Chapter 430 – Are You Ready (2)

◈ Episode 430. Are You Ready (2)

Hidden class.

I could generalize without being sure.

The Hidden Class is an object of envy for all players.

‘Why should I be an exception?’

The days when Arcana was just a game.

I remember it clearly.

One of the few players I envied when I was stuck in Demon Hunter.

‘Cause they were all former Hidden Classes.’

Invisible greatness.

I had contradictory tastes.

Enough to shake Lee Hoyeol’s picky taste.

‘There was a lot of interest in the Hidden Class.’

Just being a former member of the Hidden Class makes you a celebrity.

High-ranking NPCs give you respect.

Even better, you’re interviewed on TV stations…….

I don’t need to tell you why, because there were tons of players who deleted and recreated their accounts just to get into the Hidden Class.

Of course, interest and ability are two different things.

Except for a few Hidden Class.

The results were often poor for the difficulty of the character.

I couldn’t even pick up a spoon from the table.

If you’re going to give me such a hidden class, give it to me.

I saw the horror in my heart.

‘…… Having been there, I can fully understand your feelings.’

Akshan, Last of the Demon Hunters.

I’m treated as if I’m no different from the Hidden Class, and thanks to him, I’ve gotten to know the frustration of developing a character without any training. Who else would have invested points in the [Luck] stat, right?

However, Hidden Class are their own thing.

Remember, why did the Skal become famous in the first place?

It was because of the strength befitting the Dragon Knight and grandiose class.

Until recently, after the Cataclysm.

Skal was the number one ranked class on his own, without a guild. I can still remember the strongest Barbarian, Nam Taemin, holding off Skal, who had joined the Holy War Alliance.

-“So, what’s the main stat for a Dragon Knight?”

-“Do I need to tell you that?”

-“……No? I’m just curious. Why are you being so harsh? Someone might think I’m trying to keep you in line. Never mind, I’ll tell you about the Barbarians.”


That was the reason for my serious consideration at this moment.

I think back to the words that came out of Dark Dragon’s mouth.

Not the words of a common dragon, but the words of a ruler.

Not a normal Hidden Class.

[Hidden class, would you like to change to ‘Dragon Lord’?]

Dragon Lord… ……!!!

‘With all due respect to Skal.’

It’s a class name with a different weight than [Dragon Knight]. Whereas the Dragon Knight only tamed a single dragon, this one has the feeling of a lord over all dragons.

‘The difficulty of the class.’

It was unclear exactly what the requirements for advancement were. But surely there was a prerequisite that required a complete understanding of the Dragon Tongue?

I glanced at the gloves, the legacy of Eunaxus.

‘He left it to me, after all.’

The previous Dragon Lord must have been Eunaxus.

Though in his later years, Eunaxus was driven from his position by the Primordial Evil, his estrangement……. But in the end, Eunaxus was recognized by the Dragons again, and he did his part.

Dark Dragon speaks to me.

“Your words will be powerful. Even if the dragons are suffering from evil, the words of the Dragon Lord may be enough to stop them in their tracks.”

At the same time, his vision flashes.

[Upon advancement, gain the unique skill ‘Summon Dragon’].

[Upon advancement, gain the unique skill ‘Dragon Glide’].

[Upon advancement, gain the unique skill ‘Dragon Control’]…….

The constant flashing of the message is like a signboard for solicitation, me, Lee Hoeol. To be honest, I was tempted to close my eyes and change jobs.

‘The fundamentals are different, the fundamentals.’

Hidden Class, Dragon Lord.

I’m different from the despised Demon Hunters.

Apart from everything else.

‘You can get an estimate just by looking at the class-specific skills, right?’

It’s not the same as Akshan, who only threw me a single [Natural Enemy]. But my expression didn’t change at all. It wasn’t because of my iron skin. I was thinking to myself.

‘Can I quit after coming all this way?’

I can’t walk away from Akshan.

I was in too deep.

And I couldn’t give up Akshan’s unique skills.

It’s better to switch to Dragon Lord than just [Natural Enemy].

Wouldn’t it increase my combat power by several times?

Maybe he wasn’t wrong.

It’s not a normal Hidden Class.


