Chapter 440 – Hypocrite (2)

◈ Episode 440. Hypocrite (2)

If it’s a bad blood, it’s a bad blood.

That’s not a compliment.

Grandfell’s mind is a field of flowers. Because of this, he doesn’t easily let down his expectations of humans, but humans who deserve to be called bad blood? It means they’re no better than the devil.

The Social Hall of Space and Time.

I am a human who is no different from the demon in this place.

I came face to face with Liu Zunqun.

Or, to be more precise, Liu Zunqun’s head on the floor.

Needless to say, I wasn’t surprised.

The news of Liu Zunqun’s death was on the agenda.

I’d heard about it from Long Shenglac.

‘It’s as he said.’

Former member of the Heavenly Unity.

Long Shenglac was vigilant to the end.

He decided that if it was the Liu Zunqun he knew, he might use some dirty methods and struggle even to the point of death. He said he had even completed the cruel clean-up process.

Long Shenglac’s voice was still clear in his ears.

-“Because that’s all I learned from him.”

You said you buried Liu Zunqin’s head deep in the ground…….

I stared at the mound of dirt on the floor of the social hall.

‘Someone pulled Liu Zunqun’s head out of the dirt.’


First of all, it’s not an ordinary person.

This is the [Space-Time Social Hall].

It’s definitely a transcendent.

Being a transcendental person, it’s already tough.

The vast Arcana continent.

A Magic Tower that is officially considered the top military organization in the Arcana continent. Throughout history, only a handful of people have been able to form a circle and become Transcendents.

Let alone senior mages.

‘Not even Marcelo is a Transcendent.’

The Hated Cat…….

‘No, I’m afraid I’m going to have to call him a cone hat.’

Because even the previous Tower Master could not form a complete circle.

So I had to get serious.

‘What kind of guy is this?’

‘What kind of plan did you have for committing such an anomaly?’

My lip drops.

“I knew it.”

……Don’t act like you guessed it, Grandfell.

“There’s a reason my feet were heavy.”

You just didn’t want to enter the social hall……!

Now he’s just a corpse.

I’m familiar with the atrocities Liu Zunqun has committed.

How could I say such a fine thing?

“If you’re talking about a social gathering place, the place you should be is hell.”

I don’t care what you say.

I’m not surprised to hear more harsh words than that.

But my verbal assault stopped there.

‘It’s not Liu Zunqun that matters.’

Some transcendent for some reason.

Liu Zunqun’s head was buried in the ground.

It’s just a matter of pulling it out of the ground.

I raised my magic power.

A flashing message.

[Acts of force are prohibited in this place].

I know.

The message brought back memories.

My first face-to-face with Sword Saint, Shegwin.

‘I trusted that message, and I was fearless.’

I’ve said it before, you never know with people.

Oh my God.

Who would have thought that I would become a senior/junior relationship with Shegwin?

I never thought I would become a senior Demon Hunter.


As usual, that’s not the point.

I interfere with magical power.

I began to search through my memories of the Social Hall. I’m a little embarrassed to admit it’s a bit of an autobiography, but……. A manifestation of magic made possible by the ascension of the Ten Thrones and the awakening of a power that surpasses even the power of Twilight.


Magical particles of different ‘levels’ are scattered in the air.

Soon, the magic particles transformed into human forms.

They begin to move around, as if reenacting the situation at the social hall.

‘I can’t recognize their faces because they’re just shapes.’

Even though I couldn’t hear the voice, I could guess the situation just from the theater of the magic particles.

So, this is what happened?

The nameless transcendent’s two hands went to Liu Zunqun’s detached head. They caress the crown of his head. Then, once again, the hand of the Transcendent goes towards his head.

The meaning of his actions was immediately clear.


He had stolen Liu Zunqun’s crown.

“You covet the throne so much.”

Liu Zunqun’s class, [Monarch].

Through the past related to the Four Families and the Royal Family, Seric Rose.

I’ve come to know what monarchs are like on the Arcana continent.

A Monarch is literally a vessel to rule.

