◈ Episode 425. The Story I Don’t Know (3)

High Ranking Demon, Great Evil, Dragon…….

Powerful enough to send out an appearance message.

If they simply had different levels of strength.

The Shadow God’s Apostle was a little different.

He still had a human touch.


Although agile, he doesn’t cause thunderstorms like dragons do when he moves. Nor can it blend into nature like an elf and remain unnoticed.


Technique that simply forge the human body to its limit.

It’s called If you know your opponent and know yourself, you will not be at risk even if you fight a hundred battles.

I, too, know the limits of humanity.

I could recognize the extraordinary.

‘It’s never easy, he’s a good match.’

The moment I thought that, my ears perked up.

-He is the one who walked the sword only for the sake of killing, master.


Gwicheol struck away the dagger digging into my side.

A flawless strike I never witnessed.

As you can see, if Gwicheol hadn’t led me by the arm.

I’d be clutching my bloodied side right now.


“It’s a blindside attack.”

Anyway, I blocked it, so I’m proud of myself.

“I wouldn’t call it swordsmanship, but it’s sharp.”


And shameless.

I copy it like it was mine all along……!

How can I copy it?

It’s the same principle I used to recognize the structure of magic as soon as I saw it, and manifest it.

“Okay. I’ll teach you a trick.”


How to hold the sword.

Which way to move the bones.

How much force to apply to which muscles.

I didn’t need to think.

My body took care of itself.


Just as the apostle had done.

My body also penetrated the blind spot of the apostle’s vision. To suppress my actions, he reflexively used his outstretched right arm as a cover. Ducking, I accelerate.

“I’ll show you an anomaly for being an anomaly.”

The words spoken must come true.

I will teach you a lesson, as I openly declared.

Shouldn’t we show off our technique to the next level?

[Tenacity converts to ‘Strength’].

[Tenacity converts to ‘Agility’]

10 points of Tenacity for 5 points each of.

Convert to [Strength] and [Agility].

At the same time, it circulates magic through every joint and muscle fiber of my body.

It’s a familiar process by now.

It’s a manifestation I’ve practiced since I created the Circle.

Ever since I acquired the title of [Transcendent] as a mage.

I’ve been strengthening my body with magic.

But I’ve grown since then.

To the point where I can say that level is just a number.

Master of the Ten Thrones.

I have succeeded in completely dominating other magic powers.

My physical body has also been enchanted.

This means that I can show movements that are of a different class.


Faster and stronger than the original. Gwicheol cuts off the nape of the apostle’s neck. Deng Geng. Kneeling down, I whisper to the slowly falling Apostle.

“The invisible sword.”

Once again, I’ve mastered the Apostle’s technique.

“It would be better to call it ‘Invisible Sword.”

……It’s so damn good, really!!

-Indeed, it’s a name that doesn’t offend me either. master.

Don’t be too picky, Gwicheol.

‘Cause I’m ashamed of myself for listening.’

If it wasn’t for the Invisible Sword, I wouldn’t have spoken in the first place.

I’d be taking a technique from every endlessly reviving Apostle I defeated, refining it my way, and naming the damn thing.


‘……, by the way.’

What the fuck is that thing?

I’ve faced off against countless Arcana Continent powers, as well as a High Ranking Demon King, the ruler of an entirely different world.

Isn’t infinite resurrection a bit much?

Even if its strength remains at the level of the human.

It’s unfair to keep resurrecting.

Why, imagine if I were a normal player.

I didn’t have to assume much.

‘If I didn’t have the blessing of the First World Tree right now.’

Resurrection upon resurrection upon resurrection…….

After all, my health and magic would have been low long ago after the never-ending war of attrition. I said I couldn’t afford to play hot and cold, but that didn’t mean I welcomed the time wasted.

‘Learning technique is good, but I don’t have time right now.’

Canyon of the Forgotten.

I had to find Diend, who was lost somewhere.

Apostle of the Shadow God.

Competing with an unknown guy to acquire and develop technique was rewarding in its own way, but it shouldn’t be a battle between the two.

I opened my mouth.

“Are you sure that’s best?”

But that doesn’t mean there isn’t another solution.

Why, right back from the dead.

Look at the apostle lunging at me.

“It’s too hasty.”


A dagger, then an axe?

You’re not even a Weaponmaster, yet you use all kinds of weapons.

Unlike a dagger, it must be quite destructive on impact.

Gwicheol’s senses picked up on this, and he began to change his own appearance.

From a sword to a wider sword.

But it’s a reflection of Grandfell’s aesthetic stats. Even with its increased size and curved sword blade, Gwicheol still exuded a graceful beauty.

‘It’s coming.’

However, I couldn’t take my eyes off of Gwicheol’s transformation.

I said it was human level, but I’m human, right?

Furthermore, the [Natural Enemy] hasn’t been activated.

It is not surprising if a moment of inattention leads to death. Yes, if nothing else, all the attacks were aimed at vital points and were quite threatening. It was obvious that even one slip would result in fatal injuries.

“Too rough.”

Deng Geng.

Of course, Grandfell’s talents had once again completely outclassed the Apostle.

So a dagger, then an axe, then a longsword?

No, not exactly.

“It’s a Sword Dance”

The resurrected apostle.

This time it was more like a dance.

I followed the Apostle’s flowing movements.

My stride widened, too.

But don’t expect me to dance with you.

『In the past, Grandfell’s presence in social circles was like an oasis or a mirage in the desert. He didn’t enjoy socializing, so he rarely made an appearance…….』

This is our Grandfell, who doesn’t enjoy socializing.

How could he dance?

Grandfell’s talent for pioneering sword dance in his own way.

“I don’t need to move.”

