Chapter 449 – Not My Taste (2)

◈ Episode 449. Not My Taste (2)

I wondered why I didn’t spit out this line.

I straighten my clothes.

I put on Dawn’s jacket and mutter.

“Not my taste.”

Oh well.

A social oasis.

Socialite idol, Grandfell-nim.

‘Even if you don’t feel like it, the situation is the situation, so let’s endure it.’

Just before entering the [Understanding Darkness].

I witnessed the message that began the Spacetime Duel.

However, I had blocked all messages related to Spacetime. This means that after I left the Spacetime Social Hall, I didn’t receive any news about it.

Because of that, I found out about it late.

‘Jesse Heinness.’

The news of her duel with Urs.

As a transcendent, she has entered the spacetime social hall.

She must have awakened to her full Archmage powers.

‘I’ll have to unblock it soon.’

Transcendents go through qualification screening by fellow Transcendents.

If only I had known that.

Perhaps this could have been prevented.

‘If it’s the strictness of Granfell that I know of, then definitely.’

I would have voted against Jesse, saying she wasn’t ready.

But now that it’s happened.

It’s time to break your stubbornness, Grandfell.

As expected, these words are said arrogantly.

“This is unprecedented, so consider it an honor.”

A twinkle in my eye.

[From now on, news on ‘Space and Time Social Hall’ will be updated.]

……I just unblocked it, but you’re showing all the condescension you have and the condescension you don’t have. But even if it means risking a heated face by changing your words.

From now on, we must not neglect the news of spacetime.

‘I definitely understand what’s going on.’

Stealing the crown from the monarch, Liu Zunqun.

The Seven Transcendents have joined forces to become the King of the Continent.

Their true ambitions were revealed.

‘Are you saying you want to establish internal discipline first?’

To put it bluntly, Jesse was a Newborn Chick Transcendent.

Though we didn’t get to ask.

There must have been some sort of conversation between Jesse and the Seven Transcendents.

‘That’s where we disagreed.’

The Transcendents decided that Jesse was useless.

They wanted to kill her in a spacetime duel.

Maybe Jesse wasn’t the first.

At the same time, maybe Jesse is the beginning.

‘Because everyone is growing.’

The realm of the anomaly.

Among those knocking on the door are Nam Taemin and Hisagi. Alongside Jesse is Skal, a Dragon Knight who was once called the hidden class of humanity’s final weapon.

‘After all, he’s met a dragon.’

A snooty Ice Dragon, of course.

Whether or not Frostnax would get Skal to climb on his back was another matter, but whatever. An alliance of Transcendents, bluffing for the sake of future Transcendents?

‘We need to make sure the Anomaly is killed properly.’

In the spacetime social hall.

To do that.

It’s not just a matter of refining my appearance.

‘Let’s see, if it’s seven.’

Wouldn’t this side also have to match the number of people to some extent?

This is not Lee Hoyeol, who had no flaws.

There are transcendents other than me in the Holy War Alliance.

Transcendents who live on different ‘levels’ than you.


Spacetime Social Hall.

A space reserved only for transcendents.

The decorations, the common gold coins, and the magic tools that can be purchased with such coins are all different from the Arcana continent.

Once you become accustomed to the social hall of such a spacetime, your perspective will inevitably change.

At this moment, the six transcendents gathered in the social hall were doing just that.

『Lightning Child』

A blond boy with an intense color like a lightning bolt looked around the social hall.

It was no cleaner than before.

Much better than taking the crown off the adventurer’s head.

An innocent voice rang out in the social hall.

“By any chance, did someone clean this place?”

“Cleaning is a piece of cake, that’s impossible.”

“Oops! He’s a naïve brother.”


『Sunrise Warrior』

His dark, black eyebrows knit together.

I could have passed it off as some immature kid’s nonsense.

I couldn’t do that.

These words are spoken sincerely.

“I am afraid of your naive malice.”

“I don’t mean naive malice, bro.”

“Don’t look at me like that.”

I get goosebumps.

Pure, unadulterated malice, with no cause.

Sunrise rolled his eyes, avoiding the child’s gaze.

‘Actually, I’m no different.’

The Seven Transcendentals were determined.

But each of the Seven Transcendents meant something different.

Sunrise did not overlook that.

Now, in the same boat, but at the halfway point.

To reach their respective destinations.

‘Stepping off the same boat.’

The seven Transcendents went their separate ways.