Those who do not possess the qualities of a monarch cannot be called kings, no matter how powerful they may be. I don’t know if that setting was an aftereffect of the [Monarch] class setting back when Arcana was just a game, but…….

‘The fact remains that it was realized like any other setting.’

That’s right.

The Transcendent had robbed Liu Zunqun of the [Monarch] class through some tricky means. He had gained the vessel to reign as a Monarch. There was no mirror, so I couldn’t check my expression.

I was sure of it.

I’m sure I’m blatantly showing my discomfort.

That’s Grandfell, who treats wealth and fame as ‘shit’.

Even more recently.

‘He even turned down the position of Emperor of the Empire.’

And so the sarcasm continues.

“I’m curious about that foolish face.”

Contrary to his confident declaration.

I, Lee Hoyeol, could not help but feel nervous.

There wasn’t just one human figure in his mind.

‘Not including six.’

Except for the Transcendent who crowned himself.

Three on each side of him.

There were people lined up.

The Spacetime Social Hall.

They must be Transcendents too.

Behold, the Union of the Seven Transcendents.

They come forward to claim the throne.

By now…….

you should have thought of the linked world quest.

Moreover, Liu Zunqun’s crown is no ordinary crown.

Similarly, the information I learned from Long Shenglac.

Liu Zunqun had just completed his transition to [Tyrant].

‘Due to that influence, he might go on a rampage like Liu Zunqun.

The Seven Transcendents.

The great powers of the continent unite to walk the path of Tyrant.

The old me might have freaked out.


‘Well, he’s a child compared to the High Ranking Demon Kings.’

Than when I was shaking at Shegwin

He’s grown beyond comparison, and so have I.

I can show you the proof.


I took a step forward.

No transcendent except me.

I made my way across the social hall, no one in sight.

I stepped toward the stairs.

The message flashed again.

[Entering the upper level of the Spacetime Social Hall].

The number of Transcendents who could enter the upper level could be counted on one hand.

Patriarchs of the Four Families.

And only Mary, the so-called Witch of the Southern Sea.


But I ascended the stairs once more.

[Entering the top floor of the Spacetime Social Hall].

I was the only one who could reach the top floor.

And not just one or two stairs.

If you ask me why I bothered to climb to the top floor with sore legs.

By Grandfell standards, it is no different from trash. In the lower level of the social hall place where Liu Zunqun’s head rolls around. I guess it’s a strong expression of not wanting to stay there even for a moment.

“I don’t want to breathe ugly air.”

Yeah, that’s so you. Grandfell.

Anyway, I haven’t forgotten my initial goal. The reason I entered the Spacetime Social Hall was to trigger [Understanding Darkness]. Fortunately, my efforts paid off.

[Enters Curse, ‘Understanding Darkness’].

My vision slowly darkens.


I flicked a [Spacetime Gold Coin] into the air.

A glass of water instantly appeared on the table.

I ordered a Life Water from the Spacetime Store.


Then, with a hand that was bound to be familiar, I tore the wrapping paper.

I took out a tea bag from the wrapper and dipped it into the glass.

I said nonchalantly.

“I’ll be back before the tea gets cold.”

It’s already cold, so what are you talking about……. Let’s call it Grandfell style talk about no longer being subject to the [Understanding Darkness] penalty of parallax.

You don’t mess around, by the way, Grandfell.

‘I see you’re still brewing cold water green tea under these circumstances.’

I can’t stop you, I swear.

It takes me a moment to swallow my laughter.

A message flashed before my eyes.

It was familiar.

[Entering ‘Akshan’, the Holy Land of Demon Hunters].


Along with a vague landscape.



The cone hat says.

-It’s okay to be a little more happy.

Arcana continent.

Capital of the Empire, Antonium.

Jesse, looking around, replies.

“I’m already happy enough!”

A fluttering cone hat.

It’s like a cat wagging its tail.

The cone hat asked for more specifics.

-Yes, it’s a good thing the Empire is still intact. But I’m not talking about how it feels to be back in Antonium. You’ve outgrown me, the one who bothered you so much.

