Episode 462. I’m Not Late, I’m Just Waiting for a Cause

“Looks like I’ve been beating them for a while.”

“It’s still bustling, isn’t it?”

“It’s a good thing they’re imps, man.”

On the map, the portal to the Arcana continent from the real world has been open for a while.

The allied forces that the players had joined were of various classes.

Even the Demon Hunters, who were once called the worst of the worst, have seen the light of day.

“The class is [Appraiser]?”

Non-combatants were not necessarily discriminated against.

But non-combatants were non-combatants.

The magnifying glasses they pull out.

Glasses pushed up.

A suspicious question is asked of her.

“So, can you see anything?”

“You’re doubting me, aren’t you?”

“No, I’m not doubting you, I’m just saying that I do, and so do my friends. You should have seen the class [Appraiser] from the days when Arcana was just a game.”

Class, [Appraiser].

It was one of the neglected class among the unpopular non-combat class.

It was hard to see the need for the class beyond its simple abilities.

“To be honest, appraising most items, including demon items, is possible at the Magic Tower, right? If you think the fee for using the Magic Tower is too expensive, you can just go to the Explorers’ Federation…….”

“It’s a shame that you’re mentioning our competitors so openly.”

“No, that’s not what I meant…….”

“It’s okay, it’s all true.”

The Appraiser, Yume, chuckled.

It was all true.

Until she remembered the ancient kingdom of Yusra on Treasure Island.

Yume’s demeanor was one of moderate confidence.

“But after the appearance of the Ancient Kingdom of Yusra, I was able to improve my skill in identifying the items pouring out of Treasure Island, I was able to improve my expert skill. In the process……!”


Ashes scattered across the battlefield.

She held the magnifying glass up to the ash and her vision flashed.

[Skill, ‘Discern’ gathers information left in the traces].

“It has become possible to use these skills.”

Yume grasped the information in her mind with Skill, [Transcription].

Yume’s hands moved so fast that they were invisible.

Still, her suspicions didn’t go unnoticed.

That’s right.

A sharp-faced man approached Yume’s side.

The players surrounding Yume paused as if they were watching a spectacle.

“So how are you going to make a decent living…….”

“Hey, hey!”

“What are you making a fuss about all of a sudden……?! Huh.”

Snake eyes.

Except for Lee Hoyeol, who is on a different level.

It was Hisagi, the second ranked player after Nam Taemin. A big man whose mere presence could make most players shudder.

However, the Appraiser they had ignored until now.

While looking at Hisagi like that…….

“Uh, Guildmaster!”

She’s calling the guild master?

“Guildmaster, Inazuma, I mean, you belong to the Great Alliance?!”

“Oh, speak up.”

“Oh, what did I say. That’s embarrassing…….”

Of course, the helpless players were the least of Hisagi’s concerns. Hisagi accepted the [Identification Record: Behemoth’s Maw] handed to him by Yume.

“Take a look at it first, Guild Master.”

“Thank you, Yume.”

Hisagi looked at the battlefield and thought.

A message from the Commander-in-chief, left by Hiel.

He followed the orders and went to the battlefield, where there was not a shadow of a noble Paimon or a threatening demon to be seen, but rather a sea of imps busy fleeing into the Behemoth’s Maw at the sight of them.

‘What the…….’

What the hell was going on between the Commander in Chief and Paimon?

“Uh, hello.”

“Captain Harkon, here is the identification record.”

“Is this the adventurer’s ability you mentioned? Thank you, Hisagi.”

“Ouch. I guess you can’t really hear me anymore?”

Leaving the flustered Nam Taemin behind.

The Holy War Alliance executives read the identification records simultaneously.

Imperial mage who led the Imperial Army.

Nash William’s magic had done one.

“Wouldn’t this make it a little easier to see?”


The words of the scroll floating in the air.

Soon, as they read the words, one by one, their faces began to show signs of shock.

Nam Taemin was the first to speak up.

“…… Did the Appraiser have this kind of potential?”

There was a reason we kept applying to non-combatant class.

As much as I hate to admit it, Hisagi had taught me a lesson.

Of course, the identification record simply records the facts at that location.

It didn’t tell us the details.

“But, what about this……?”

But that was shocking enough.


1. Traces of conversation (uninterpretable in a higher level language)

2. Tracks of a demon retreating into the Behemoth’s Maw (intent unclear)

3. A large army of demons incapacitated in an instant (cause unclear)


Normally, I might have questioned the words unclear and uninterpretable, but hadn’t I already experienced them once on the battlefield?

A high level of language that buzzed in their heads.

Thankfully, Nash, who was quick to understand, cleared things up.

“So……. You’re saying that with a simple voice, you sent the Ninth Throne Demon King, Paimon, back to the Demon World, and incapacitated that enormous army?”

It was the dwarf, Chainwalker, who was more puzzled than anyone else.

“No wonder a demon would flee after a hundred concessions. Is there such a thing as comradeship among demons? Since there is no chance of victory, you can leave your troops behind and run away. But do you think what follows makes sense? The equipment they were wearing was comparable to what we made!”

Dwarven-made armor reflects most magic and is many times more resistant to physical impact. It was not uncommon for enemy weapons to shatter.

“But then it all vanished like an illusion. Without a trace. I can think of only one possible explanation, and that is that the Commander-in-Chief has done the impossible once again.”

Ordinarily, I would have been vaguely pleased.

But I couldn’t.

Because I had seen it, too.


The current of annihilation flowing through the battlefield.

But Harkon, the first to smell it, smiled.

The reason was simple.

A message from Hiel.

-“I have faith in you.”

Those were the words of the Commander-in-Chief he knew.

Because it was proof that it was definitely Lord Hoyeol.

