◈ Episode 410. Four Days, Time to Repay the Favor (2)


The air is dry.

My skin feels parched.

I hear voices around me.

“Why is it so hot all of a sudden?”

“Ugh, I think my throat is burning.”

“Mommy, I want some water…….”

Senior Black Mage Matisse Dean Karl.

At this moment, he had a hunch.

Bensch William, that he had been transformed into an uncontrollable flame.


Matisse’s gaze traveled to the walls of Antonium.

Matisse, he is the most Senior member of the Magic Tower.

Therefore, hee knew very well what kind of person the Senior of the Magic Tower was.

Each one the absolute head of a school of thought.

Appreciate the value of those who have reached such a position.

Bensch, the senior Flame Mage, was no exception.

No, he was a little more special.

The corner of Matisse’s mouth formed a small parabolic smile.

“Forgive me, Bensch.”

Why was he so hard on Bensch?


Because Bensch was strong.

Stronger than most senior mages.

Defeated a Fire Dragon, Karimzeva. When he hunted down Karimzeva, the elder mage who had revealed the true nature of the demon worshipper. Matisse accompanied Bensch, and became convinced.

-“Of course, there’s nothing arcane magic can’t handle…….”

He had already declared that he could handle a demigod.

In a way, it was no surprise.

It’s just covered up by his light, usual personality.

Because the Flame Emperor’s reputation was not an illusion.

The William family was one of the most prestigious of the Mage Faamily. Bensch William was a talent that hadn’t been born in hundreds of years.

Matisse, comparing himself…….

‘At an age when all I could do was roam the continent in pursuit of black magic.’

Bensch had made a name for himself on the Arcana continent at a similar age to his own, so Matisse often thought. Bensch William, perhaps he should be the one to succeed Marcelo and Chief Lee Hoyeol.

The next generation of chiefs.

Not in a setting sun like his own.

Bensch still had a lot of potential.

He had Bensch in mind as the next chief.

Matisse had to be firm.

“So I hope you don’t feel too sorry for yourself.”

But it wasn’t just him.

The chief was there.

Matisse did not doubt Hoyeol’s judgment.

‘I can tell by the fact that you haven’t given him permission to go out.’

Chief Lee also recognized Bensch’s true worth.

Concerned about the aftermath when he unleashes his power.

He must have had extreme control over his travels.

I see it now.

From a distance.

He’s just manifested his power.


Antonium’s moisture was drying up.

Cracking earth.

A blazing sun.

The clouds evaporated.

All the heat was obeying him.

And so the gravity of the situation was realized.

Such was the gravity of the situation that Bensch William was granted permission to release the power.

Perhaps something dangerous had happened inside Antonium.

Maybe those thorns were no ordinary thorns.

But Matisse was still smiling.

Still, it meant he knew everything.


‘Not only Bensch, but I, too, am in your service.’

Then Matisse summoned the suitable magic.

“Indeed, I cannot betray such a heavy trust.”



Hisagi swallowed dryly.

That man just now.

Was that the same Bensch he’d been talking to in a light-hearted tone?


Flames leaping from his body.

It looked like he was wearing a crown made of flames on his head. A cloak of flame seemed to be wrapped around him. It was literally the image of the Lord of Flames, the Flame Emperor.

Hidden Class, Magic Spearman.

Similar to an apprentice mage in a Magic Tower.

For some reason, Hisagi couldn’t help but be impressed.

“This is ridiculous…….”

A magic spear art that deals with attributes.

Hisagi had been learning about attribute magic as he advanced his skills.

His common sense was crumbling.

“Uh, how did you create such flames?”

It was fire magic, which competed with pure magic in terms of extreme power efficiency.

No wonder.

Attribute magic relies on the environment for its efficiency.

Unless you’re talking about an active volcano or the fiery depths of hell, where no living person can even look at it, flames don’t exist in nature. That’s why water-based magic is so efficient.