They’ll be pointing their swords at each other.

In that sense, it’s the most wary of all.

‘It seems we were thinking the same thing’

Dwarf physique.

A woman carrying a bag larger than her size.

『Everything, Pocom』

She fiddled with the gold coins and opened her mouth.

“How come I don’t see the king?”

The king that Pocom was talking about was 『Oxidin』.

“Because he is a bastard whose true intentions are unknown.”

The Sunrise Warrior still didn’t understand.

This wasn’t the crown of an imperial emperor.

It was the crown of an adventurer who had met a miserable end.

‘I can’t believe he’d think to wear something like that.’

Stupid or greedy?

But it was Oxidin who had planned the Transcendent Alliance.

The Sunrise Samurai gathered his thoughts once more.

Lightning’s child.

Everything, Pocom.

Urs, the Creature of Eternal Life.

Rotten Shaman, Uriah.

Master, Killerband.

‘It is certain.’

The only thing more dangerous than the five transcendents gathered here was Oxidin.

For now.

Now that everyone had gathered in the social hall as promised.

“Hey, are you still there?”

Only Oxidin hadn’t shown his nose.

But there’s no reason to be as impatient as that pesky kid.

The passage of time is extremely slow in the social hall.


The Sunrise Samurai drew his sword and looked at the blade.


He examined the blade of the Sunlight Sword and its handle, just as the Sword Saint, Shegwin, did. It was at this moment that he strained his ears to hear the voice of Sunlight Sword.



Suddenly, the Sunlight sword vibrated.

This was the sword communion that Shegwin had spoken of.

Is this the realm of the Divine Sword Unity?

But the illusion didn’t last long.

It wasn’t vibrating…….

He was trembling in fear.

To realize that.

It didn’t take long.

he could feel the pretense.


Everyone felt it.

It wasn’t just one person.

Moreover, there was a familiar face among them.

Or, to be more precise, he had never met her face to face.

There was just a woman in a familiar outfit.

A broom.

“……The Witch of the Southern Sea.”

She was always slumped over the table, drunk on a nasty cigarette.

The Witch entered the social hall, looking unrecognizable.

She opened her mouth.

“These are the new rules of the social hall, as issued by the top floor.”

The top floor.

There was a “floor” to the social hall?

Despite the chaos, Sunrise’s composure remained intact.

With his unguarded gaze, he sensed the power of the four, including Mary.

He felt it.

‘……Where do these guys come from?’

Their unexpected momentum.

Not just Sunrise Warrior.

Except for Oxidin, who wasn’t there.

All of the Transcendents.

Overwhelmed by the strength of the heads of the four families except Maxima.

If it were the Arcana continent, the pressure would be too much to bear.

But they remembered discipline.

The use of force is forbidden in the spacetime social hall.

The Lightning Child said brightly.

“Wow, that’s great! I didn’t know there were transcendents like you. Where have you been hiding all this time? If I had known of your existence, I would have moved a little more systematically.”

The person who responded was Letel Acamond, the head of the Shivering Acamond family.


The eldest daughter of House Acamond.

Thanks to her incredibly kind father and mother.

She grew up with fifteen brothers and sisters.

“One thing before I answer your question.”

Still, the reason Letel was able to consolidate her position as head of the family and take over House Acamond to fulfill her ambitions was simple.

“What are those speaking habits?”

“……Speech habits?”

“Now, be polite again.”

Letel’s eyes flashed with authority.

“Or do you need a rod of love?”

The Sunrise Warrior looked at the Lightning Child.


The innocently cheeky kid had lost his momentum. It was the kind of pressure you can’t resist, even when you know you can’t do any harm, according to the rules of the social hall.


Should I do it, honorific?

It was a moment of serious consideration.

Letel Acamond had her critics.

“Enough with the teasing, Letel.”

“I’m not teasing. I’m teaching a lesson.”

“He doesn’t like it when you bully the weak.”

It was just a few words.


The implications of that one word were profound.

The way they looked down on the weak.

But more than that.

‘There’s someone above them.’

Who could possibly be above these monsters? But the most unbelievable thing was that the Witch of the Southern Sea had moved. The Transcendent Alliance had spoken of her.

Her level is unknown.

As long as she doesn’t act hostile.

Let’s avoid unnecessary conflict with her.

Fortunately, there was no conflict with the witch.

Until just before.

Mary, the Witch of the Southern Sea, spoke.

