◈ Episode 476. Monarch? Beyond (3)

I’ve been studying it diligently again.

‘It’s just as good as the Magic Tower magic book.’

What player Lee Hoyeol lacked, ironically, was player common sense. No wonder. It had been more than a decade since I had played the Arcana Continent Biography.


Dark History……. No, it’s because I was immersed in bad taste. I didn’t enjoy the content of a proper Arcana Continent biography as much as others.

‘Cause I was stuck in Akshan.’

After my awakening, I felt like a jack-of-all-trades.

Later, I tried to acquire Arcana’s common sense.

Of course, the process was not easy.

‘He was a brilliant talent.’

Of course, Grandfell’s mind was innocent.

A mind that could learn even the highest level of magic just by witnessing it.

Couldn’t he have done more than simple memorization?

‘The problem was his snout.’

As the general manager of the AAU Yusra branch.

I had the right to access information pertaining to the Arcana continent’s biography.

In doing so, I heard a lot of nasty things.

-“Are you sure you want to look into this early database?”

-“As expected, from the general manager…….”

-“We’ll do our best, Mr. General Manager, but if you have any information that you’d like us to look at again, please let us know. We’d love to have the support of the Korean branch……!”

……It wasn’t easy to listen with a straight face.

Even as I recall those burdensome words.

As expected, his snout wouldn’t stay still.

“Is this it?”

I can count on one hand the number of Labyrinth Rifts I’ve cleared.

To gain such experience.

The hundred thousand caves in the Zero Mountains helped.

‘It was quite a struggle back then.’

Now that I’m wearing the Throne of the High Ranking Demon King and the Legacy of Eunaxus, the Labyrinth was no problem. As you can see, the Labyrinth Rift, itself, was a simple matter of collapsing.

However, it was all thanks to the right circumstances.

[Prototype Rift]

An imperfect rift that was created according to Raymon Sean’s intentions.

Neither I nor Raymon Sean can go against it.

It’s a product of the system’s lack of rules.

I pushed that aside and muttered.

“You can’t fool me with a labyrinth like this.”

As I spoke, the landscape changed again.

[You have entered the prototype rift, the ‘dungeon’.]

Needless to say, I had no intention of casually exploring an unknown dungeon for who knows how long. Even at this moment, when I was caught in the Prototype Rift.

‘The Arcana continent is vast.’

There’s no telling what Great Monsters might march on Antonium, the Imperial Throne, even with the presence of the Holy War Alliance.

Players, including Ranked players, and the most elite forces on the Arcana continent.

‘Because I’m the only one who can do this.’


The prototype rift shatters as the lip falls off.

I wonder if he’ll have to spew such arrogant words every time he clears a concept. I wonder if Grandfell’s patience, which he worked so hard to demonstrate, will run out.

This was the moment I was worried about.


There was a pause.

At the next rift.

I saw something I shouldn’t have seen.

A tall building.

Signs adorning the exterior walls of buildings.

This was unmistakably real.

Of course, the stoic face doesn’t show panic.


First, the words come out of my mouth, then I quickly roll my eyes.

Surely, this is imperfect…….

Does prototype Rift have any chance of making it into the real world?

‘No, more like.’

Reality and the Arcana Continent.

The line between the two has blurred.

As I said, as the head of the AAU’s Yusra Branch, I had access to information. One of them is access to the Another Space ship, which observes Earth from space.

What was it like to see the Earth from such a state-of-the-art instrument?

My honest impression.

Not much different from the Arcana continent.

A miasma floating in space, not enough to cover the sky. Rifts appear and collapse in real time all over the planet. It was an unrealistic landscape that wouldn’t be out of place on the Arcana continent.


I look around without breaking the rifts.

Cars, traffic lights, railroad crossings…….

At this point, I’m convinced.

This is the world of adventurers.

This was my reality.

“There are two possibilities.”

My mind races, and I come up with an answer.

“Either simple imitation or a breakdown of boundaries.”

The concept of ‘reality’ appeared in the prototype rift.

So, is the landscape projected in the crack a mere imitation of reality?

Or is it the real thing?

‘The latter is the worst.’

That meant that the boundaries between reality and the Arcana Continent had already been significantly disrupted. In the past, I might not have minded so much. However.

‘You only see what you know.’

As I said, I had seen, heard, and experienced enough to realize that reality was becoming more and more similar to the Arcana Continent. So I was convinced.

“I see.”

The cool Grandfell style of speaking continues.

“So this is the anomaly you seek, Raymon Sean.”


Raymon Sean.

You did not simply seek to destroy reality.

You sought the collapse of the boundary between the Arcana Continent and Reality.

Two completely different worlds.

You were working for an [『Anomaly』] that would merge them into one.

The question unravels in my head.

-No, if he want the world to be destroyed, why give us a reward???

-Yes, he’s on our side. Look at the update history.

-I don’t have a single idea of what he’s thinking;;;;;

When I thought that what had been done so far was to merge reality and the continent of Arcana into one world, I began to understand the contradictory actions.


“But you’re wrong.”

Who am I?

From the bottom of the pile.

I’ve come this far.

I’m an expert in Anomaly who has earned the title of [The Great Master of Anomaly].

From that position, I make an assessment.

“Your premise is wrong in the first place. Anomaly is not something that can be handled with a shallow understanding. It requires a broad and thorough knowledge of the subject matter.”


I prepared a demonstration to back up my point, because yes, breaking an incomplete rift that looks easy at first glance is also a complicated anomaly.

I continued.

“Do you consider yourself to have a complete understanding of the Arcana continent, and by extension, do you consider yourself to have a complete grasp of reality?”

Someone would answer my question.

I wonder if that would be possible with Raymon Sean.