‘Water is always present in nature.’

Hisagi’s common sense had been shaken.

Bensch spoke up.

As the senior mage of the Magic Tower, he taught the apprentice mage.

“The arcane magic of the William family. Apprentice Mage Hisagi.”

“……Arcane Magic.”

“It’s a battle magic passed down from generation to generation. However, as an adventurer, you may not be aware of the reputation of the William family. Well, to put it simply……. The William family has been known as a renowned mage family since before there was a Magic Tower.”

Hisagi was stunned.

…… Was he really that good?

Hisagi had always thought of himself as perceptive.

‘I didn’t feel that pride, I didn’t feel that bravado.’

Bensch William.

Was he deliberately hiding his greatness in lightness?

Or was he simply humble.

“My insight was lacking, Senior Bensch.”

The only thing that ‘someone’ was holding back was Senior Bensch.

It was the unthinkable to Hisagi.

Nodding, Bensch added in a generous voice.

“My brother will be worried.”

We’d better get this over with as soon as possible.

Suddenly, Bensch remembered his mother’s words.

With your talent comes responsibility, Bensch.

-“Don’t forget. Always be aware of your surroundings.”

Bensch did not forget the lesson and looked around.

He saw the people of the Empire panicking from the heat he was emitting.

Bensch made a decision.

“I can’t do this for four days.”

Bensch, it wasn’t his limit.

A limit beyond which the people of Antonium would not be harmed by the heat he emitted.

He was talking about a limit.


Bensch flicked a finger in the air.

Flames leapt in his direction.

The thorny vines that had been clinging to the ramparts burned to ashes.

Hisagi’s snake eyes widened.

‘It is the vastness of Antonium.’

The capital of an empire so vast you couldn’t tell it apart from a dragon’s rampage on the other side. Bensch’s flames scorched the walls that surrounded it.


That’s the senior mage in the Magic Tower.

Among them, it can be said to be the flower of practical magic.

The power of a Senior Flame Mage?




West of Antonium.

“Blazing. What’s that flame all of a sudden……?”

The hilt of the sword in his hand burned hot. So did his armor. Leonie furrowed her brow and stared at the flames that had sprung up out of nowhere.

Bellier’s lips parted.

“In the end, our fears have become reality.”

“Fears? You know something?”

“Of course I know, Miss Leonie. How could I not know about the Flame Emperor?”

“……Flame Emperor?”

Instead of answering, Bellier drew on her magic.

She’d woken up a few hours ago, suffering from magic exhaustion.

The manifestation process hadn’t been quick.

“I guess I can’t be too cruel from now on.”

Bellier gritted her teeth.

Leonie, watching, scratched her head.

Wait, who is Flame Emperor?

‘That……. wasn’t that the blonde senior?’

Unless her eyes and ears were mistaken, that meant the Flames were Bensch’s magic.

If it was light, he wasn’t a senior mage for nothing. Bensch’s flames were overwhelming Antonium’s thorns.

When you’re winning, there’s nothing to worry about.

“Then why did you cast a protective spell……?”

Bellier answered, this time with action.

“Unlike us, who are resistant to heat and other conditions. The frail people of the Empire don’t have the stamina to withstand this kind of heat.”


Leonie jerked back at the words.

It was a mess.

Sure enough, there were fallen Arcanians everywhere.

All of them clutching their throats.

It was obvious that the moisture had evaporated in an instant.

Bellier healed the fallen and spoke.

“Hopefully this fight won’t be too long.”




He recognized it faster than anyone else.

And he was more concerned than anyone.

Nash William, he blurted out his brother’s name.

“Brother Bensch……?”

Just like the Ice Dragon.

A state of change that influences the entire environment.


There was no mistaking it.

He must have manifested the family’s arcane magic.

Nam Taemin was dumbfounded and asked.

“That’s Senior Bensch’s magic?”

