Chapter 480 – Natural Evil (2)

◈ Episode 480. Natural Evil (2)


Liu Zunqun’s will, which even death could not break.

It was being crushed.

It seemed that even helplessness had its own dignity.

With a single blow.

It was different from the elf who had separated his head from his body.

Liu Zunqun’s determination hadn’t broken even as his head rolled on the ground.

“Let’s see, there’s no point in making a scene.”

Paimon’s calm words were unimpressed.

Still, Liu Zunqun’s mind was thinking.

How can I get out of this crisis?

‘…… If it’s Lee Hoyeol.’

Yes, if it’s Lee Hoyeol.

Noble Paimon.

He might be able to deal with that High Ranking Demon King.

‘It’s about taking the enemy as an enemy.’

Liu Zunqun’s gaze swept over the people of Antonium.

If possible, through the hands of the brainwashed Transcendents.

He wanted to take their lives.

‘Clearly, no message came to mind.’

‘The status abnormality, the [brainwashing] is still in effect.

The Transcendents were not acting on their own will.

No, beyond that level…….

“Looking at you makes me think of that.”

Penetrating the shell of Oxidin.

I felt a noble gaze staring directly at me.

At that moment, a whirlpool that could not be called human was swirling in Paimon’s pupils. Liu Zunqun couldn’t bring himself to meet Paimon’s gaze.

What was truly questionable was not the Transcendent.


The people of Antonium were acting as if they had no idea they existed, yes, the same people who had looked up to him in fear just a moment ago.

“The fruit is very sweet today.”

“Hey, do you mind if we have a drink at the tavern tonight?”

“Dad, we’re going out of the castle tomorrow, right?!”

They were enjoying the peace as if nothing had happened. Yes, just like Antonium in those days when Arcana was just a game. Words that followed Liu Zunqun’s bewildered thoughts.

“How did you come to be born as a human?”


“Your malice is so filthy, despicable, and ugly that it can’t be compared to any demon in the demon world. In that sense, I envy you.”

What are you talking about?

A random insult.

I was filled with emotion, but I couldn’t express it.



The swirling Paimon’s pupils were beyond bizarre.

They were almost awe-inspiring.

Paimon’s serious voice continued.

It was addressed to Liu Zunqun’s thoughts.

It was not addressed to Oxidin, the shell.

“If I were not a demon, I would be able to drink with you.”

……drinking together?

Liu Zunqun tried to think of the meaning but gave up.

Now is not the time for distractions.

My purpose was unbreakable, even in death.

The Imperial throne is within reach.

‘If I can take the throne, I will……!

The hidden class, the [Tyrant], will be able to fulfill its true potential.

If I can activate the [Authority] function to control the empire, I can create my own kingdom that no one can overcome, not even the Heavenly Unity…….

“But it’s done.”

……That’s it!

Paimon’s words fall from his mouth, and Oxidin’s body contorts. My limbs began to crumple like paper dolls, and my spine, ribs, and finally my skull were all crushed miserably.

As if caught in a vortex.

In agony.

Liu Zunqun gritted his teeth.

‘Paimon, I will not die……, no, I cannot die!’

His strong thoughts did not allow him to forget the existence of the skill, [Tyrant’s Succession].

If someone takes my crown.

I can be resurrected again, just as I took Oxidin’s body.


However, as I said before, Paimon’s swirling pupils are precise.

It was looking at Liu Zunqun’s essence.

And now, the crown.

Liu Zunqun’s thoughts.

I was caught in Paimon’s grasp.

Even if it’s a big deal, it’s still a Thought.

It was nothing more than a chant in the palm of his hand.

“I’m curious to see you again.”

Humans and demons are different.

Because he was born to be a noble demon king. Paimon knew that better than anyone. But sometimes, he encountered sights he couldn’t believe his eyes.

Like now, for example.

“You are a being that will benefit me in many ways.”

A new world witnessed through the Evil Eye.