If you need to move fluidly, like a dance.

“I just need the world to move according to me.”

It’s as simple as letting my perception dance.

‘I’m a good builder.’

It’s an architectural magic I’ve honed to a high degree of refinement while restoring the cities of the Empire. It’s like shaking the ground to make it move, which means it can be manifested instantly, even while I’m swinging my sword.


The ground rises.




One after another, the rising ground becomes unpredictable, like a sword dance. Don’t look at me like you’re wondering where in the world there is a sword dance like that, apostle.


Now that I had developed it.

This was no longer sword dance.

My snout shows off its naming sense without fail.

“This is the ‘Gaia Dance’.”


I blurted out the name of the technique, and struck down Apostle once again.

Before I knew it, my vision flickered.

At least the leveling up message wouldn’t kill me.


He wasn’t even tired, he was reviving.

Not to mention, it didn’t drop any experience.

So there’s no reason to level up…….

[The number of techniques you’ve created has surpassed one hundred].

……Wait, what?

I’ve already created over a hundred techniques? I haven’t defeated the Shadow God’s Apostle a hundred times. I think I’ve defeated him twenty times at most…….


Have the system been counting all the techniques I’ve created?

If so, it makes sense.

[『Anomaly』] All those years of struggling.

If you counted all the techniques I’ve utilized…….

‘…… seems like enough, a hundred?’

The system doesn’t lie. If it’s over a hundred, then it’s really over a hundred, so what are you trying to say? I turned to see the next message.

-Master, he never get tired of coming!

Gwicheol warned me.

As expected, the Apostle rushes in, armed with another technique.

But my vision was different than before.

Until now, I’ve merely copied what I saw.

From this moment on, I could see the Apostle’s actions.

I felt like I was beginning to see its essence.

It was like magic.


It was as if I could not only see the structure of the magic, but also the particles of magic that manifested it, one by one. In other words, I felt like I was on a higher realm.

It wasn’t just my misunderstanding.

A series of messages flashed by.

[Your great achievement of creating one hundred techniques goes beyond the boundaries of sword and magic, and you can rightly be called a teacher in all fields.]

[The Arcana continent looks up to you].

[You have acquired the title, ‘Great Master of Anomaly’].


To confront enemies that my subjects cannot handle.

A desperate struggle.

It was the foundation of my Anomaly that began to blossom.

[Grand Master of Anomaly]

With the recognition of the Arcana continent and the title. I was finally equipped with the vessel to fully utilize Grandfell’s talents.

Such is my vision.

Even the Shadow God’s Apostle could not deceive me.




I realize who he is.

“You look familiar.”

The apostle’s movements catch my attention.

It’s the unmistakable stance of an assassin.

Yes, it was the same as Kichi’s signature movements.

“Because I can never, ever forget.”

The suitable magic in the air, slowly beginning to boil over.

I could feel it in my gut.

The Shadow God’s Apostle, this place he guards.

[The Canyon of the Forgotten] is the Shadow Mercenaries’ Holy Land.

I could no longer turn a blind eye.

[Skill, ‘Celestial Infant Solitude’ is activated].

Silver hair is blocking my vision.


No, Grandfell said.

“I will receive it through you.”

The limit that goes beyond a moment.


A flash of lightning from Grandfell.

“Rest in peace my sister.”

The apostle scattered into the air and my eyes flashed.

[You have killed the Guardian of the Holy Land, ‘Apostle of the Shadow God’.]

[You have leveled up].

[You have leveled up].

[You have leveled up]…….



Ulrich strode through the Oak Auction with a heavy step.

“You sneaky little pig.”

Who the hell wants it to be.

Are you saying you are the richest person on the Arcana Continent?

You’ve been lurking in the underworld, and now you’re running around like you’re not afraid of orcs.

“Times have changed, Garmond. How long do you think I’m going to stand by and let you get away with this? Our Oak Auction is no longer patient. We are not going to cower.”

The continent turned upside down. The Yin could not stay Yin forever, and the Yang could not stay Yang forever. Ulrich watched the orcs move diligently.


Riches being loaded onto wagons.

Ulrich was sure of it.

The New Era continent would be welcoming.

There was a part of him that believed it.

“We’ll see you soon, Claudi.”

There were still questions that hadn’t been fully answered, but not enough to affect Ulrich’s boundless trust in Claudi.



Ulrich’s scowling gaze fell on the Kichi on the floor.

His connections to the Shadow Mercenaries were something the Oak Auction might scratch and claw at, why, the Shadow Mercenaries committed a sins that inevitably earned Claudi’s wrath

That’s why, unusually, the winning bid was returned.

“Kichi, can you afford to spread yourself out like that?”


Ulrich touched Kichi’s side with his foot.

At least he has a conscience.

Kichi yawned and sat up.


Ulrich recognized the change in Kichi.

It wasn’t difficult.

He was used to living underworld.

He had to react quickly to sights that didn’t belong underworld.

Ulrich stuttered.


“What is it, you stutter?”

“I don’t see your shadow……!”

Kichi’s complexion changed drastically at those words.

Under the light.

Only her shadow had completely disappeared.


Kichi knew what that meant.

“The Apostle is dead……?

The Apostle of the Canyon, who was like a confidant of the Shadow God, has died.

To an unknown uninvited guest who had set foot on Holy Land.

An uninvited guest with the power to kill an apostle…….

“……No way.”

Not even in the entire Arcana continent.

At this moment.

There was only one person in Kichi’s mind.



Kichi quickly grabbed the jewelry box on the table.

Then she stood up.

Ulrich asked Kichi cautiously.

“Where are you going in such a hurry, Kichi?”

Kichi flashed a wistful smile.

“Now it’s time to pay for my sins.”