◈ Episode 473. The Great Monster (2)

It goes without saying.

[Great Monster, ‘Bella’s Colossus’ changes the field].

So far, so arcanians.

Yugweed Lupeng couldn’t see the system message.

Still, she sensed the threat. It was a manifestation that put all her effort into it. Not even a golem powered by top-level magic circuits could stop its advance.

“This is not a face-saving statement.”

Yugweed measured the burning magic power.

It was only enough to summon a golem of sufficient size to counter the Colossus.

She’d already used up a good deal of it.

Still, it wasn’t enough.


The Golem and the colossus clashed hand to hand.


The entire area shook from the pressure of the battle.

It’s not how it should be, but it is what it is.

Yugweed gave up her stubbornness and mixed some finesse into her earth magic.


The ground the Colossus was walking on was momentarily weakened.

It caused the Colossus to lose its balance and stumble.

The golem didn’t miss the opening.

The golem’s body accelerated.

The backlash against it.

The golem’s magical heart burning fiercely.


The heart catches on its own. Yugweed sensed that she was close to exhaustion. That meant she had to finish the battle with the Colossus with this blow.


The golem grabs the Colossus by one of its arms and pins it down. With a dull crack, the Colossus’ forearm is ripped off. The creature spins off balance and loses its arm.

The armor covering his entire body was still intact, but the blow wasn’t the kind of damage that armor could stop. But……. What is it, this guy?


Yugweed’s pupils fluttered as the attack landed.

No wonder.

Even though Yugweed couldn’t see it.

That message must have come to mind at this moment.

[The Great Monster, Bella’s Colossus, is suffering from ‘Bleeding’].

[The Colossus, Bella’s Colossus, is suffering from ‘Paralysis’]…….

Blood splatters on the ground.

For such a large creature, the amount of blood was considerable.

A drop of blood splashed on Yugweed’s cheek.


Yugweed wiped her cheek with her hand, and the blood smeared.

Yugweed recognized the Colossus’ blood by sight and warmth.

It gave her the strength to speak.

“You’re alive.”

Even Yugweed, unable to see the message, recognized the creature’s identity. The beings of the Arcana continent, the ones who had inspired the golem summoning magic.


In other words, warriors of the giant race.

The corner of Yugweed’s mouth twitched.

No wonder the golems were no match for them.

“An imitation can never surpass the real thing.”


Magic exhaustion is approaching.

Yugweed’s golem was slowly returning to the soil.

The Colossus, on the other hand, had regained its stance, albeit severely wounded.

“This is who the golem is.”

The Elder Mage’s knowledge was shaken. It is surprising that the giants survived on the continent, but they were carrying out merciless destruction.

“My nickname isn’t Gentle Giant for no reason.”

According to legend, the giants were considered gentle.

Among such giants, the Colossus Soldiers were once the most powerful.

They were said to have served as the guardians of the ancient Arcana continent.

But what about the Colossus in front of her?


It wasn’t just the village that Yugweed restored.

The Colossus trampled the dense forest with its two feet.

It had taken away countless lives living beneath it.

‘Not even feeling pain.’

Yugweed had a hunch.

Surely, something was wrong with the Colossus.

But alas.

Yugweed opened her mouth like a mage.

“I do not have the sensitivity of Chief Lee.”

Chief Lee, if it were you.

you might have saved even the wildest of the wild.

But I am not of that nature.

I am a natural mage by birth.

“You say I have a bad temper.”


Yugweed drew the last of her magic.

Her magic heart, unable to form a circle, pounded.

It had long since reached its limit.

Yet Yugweed did not back down.

The reason is simple, isn’t it?

In the direction of the Colossus.

There was the land she had touched.

Yugweed opened her mouth.

“I will not sow the seeds of corruption in the land I have worked so hard to create.”





Great Sage, Rise.

“Isn’t that too much for a helpless old man?”

He slayed the Great Monster, the Slaughtering Beast.

In the process, he was injured so badly that he could not heal on his own.

Rise reflected on his actions.

“It looks like you were not afraid of death.”

Even I, the so-called Great Sage.

I have never been able to overcome my fear of death.

How could a mere beast overcome its primal instincts.

The Great Sage’s wise mind answered.

“Then you must have been afflicted with ‘something’ that surpassed even the fear of death. What made you do it? Alas, you are dead and unable to speak.”

It was times like this that I longed for Pandora’s Attic.

But Rise shook his head.

It hadn’t been long ago that he’d decided he didn’t believe in Attic divination.

It would be a shame to go back on his word.

But he can’t help his old age.


He hears an ominous roar in the distance.

“……I don’t care how foggy my memory is.”

As if the slaying of one Great Monster wasn’t enough, more were emerging from all corners of the continent. They were making their way toward Antonium, the capital of the empire, spewing flesh and blood.

“I don’t recall witnessing such a vision from the Attic.”

There was only one possibility, then.


You’re not the only one outside of the Attic’s divination.

Rise laughed.

“Well, that’s probably a good thing.”

Because that would mean, as I said before, that I couldn’t trust the fortune-telling from Pandora’s Attic. So……. Rise narrowed his eyes.

“Claudi will be able to avoid the irreversible fate..”

And then.

Rise, over his head.

The shadow of another Great Monster loomed over him.

[Great Beast, ‘Eight-Colored Bird’ changes the field.]