Natural Enemy isn’t the only skill I can’t give up. [Exorcism Ritual]. The reason why demonic monsters are considered a terrible scourge for players is because they have a status abnormality, [Possession].

‘If you kill a demon that possesses a player.’

The possessed player would also die.

But in the [Exorcism Ritual].

The Demon Hunter’s attacks only damage the demon.

So I replied.

“I’m sorry to hear that, Dark Dragon.”

At the same time, a message flashed.

[You have declined to advance to the hidden class, ‘Dragon Lord.]

I spoke up.

“You can’t throw away your mission.”

A mission.

I couldn’t tell if it was the damned taste or the Grandfell way of speaking. Grandfell, I can’t give up being a Demon Hunter, even for you.

‘Together, we must uncover the past of the Akshan Civil War.’

It’s not worth all the class quests we’ve done.

“So be it…….”

There was a hint of disappointment in Dark Dragon’s voice.

It must have included concern. Perhaps he believes there is no way to face the trials ahead without the mighty power of the Dragon Lord.

‘I’m inclined to agree.’

But I’m not the only one who thinks.

Yeah, who am I?

The one struggling is Lee Hoyeol, who plays amazingly.

To the point where I just missed the power of the Dragon Lord that I discovered by chance.

I’m not a foolish person.

He continued speaking while looking at Dark Dragon.

“So it’s time for you to embrace your mission, Dark Dragon.”

The Dragon Lord.

Doesn’t it have to be a real dragon?

If I, the player, can do it, so can you…….

You, Dark Dragon, the embodiment of legend, can do it, right?

“What do you mean, mission?”



I said, shortly.

“Claim for me the title of Dragon Lord.”



At the same time.


Beyond the torn dimension.

The Hidden Piece, the Dragon Shrine, was revealed.

There were no dragons there.

The fire dragons had gone into the fire, the ice dragons into the icebergs, the thunder dragons into the storms, and the sea dragons into the sea, each scattering to suppress the manifestation of evil.

The Shrine of the Empty Dragon.

I stared at a place in that emptiness.

The top of a tall rocky mountain.

It was where the Elder Dragon Eunaxus resided.

Dark Dragon followed my steady gaze.

I opened my mouth to speak.

“Climb higher and higher, observe, adjust.”


“That is my mission to you.”

That’s right, Dark Dragon.

You are right about the trials ahead.

I am in a position where I cannot afford to miss a single detail.

‘How did you come into contact with the Dragon Lord’s power?’

I don’t know about Grandfell, but I can’t let it go.

If I can’t have it, then one of my alter egos, Dark Dragon.

Isn’t this something you can just achieve?

“Are you ready to take my place?”

I wonder if it realized my greed.

Dark Dragon shakes its head at me.

It soars on its massive wings toward Eunaxus’s seat.

“I will fulfill your mission.”

[The legend, ‘Dark Dragon Lee Hoyeol’ is changing.]

Change? Well, that’s all well and good…….

[Acquire the legend, ‘Dragon Lord, Dark Dragon Lee Ho-yeol.’]

……Why does it seem to get longer and longer like a full name?


Inside the subway.


The door opens, and a wave pours in as if he’s been waiting.

“Haa. You almost killed me!”

“This is why you should try stepping on Arcana soil sometime.”

“Did you hear about the buffs they’re giving you?”

A rift where reality and the Arcana Continent coexist.

A bright and hopeful future was all that was needed for a decent Lv.150 Rift.

Still, as a player, I could earn as much as I was capable of.

‘It’s still a long way off.’

Yoon Taeseop, a knight of the Goddess Church, muttered.

Were they thinking the same thing?

A party member spoke up.

“Didn’t you say that the Arcana Continent has buffs that are unimaginable in the real world? As far as I can remember, there’s an experience gain buff, a skill mastery buff, and…….”

“That’s it?”

I blurted.

I stare at my party members as they rattle off a list of buffs.

My stomach felt like it was going to explode.

Yoon Taeseop closed his ears appropriately.

‘What’s the point of listening to that?’

The news from the players about the Arcana continent was astonishing.

It was reminiscent of the days before the Arcana Continent, when Arcana was just a game.