Well, you might think so.

The CEO of Cosmo, the Arcana continent VR developer. He knows about the Arcana continent, and he knows about reality from being one of the greatest businessmen in history.


There are things even you don’t know.

I continued.

“I’m sorry to say, then.”

Yes, it is.

Not just you.

Everyone in the world.

You’ll never know.

It’s a huge dark history between me and Grandfell……!

“I have no intention of giving you permission.”

As I have said many times.

And now I’m wondering if Claudi comes first.

Or my dark history notebook.

Even I wasn’t sure, but I do know this.

Claudi, a great family.

The Claudi, from the past to the day they were exterminated. It means that a stroke has been drawn across the history of the Arcana Continent. Of course, I’m still drawing in real time …….


The Dark Dragon watches over the Arcana Continent from behind the scenes.

As for the Claudi family, I don’t know everything about them.

You know nothing, Raymon Sean.

Do you really think that the Anomaly you seek will come true?

I spoke with conviction at that point.

“You’ve failed.”


A landscape of cracking reality.

Now that I finally understood Raymon’s purpose. There was no longer any reason to associate with his remnants. The rifts that had held me back, layer by layer, continued to crack.


The incomplete rifts shatter, revealing dimensional shards that scatter in all directions, but I can’t take my eyes off their beauty. A Main Path (大路) suddenly comes into view.

[Aesthetic: High.]

I have captured the ‘Path of Aesthetics’.

I could intuit where it would lead.

Because I’ve been there.

The Sea of Lava, is one of the hundred thousand caves in the Zero Mountains.

I had saved a monster, a siren, from the Sea of Lava through the path of Aesthetics. That convinced me. Try as you might to distract me with your sleight of hand, Raymon Sean, it will not work.


I walked, following only the path of aesthetics.

And I finally reached it.

We were able to face each other again.

[You have cleared the Prototype Rift].

A view of the Arcana continent.


They must have been pushing harder because I got caught in the rift. The three great monsters spit out pained cries as Hatchelings attack.

The fading paths of Aesthetics told the tale.

Their life force is running out. I, Lee Hoyeol, make a mental estimate. If I defeat the Great Monsters at this rate, what will I gain?

‘What the hell, there’s nothing!’

I pick up my spoon and am about to slam it into my rice bowl.

I was caught in the middle of Raymon Sean’s scam.

Of course, I wasn’t without earnings.

In fact, it was the biggest payoff of all.

I learned what Raymon’s purpose was.

The only problem was that it was a waste of time.

Until, in the end, the three Great Monsters were dead.

I was just sucking my fingers……!

A legend materialized the Dark Dragon.

I don’t know if he knows what I’m up to.

He greets me.

“I have not forgotten your words.”

Aha. So you’ve been carrying out your orders while I’ve been away, Dark Dragon, and in the process, enhancing the legend of the Dragon Lord, Dark Dragon Lee Hoyeol?


‘That experience isn’t worth a penny.’

The levels were one thousand five hundred, one thousand three hundred, and one thousand four hundred. Even if the experience required to level up had skyrocketed with the breakthrough of a thousand levels, it would have increased by at least a few dozen levels.

‘What’s the point, we’re already across the water.’

Then take the next best thing, Hoyeol.

For once, let’s not play by the numbers.

Let’s take a page from Grandfell’s book of integrity.

‘Raymon Sean, you’re no help at all…….’

I swallowed hard and let out my frustration.

This is enough.

The Dark Dragon reacted to my words.

The Hatchlings stopped attacking as the Dark Dragon’s will was fulfilled.

By the way, are you still not done training them, Grandfell?

【The King of All Things Does Not Behead Submissive Enemies】

Are you not afraid of the back of your head?


You don’t know the pride of Grandfell.

【Those Who Fear Repercussions Cannot Truly Be Called King of All Things】

You’re catching all the forms that don’t exist……!

Still, it was the best we could do for now. Even if I managed to choke the life out of the Great Monsters at this rate, I’d still be sucking my fingers. Not to mention the loot and experience evaporating.

So, I headed out onto the open ‘Aesthetic Path’.

The Great Monsters that were in a near-dead state were unable to offer any resistance.

I wonder if it’s because of it.

[Quest: Master of the Great Monsters]

I could see it clearly.

The shackles around their necks.

That must be the leash held by the Tyrant, Oxidin.

There was no need for words or consideration.

Just a snap.

I lightly squeeze the air with my fist.

The leash that held the Great Monsters captive was instantly crushed.

At the same time, my vision flashed.

[You have met the requirements].

[You have succeeded in your quest].

[Your relationship with the Great Monster, ‘Tortoise of the Great Armor’, is greatly increased].

[Your relationship with the Great Monster, ‘Mythical Horse’, is greatly increased].

[Your relationship with the Great Monster, ‘Serpent of the Sunrise’ is greatly increased].

Yes, you did something this time too, Hoyeol.


As soon as I was relieved, I suddenly felt a vibration.

I reach into my back pocket.

I look away from the green tea bags and check my vibrating phone.

Then I gasped.

Wait, Holy War Alliance teachers?

All of you, what are you doing……?!

“It’s a pass.”

Regardless of my embarrassment, Grandfell’s rating drops.

“You have not been negligent in your quest for the Anomaly.”




[BREAKING NEWS: The Largest Joint Operation Since the Cataclysm Begins.]

[BREAKING NEWS: AAU, “We are currently exchanging real-time information with players.”]

[BREAKING NEWS: AAU, “The whereabouts of player Lee Ho-yeol are still unknown.”]

(emphasis added)

[BREAKING NEWS: The only message we have received is ‘Dragon Lord, Dark Dragon Lee HoYeol’……!]