Chapter 435 – I knew it (2)

◈ Episode 435. I knew it (2)

Gamigin, the fourth demon of the throne.

If it’s a bad relationship, it’s a bad relationship.

Of course, from your perspective, not mine.

‘I don’t have any hard feelings.’

My level when I sent Gamigin to hell?

Regardless of high or low, there was no basis.

Because I was in a hurry to pour water into the bottomless pot.

It was embarrassing compared to now.

I couldn’t even understand what Gamigin was saying.

The gap was vast.

Sometimes I sighed with relief when I remembered that I’d sent him to hell. After all, the horse was the fourth throne, and with the exception of Bael, who is outside the standard, Gamigin was one of the top three demons.


I looked down at Evil Eye.

The green flames of hell.

Gamigin was blazing, radiating malice.

-Cry. So that he can hear your screams.

It was as I had expected.

Gamigin has set his sights on my wensu, Lee Yerim, to avenge me.

In that sense, I’m glad.

That he’s still in Hell.

‘If he’s released, I can’t handle him alone.’

The High Ranking Demon Kings have begun to make their presence felt.

As I said, we’ve only scratched the surface of their influence on reality. The city center was a horrifying sight to behold, but that’s no exaggeration.

They have the power to shape the world.

‘But not now, right?’

It was a demonic force that spread through a medium called a rift in the demon world that even they did not fully understand. Its power was bound to be meager. Furthermore, Gamigin’s influence?

I was certain of it.

‘Aren’t you normal now?’

Because I had faith.

Faith in the Akshans senior in hell……!

Of course, there is only one Akshan junior.

‘That includes Sword Saint Shegwin.’

I could tell by the reflection that my faith was not misplaced. It was. I was staring down at Gamigin’s Evil Eye with a cold, icy gaze.

-I will trample you to death.

Gamigin was oblivious to my presence.

In that sense, I was prepared for a convincing performance.

I recalled the Akshan demon hunter’s iron rule.

『Negative emotions are the source of demons.』

Thanks to the occupational disease, I could see why the High Ranking Demon Kings carried out modifications was guessed.

You want to spread negative emotions in the real world.

But spreading it is something I specialize in.


A graceful and disciplined movement.

I’m wearing the Legacy of Eunaxus, [Commander Gloves – Elder Dragon Wisdom]. After all, I never wear a pair of gloves half-heartedly. And to top it off, I see he doesn’t forget to trim his clothes…….

‘Such formality.’

Normally, I would have complained about the unnecessary formality.

But this is a special situation.

The negative emotions that enveloped reality.

With my appearance.

With my presence.

I must completely reverse it.

You may call me a High Ranking Demon King.

It is nothing to me.

It’s nothing, and you don’t have to be afraid of it.

It’s moments like these that call for a brazen attitude that goes beyond the usual.

It is at such times that this bullshit shines.

I turned to Gamigin and opened my mouth.

“There is no paradise where you run away.”

……Well, that’s very literary to begin with.

The moment I open my mouth.

A crowd comes into view.

Feiyan and Nasrow from the Magic Tower, of course. Citizens holding their phones up to me with bated breath, and players stopping their battles to look at me.

“Lee, it’s Lee Hoyeol!”

Shame welled up in me.

‘I can stand it, not once or twice, but…….’

Among them.

I saw Wensu with a twinkle in her eye.

I’m glad you’re safe.

Please, please don’t tell me some nonsense……!

‘……I’ve suffered enough on the Arcana Continent.’

[Dragon Lord Dark Dragon Lee Hoyeol] So says the legend.

I had given up on changing jobs to the hidden class, Dragon Lord. Therefore, Dragon Lord could not use the ‘Ruler Words’, but he could just say the ‘Dragon Words’ as much as he wanted.

[Effect: Eunaxus, the great Elder Dragon of Myth, declares. “My legacy shall be that Claudi will be able to understand and speak Dragon Tongue!”]

-……In the meantime.

I turned to Gamigin, who had finally noticed me.


I slowly pulled out the equipment with two gloved hands.

It was the armor of an Akshan demon hunter, the kind of armor that would make anyone cringe.

A sword in one hand.

In the other, I raised a crossbow.

And declared.

“I am your hell.”

[Triggers Skill, ‘Natural Enemy’].

