◈ Episode 433. Listen to the arrangements (2)

System messages don’t lie.

When something rises significantly, it means that it has achieved truly remarkable growth, and a warning message means that the player is in real danger.

In that sense.

[Master: The inherited arcane magic has progressed infinitely, reaching a point where it cannot be denied to be called Master of Magic. That’s right. Great magic is the pinnacle of magic].

Inside the cone hat.

Archmages, each flavoring an era of the Arcana Continent.

Jesse’s ability to fully manipulate the visions of his ancestors.

Inside the shaking helicopter.


It was enough to make Joshua recite again.

“Levels are just numbers……!”

Official player rankings.

At this point, Jesse Heinness’ level wasn’t far off from the top players. In fact, she had recently fallen out of the top 10.

‘While other players were tackling the Arcana Continent and the Zero Mountains.’

For some reason, she hadn’t been seen much, which had led to rumors of her death.

It was rumored that Tower Master’s death had had a profound effect on Jesse’s psyche. …….

It’s also why Joshua was surprised by Jesse’s appearance.

“From the beginning to now. You always exceed my expectations, Miss Jesse.”

It was a surprise from the first meeting.

Back when Arcana was just a game.

Jesse seemed to lack the passion to say that he had achieved the hidden class of Archmage.

After the cataclysm, after taking office as the head of the AAU Western United States branch, I resented that kind of presentation.

She had so much potential, and wasted it. If only the hidden class of Archmage had gone to Lox or Dmitry instead…….

I’d have let my imagination run wild.

“I’ll apologize formally later.”

After Jesse’s leaving The Shining.

Joshua was practically in a state of despair. Jesse had never been redeemable in the first place, and the moment she left the Shining, the last link between her and her country was severed.

“I really thought I was done with Miss Jesse.”

But there she was, right in front of him.

“I can understand the gap, Miss Jesse.”

In true Archmage form.


New York.

Evil Eyes floated in the sky and slowly began to sink to the ground. Joshua, the AAU’s branch leader, has more knowledge of the arcana than most players.

Thanks to him.

“Meteor Strike……!”

Jesse’s magic is Tower Master magic. He was able to guess that it went through an interference process that was no different from the highest level magic that Hoyeol had manifested, 『Meteor Strike』.


Of course, Evil Eyes was not pleased.


Pupils rolled.

From Jesse pulling her down to the monster regurgitating her.

Joshua’s voice brightened.

“You have the audacity to look away?”

Eight-pupil demons.

Primordial beings of the demon world.

The AAU’s estimate of their influence had clear limits.

“There are no demonic monsters around.”

Exactly the message that appeared in the player’s field of vision.

It only makes the demon more deeply tainted with malice. Their gaze should have had no significant effect on regular monsters other than the demons that flowed back due to the collapse of the crack.

By the way.


A series of radio calls came in.

-New, a new message has emerged……!

[The entire area is corrupted due to the influence of the Primordial Being of Demon World.]

“What, corruption?!”

Is it a status abnormality or a buff?

Either that or a simple field change.

I couldn’t figure out the exact effect.

One thing was clear.

“What are they doing all of a sudden?”

The monsters that had flowed back out of the collapse rift all at once.

They began to lunge at Jesse.

They didn’t seem to care that Jesse was levitating.

“Are you building a tower……?”

With their flesh, with their bodies.

They were building a mountain to reach Jesse.

Joshua was speechless.

No, it wasn’t just Joshua.

“Holly s…….?”

“What the hell am I looking at?”

“Lord, God.”

Across America, across the world.

On a broadcast screen.

Everyone watching was left speechless.

Joshua swallowed back a sob, not out of concern for Jesse.

A true Archmage.

She was proving that she had entered another dimension.

Even if the corrupted monsters were attacking at once.


They couldn’t even get close to the edge of Jesse’s cloak.


They were reduced to dust by the massive amount of magic released.

Even as he watched, Jesse’s power was unbelievable.

The reason why humanity was astonished was simple.

“Are you laughing……?”

Eight pupils dilated.

The thing was smiling.

As if it really enjoyed the whole spectacle.

The demon I’d faced so far.

A very different reaction from the Demon Kings.

And an ability.

‘A demon with the ability to corrupt monsters just by looking at them.’

Joshua shook his head.

‘……No, don’t be silly.’

Yes, demons feed on negative emotions.

Joshua reasoned.

Whether it was a smirk or a sneer.

Evil Eyes was sinking to the ground, crushed by Jesse’s magic.

“That fact doesn’t change.”

Joshua typed up the information he’d gained from his latest exploit of the Collapse Rift. He quickly sent it to the AAU. Fortunately, Joshua’s actions would prove to be of great benefit to the AAU and humanity.

It is.

[Unidentified Flying Spheres in the Osaka Collapse Rift].

[Evil Eyes appears in the collapsed rift in Australia].

[Possible Evil Eye spheres in the Seoul subway rift] …….

Evil Eyes was not limited to New York.


On Earth.

Messages appeared in every rift that existed.

In each rift, a Evil Eye with eight pupils appeared.

“Are you finished, senior Feiyan?”

“What? Yes!”

“What are you eating like that?”

“I’ve always wanted to come here. A supermarket full of food!”

“Did you pay for that?”


Successfully cleared.

As you can see, the closed rift was no longer a problem.

But that collapsed rift was a different story.

Just as Evil Eye had appeared over New York.

The possibility of Evil Eye appearing in other collapsed rifts remained.

The players around the rift froze in unison.


A smartphone vibrates.

“There’s an emergency update on the homepage?”

“What’s that?”

“We want to see it too!!”