Even if he didn’t believe it, he vowed to believe it.

Of course, the others disagreed.

It was a moment.


Hoyeol appeared with the sound of shoes.


Hoyeol opened his mouth, ignoring the stunned faces.

“I have an important message to deliver to you.”

In order not to hide anything in accordance with that noble pride.


Yes, you think it was harsh, right? Grandfell?

‘Cause you’re just being a dick.’

There’s a subtle difference between having an iron skin and having no conscience.

I can’t let pride get in the way this time, can I?

So I thought I’d come clean.

‘It’s not a difficult thing to say.’

I had awakened a new ability called [Heavenly Infant Solitude].

There was some inexperience in using it.

But there’s no need to worry.

This temper…….

No, if it’s a talent, I’ll use it skillfully soon enough.

Yes, it is.

‘It is what it is.’

If you’re honest with yourself.

Who can blame you?

Me and Grandfell, after all we’ve been through.

But I could feel it in my gut.

“As you know.”

…… My snout will never rest in the wind again!

“My darkness has rampaged.”

What, what?

Your darkness is rampaging?!

Even if you say the same thing to the world.

How in the world can you make it sound so familiar?!

Look at all those faces.

They’re all so freaked out by the word choice, aren’t they?

But when did Grandfell ever care about his audience?

“It was darkness, a darkness that only I could control.”

And did they consider me and the speaker……!

‘Oh no.’

It was wrong to come in the first place.

It takes a lot of hard work to gain full control of the [Heavenly Infant Solitude], and in the process, I might be gone. It was a mistake to think it would be better to speak to him face to face this time.

It was the arrogance of me, Lee Hoyeol……!

But despite my desperate inner appeal.

He wouldn’t stop talking.

“Maybe it’s because the night was unusually dark.”

……You just grabbed the day!

‘But you’re not wrong again.’

If you compare an unusually deep night to a shitty situation…….

Because I couldn’t control the darkness.

It was a natural connection.

And then.

‘Can anyone else understand that?’

It’s not like solving some kind of CSAT literature problem!

It was Grandfell style of speaking that I sometimes couldn’t understand even though I suffered from it all day long. But it’s the best of all possible worlds, because everyone’s faces are starting to unravel……?

Harkon spoke in a low voice.

“It was unfortunate. You are no different from usual.”

Business as usual?

Sir Harkon.

You’re not swearing at me in that Grandfell style, are you?

As much as I wanted to retort, I kept my mouth shut.

‘If you say something unnecessary here.’

Dark Dragon rampages, an infinitely deep darkness appeared, what was it…….

I was afraid I’d end up screaming something worse.

And I couldn’t afford to.

I shifted my gaze from the center of my seat and looked at my inventory.

I checked the information on an unusually shiny item.

At the same time, an eerie message flashed.

[Invitation to the Shadow Corridor]

[Rank: Epic]

[Restriction: None]

[Effect: Hidden Piece, allows you to enter the Shadow Corridor]

[Description: An invitation from the Shadow God. The wielder can reach the Shadow Corridors. Where there is light, there is shadow, and where there is only darkness, there is shadow. You will not be able to ignore its invitation.

Forward to the opening of the corridor: The deadline has passed.]

I will be honest with you.

‘No, I didn’t realize the time had passed either.’

I’ve been busy ever since Jesse Heinness fell in a spacetime duel with Urs. There was no time to think about the Shadow God’s invitation.

Especially not at the end.

‘I was out of my mind.’

Even in real time, which is slower than Arcana, I was way overdue.

[Hidden Piece, ‘The Shadow Corridor’ is still waiting for you].

The message that I’m still waiting is a bit disturbing, and I’ve already seen what the Shadow God who sent me the invitation thinks of me.

[Your friendship with the Shadow God has reached its lowest point].

As if that weren’t bad enough, this guy broke a time commitment……. You must be cramming for this. I’m not sure if I’m being honest.

‘What kind of wealth and fame will I enjoy?’

Would I enter the Shadow Corridor that floats ominously in the sky? But if I did, I’d have to keep Grandfell’s temper to myself, even if it meant a natural disaster……..

‘…… Doesn’t sound too bad, does it?’

It was a decent estimate.

Why, in the past, I might have thought that there was nothing to be gained from the Shadow Corridor, but not now, for I had to control the rampage of the [Heavenly Infant Solitude] once and for all.

‘No one could approach the Shadow Corridor.’

A place that was completely cut off from the outside world.

In other words, even if I were to lose control of the [Heavenly Infant Solitude] and let it run wild, there was no danger of its effects spreading to the Arcana continent or reality.

That was as far as my thoughts went.

I didn’t hesitate.

I went straight to work.

“As I said, I will leave the remnants of the defeated soldiers to you.”

“I will repay your trust.”

“I won’t let any of them escape, Commander-in-Chief.”

Leaving behind the Holy War Alliance, who bowed their heads to see me off.

I took a step forward using Heavenly Demon Reign.

With a single step, my vision shifted, and the Shadow Corridor came into view.

I opened my mouth nonchalantly.

“It’s still poor architecture.”

As expected from the creator of architectural magic, you start off with a sarcastic remark.


[The invitation to the Shadow Corridor was accepted].

The message dawned on me.

The Shadow Corridor began to take shape, a mirage.

And then.

[Hidden Piece: Shadow Corridor]

[Collapse Rate : 100%]

[Appropriate Level: 2,000~3,000]

I regretted my decision once again.

The appropriate level is 2,000 to 3,000?

I dare say.

In this world, even in the Arcana continent and in reality, I’m the only one who would enter a Hidden Piece with a Appropriate Level of two or three thousand to practice skills……!

Of course, regardless of my astonishment, my feet moved.