Jesse has surpassed her former master?

In some ways, yes, and in some ways, no. But Jesse understood her master’s meaning at once. Eyes on the street, checking the skill window.

[Spacetime Society: Consciousness, Entering the Spacetime Social Hall].

Now a complete [Archmage], Jesse has reached the rank of Transcendent.

-This is what I want to show those old people who say there is no better disciple than a master. I told you, you’re a child who can do anything, so take an interest in magic.

In the past, when Jesse didn’t know the difference between [skill] and 『magic』, the cone hat had been training him.

It’s a shame that Jesse’s stubbornness, which was like an ironclad fortress, was turned upside down by Chief Lee, this man……….

I’ll let it slide for the sake of my apprentice’s remarkable growth.

Of course, Mary’s education could not be overlooked. Despite all the time she spent with Jesse, the two of them never really got close, because that is also Chief Lee’s responsibility.

-Either way, I’m very proud of you.

But even Tower Master had his doubts. He had reached the threshold of transcendence in the past. Reflecting on the conditions for entering the Spacetime Social Hall.

To be recognized as a Transcendent and gain access to the Spacetime Social Hall, a majority of the Transcendents must vote in favor. I wonder why those snooty people…….

Voted in Jesse’s favor. It was unlikely that Jesse’s exploits in the Adventurer’s World had reverberated to the Arcana continent.

It would be nice if it were just a simple teacher’s old resentment.

The eerie sense of foreboding was never wrong.

Jesse’s eyes flashed.

A message had come to her.

The Spacetime Social Hall.

The players said.

Transcendent community.

A whispering system, faithfully implemented as a community feature. To translate into the language of the Arcana continent, a telepathy that only the transcendent could hear and respond to.

-“Jesse Heinness, Adventurer and Archmage. Do not be alarmed, I will understand if you cannot answer. The power of the Transcendent must still be foreign to you.”

Jesse replied.

-“Who are you?”

How could it not be?

Utilizing the whisper system is a no-brainer for players.

But the opponent groaned.

-“Oh, so even though the power of resurrection is gone, the continent’s favoritism towards adventurers is still there? I didn’t realize that as soon as you become a transcendent, you can freely use telepathy, which saves me a lot of trouble.”

……I think you’re overrated, don’t you?

Jesse kept her mouth shut.

Sometimes silence is a virtue.

Once, when she’d gone to Hoyeol’s office to resolve a question about magic. She remembered what he had told her, and as it turned out, his teachings were not inconsistent.

-“You must have intuited, Jesse Heinness, that your accomplishments are absurdly insignificant to be called a Transcendent, yet you were voted in by the majority to become one. Do you know why?”

A meaningful voice echoes in your mind.

-“Because seven of us Transcendents voted in favor.”

Seven, there was a lot of information to be gleaned from that number.

Seven is more than a majority of the Transcendents present.

At least seven transcendents are of one mind.

And to that seven…….

‘Chief Lee is not included.’

Why can we be absolutely certain?


Thorough research.

He was more loyal to principle and discipline than any other reason. It would be unthinkable for him to vote in favor of an unqualified candidate, no matter the reason.

So Jesse was wary.

Similarly, he remembered Hoyeol’s words.

There is give and take in everything.

As it turns out, he was not wrong.

-“Jesse Heinness, will you not join us?”

The Transcendent’s voice showed its true colors.

-“No, you must join us. We will establish a new order on the new Arcana continent. Not a lowly order with a lowly authority. A new order, one that is only seen through the eyes of the Transcendent.”

What did the Transcendent Order mean?

Jesse did not know.

Of course, she wasn’t about to listen.

Establish a new order?

In fact, from themselves, to the Spacetime Social Hall.

They’d broken the established order.

It was ridiculous.

If Chief Lee had been listening, he would have said something.

-“You guys are not Transcendents…….”

Surely, something like this.

-“You’re a hypocrite!”




[Creature of Eternal Life, Urs Entry Completed.]

[Archmage, Jesse Hynes Entry Completed.]

[Soon, the Duel of Spacetime will begin].