The body feels light.

The effects of Natural Enemy feel even stronger than usual.

I’m sure it’s because I’ve had a rough time of it on the Arcana continent. Why, I had to deal with that nonsense called the Shadow God’s Apostle in the Valley of the Forgotten.

‘With no Natural Enemy.’


I was the one who absorbed all of his techniques thanks to that bastard. The simple, honest movements of a demon hunter would now have the precision of the Shadow Mercenaries.


Rapid fire that cannot be compared to [Simultaneous Shooting].


The silver bolts bend and twist as they extend further.

Isn’t it simple when magic is added?

On the surface, it may not seem like much.

‘But it’s different.’

I’ve seen it firsthand.

I can clearly see the difference. The silver bolts didn’t simply deflect, but instead shot relentlessly into the four corners of the opponent’s field of vision.


Gamigin’s pupils darted, chasing after the bolt.

I would have said that the Evil Eye had no fighting ability.

If that’s the case, then the only way to defend himself is to use the monsters around him as shields.

‘In that sense, it’s a pity.’

Dragon, king of all things.

At this moment, my voice is beyond Evil Eyes.

It was no different from the Dragon Cry, which contained the power of the King of All Things.

So the ending was obvious.


The silver bolt struck the back of Gamigin’s head.

Similarly, a sword strike that cut through the four corners of his vision.


‘Invisible Sword’ slaughtered him, according to my damn naming sense.


The flames of hell burning harder and harder at the same time.

I honestly think that’s pretty awesome, Gamigin.

You’re like a fourth Throne Demon King.

You’ve been to hell and back, and you’re still holding on.

In that sense, I’m glad you’re alive.

The hellfire that burns in you will be a beacon to my seniors in Hell. I don’t know where in Hell you’re hiding to pull this stunt, but it means your aberration is over.

I wonder if he realized that?

-Damn you little brat!

Through the flames, Gamigin let out a long, raspy shout.

A deafeningly loud rant for the gathered crowd.

It seemed to be the last act.


He had abandoned the majesty of the Fourth Throne.

He began to babble frivolously like a common demon.

-Do you know, I’m just getting started. You may have brought me to hell with your cunning, you may have slain Buer. Now that the Ten gathered their opinions together. Your world will not be safe!

That’s a good threat, this one.

I should have known better than to engage in unnecessary conversation. Not to be overlooked is my social life. We need to earn some points with our seniors, who are suffering in hell.

Especially considering the Akshan Civil War quest.

I opened my mouth, hoping to completely dampen Gamigin’s spirits.

In truth, I didn’t need to say much. This is Gamigin, weakened by hell. There would be a ‘gap’ between such a toothless tiger and me, the Demon King of the Tenth Thrones.

This moment.

“□□□□□ □□□□□, □□.”

Gamigin, you won’t be able to understand me.

-How can I not understant a brat like that……?

Putting on the other’s shoe

How frustrated I was at that time.

Even if you fall into hell, be curious.


The living room.

The echoing sound of the TV.

Mrs. Choi breathes a sigh of relief.

“He’s safe, and Yerim is almost home.”

The players aren’t the only ones who have experienced the early days of the Cataclysm, and perhaps even more frightening than the players themselves. Ordinary people who were unable to deal with the monsters that jumped out.

Lee Junwook opened his mouth.

“Isn’t it amazing?”

“Amazing? Who?”

“Our Hoyeol. They’re showing it on TV.”

-Lee Hoyeol, defeating the mutant Evil Eyes!

Just like the subtitle says.

Not being a player, it was impossible for them to see Hoyeol in action and recognize how amazing he was. But the TV experts raving about it gave an idea.

-“It looks like he’s taken another step forward in his development.”

-“Especially the four-slash ones. That’s instinct!”

-“This kind of combat power without the Ego Sword?!”

The next news was about their son.

-“Furthermore, the cooperation of the Arcana powers has had a significant impact on the situation, especially the senior mages of the Magic Tower, who have been traveling the world…….”

As the announcer said.

Without them, the damage would have been far worse.

Still, it didn’t ease her mind.

Choi Kanghee muttered softly.

” …… I can’t even say thank God.”

Casualty reports flowing in subtitles.