【Arcana Continental Electric official website】

※Emergency update notice

“From now on, the Demon World, Primordial Beings, will exert their influence on the rift.

『The collapse of the rift will increase at a faster rate.

Monsters infested by Evil Eye will be corrupted.

Corrupted monsters will have the same race value as demons.”』

“Okay, wait. What’s with all these patches?”

Just the fact that the Rift’s collapse rate is rising at a rapid rate.

It was going to have a devastating aftermath.

AAU, players, and rift collapse were tightly coupled.

The slightest miscalculation could have caused massive chaos.

“There were a lot of rifts in the neighborhood that were 80 percent full right away.”

“Doesn’t that mean they’re all going to collapse tomorrow?!”

“What’s more corruption than that? Same race value?”

Same race value as demons.

“Well, at least they’re not real demons, so they can’t possess us, right?”

“No, that’s not a good reason to rest easy. Did you see that New York Rift video that just went up? Those monsters that jumped on Jesse, those eyes, they were controlled by Evil Eye!”

“……We’re gonna be in trouble if we let that happen, aren’t we?”

A phrase from the Zero Mountains that comes to mind.

Appropriate level, not recommended for anyone.

The monsters in the Zero Mountains were purely high-level.

So much so that not even the demon can easily overcome it.

If such monsters were to be corrupted by the influence of the Evil Eye and fall under the control of the Evil Eye, having the same race value as the Demon Race, they would be destroyed……. The players’ faces went white.

“Isn’t that literally the end of the world……?”

Thanks to him for not neglecting his quest for Anomaly.

“This is getting pretty intense.”

The senior mages who had been dispatched to close the rift also realized the gravity of the situation. Senior Pure Mage, Vangrit Tom. He spoke softly to his companion, Senior Black Mage, Matisse Dean Karl.

“It looks different from the Evil Eye of the Arcana Continent.”

“Is that so?”


The conversation dropped dead.

He unnecessarily resented Senior Bensch.

‘No, I heard you definitely did a great job?’

Why did you fail this time too, you!

Vangrit remembered Bensch’s failure to show up. The cat wouldn’t have passed by the fishmonger’s, and as usual, Senior Bensch’s application had been denied.

Matisse turned to Evil Eyes.

“You remember the Archmage, Jesse Heinness. Senior Vangrit.”

“Ah, yes. I do remember.”

“I hear she passed Ms. Mary’s test with flying colors.”

“Yes, I have heard of that as well.”

Vangrit nodded. He’d heard it from the players. They said she’d defeated the same Evil Eyes in the sky, on land across the sea.

Matisse continued.

“We can’t afford to be left behind as she grows.”

“Of course!”

Matisse and Vangrit.

The two senior mages each teleported toward Evil Eyes.

Just as Jesse had done.

The senior mages didn’t have much trouble dealing with Evil Eyes.

“Are you laughing? Senior Bensch would be furious if he saw that.”

Though it was a displeased smile.

Evil Eyes had no combat skills.

For now, it was simply a nuisance.



The rift that kept forming and collapsing was the underlying problem.

“Where is it, again?”

“It’s called a subway rift.”

“No way, that’s where the waves are coming from?”

“That’s right, a moderate level 150.”

“Oh, come on, everybody hurry up!”

The number of rifts on Earth is impossible to pin down. Hundreds are created and hundreds are cleared every day.

But one thing is for sure.

“Is it a power outage……?”

When all the rifts collapsed.

The danger level goes up dramatically.

The subway suddenly stopped.

The passengers looked around.

Someone is spewing out harsh words.

“Stop, it’s a rift collapse!”

“Hey, don’t make a big deal out of it.”

“No, I’m not talking nonsense, this is an active subway rift with players! It’s connected to a transfer station, so it’s actually one rift……!”

That was it.


The subway cabin door opened with a heavy sound. The faces of the passengers, who had been looking solemn until just a moment ago, showed shock. It was inevitable.

“Everyone run…….”


A bloodied player stumbled out.

What he meant was simple.

As was rumored, the rift collapsed.

“Hey, are you okay?”

“First, help!”

“If you run away alone, you’ll run into a monster, you know that, right?”

But the good news is that this is not the beginning of the cataclysm. Thankfully, there was less agitation. Passengers, everyone, began to go by the manual book.

“As strange as this looks, the rift is, after all, reality superimposed on the landscape of the Arcana continent, so the path to the exit probably hasn’t changed.”

Everyone made their way through the darkness, relying on their memories.

But something had been overlooked.

This is not a normal situation.

The trembling voice continued.

“There, there’s something, something on the ceiling……!”

Everyone looked up to follow the voice.

“Holy shit.”

The pronunciation that I had been suppressing for so long came out of my mouth.

Nevertheless, I maintained my composure.

The passenger who was chattering earlier is explaining again this time.

“One, two, three……. Eight pupils! That’s what they call a Evil Eyes. They’re pretty gross looking, but thank goodness they don’t attack.”

He adds.

“Don’t freak out, it’s just a habit to roll its eyes!”

……Eye rolling is a natural habit?


I turned my head to look at the reactions around me, and it seemed to be true.

Everyone just looked away and kept walking.

But one person.

Lee Yerim couldn’t do it.

‘…… That’s what they are smiling at?’


Eight pupils were staring at her.

One pupil in particular was engulfed in green flames.

As if it had spotted something interesting.

It was sending her an intense stare.

. tl/n: yoooo, they chose death! Hoyeol



At the same moment.


It was reported.

That the Demon World, the Primordial Beings, had come to some sort of agreement.

A new Demon King of the Ten.

“It’s a collective responsibility.”

To Hoyeol too.

“The intensity of disposal will be heavier than ever.”