◈ Episode 447. It’s suitable for you

A great force is definitely a great force.


The uproar is not easily drowned out.

“I can’t believe it.”

“My God, they’ve taken it upon themselves…….”

“Anyway, it’s a great contribution to the security of the Empire, isn’t it?”

Antonium, the capital of the Empire.

Returning to the Imperial Palace, I briefly relayed the situation.

That the Shadow Mercenaries and the Berserk Society had been destroyed in battle.

Of course, the usual Grandfell style of getting to the point.

That’s why I didn’t mention the circumstances.

‘Has everyone gotten used to this way of speaking?’

There were no people who inquired about the progress.

Rumors spread naturally from the palace.

It travels quickly to the streets of Antonium.

My eyes flicker.

[The news of the great force’s dismantling reaches the underworld.]

[The morale of the villains drops significantly for a certain period of time.]

[The security of Antonium, the capital of the Empire, rises].

The great force.

The mere fact that they disbanded is enough to send out a message. It may not show on their brazen facades, but when Wolfe told me about the disbandment, I was stunned.

The Shadow Mercenaries, an AAU recognized organization.

So much to hide.

You never know where they’ll turn.

With their disbandment, the dark curtains will have a negative impact on the Arcana continent.

It means that he was worried that it might become a problem for me as well.


-“Please use us as you wish.”

I never thought my maximized relationship and friendship would shine here……! Yes, it did. I have taken command of the nine members of the Shadow Mercenaries, including the fugitive Kichi, with the exception of the fallen Nadivo of the 8th seat.

‘Though I don’t know the specifics.’

The Akshan artifact.

I suppose we can say I owe it to them. I don’t know if the Akshan artifact caused the Shadow Mercenaries to undergo some sort of psychological transformation at death’s door, or what.

‘Either way, it’s a good thing.’

The Shadow Mercenaries.

The mere news of their disbandment.

The wicked of Arcana are depressed and security is rising.

Their strength, I was familiar with it.

I can still remember the assessment of the Senior of Magic Tower who had been with the Shadow Mercenaries.

-“They are beyond simple evaluation.”

-” ……They were definitely hiding something.”

-“They weren’t giving it their all.”

As it is a high Magic Tower.

The pride of the Senior Mages of the Magic Tower is also high.

The seniors had a collective high opinion of the Shadow Mercenaries.

‘Such great people obey my words obediently.’

In the old days.

I might have jumped for joy.

In a time of scarcity, a reliable ally was always welcome.

But not anymore.

Now that I have so many forces at my beck and call.

The threat of the High Ranking Demon Kings has begun.

The burden I carry has grown heavy.

I must exercise my best judgment while remaining cautious.


Claudi Lord.

“As you wish, Commander-in-Chief.”

Returning to the mansion, I summoned the entire Shadow Mercenary Corps, and then gripped the weight. It’s teatime, but there are no teacups. Now is not the time to lighten the mood with a fluffy green tea bag, is it, Grandfell?

‘Let’s be patient this time.’

As if in response to my words.

Grandfell’s lips dropped.

His voice was solemn and serious.

“I have decided your use.”

Wolfe replied.

“Whatever it is, I will accept it.”

Yes, in his own words?

Whatever it is.

Obviously, everyone nodded in agreement, right?

At that point, I spoke up.

“You are, as of this time.”


“You will be transferred to my direct command.”

“……Direct command?”

It seems reasonable to say that it is a direct subordinate.

In reality, that is not the case.

Yes, it is the infamous ‘name’.

Everyone in the world knows their pitiful situation.

Of course you won’t be happy about it.

‘It’s practically a disposition.’

But even if they didn’t like it now, they’d never change their minds.

The Shadow Mercenaries, that is.

They deserve the name.

Let’s see.

‘I don’t think I’ve ever told anyone that before.’


Well, now that we’re in the same boat, I guess I have nothing to hide.

I swallowed hard and continued.

He spat out that ‘name’.

“The Last.”

“……The last?”

“The only one.”

“……The only?”