This was Nam Taemin, who had met Bensch while traveling in and out of the Magic Tower as a member of the Holy War Alliance. A man who was far too light to be called a senior in the Magic Tower. That was the impression Bensch left on Nam Taemin.

Nam Taemin shook his head in disbelief.

“You completely misjudged him.”

To someone who normally underestimated him.

Normally, he would have bragged about him.

But Nash didn’t have that luxury.

” ……It’s dangerous.”

“You mean, does arcane magic have a price?”

“No, that’s not what I meant.”

Nash replied firmly.

Yes, it was not Brother Bensch who was in danger.

It was the people of the Empire who would be caught in the flames he unleashed.

“Sir Nam Tamin, as the second son of the William family, can you imagine the stories I grew up hearing from my parents?”

“Suddenly? Well?”

The common thread of being brothers.

Nam Taemin’s thoughts turned to his brother, Nam Cheolmin.

Cheolmin has been amazing since he was young.

After the cataclysm, a world where numbers are everything.

The people of the world were finally recognizing Cheolmin’s true worth little by little. People who are close to my brother have been saying things to me since long ago.

-“What would you have done if you weren’t Cheolmin’s brother?”

-“Once again, Cheolmin saved your life because of his strategy.”

-“Seriously, AAU doesn’t even know about this?”

Remembering Nam Cheolmin, Nam Taemin smiled a little.

“Always be nice to your brother?”

Nash replied with a small smile.

“You must be good to your brother, Sir Taemin.”

Then he added bitterly.

“My case, however, was a little different. It’s not that Brother Bensch isn’t a good man, I’m just referring to the discipline that runs in the William family.”

The William family’s inherited magic holds great power.

It was a vision granted only to the firstborn.

So what do other bloodlines learn instead of arcane magic?

Nash spoke a secret not even Bensch knew.

“I give my life to protect the succession of arcane magic.”

“Give, give your life?”

“Yes. From now on, I must keep an eye on brother Bensch’s magic. To ensure that the William family’s arcane magic does not consume my brother. Perhaps I should give my life, as my parents taught me.”

“What kind of……!”

“It is harsh, but it is the William family.”

Even if it doesn’t make sense.

He couldn’t dishonor another family.

Nash smiled as Nam reluctantly shut up.

“Don’t worry, I’m prepared.”

So you have nothing to worry about, brother.

My life is long overdue.

I wouldn’t mind giving it for you.

Nash stares into the raging flames.

He nods.

‘Burn to your heart’s content, Brother Bensch.’

You have nothing to fear, brother.




Lord of the Flames.

The crown of flame that had been placed on his head by arcane magic stirred Bensch. A boundless power, an unstoppable flame, the power to burn everything.

It whispered to Bensch.

You are the source of flame magic, the pinnacle of magic in this age. The William’s were not called the greatest for nothing.

The nature of the flame that comes with mastery of arcane magic is specialized to crush other mages. But Bensch had not forgotten his pride.

His pride.

-“Do not forget. You must be aware of your surroundings at all times.”

His mother’s cheeks were always puffy when she said that.

That every time he did, he felt the urge to burn his father to the ground.

His determination to escape from that family and enter the Magic Tower.

-“I’m going to break the damned William’s discipline, Nash.”

But it was ridiculous.

Karimzeva, the fire dragon.

He thought his knowledge might give him a clue to controlling arcane magic. Karimzeva was a demon worshipper. Though he didn’t mind, it really felt like shit at the time.

But it was unbelievable.

Chief Lee revealed the truth about Karimzeva. He failed his application to go out of the Magic Tower. He must be really bothered. Not a single day went by without him signing the rejection.

Again and again.

Dozens of times.

Hundreds of times.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to reflect on myself.

Bensch realized.

Bensch spoke to the whispering flames.

“The pinnacle of magic, am I?”

A smile, as usual.

His mind as clear as ever.

Flame Emperor had completely overcome his fear.

“Can we say something like that even after seeing Chief Lee?”