◈ Episode 445. I will return when the time is right (2)


Did you yawn or something?

Anyway, don’t try to dismiss it with tears, Kichi.

‘I’d give up a hundred times for you.’

Not from our Grandfell, who has neither blood nor tears.

He is not swayed by the tears of any man, woman, or child.

I traced the magic tracks of Kichi and Rockid.

‘Since the recapture of Frost.’

Still, I’ve been in the same boat with the Shadow Mercenaries for quite some time now, haven’t I? Tracking their magic traces shouldn’t be too difficult for me, with my vastly different power applications.

I can’t be late.

No portal.

I jumped across the dimension in a single bound.


This was unexpected.

I didn’t expect the entire Shadow Mercenaries to be here.

“Greetings, Commander.”

A man greeted me politely.

It was Wolfe, the current leader.

It looks like Kichi, who escaped, has rejoined the Shadow Mercenaries.

Does that mean Wolfe will be the vice leader again?

Well, I didn’t know the details.

I opened my mouth nonchalantly.

“You look like you have a lot to talk about.”

The words flowed naturally, in Grandfell style.

‘Who is going to say that?’

I looked at the bodies scattered about.

Players mixed in with the Arcanians.

Only the Shadow Mercenaries were alive in this space.

‘There must be a story behind this.’

What event could possibly connect the players and the Arcanians at this point?

There was only one.

A [Rebellion] world quest that broke out from forces that refluxed from a bad omen.

Anomaly’s quest that he did not neglect even though he was busy.

It was thanks to him.

A few community posts come to mind.

-So what do we do now????

-We can’t just sit around like this and get left behind.

-No, we’re supposed to be rotting away crazy buffs?!

-Peace~~~Life~~~Just hit and run in the holy war alliance~~~~

-ㄹㅇ There’s nothing around Antonium;;; it’s just a bunch of bullshit

doing world quests to find a way to make a living?

It’s not like I don’t understand the choice.

As a player myself, I could understand it.

I supported the Empire because I wanted to live, after all.

Not that it would look good for the Empire, of course…….

‘The Empire needs to be normalized so that my burden is lighter.’

Or simply to avoid overwork.

But this is a different story.

Wolfe opens his mouth, his voice thick with emotion.

“I faced a demon in battle.”

Yes, he did.

I don’t know if it was possessing the player or the Arcanians, but there was a clear demonic energy in this place.

Wolfe spoke heavily.

“We didn’t always set out to hunt demons. We, the Shadow Mercenaries, moved in simply to destroy the Shadow Mercenaries’ nemesis, the Berserk Society.”

This meant that the Shadow Mercenaries had attacked the Berserk Society, the Berserk Society had players who had joined them, and an unexpected demon had intervened in the middle.

My response, then, is simple.

“I will believe what you say.”

They didn’t join the Berserk Society for a world quest.

Whether you join them or not is your choice.

I’m sure Grandfell’s feelings are no different than mine.

With demons involved, Grandfell could no longer be so forgiving.

But the question remained.

‘If the Great Shadow Mercenaries can call themselves enemies.’

The Berserk Society would be no ordinary organization.

Add to that the players.

As if that weren’t enough, there were demonic monsters involved.

No matter how strong the Shadow Mercenaries are.

‘It can’t have been easy……?’

It would have been especially chaotic with demonic monsters in the mix.

Why, think of the despicability of demons.

They’d say all sorts of bullshit to trigger negative emotions.

Especially against a fellow player like me.

‘It’s Grandfell who’s being generous, not me.’

However, when all variables are taken into account.

The Shadow Mercenaries were alive and well, but too well.

He had something to say about that.

Wolfe stepped toward me.

Then he held out his hand.

I stiffened.

……No, wait.

Why is this here?!

Rockid interrupted.

“Those Berserk Society rats ran off with it from our holy grounds. Me and Kichi chased their asses all the way here, and we found it.”

Starting with Wolfe, the group extends their hands.

One, two, three…….

All seven.

It was an artifact of Akshan.

‘So the Berserk Society stole it.’

The silhouettes of Kichi and Rockid were recreated by the magic particles. Even if they didn’t know it was an artifact of Akshan, they must have gone after the Berserk Society for taking something from their land.

Let’s see.


So the artifact is mine now.

No, I have to prove it’s Akshan’s…….

Well, how am I supposed to say this?

I have to retrieve an artifact while professing innocence.

What a contradiction.

‘This is why people shouldn’t be too honest.’


You’re holding me back, Grandfell.

I swallowed my lament.

“I leave it to you.”

Wolfe handed me the seven Akshan artifacts.

He hands them all to me.

What are these……?

No, there’s no way this iron-skinned man can show emotion.

How do you know you’re handing me artifacts, all of you?

After a pause, Rockid spoke up.

“The Berserk Society assholes said it was the weapon to kill Claudi.”

The weapon to kill Claudi. Well, if the Shadow Mercenaries didn’t know it, the Berserk Society certainly knew the value of the Akshan artifact. Even the story behind it.

‘I can’t wait to see it’

They must have gotten the information from the demonic monsters.

To know the story.

It meant that the demon here was no ordinary one.

I asked.

“Do you remember the demon’s form?”

“Of course I remember!”

Alkari, Seat 7 of the Shadow Mercenaries, replied. He and I had a history of sharing our knowledge of elixirs. Alkari gestured with his wrinkled hands as he spoke.