“Therefore, ‘Akshan’, I, the One, decided to do so.”



Commander in Chief Lee Hoyeol.

He was a demon hunter in Akshan.

They had vaguely suspected it since they saw the Akshan wolf.

3rd Seat Henderson stroked his beard.

“The only thing that can save someone possessed by the demon is…….Because I heard that there are only demon hunters. Well, I’ve never actually seen them, but that’s what the rumors say.”


Before the demonic flooding of the Arcana continent began in earnest.

Akshan was destroyed.

There had been rumors about it, too.

Wolfe shrugged.

“When an incident occurs on the Arcana Continent, we are the first people they look for. I think there were similar rumors going around back then. I’m sure there were similar rumors back then. I’d have to look at the ledgers to find out exactly, but as far as I know, the Shadow Mercenaries had nothing to do with the end of Akshan.”

Rockid sneered.

“Hmm. The Shadow Mercenaries must have gotten their share of Akshan-related assignments, right? The underworld big force? Even Nadivo, who has fallen down, will laugh.”

“Nadivo has never laughed at your jokes.”

“Shut up, kid.”

Rockid grinds his teeth at DeSheve for a moment.

Then he turned away.

He saw Kichi sneaking up behind him.


Rockid scratched his head and spat out a muttering to himself.

“Damn, the person who was the former leader was so depressed for some reason, and the current one, the asshole, disbanded the Shadow Mercenaries…….”

It was a lament.

“He’s got us on special lease from the Commander in Chief……. No, he sold us to Akshan. Damn it, At this point, when you spoke of Akshan insignificantly earlier, you ended up spitting in my face, didn’t you?”


“Hey, you’re laughing. Old man?”

“Demons are here, and you’re a demon hunter. Kuku.”

“What? I’m a demon?!”

Wolfe looked at the noisy group.

‘I guess I’m going to have to get used to this.’

It had only been a day.

From Shadow Mercenaries to Akshan.

Their allegiances had been reversed.

Wolfe’s gaze shifted to Kichi.

‘Perhaps she’s thinking about it, Commander.’

Kichi’s reticence was understandable.

She’s more conflicted than anyone else.

We, the Shadow Mercenaries.

Should we carry on Akshan’s name.

Wolfe’s mouth fell open.


“What’s wrong all of a sudden?”

The 5th seat, Herchiora asked back.

Wolfe spoke again.

“That’s fine too.”

Herchiora clicked her tongue and sneered.

“Anyway, you’ve all lost your taste.”


“You have a point.”

He was definitely out of his mind.

In fact, I felt a strange sense of discomfort coming from the Berserk Society’s lair.

I don’t know what made me feel that way, but…….

‘You said it was an Akshan artifact.’

The weapon that would kill Claudi.

The moment he touched the beam of light that poured out of the Seven’s silver magic tool.

Wolfe saw a strange afterimage.

Kichi is left alone.

An image of her staring back at him with a vacant gaze.

It was fleeting, but terrifying.

Kichi had a chilling look on her face that Wolfe hadn’t seen even during the commission.

Even thinking about it again sent a chill down my spine.

Perhaps it was the horrific memory of witnessing it.

‘For now, I’m just grateful.’

Wolfe didn’t mind the current scenery.

Of course, he wondered if he was worthy to be in Akshan.

Wolfe had his own doubts.


I don’t know much about the Akshan.

They never played a major role in the Arcana continent.

They were forgotten.

‘Born at the wrong time, perhaps.’

But one thing is certain.

Commander in Chief, you are the last survivor of such an Akshan.

Perhaps there is a hidden truth about the Akshan that the continent does not know, and so our burden as Akshan is truly heavy.

‘We must restore the honor of Akshan.’

I’m afraid I’ve tarnished rather than restored its honor.

I’ll have to be more careful with my words from now on.

The worst villain in the Arcana continent.

Wolfe laughed bitterly.

“Where will that habit go?”

But Wolfe was mindful.


Even if you can’t believe it yourself.