Great Sage, Rise.

Oak Auction.

And finally, Yugweed, the former Elder Mage of the Magic Tower.

‘Great Monster, I see you’re finally living up to your name.’

It seemed that my, Lee Hoyeol’s, concerns had been realized. The other factions aside, the aforementioned three were no match for a mere level 1,000 monster.

‘Even if it’s a boss monster of a different level.’

To win the game.

Even if it was delayed.

Defeat would mean no sense.

Rise, the Great Sage with access to the upper levels of the Transcendent Social Hall. Yugweed, the elder mage of the Tower. Oak Auction, whose Shadow Mercenaries were said to follow their laws, even in their own faction.

‘Then I’m in, after all.’

Oxidin, this guy is also in the Anomaly realm.

The mere fact that he moved the Great Monsters on the Arcana continent was proof of that.

The AAU had sent me information about the monsters.

-“The Colossus, the Slaughtering Beast, the Eight-Colored Bird. All of them turned out to be raid boss monsters that had been developed in the pre-Arcana continent era, but were planned to be too high level to appear back then…….”

The ability of the [Tyrant], a class that entered the anomaly realm, was able to awaken a great monster that had been dormant due to the setting, and moreover, the wielder of that ability is a transcendent, not an ordinary Arcanian.

‘That’s not easy.’

But you said it, didn’t you?

No matter what.

I’m in no position to be afraid of Oxidin.

“Are you ready?”

I straightened my clothes.

The Great Monster’s onslaught had already begun.

There was no time to waste.

Which meant we’d have to give it our all from the start.

[Waiting for the Dawn 5/5]

[Set item effect applied].

[Set effect currently in effect: 5/5]

[1. When you’re the Commander, your allies’ Morale is “maxed out”.]…….

The effect of maxed-out morale is always great.

Representing the properly formed Holy War Alliance.

Knight Commander Liaonhart, Harkon bows his head.

“Please give me orders.”

Near the Behemoth’s maw.

Now that Paimon has made a pact with me that is not a pact, he has returned.

For the time being, I don’t have to worry about the demon spewing from the maw.

‘He’ll be the one to be sorry, not me.’

This meant that for the time being, I could focus my energies on evolving Raymon Sean’s trolling and hunting down the Great Monster. I quickly divided my forces.

“West of Antonium, the Iron Castle advances. To the east, the Holy War Alliance and the adventurers who will join them later will form a defensive line. To the north, Frostnax and my private army on standby at Antonium Castle will advance.”

On the surface, it seems like a reasonable division of labor.

These are all troop deployments for a reason.

Nam Cheol-min joined the Arcana Continent through this emergency update.


He unfolded the map and explained.

“The western part of Antonium is mountainous, making it difficult for ground forces to operate, so the Iron Castle, which can operate from the air, is the right choice, and the eastern part has the most troops because it has the most four Great Monsters spotted, and…….”

Of course, Nash, the imperial mage, who knew the geography of Antonium better than Nam Cheolmin, would not stand idly by. Himself. The magic model hovering over the map complements his explanation.

“In that sense, the northern part of Antonium will require the most elite troops, as the newly sprouted World Tree, a byproduct of the primordial evil that targets it, is still on the loose.”

Likewise, a strong support unit joined the main unit.

The proud master of the Magic Tower.

Our Marcello speaks.

“We will lend our support in all directions as appropriate, and in the process, we will secure the services of our former Elder Mage, Yugweed Lupeng.”

Marcelo mentions Yugweed, but he’s not the only one. Great Sage Rise, who had been one of those who had responded to Claudi’s invitation.

I asked Marcelo.

“I would also like to know the Great Sage’s whereabouts.”

“I will do as you say.”

“Excuse me, sir, but I’m sorry if I interrupted you…….”

It was Nam Taemin who opened his mouth to apologize.

His finger was pointing south, down the map.

Nash brought it to life with a magic model.

It didn’t take him long to realize what the question was.

“South of Antonium.”

South of Antonium was the Behemoth Maw.

As I said, I didn’t have to worry about Paimon.

Because Paimon wasn’t the only high-ranking Demon King.

‘And you’re a demon, aren’t you?’

This means that his words should not be taken naively.

I’m sure the Holy War Alliance knows that.

In terms of danger, the south is the most dangerous.

It’s where the most troops have to go.

‘Cause I didn’t say anything about it.’

But everybody shouldn’t worry.

We were going in anyway.

A force that would be unstoppable, no matter how great the monster or demon.

I opened my mouth as if it was obvious.

“That’s where I am.”

It was.

I was going to stop the Great Monster from advancing from the south.

My declaration caused a brief uproar among the Holy War Alliance.

“Commander-in-Chief, you can’t do it alone……!”

Of course, I put an end to their concerns with my steady demeanor.


Soon, cries echoed outside the barracks.

“I’m already there.”


At the same time Dragon Cry hits my eardrums.

My vision.

And the players’ vision flickers.

[The Dragon Lord, ‘Dark Dragon Lee Hoyeol’, reveals his huge wings on the Arcana continent. Under Dark Dragon, three Dragons howl.]


……I was as surprised as everyone else.

‘Dragon Lord, Dark Dragon, Lee Hoyeol, he’s actually announcing it like this?!’

Really, it’s driving me crazy.