through Hiel mind.

-“Magic consists of exploration, interference, and manifestation.”

-“Not bad for a first manifestation.”

-“Diend, follow the example of Hiel.”

And then, Hiel lips moved.

“I dare to call upon your name.”

And then.

“My lord, Lee Hoyeol.”

A swarm of light flashed in the air.

“Grandfell Claudi Arpheus Romeo.”

There was a sound again.


Phoenix was shocked.


It was subtly different from the sound I heard in front of the spirit bonfire.

It was even more chilling.

How could I not recognize it in the brightness of the rumors?

Phoenix’s beak twitched.

“That silver hair is indeed Claudi.”

It was the highest compliment a Flame Spirit King could pay to a human. It was a token of affection, a greeting to one who had walked the {Natural World} as a human.



“My lord.”

“You have not forgotten my teachings, Hiel.”

The recipient of such praise was lightly dismissive of the words.


Further favors would be pointless.


Phoenix wings spread and rose into the sky.

Then, flaming crimson wings.

They radiated heat that could set the world on fire.

But even in that moment, Hoyeol’s gaze never left Phoenix.

“But it’s still not enough. The flow within the portal was unstable. Your interference showed your inexperience. Be more diligent.”

Such an attitude fueled Phoenix’s belligerent nature even more. He knew that his confidence came from the World Tree’s blessing, as did Hiel’s.


“Don’t be cocky, human.”

If only the Blessing of the World Tree was truly omniscient.


You wouldn’t be rotting away.


Phoenix increased his intensity, and now even the field began to melt. Even the Flame Realm melted into lava, and even the lava melted into pure heat energy.

A power that only a Spirit King could control. It was the manifestation of the {Fire Wrath} that burned the enemy in unison with nature. Hoyeol’s gaze turned to the Phoenix.


Hoyeol’s body flickered.

It was magic.

Are you belatedly trying to stop my wrath?

But it was too late.

This is nothing compared to the Fire Dragon you’ve faced or the Flame Emperor.

It is not even comparable to the heat of a human.

Flame, a blow of its own.


But in that moment, Phoenix felt it.

That something was wrong.

It was.

His own body, the one that had been rushing toward Claudi and Hiel.

It had stopped in midair.

No, to be precise…….

‘It didn’t stop.’

The passage of time had slowed dramatically.

The proof was in Claudi’s behavior, which was equally slowed.

Phoenix breathed a word of fire.

“You’re playing tricks on me, Claudi. This is a trial from the King of Spirits. Your cunning tricks will not work.”


If you cannot overcome his wrath.

The flame’s proof never ends.

“What can you do with the passage of time? Behold, your thinking has not slowed down either.”

But Hoyeol remained silent.

Once again, he was not speaking to Phoenix.

This time, he was addressing Hiel.

His alter ego, his reflection.

To Hiel, who looked just like him.

“I will give you assignments from now on, Hiel.”

Hiel answers.

“I will fulfill it.”

Hoyeol says, as if it were obvious.

“Observe and learn from now on.”

Phoenix is dumbfounded.

‘……Observe and learn?’

He is convinced.

“It is time to realize the {Wrath of the World Tree} which will scold even nature.”