But now, the continent was the domain of high-level players.

The other party members, who had been listening in silence, chimed in.

“You said it’s dangerous, but things are much better than when we were heading towards destruction, so why don’t we go? If not, we can just come right back……!”

“I heard you still have to reach level 300?”

“What? Three hundred?!”

Yoon Taeseop shook his head.

No, level 300 wasn’t enough.

Not to mention the peak, Lee Hoyeol. Since the [Zero Mountain] were updated to the real world, top players have been able to level up at a rapid pace.

Not to mention the Magic Tower, the Knights of the Lionheart, and the Kingdom of Yusra…….

The active support of the Arcana factions for players cannot be overlooked. Yoon Taeseop, who went from being a common warrior to a Knight of the Goddess Church.

‘At least I took off my newbie tee.’

Yoon Taeseop clenched his fists tightly.

‘Of course, I’m behind because I awakened late.’

It was true that there were more opportunities than in the past.

He knew this because he’d been following the interviews of the rankers, and he knew about the ‘wall’ that existed at every 100th level.

Yoon opened his mouth to speak.

“But the higher the level, the slower the growth rate, and I don’t think the gap will widen just because Ranked players have stepped on the Arcana Continent, because they have their own problems up there.”

Time to bemoan the situation.

More monsters to hunt.

Yoon Taeseop pushed himself up from his subway seat.

“Wow, your hair is like a flower garden~”

“Hey, your head is too much of a flower garden~”


The woman twisting his hair with her fingers sarcastically said.

Of course, Yoon Taeseop heard it in one ear and let it go out the other.

It was a thought he could do without.

But……. Isn’t this a little harsh?

“No matter how hard we try, the difference is bound to widen~ To be honest, a lowly person like us can only earn a day’s wage and live for a day~ I’ve seen it myself~”

Yoon Taeseop looked around at his party members.

Their faces grew darker and darker.

Every time the woman opened her mouth, their morale plummeted.

“What the hell was that?

It was ridiculous.

It was beyond ridiculous.

Objectively, the woman was strong.

‘……with skills like that.’

It would not be an exaggeration to say that she was carrying the party. Yoon Taeseop was easily defeating enemies that required all his strength, yet he was saying such weak words.

Yoon shrugged his shoulders.

‘What can I do? If you tease me, I’ll have to go out.’

That was the end of the party.

It was the moment when Yoon Taeseop organized his thoughts.

The subway stopped and the doors opened.

“It’s the halfway point, why don’t you all take a break?”

The party leader spoke up as he got off first.

‘Find a party in Yusra and come back tomorrow…….’

Yoon Taeseop was planning to return to the real world at that point.

However, when he got off the subway, his feet suddenly stopped.

The party leader in front of him turned around and asked.

“Why, what’s wrong ……?”

Suddenly, Yoon Taeseop raised his head and looked up.

“Uh, huh?”

I followed his line of sight and saw something I shouldn’t have seen.

“Ce, the ceiling?!”

The subway in the real world and the tropical forests of the Arcana continent.

The landscape was exactly half and half, a rift.

What should have been visible was the plant-covered ceiling of the platform.

“What, what, what is that……?”




There was no ceiling above their heads.

Just eight giant eyes.

Eight eyes, shifting in focus, staring down at them.

The party leader spoke nonstop.

“Could it be the Named Monster of the Rift, no, I didn’t have that information……? Well, let’s get back inside the subway and do some searching……!”

But there was no substance.

It was a moment of confusion for everyone.

The only message that flashed rationally was.


That’s right.

Same time.

In the sight of all players who entered the rift.

[In the Demon World, Primordial beings begin to move.]

The Eight High Ranking Demon Kings.

It had been declared that they had come to an agreement.

At the same time, shouts erupted.

“Ugh, Uaghhhhh!”

The cries of the Demon World are in reality a terrible scream.


Yoon Taeseop turned his head and saw the woman who had been arguing with him.

To be precise, she was biting the nape of the neck of the party member she was talking to earlier.

The woman, or rather, the demon, was biting furiously.

[All demon monsters are infected with malice.]


[Manmaangbok begins]

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