After the world responded to the collapse of the rift, including Magic Tower, no further damage was done, but it had started inside the rift in the first place. The number of players who died was being updated slowly.

Lee spoke up.

“Unless the cataclysm is completely over, there will be no peace, and in that sense, we can’t forget it forever.”

The TV was still chattering.

Hoyeol is overwhelmingly powerful.

Maybe he really had been reborn as the king of all things.

Still, his parents couldn’t relax.

Choi Kanghee nodded.

“You’re amazing, Hoyeol.”

She looked at Lee Hoyeol on the screen.

The silver hair was familiar now.

But at some moments,…….

“It’s so amazing that it feels unfamiliar.”

Lee Junwook remained silent.


His only son is unfamiliar.

It’s because Hoyeol has grown up.

He should have replied, but his lips didn’t fall.

Perhaps it was because he empathized.

Suddenly, Hoyeol’s voice came from the screen.

-“I am your hell.”

Lee Junwook forced a smile.

“……Maybe it’s because of that way of speaking?”

That’s when it happened.


The front door opened and Lee Yerim came home.

“Hey, Yerim, everything okay?”

“Everything’s fine! Mom, Dad, and I saw Hoyeol!”

“……What, what?!”

First, Yerim was slapped on the back by Mrs. Choi Kanghee.

“Ah! Why did you hit me?!”

Caught in the collapse rift.

Even if she made it home safely.

Stop being pretentious.

Even though she texted to say she was fine.

“So that’s where you met Hoyeol?”

“Yeah! We made eye contact, didn’t we?”

“I’m proud. I’m proud of it.”

“Bragging, then. I’m the only one who saw Hoyeol at work!”

A palm slaps her back again.

“Ah, Mom!”

“Anyway, I’m glad you’re safe, Yerim.”

“I’m glad, right? Yes, I’m very glad.”

Lee Joonwook, Choi Kanghee, and the couple exchanged glances.

One year apart.

You could practically call them twins.

They were close to Yerim and Hoyeol.

They were so close that they didn’t show it.

Sometimes even more than their parents.

It was the youngest daughter who worried about Hoyeol more than anyone else.

However, the youngest daughter seemed to be in good spirits for some reason.

“……You, are you sure you’re okay?”

“I’m fine, I’m fine. I’m fine after getting hit in the back, right?”

“Is Hoyeol okay too?”

The last question wasn’t about Hoyeol’s well-being.

It was asking if Yerim are okay with the way she looks at him.

To put it more directly…….

They were asking if she didn’t notice the unfamiliarity they felt toward Hoyeol.


Lee Yerim thought for a moment.

She couldn’t help but notice, as she was closer to him than anyone else. Since becoming a player, Hoyeol has definitely changed. At some point, it went beyond the feeling of unfamiliarity, to the point where it felt like he wasn’t him at all.


“It was the same, he was definitely the youngest in our family.”

Today, that feeling is gone.

People change, so Hoyeol can change too.

Maybe that’s why he grew up faster than older sister and me.

But Hoyeol was still Hoyeol.

I could feel it in his last words.

-“I’m glad you’re okay, Sis.”

Still the same love and hate (Wensu).


Marcelo, Master of the Magic Tower.

Hakuna, King of Yusra.

The AAU’s branch leaders.

I declared where everyone was gathered.

More than a rift is created.

It is not strange if the Evil EYe keeps appearing.

After today’s emergency update.

The reality is that we have to live with a huge threat every moment of every day.

‘You all had some serious looks on your faces.’

Their faces were more than serious, they were grave.

They must have sensed the end of a short-lived peace.

Of course, when I returned to my office, my expression was just as serious.

On the desk.

There was an item I didn’t recognize.

I unleashed my magic.

I traced the item back.

But I couldn’t read any memories.

What that means is simple.

This item was not brought here by someone from this world.

Nor, naturally, was it brought by someone from the Arcana Continent.

“I see.”

An Otherworlder.

Demon Hunter of Hell.

An item delivered to me by the Hell’s Akshan seniors.

I could feel it in my gut.

“I told you.”

Upon picking it up, the information that comes to mind.

[Fourth Throne’s Hoof]

[Rating: ???]

“Your hell.”


He was hunted by the seniors of Hell.

Gamigin spoils have fallen into my hands.