Chapter 437 – Action (1)

◈ Episode 437. Action (1)

New Achievement.

[You have acquired the achievement, “One who Witnessed the Demon World”].

The reason I didn’t mention the effect is obvious. I didn’t think I’d ever need to use it. However, one never knows in life.

[One who Witnessed the Demon World: You have witnessed the Demon World and have developed an understanding of it. You will be able to realize your ignorance and move forward. – From now on, you can use the Demon World Loot.]

Demon World Loot.

Of course, I thought I would only be able to obtain it after entering the Demon World, but of course, I was the one who acquired the item that could be called the Demon World’s Loot from the Demon World’s Lich Discus.

[The Bible of the Demon World, the True Necronomicon]

[Rank: Epic]

[Restriction : Only beings of the Demon World can read it].

[Effect : Upon understanding, you gain knowledge of the Demon World].

[Description : A book written by the Demon World’s Lich, Discus. It describes how to survive in the demon-eroded realm. It also serves as a proof of entrance to Discus’ sanctuary in the dangerous Demon Realm].

“The problem is, it’s already out of my hands.

Knowledge of the Demon World, a world apart from the Arcana Continent.

I was about to ask the Magic Tower to donate it to me for research when I realized that I couldn’t understand it even after reading it over and over again. I thought it would be more efficient than trying to figure it out on my own.

Well, I never thought I’d get a surprise like this from the Akshan seniors in Hell. Thanks to them, I’ve gotten the chance to see the true value of a demonic item that isn’t necessarily a Necronomicon.

[Fourth Throne’s Hoof]

[Rating: ???]

[Restriction: Equal to the Fourth Demon King]

I calmly appraised Gamigin’s loot.

First of all, the rating was odd.

The rating is a question mark, and that’s three.

But there was no panic.

‘Is it a Demon World concept?’

I’ve already seen it once.

[??? : Battle for the Demon King – Proof of the Ten Thrones]

The rating of the current Demon World Quest also has a ‘question mark’ on it, just in case. As I gain a better understanding of the Demon World, maybe the question mark will turn into a proper letter.

‘The wearing restrictions make sense.’

Equal to the original owner.

If another player saw that message, they’d wonder what the hell you’re talking about. But I, as the holder of the Tenth Thrones of Buer, understood the meaning of ‘status’ perfectly.

No questions asked.

Thanks to you, I’ve solved the problem of not being qualified.

So I wasted no time in picking up Gamigin’s hoof.


At that moment, the hoof began to glow.

[The vision of the Fourth Throne seeps into you].


As if being heated in a furnace.

The hoof burned intensely, and soon it was completely absorbed into my hand.

Isn’t it unpleasant to think of Grandfell’s temper?

Yes, his snout never stays still.

“This is extremely unpleasant.”


“I guess we can’t ignore their sincerity..”

Wasn’t Gamigin’s hoof a surprise from the Akshans of Hell? Yes, let’s not ignore their goodwill, Grandfell.

It’s the first time I’ve ever gotten anything from them.

And for what it’s worth.

Let’s suck it up.

The effect of the Hoof was simple and clear.

[Effect: Gain Gamigin’s Unique Skill].

That’s right, a unique skill.

I’ve hunted countless demons, acquired their loot, and used it. But does that mean that the level of loot changes when I reach the Tenth Throne?

‘That’s more dramatic than going from Epic to question mark.’

I wasted no time.

I immediately opened the skills window.

I checked my newly acquired unique skills.

[Walk of Destruction (Master): Gamigin, the Fourth Throne Demon King. His hooves contain untold power. With that power in your grasp, your every step will be history in the making].

Is it powerful enough to be engraved in history?

I couldn’t imagine its power until I tried it.

I headed straight to the top floor of the Magic Tower.

Just like the underground level of the Magic Tower, there are special rules on the top floor. This means that the top floor is the place where most magic can be performed without any problems.

‘In short, it’s a good place to practice.’

I immediately activated [Doomed Step].

A single stride can unleash destructive power.

To find out, I’d have to take a step.


I stretched out my legs with the same precision as before.

My vision shifts drastically, and a vision flashes before my eyes.

No, it was more of a memory than a vision.

[Unique Skill, ‘Walk of Destruction’ evaluates you].

Yes, it was.

The message was exactly as it said.

Gamigin’s Unique Skill was evaluating me.

Whether I was a vessel capable of receiving the vision or not.

Gamigin in the afterimage of memory.

He destroyed everything with a single step.

Except for Bael, he was not in the top three for nothing. Just as Bael destroyed the Seorn Continent, so did Gamigin burn and crush continents I did not recognize.


Such is his power.


It would now permeate my steps.

In the past, Lee Hoyeol might have been intimidated by such a bloody performance, saying that with great power comes great responsibility. However, the Lee Hoyeol of today is not in a position to choose between hot and cold food.


‘A power so powerful that it cannot be controlled?’

Who is our Grandfell?

A man of unrivaled mental strength.

I opened my mouth.

“How dare you judge anyone.”

I don’t feel elated or overwhelmed by the unique skill of Gamigin. Just the usual attitude. The same attitude as always. My stride is still steady and upright.

“Watch straight.”

I walked as if to say.

“Do my steps seem to you to be the ‘steps of destruction’?”

And with that, I took full control of Gamigin’s vision.

[You have gained the Unique Skill, ‘Walk of Destruction’].

Of course, it didn’t end there.

Just like a cat can’t pass up a fishmonger.

My naming sense dictated that I call it Walk of Destruction.

I couldn’t let such a hideous skill name stand.

I could only curse once more.

[Unique Skill, ‘Walk of Destruction’ changes].

‘……The real Lee Yerim.’

