Chapter 442 – Hypocrite (4)

◈ Episode 442. Hypocrite (4)

Demon blood, Claudi.

I think back to those words.

I don’t really deserve to be called that.

‘Why, because of him.’

Seven Deadly Sins Pride.

Claudi’s betrayer, who executed Claudi’s destruction out of spite for Grandfell, who had become a vassal. Perhaps it’s not surprising that the tragedy reached the ears of Akshan, the Demon Hunter.

‘In fact, at the time.’

Claudi’s name hasn’t been completely forgotten in the Arcana continent, however, it is a strange thing. Even if that were the case, isn’t this a guilt-by-association system?

‘……That’s a bit unfair, isn’t it?’

I didn’t blame Grandfell for his temper.

It’s the demon’s blood.

Even me, Lee Hoyeol.

I wouldn’t stand idly by if the Lee family was insulted like that.

Perhaps because of that, the atmosphere became even more heated.


A demon hunter with open hostility towards me. The Akshan Demon Hunters surrounding the two of us in silence. It was a familiar face that broke the silence.

“What’s going on.”


A former Demon Hunter.

Before I explain.

I should point out that there are no official ranks in Akshan.

All Demon Hunters in Akshan were horizontally related. It made sense at the time.

In reality, Demon Hunters were peers into the abyss, so to speak, who never knew when they might be possessed by a demon. Hierarchy in such a group?

Any demon can take advantage.

It would have turned Akshan into a cauldron of chaos.

Of course, Akshan is not an ungrateful group.

‘Still, there is the concept of senior/junior, teacher/disciple.’

In that sense, Dexio was the Akshan’s teacher.

From his white beard, which hinted at his age, to the scars on his face and body, which spoke volumes about the countless demons he had dealt with.

‘……Well, I haven’t really learned much.’

Think of the skills I picked up when I became a demon hunter. [Natural Enemy] and [Exorcism Ritual]. Compared to the other class, it was pretty shabby, wasn’t it?

Maybe that’s why.

I was glaring at the man even as Dexio appeared.

But he was different.

He had a similar story to tell Dexio.

“You know that, don’t you, Dexio.”

“Is that what you’re saying again?”

“Claudi is definitely the Demon……!”

Dexio interrupted the man.

“Yuukla, it is time for you to look within yourself”


That was the man’s name.

Yuukla’s eyes widened at Dexio’s words.

“……What does that mean, Dexio?”

“I’m guessing that this demon hunt has been exhausting.”

“No, it hasn’t been the least bit arduous for me.”

“Aha, you’ve been on a demon hunt outside of Akshan, and by the looks of it, you’ve heard stories about the Claudi.

I recall the iron law of Akshan.

A demon hunter should not be surprised if he is tainted with malice whenever he looks into a demon. When I looked closely at the iron law, I realized that Yuukla’s eyes were actually quite devastated.

Yukla looked away from Dexio’s steady gaze.

“Dexio, don’t look at me like that.”

“I’m not accusing you. Don’t be agitated, Yuukla.”

“……I’m not wrong!”


In the end, he drew his silver sword toward me. I was not intimidated. I’m not a demon, and there’s no reason to be intimidated by a demon hunter’s silver sword.

I know better than most that a screw is missing.

Besides, Yuukla’s hands were trembling slightly. Eventually, the ruckus died down. Dexio, respected even by the demon hunters of the world, declared.

“Prepare for Yuukla’s exorcism.”


The Exorcism.

A skill for hunting demons possessing humans.

Needless to say, it doesn’t work on normal humans.

I checked the system window.

‘Natural Enemy not triggered.’

That means Yuukla is not a demon.

Even if he spoke those words under demonic influence.

That means he’s not possessed by a demon.

Dexio seemed to understand.

“No offense, Yuukla. You know that.”


“Because this is no different from our return ritual.”

The Akshan, disciplined and wary of malice.

‘I don’t know.’

Apparently, demon hunters returning from a demon hunt are required to undergo a ritual of exorcism. Even Yuukla, who had been openly hostile, had calmed down.

Dexio opened his mouth.

“Then, I’ll have someone to perform the ritual with me.”

Demon hunters raised their hands everywhere.

One by one…….

Dexio counts them off, then speaks.

“Alas, we are one short.”

Indeed, Demon Hunters.

They’re prepared.

I guess it’s a joint operation to respond to any unexpected situation.

I’m admiring that…….


My hand moves of its own accord.

Dexio looks at me.

“Very good, Grandfell.”

Understanding Darkness.

So in Grandfell’s past, I was the one watching. I don’t bemoan the fact that it’s his past, not mine, so I don’t bemoan the situation.

And I wanted to see it for myself.


I wondered if Yuukla said something like that.




Akshan Citadel.

Entering that nature is…….

Let’s see, even including the time when Arcana was just a game, it only happened once. Yes, except for the day I changed jobs to a demon hunter, it was my first time setting foot in the main castle.

‘I see.’

My aesthetic sense is not bright.

There was no better word to describe the interior of Akshan’s home.

Was it a reflection of the fact that the exterior is gorgeous, but the interior is empty?

‘What’s so empty?’


It’s not surprising, given their demon hunter nature. Whether they enjoy drinking and dancing or living in luxury, all of the Demon Hunters have come to Akshan because of their bad blood with demons.

That means everyone has a story.

‘Well, maybe not as much as Grandfell.’

Even on their days off, all they do is train their bodies.

No wonder it doesn’t feel like a life.

But even so, there were places that caught my eye.

[Hidden Piece: Akshan’s Report]

……Oh my.

The citadel’s basement, where the exorcism ritual takes place.