It was a world of adventurers that was different from the Demon World and the Arcana Continent.

A half-breed demon was rampaging there.

“The evil in your nature will inspire me to mix your blood.”

The moment he heard those words.


Liu Zunqun’s thoughts in the Tyrant’s Crown intensified.


Accept me.

I can give you what you want.』

But Liu Zunqun’s longing was.



It began to disperse into thin air, along with the crumbling crown.

So did his thoughts.

It was finally over.

Paimon looked at Liu Zunqun, who had been completely destroyed.

“I can’t believe it.”

Then he looked at the peaceful Antonium.

At the same time, he looked at the stunned Transcendents on the ground.

All of them had done this because they wanted to.

“I never thought I would do this to be reunited with you.”

Furthermore, for a fleeting moment, I would envy the humans.

The incarnation of Paimon.

His gaze fell to the man who had fallen and watched it all.

“You must have seen a terrible sight.”


“But do not blame me. I need at least one witness, so that there may be no unnecessary misunderstanding between me and him.”

With that, Paimon’s grip on the teacup dissolves.

His entire body turns to dust.

The wind blows the teacup to the ground.


Paimon’s incarnation has completed its task.

It turns to dust and vanishes from the Arcana continent.

The man who witnessed the whole thing, as Paimon had intended.

Baek Seongryun.

He stuttered.

“……This, this is crazy.”

My, what did I just see……?


I pieced together the incoming news.

“We noticed a change in the Great Monsters when we hunted the second one, they definitely seemed to have escaped the brainwashing of the Monarch!”

Nam Cheolmin said on behalf of the Eastern Holy War Alliance.

Speaking of which.

They all had a bit of a fight at the Prototype Rift.

I swallowed hard.


I broke everything with my words.

I didn’t really understand the structure of the Prototype Rift, but it seemed to help the players that I was connected to the real world.

Every meeting should always be strict, formal, and serious.

“This is enough.”

I barely broke Grandfell’s stubbornness.

I dismissed the meeting.

More than anything, everyone looked like they needed a break.

‘I’m tired after just one run.’

Didn’t they run into the Great Monster Raid as soon as they got out of the Prototype Rift? Because other players don’t have the [Blessing of the First World Tree] like me.

‘So you have to be understanding, Grandfell.’

Shortly afterward, I spoke to Marcelo.

“I have witnessed the precious fruits of your work.”

……Precious fruits?

‘What did I see again? Oh!’

I was shocked because of the sins I had committed all along.

Fortunately, that wasn’t my story.

Three guild masters of the Great Alliance.

“Theirs was a definite Anomaly.”

I see.

Three, all three have entered the realm of the anomaly.

Actually, I could see it coming.

‘If they were holding onto the doorknob, it would be similar.’

That talent never goes away.

They’ve been practicing flying and crawling since the days of the Arcana Continent. I, Lee Hoyeol, have found myself in a realm of anomaly that I would never have reached without Grandfell.

I praise you.

And I commend you.

It was a very good thing that you recruited such a reliable ally, Hoyeol.

By the way…….

“The Magic Tower will quickly follow in your footsteps.”

The name was indeed important.

[Great Master of Anomaly]

Honestly, I didn’t do anything, I just squared my shoulders and chest, claimed I didn’t know, and smugly said I could do it……!

‘I can’t raise my face because I’m embarrassed by the compliment.’

And yet, as usual, I don’t flinch.

Yes, Marcelo’s words were not flattering.

There was still some unfinished business.

I asked seriously.

“Have you picked up any traces of Yugweed’s magic, Marcelo?”

“I’m afraid not, not even a little.”

“I see. It’s not your fault.”

Yugweed and Great Sage Rise are clearly caught in the prototype rift. The field the beast had transformed had been restored, but their whereabouts were still mysterious.

The cause of the situation is revealed in a Granfell-style speech.

“Time is something no one can control.”

Because the time zone and location involved in the prototype rift were different.