-“It’s suitable for you.”

Because the Commander-in-Chief said so.

They could only trust and follow the man who trusted them.

Wolfe opened his mouth.

“Then let us begin.”

Our first mission as Akshan right now.


[Class Quest: Rebuilding Akshan].

The vanished Akshan have been resurrected as legends of the new age.

But what the Arcana continent needs are living legends, not tales. The last of the Demon Hunters. Join the legends of the past to rebuild Akshan for a new age.

-Hunt demons. (repeat)

The class quest was quiet.

No new objectives came to mind.

Maybe it means not acknowledging it.

‘My choice.’

But who is our Grandfell?

“It is not just a single letter that leads.”

He’s the snarky Akshan, the Last Demon Hunter, who sees levels and stats as numbers and quest messages as words.

“It is my judgment alone.”


I, Lee Hoyeol.

Arcana continent.

The Shadow Mercenaries, a criminal organization of the worst kind.

They were sentenced to ‘Akshan punishment’!

What would our Akshan seniors say?

You must think that Akshan is doing well.

When I triggered [Akshan’s Upkeep].

Could it be that I’m hearing something from my seniors in hell?

I am deeply concerned.

But I spoke with confidence.

“If you have any objections, feel free to raise them.”

They can come when they come.

There was a reason for my and Grandfell’s judgment.

We were both feeling our limits.

‘He is as clever as he is the Ten Thrones.’

The Ten Thrones inscribed their influence in randomly generated rifts.

Through Evil Eye, they were injecting negative emotions into reality.

Though Grandfell would never admit it…….

‘Honestly, it’s not enough.’

I’m telling you this many times, but I don’t have multiple bodies.

Reality and the Arcana continent. I’m the one who will travel to and from the Demon World. At this rate, I’m sure something will happen somewhere while I’m gone.

‘Of course, everyone is working hard.’

The Holy War Alliance was growing steadily.

Whether their pride was contagious or they truly realized it.

They were doing their best to build up their forces.

But it wasn’t enough.

My and Grandfell’s goal was not merely to counter the demons.

It was to terrorize and hunt demons.

So I took a new step toward that goal.


Just the sound of that name echoing across the Arcana continent.

The demons would tremble in fear.

Rising World Message.

[The demonic natural enemy has returned to the Arcana continent].


Claudi Mansion.

Shining in a private room.

The Seven Akshan Artifacts.

[Seven Artifacts allow Akshan to return].

In that sense, the Shadow Mercenaries were a perfect fit for Akshan. Why did I say ‘Akshan senior’? I’m already sick of thinking about it.

Akshan, a day in the life of a demon hunter!

By now, the Shadow Mercenaries are in the midst of their physical training.

Push-ups, running.

I’m sure they’re breaking a few sweats.

‘Above all.’

Fulfill your orders by any means necessary.

Hunt demons by any means necessary.

The similarities are obvious, aren’t they?

Demons are sensitive to news from the Arcana continent.

The infamous Shadow Mercenaries did not degenerate into demons.

Rather, they have been reborn as Akshan?

That alone should send shivers down the demons’ spines.

So I stood before the artifact and declared.

“It will be different than before.”

Even when Akshan was a joke.

The demons feared Akshan.

Then the name of Akshan.

What if Akshan’s fame grew even greater.

What if Akshan’s accomplishments were ever truly appreciated…….

“Just as everything falls into place.”

My gaze sank coldly.

“The inferiors will be sent to hell on their own terms.”

Of course, we need to settle things first.

Yes, there is still something left between us.

I checked the flashing message from earlier.

[Friendship with the Shadow God has reached its lowest point.]

A message from an employer who is very angry because his employee was taken away.

But I’m just as angry as you are.

I haven’t forgotten.

“There is give and take in everything.”

On Grandfell’s sister’s debt.

“Come anytime. The sea you’ve always wanted.”

…… Well, that’s what I said.




[A Hidden Piece, “Corridor of Shadows,” appears on the Arcana continent].

Anyway, isn’t this too fast?!