“It was a tentacle, twisted like a mandragora root!”

Tentacles……. A byproduct of primordial evil.

‘No mistake about the time period.’

Before the Cataclysm.

I know the story before the overflow of demons in the Demon World.

There are only pure-blooded demons from the Arcana continent.

That makes me even more curious.

“Primordial Evil Byproduct, that’s not normal.

The Shadow Mercenaries seemed to have something to say about that.

As if they couldn’t contain their curiosity.

Rockid asked in frustration.

“No, it’s not that I can’t resist curiosity, but……. Let me ask you a question. Lee Hoyeol……. No, Commander. What the hell are you using that for, do you know?”

What’s it for?

It’s an Akshan artifact.

In Dexio’s words.

‘Each is a magic tool against the Seven Deadly Sins.’

Of course, they could have been used as a substitute for the sacrifices of the Exorcism Ritual, but their original purpose was as I said. As usual, this guy can’t hide anything.

I’m trying to answer your question honestly…….

Rockid stretched out his thick fingers.

He pointed at the Akshan artifacts.

“A tremendous amount of light poured out of those paltry things. The Berserk Society assholes hid it in their arms, and then threw it out, screaming, snorting tears, and it wasn’t a joke!”


“No, really, what is it, I can’t stand it!”

An over-excited Rockid.

Instead of Rockid, whose motivation is faster than his words.

Wolfe continued.

“In the end, thanks to the seven magic tools, our Shadow Mercenaries were spared, though we did lose 8th seat, Nadivo, on the way into the Berserk Society’s lair…….”

Alkari interjected.

“We did indeed escape annihilation.”

A brilliant light poured forth from Akshan’s artifact, scorching those possessed by the primordial evil byproduct. The Shadow Mercenaries were able to defeat the Berserk Society without a scratch.

‘The Akshan artifact lives up to its name.’

An artifact designed to counter the Seven Deadly Sins when they were stronger than they are now.

Similarly, the pure-blooded demons of the Arcana continent.

It seems to be quite effective against Primordial Evil.


Just like a cat can’t pass by a fish.

My gaze was drawn to the [Tears of Humility].

Rockid scratched his head and muttered.

“Now, why was that awesome thing called something that could kill Claudi? I’ve been racking my brain and can’t come up with an answer. Was it just that the Berserk Society assholes were assholes?”

…… Hmmm.

There’s a snout.

There was a story that couldn’t be avoided..

‘It’s hard enough to be rejected by an artifact, but this.’

As I pondered, a quest window flashed in front of me.

It was a class quest.

[Class Quest: Akshan Civil War]

A fugitive from the Akshan base.

They have gone into hiding in the Canyon of the Forgotten, one of the most dangerous places on the Arcana continent. Enter the Canyon of the Forgotten and retrieve the artifacts of Akshan from the fugitives of Akshan.

-Enter the Canyon of the Forgotten. (Success)

-Retrieve the Artifact of Akshan. (Success)


Not rejected!

Perhaps it’s the artifacts and reflection in the Understanding Darkness.

If not, it was because I learned the details.

I don’t know exactly why.

‘Does it matter, now?!’

The Shadow Mercenaries.

It was the effect of the Akshan artifact that stunned even those who had seen the Arcana continent’s rare magic tools while fulfilling all sorts of commissions. It meant that the Akshan artifact that possessed such tremendous power had fallen into my hands.

‘Dexio, you were right after all.’

‘It all comes back when the time comes, like this.’

Before I could check the artifact’s effects, I manifested a portal.

I returned to the Claudi Territory with the Shadow Mercenaries.

If you ask me why I chose to leave Antonium and return to the mansion.

“Discipline is important.”

After all, the Shadow Mercenaries were hunted down for breaking the laws of the Empire. But in the Claudi Territory, my word is above the laws of the Empire, above the Emperor’s orders.

“We’ll talk more about this later.”

At my words, the entire Shadow Mercenaries bowed their heads.

One by one, the Shadow Mercenaries slipped away.

I leaned back to examine the artifact’s effects.


The last remaining Kichi called out to me. I’ve retrieved the Akshan artifact. I had fulfilled my class quest objective. I was happy to skip the chase today.

‘I see you’ve realized that it’s better to be hit first, Kichi.’

In that case, I have no reason to refuse.

The Seven Akshan Artifact.

Before we see its effects, let’s dispose of Kichi for failing to fulfill her promise.

Still, I found the artifact.

‘I’m not nagging you.’

As I was negotiating with Grandfell, Kichi held out something to me.

“I’m afraid I’m late…….”

The jewelry box.

Grandfell doesn’t take bribes.

But judging by Kichi’s expression and voice.

It didn’t seem like a normal bribe.

Should I pry it open and see?

If it’s a real bribe, I can refuse it then…….


But after opening the jewelry box, I couldn’t say anything.

Yes, I, Lee Hoyeol.

I was speechless when I saw the hair in the jewelry box.


No, Grandfell’s gaze is on the hair in the jewelry box.

The silvery hair is engraved in his vision.

I wonder how much time has passed.

Not me, but Grandfell’s lips moved.

“In time, everything will fall into place.”

Yes, indeed.


You were right.

“I had no doubt you would return, sister.”




[Your friendship with the Shadow Mercenaries has reached its maximum].