But it’s not like there isn’t a solution.

I continued.

“That’s why we can’t waste any time, Hiel.”

At my call, Hiel appears.

The reason for the call to Hiel is simple. It was the spirits of the Arcana continent who first brought news of the Yugweed, Rise, and Orc auctions.

“Hiel Chrysiad Four Seasons Leaf.”

Well, I don’t think we need a full name between us…….

“I will do your will, my lord, no matter what it is.”

Do you think that’s going to get fixed just because I say it?

I gave up.

I cut to the chase.

“As of this hour, summon all spirits.”


Marcelo gasped at my words.

Marcelo was the founder of the School of Theoretical Magic, and as such, he had an intimate knowledge of all magic in existence. His knowledge of Spirit Magic would be no exception.

Marcelo opened his mouth cautiously.

“My lord, I’m afraid my lack of knowledge does not allow me to follow your words. Even in the spirit world, which is as strict in its procedures as the human world, the hierarchy only applies to the same properties…….”

It’s a fair question.

Spirits are classified as aged.

For simplicity’s sake, let’s take the example of the Contract Spirits of Magic Tower.

Senior Mage of Spirit Magic, Feiyan’s Contract Spirit was Fire Drake, a high-ranking Fire Spirit, but only Fire Spirits of the same attribute obey his commands.

Feiyan had said that.

-“Is that why our adept mages don’t listen to me properly? Of course, spirit magic doesn’t have a set training course…….”

I remember thinking at the time.

‘Maybe it’s because you always mumbling so they don’t understand.’

It was Senior Feiyan, the rumored glutton of the Magic Tower. She hid her food under the cuffs of her robes whenever we saw each other, but I didn’t criticize her……. No, I didn’t call her out on her behavior.

Of course.

‘Cause she never did it in front of me.’

She would have seen what I did to Senior Bensch.

Well, I suppose it’s not unreasonable for her to be cautious…….

Anyway, I replied to Marcelo.

“You’re right, Marcelo. Even a strict hierarchy is only valid for those who possess the same attributes. Even if you were a Spirit King, you would not be able to transcend its limits.”

The implication was that they might be intimidated by the power of hierarchy, but not truly submissive. Which is why Marcelo asked the question.

‘All spirits, are spirits of all attributes.’

But isn’t it blood that transcends hierarchy?

Yes, HIel was blessed with the [First World Tree].

A direct descendant of the World Tree.

‘Everyone’s bound to gather, right?

Once we get together.

Wouldn’t we be able to defeat the steamer with our first impression?

Why, because Hiel resembles someone, its appearance is extraordinary.

Leaving Marcelo behind, who still doesn’t understand.

Hiel bows respectfully.

“At your command, my lord.”

If you call upon the spirits.

Even if it’s not a magic trace.

You will be able to get clues about Yugweed and Rise’s whereabouts.

‘Then slowly.’

I return to Antonium. Unlike the East, the North and West had already cleaned up their act and returned to Antonium. I should speak to them as well.

“I’ll stay here and keep an eye on the situation.”

I walked through the portal with Marcelo seeing me off.

And the moment I stepped into Antonium.

I recognized it.

A strong presence.


It’s not a magic mark.

Evil trail.

The tracks of evil, too great to ignore.

It’s unmistakable.

The High Ranking Demon King, or a demon of the highest order, has entered Antonium. I don’t have a mirror to confirm, but I’m sure my face is as cold as ice at this moment.

Anyone who knew me at all.

No one would dare to speak to me.

But there was one coming toward me.

And I stared at him.

I stared at the man.

Then he said.

“……, Mr. Lee Hoyeol, who are you?”

Lee Hoyeol.

What are you asking me when you know every single letter of my name?

……Wait, no way.

‘You know my full name?!’

I was about to reply when I saw the man’s face.

A man covered in blood that doesn’t belong in peaceful Antonium.

You know what happened in Antonium, don’t you?