“Our job is simply to deliver his word. We will refrain from unnecessary confrontation, and you will do well to wait patiently.”


The witch’s voice was surprisingly calm for a first-time listener.

For someone who was usually so drunk on cigarettes.

Almost unimaginable.

The difference in demeanor froze the Transcendents.

‘…… Who on earth would come?’

Soon, the main character appeared at the social hall.


With a familiar sound.





It’s our Grandfell-nim, the man who sets out to do something and does it right. A community of the Transcendent, a social hall in space and time that wasn’t really a social hall at all.

‘It’s just so dazzling.’

I never thought I’d add [Aesthetics] stats to my outfit……!

The aesthetic effect of reaching [Top] was amazing.

While making another sound.

The way his clothes were tucked in as he walked with a regal stride.

‘……I feel like my face is going to explode, really.’

I felt like an idol in a social hall like the setting.

I entered the spacetime social hall.

And I came face to face with people I recognized.

“There you are.”

Why, I’d run into them once or twice in the spacetime social hall.

Especially when I was in the middle of a nerve-wracking battle with Sword Saint Shegwin.

All eyes must have been on me.

A few of them recognized me, and frowned.

“You’re the one who dueled with Sword Saint…….”

I hastily opened my mouth.

“I don’t want to hear about it.”

In the spacetime social hall, Arcana’s nickname is…….

So I couldn’t hide Grandfell’s full name.

Just in case.

I interrupted.

“It’s you who answer, not me.”


It’s clear why I sought out the spacetime social hall.

It was to discourage the Transcendents who were running wild without knowing the subject.

‘Well, it looks like you’ve managed to subdue them.’

The Four Families were the powerful ones who had been granted access to the upper floors of the Spacetime Social Hall. They weren’t called Claudi’s henchmen for nothing.

It must have been a surprise to see Mary.

Even I used to be startled by Mary’s changes.

Maybe it’s because she quit smoking, but she looks different. It was worth it to give her the smoking cessation gum I’d ordered with the green tea to meet the lowest shipping price.

But the real fun is just beginning.


Urs, the Iron Arm.

Urs the Elixir Addict.

Now what, the Creature of Eternal Life?

“How ugly.”

But my eyes are not deceiving.

Urs is no creature of eternal life. I am the one who has acquired knowledge of all the minerals and plants in the Arcana continent through the [Pure Knowledge].

I recited the knowledge in my head.

“The dangers of elixirs are well known. Yet you have repeated your foolishness. What is an eternal creature? It’s just a living corpse eaten by 『Maslova’s Aphid』.”


The other Transcendents were more surprised than Urs.

It seems they trusted Urs quite a bit.

I can guess why they trusted him.

“You’re the one who took on the task of hunting the Transcendent.”


“It’s a shame, Urs, because you would have been the only one to have a clear advantage against the new Transcendent, having gained far more experience than the others.”

Half-man, Half-tree.

Urs neither answered nor spoke, but only his body moved toward me. The heads of the Four Houses, all but Maxima, and Mary tried to restrain it.


I lightly raised my hand to stop them. As I said, acts of force were prohibited in social hall, and I knew that Urs had no power left to do so.

I assessed him coldly.

“Not looking out for yourself.”


“That is your defeat.”

Elixir, Maslova.

An elixir of great vitality.

But it harbors an aphid that is as deadly as its effects.

And Jesse probably didn’t turn the pages roughly.

“You read it right, Jesse Heinness.”

Author, Cleodia.

Reviewed by Lee Hoyeol.

『The Cultivation of Elixir Herbs』

Page 1,324.

What is written in the fifth paragraph.

“It is your victory.”


Jesse was not defeated.

She created the optimal environment for Maslova’s aphids to multiply rapidly with her property magic. She’d covered Urs in aphids, causing him to slowly rot.

“……What, what, Urs, you?”

Urs bending and collapsing.

The Transcendents speechless with bewilderment.

Nevertheless, there is a need to discourage them more thoroughly.

I show them a little kindness.

“And you are defeated.”

My gaze flicked to the dumbfounded faces in order.

“You were not defeated by the four families at the upper floors of the social hall.”

I elaborate.

“Nor was your defeat by the humble Witch of the Southern Sea, yes. You have been soundly defeated by an adventurer who has just knocked on the door of the Transcendent.”

What do you say on that topic?

A new rule established by the transcendent?

Cold words of venom slip from my lips.

“Like frogs in a social hall.”