Chapter 408 – Four Days (3)

◈ Episode 408. Four Days (3)

Holy War Alliance.

‘They are all too good allies for me.’

Among them, if we were to pick out a special power…….

First, the Four Families and the Twilight Descendant Mary. As Transcendents, they were not only granted access to the Spacetime Social Hall, they were granted access to the upper levels of the Social Hall.


‘Frostnax is out of standard.

The brief duel had taught me another lesson.

Dragons are different.

It literally means super special power.

“I’ve got a big job for you, Frostnax.”

And so I put Frostnax in charge.

I don’t know how long he plans to keep that polymorph, but……. Isn’t that you, Grandfell, who never judges an opponent by his appearance?

“Anything is acceptable, Dark Dragon.”

At least you’re polite.

Frostnax, a young chick, bows its head.

I shook off my disbelief and continued speaking.

“Primordial Evil, dispose of the creature that is to come.”

A primordial evil.

The one that caused the World Tree to decay, the dragons to fall, and the elves to wander the Arcana continent in guilt. It will surely seek a new World Tree.

Its purpose?

We don’t know exactly, but one thing is certain.

Primordial Evil does not want a World Tree on Arcana. That’s why it lured the dragons to devour the evil fruit, tricked the elves, and caused the first World Tree to die in complete isolation.

‘Do you think things will go your way this time too?’

Yes, this was not the first time a new World Tree had sprouted.

[Secret Garden of the World Tree].

There was a World Tree seed that sprouted from a rift that was neither in reality nor on the Arcana continent. Even if it were the Primordial Evil, we’d never know its exact location.

But the World Tree seed that Frostnax spat out was different. It has taken root on the Arcana continent, north of Antonium. This means that even primordial evil knows of its existence and can unleash its forces, its writhing byproducts.

‘Byproducts, they’re not easy.’

I asked coldly.

Is there anyone in the Holy War Alliance capable of slaying the byproduct of Primordial Evil? The answer is no.

Furthermore, I am unable to enter the Arcana continent due to the [Last Adventurer] effect. This means that, for better or worse, I’ll have to rely on Frostnax.

Fortunately, Frostnax was eager to oblige.

“I am honored that you would give me the opportunity to avenge my enemies.”

If you think so…….

Needless to say, he’ll do his duty.

Of course, Frostnax’s duties did not end there.

‘As Commander-in-Chief, I must raise the strength of the Holy War Alliance.’

Skal, Dragon Knight.

Now that Frostnax has fully joined the Holy War Alliance.

Skal has the opportunity to become a true Dragon Knight.

Of course, given his nature, I can’t force him.

And given Frostnax’s personality.

If you force it, you never know what kind of disaster will happen, right?

“I’ll leave you to your own judgment when it comes to Dragon Knights.”

So put Skal on your back when you can admit it.

I addressed Frostnax in Grandfell style.

It was a judgment I could make because I had been there.

‘Don’t feel sorry for yourself, Skal.’

‘Let’s try filling the bottomless dock with water.’

In the end, you’ll suffer many times over.

Why, look at me now.

There is no breathing room.

─Train your weakened body. (Repeat)

I’m suffering through these damned tedious training quests……!


“……That chick was a real Ice Dragon.”

Frostnax’s Opening Battle.

[Ice Dragon, Frotnax transforms the field].

In the face of his nemesis, the primordial evil, Frostnax went all out. Holy War Alliance, a message flashed before the players’ eyes.

[Hidden Piece, you have entered the Ice Dragon’s Snow Mountain].

The view shifted.

Northern Antonium.

The tranquil landscape is nowhere to be seen.

All you can see are snowy mountains that threaten to tear the sky apart.

A raging blizzard.

And a voice.

“I’ll trample you.”

It was Frostnax, the little chick with the fierce voice. Since they were allies, they were immune to the cold and dragon cry. Everyone was relieved for a moment.

“What, are you done already?!”

The [Byproduct of Primordial Evil] that had been rampaging through the earth had been frozen in place. Frostnax flapped his cute little wings and made his way towards the beast.

“It’s boring, bring your main body.”


A small chicken foot.

It’s a tiny little chick’s foot, but it’s just as powerful.

A moment of weak trampling.

The frozen tentacles shattered instantly.

The senior mages teleported in after the commotion.

Bensch William, a Senior Flame Mage, spits out his disbelief.

“Did I just see a monster like that!”

Not if you’re referring to books on fire magic.

Other books, especially the history of the Magic Tower, didn’t interest Bensch.