I rolled my eyes and saw the iron gate closed.

Suddenly, a class quest comes to mind.

[Class Quest: Akshan Civil War]

Fugitives from the Akshan base.

They’ve gone into hiding in the Canyon of the Forgotten, one of the most dangerous places on the Arcana continent. Enter the Canyon of the Forgotten and retrieve the Akshan artifacts stolen by the fugitives from Akshan.

-Enter the Canyon of the Forgotten. (Success)

-Retrieve the Artifact of Akshan (Ongoing)

The most likely place to find the artifact.

Akshan’s treasure trove, just beyond the Iron Gate.

Aside from the quest, I’m purely curious.

‘An artifact of Akshan…….’

As the last survivor of Akkshan, I’d like to take a look around. I wonder if I’ll get a chance, I think. Dexio, who was ahead of me, yanked open the iron gate.

“Everyone grab your artifacts.”


‘Artifacts are required for the Exorcism Ritual.’

Of course, the ritual required a sacrifice.

Why, sealed demonic items.

But one must always consider the context of the times.

‘The Demon World hasn’t opened yet.’

Unlike after the Cataclysm, demonic items are scarce. As a result, Akshan’s artifact, a substitute for a demonic item, was used in the ritual.

This is interesting.

‘Demonic items, depending on their level.’

The ‘medicine taste’ of the exorcism ritual has also changed.

I used to sacrifice demonic loot dropped by demons to hunt demons.

Back then, I was so desperate that every stat and buff was precious.

I wondered if the artifact would increase the effectiveness of the ritual, and by extension, the combat power of the demon hunter. I approached Dexio with high hopes.


Dexio handed me the artifact as he had done with the other Demon Hunters. Let’s see, other demon hunters have unusual-looking daggers, silver arrowheads, pendants…….

But, why, did I……?

‘A goblet of nothing?’

By all appearances, Akshan’s goblet was not a holy grail. It was simply a goblet made of silver. The only thing unusual about it was that it was engraved with the Akshan wolf symbol on the outside.

‘What is this. It’s not a weapon. Not even armor.’

I don’t know about anyone else, but I’ve learned not to get my hopes up when it comes to Akshan……! But regardless of my discouragement, Grandfell didn’t seem the least bit disappointed.

‘You’re actually enjoying it.’


I mean, if you can pour green tea, it’s all good, right?

In the end, I meekly accepted the goblet from Dexio.

Then a flickering vision.

[Akshan’s Artifact – Tears of Humility 1/7].

[Rank: Epic]

[Restriction : Lv.0]

[Effect : Replaces the Sacrifice of the Exorcism Ritual and increases its power].

[Description : The Seven Deadly Sins, the original sins of the Arcana continent that originated from the primordial evil. This artifact was created by Akshan to hunt down the Seven Deadly Sins. It contains the dexterity of those who are not of the same order.]

The existence of the Demon World since before the Cataclysm.

Although Akshan knew of the dangers of demons, his main enemies were the Great Evils of the Arcana continent, the Seven Deadly Sins.

‘Certainly when it comes to demons.’

Not a screw missing, and all professional.

Why, it’s the ultimate weapon of war on the Arcana continent.

Just look at the Quernberg Machine Tower.

‘Rather, the dexterity of those who are not of the same order.’

If a system that doesn’t lie can say that, it must mean dwarves, right? I don’t think Wallswale made it, given how humble it is…….

I was having an unrelated thought.


Dexio gathered up his artifact and took his seat.

‘Around here.’

I’m a good judge of character. The seven Demon Hunters, including myself and Dexio, were lined up around Yuukla, who knelt in the center.

“We shall begin the Exorcism Ritual for proof.”


Dexio shook the artifact in his hand, a bell, and the ritual began. It was a mandatory process for demon hunters returning from a demon hunt.


Even the ill-tempered Yuukla couldn’t resist the discipline.

Forgetting about my nerves, he concentrated on the ritual.

My eyes focused on the current scenery.

‘Who knows?’

I might be the one to rebuild Akshan in the future, and it’s worth remembering any discipline that makes sense to preserve, pass on, and honor.

‘Of course, recovering the artifacts would be a start.’

In that sense, it was a question.

Akshan’s artifacts had been well protected.

For all seven relics to be lost.

There must have been a major incident involving demons.

I racked my brain.

[Failed to activate the unique skill, ‘Exorcism Ritual’].


A strange message flashed before my eyes. Exorcism Ritual failed. Both the sacrifice and the target were met. I didn’t have to scramble to find a reason.

Starting with Dexio.



Because all eyes were on me.

I suddenly felt it.

A sense of discomfort.

The reason why Akshan’s artifact, which cannot be easily taken out, were lost all at once.

Why Grandfell had become involved in the Akshan Civil War.

And finally.


The reason why I felt the weight of an empty glass.

I look down at my glass.

It was filled to the brim with inky black water.

Dexio’s voice has subsided.

“Who are you.”

Well, this is what I get for being so diligent about hunting demons……!

Damn it.

This is how things get twisted?

If you hunt a demon, you must return to Akshan and undergo an exorcism to prove your innocence. I didn’t know about such rules. I gave up Arcana Continent Biography before learning that. I hunted demons, the Seven Deadly Sins, and Demon Kings without knowing……!

‘I can explain it to you in detail.’

But Grandfell’s snout was not one for meekly expressing his frustration.

I hissed.

“Just as you see.”

In a nonchalant Grandfell style.

“I am Grandfell ‘Claudi’ Arpheus Romeo.”

……Anyway, this guy’s snout is the problem!





[The Akshan Civil War begins.]