Middle school, a turbulent time.

It is a time when you are very sensitive to your surroundings.

Why do you say such useless things.

[You’ve acquired the unique skill, ‘Heavenly Demon Reign’].

Geez, you’re making me name a skill like this……!!!


Count the others.

Bael, Gamigin, Buer.

Wait, no.

“It’s not Buer anymore, it’s Lee Hoyeol Claudi.”

The Primordial Being of the Demon World.

Master of the Ten Thrones.

High Ranking Demon Kings.

All but three of the Seven High Ranking Demon Kings.

All have gathered at the meeting place, the rift.

Of course, not the main body.

Their minds, which were mere fragments compared to their bodies, were separated and manifested in the form of demons. Their bodies remained in the Demon World. Another voice rang out.

“Gamigin is nowhere in sight.”

“He’s probably fighting his way through hell.”

“His resurrection may not be far off.”

The others had witnessed Gamigin’s death at the hands of Hoyeol through their Evil Eyes, but they didn’t care. Gamigin, just like them, is probably just a dead mental body.

“Quite a fall from grace, for a man of his reputation.”

“I’m surprised he can afford it in Hell.”

“He’s a persistent one, Gamigin.”

Different people had different opinions of Gamigin depending on his rank.

High Ranking Demon King of the Seven.

No one doubted Gamigin’s resurrection. They had lived for eons, since the beginning of time. Even in Hell, they were certain that Gamigin would not be defeated.

On the contrary.

“Buer, stupid.”

The opinion of Buer was low.

It was inevitable. He had no dignity in the first place. How else would Discus the Lich, and the others have challenged him for his throne time and time again?

“I’m sorry to hear that.”

Defeated Buer.

The one who occupied the Ten Thrones.

Lee Hoyeol Claudi.

His assessment follows.

“Interesting, isn’t it? Two minds in one body. He can neither be called an Arcanian nor an adventurer.”

“Do not consider him an object of exploration.”

“Of course, he is far too dangerous to explore.”

As expected, the conclusions were the same despite their differing views. The reason the Seven High Ranking Demon Kings cooperated in the first place was to destroy him. A cold, grim voice rings out.

“This confirmed his abnormality. Lee Hoyeol Claudi. This arrogant guy has no intention of giving up either the Arcana Continent or reality.”

The sneer continues.

“Foolishness worse than Buer’s. Why rebel against the ‘true truth’? “Foolishly, I am the one closest to the true truth.”

He concluded.

“But the potential is there, once again. He ended the negative emotions we spread by his mere presence, but he went beyond that to control the emotions of others.”

Growing with negative emotions. It was no different even though it was a High Ranking Demon King.

In that sense, Ho Yan was even more threatening.

“That emotion, ‘pride’, is dangerous.”

No one disagreed with him about pride. Even Paimon of the 9th Throne, who had been wearing a relaxed smile the entire time, was silent.

“It’s a complicated emotion.”

Pride was hard to define.

But one thing was certain.

Pride was a threat to them.

In order to kill Hoyeol, who took Buer’s place.

It was the reason all the higher demons except Bael cooperated.

Didn’t Gamigin in Hell warn them?

-You will be eaten if you look away.

Don’t let your guard down.

Therefore, the High Ranking Demon Kings did not stop their efforts.

Especially now that this incident has confirmed the abnormality of Hoyeol.

“Taking down two worlds at once.”

“As I wish.”

“I will rally my forces with the Behemoth’s Maw.”

They began preparing to ruthlessly destroy that ideal.

In that sense, it was a welcome encounter.

Adventurers from the Arcana continent had entered the unstable rift.

Paimon flipped through the knowledge of reality he’d acquired from Ma’an.

“Information about the Rift must not have crossed their vision, so to enter the Rift despite the threat of the unknown? That is indeed commendable.”

The unknown was what the Primordial Beings were most wary of.

However, they were the ones who had overcome the fear of the unknown.

Someone spoke up.

“Is that what pride is?”

No one, including Paimon.

They didn’t understand pride, so they didn’t answer.

But this time, there was consensus.

Pride is something that spreads like a plague.

“So it is.”

“To be ignorant and still be able to enter the rift.”

“Indeed, its potential is threatening.”

“Perhaps we should crush it beforehand.”

“I have no objection.”

The power of the noumenal body over the mental body.

A part of it begins to take hold. It was a power transmitted from the Demon World to the unstable space of the Rift. Its efficiency was severely reduced, but it didn’t matter.

Even if it was only a tiny fraction of the main body’s power, it was more than enough to crush players and Holy War Alliance troops. But the High Ranking Demon Kings had overlooked it.

No, they were supposed to be unaware.

They were too powerful.

Too powerful to act.

They hadn’t faced it.

Akshan, their natural enemy.

Because they hadn’t faced them.

Because they didn’t know exactly what they were.

They had misjudged them.

“……Gamigin has returned.”

There was no doubt.

A momentum that shook the earth.

These are the hooves of a Gamigin.

“Has Gamigin returned sooner than expected?”

If it’s true.

It’s no wonder he came to this rift.

Gamigin’s footsteps can run through space.

But as I said, it was an illusion.

And then, it was revealed.

The one they were so wary of.


It was Hoyeol.


Gamigin’s momentum from him…….

Does this mean that Gamigin died in Hell?

It’s hard to believe, but there’s no denying it.

“Trampling is not the way to go.”

Just one step.

He just took a step.

Just as Gamigin brought the world to its destruction.

Because the Seven mental bodies of the High Ranking Demon Kings were also crushed.

In astonishment.

“Look up from the bottom.”

Hoyeol muttered.

“The actions of a Heavenly Demon that even the Ten Thrones despise.”