He hadn’t seen himself, Bensch William, in the history of the Magic Tower before, and so he wasn’t particularly impressed with the accounts of the Great Dragon Magic War.

“Summoning an iceberg, even Senios-sama can’t do that……!”

Bite and Bite Attribute Magic.

A fire spell with a clear advantage over freezing magic. That was a level where compatibility became meaningless. It was a different level. Matisse, the senior Black Mage, nodded at Bensch’s words for some reason.

“It’s called the state of change.”

Just as Frostnax had summoned the snowy mountains.

Beings of a different order change the landscape.

Hisagi translates Matisse’s words into player common sense.

“You mean a change in the field.”

Nam Taemin tilted his head at Hisagi’s words for some reason.

“There aren’t many mobs like that, let alone on this scale.”

It was a sudden realization.

What were we thinking, charging at a monster like that?

But then something even more unbelievable came along.

From the beak of Frostnax.

“Are you this surprised, human? As for the Dark Dragon ……!”

He stood in a chill that froze time. This body, this Frostnax, in an all-dragon assembly of dragons far stronger than himself, he had brought the horde to its knees with a single word!

There was no end in sight to the saga that followed.

“……Isn’t that a legend?”

“It’s not even a legend. Myth, a myth. If it’s all true.”

“So how much of that chick’s story are we supposed to believe?”

It was important who was speaking.

If Hoyeol had said it himself, it would have been infinitely more credible. They were the ones who verified the free-flowing beak of Frostnax. There was no way they could just nod their heads.

There was another person who couldn’t believe it.

“Where are the tentacles? Did we already kill them?”

It was Skal, who had arrived in Antonium late on his griffin.

Desperate to catch up.

With the speed of the greatly intimidated Griffin, this was the best time.

Nam Taemin whispered to Frostnax.

“That’s him, the Dragon Knight.”

“What is that chick, a pet?”

“……You’re screaming for trouble.”

It was.

He was indeed talking about trouble.

Frostnax remembered Hoyeol’s words.

“You said you’d leave it to me to decide if you were qualified.”

“Qualifications? What, a chick talking?”

“Human education, I suppose.”

Frostnax looked at Skal with a conspiratorial glare.

The Great Alliance.

The three guildmasters were quick to agree on Skal’s bad luck.


A fiery tongue.

And an overwhelming ability that was impossible to resist.

It seemed like a difficult path was clearly ahead of Skal.




Same time.

For there was one who was also fulfilling the duties of the Hoyeol, King of the Scavengers. It was Emilio. In the dark sewers, where there was no light. Emilio instructed the Scavengers.

“Any rumor is fine. Collect every last one of them.”

“Got it, Emilio.”

“Where do you think you’re going, anyway?”

The sewers led all over Antonium.

Emilio stared at the largest sewer pipe.

The others noticed and asked.

“This is the Imperial Palace, after all, and you’ve always told us to stay away from it. What’s going on here? Did you pick up on something unusual, or is it just the smell of something great?”

Emilio shook his head.

“No, there’s something I have to check.”

He didn’t order.

Emilio was making an active judgment.

For some reason, his brain felt like it was spinning faster. If he’d only been able to see a handful of moves ahead, now he felt like he could see ten.

The scavengers asked cautiously.

“Shall we accompany you?”

“No, it’s not safe on the Imperial side.”

“True, but…….”

You never know when you’re going to be in the middle of an arrow by simply approaching. You could be caught in a magic circle and burned to a crisp. There’s a reason why even the most relentless Scavengers stay away.

“Well, be careful. Emilio!”


But Emilio nodded and stepped into the sewers that connected the Imperial Palace. It was the last thing anyone wanted. For some reason, his footsteps led him to the Imperial Palace.

‘…… That’s weird.’

A strange behavior, even for him.

But Emilio’s judgment was not wrong.

This moment.

The King of Scavengers.

Emilio’s abilities with the monarch’s vessel had risen dramatically.


Though it was invisible to Emilio, the Arcanian.

A message flashed in his vision.

[You are facing the monarch of a hostile faction].

[Stat, ‘Judgment’ increases].

[Stat, ‘Cold Steel’ increases].

[Stat, ‘Self-Control’ increases] …….

Despite being called the King of the Scavengers, Emilio was only a lowly king. He had no great swordsmanship teacher, no master of knowledge, and no vast experience like the Emperor.

Nevertheless, Emilio’s eyes were shining like those of a monarch.

And that was why.

This was the reason why the monarchs of Arcana stopped the seeds of monarchs like themselves.

The Warring States Period.

In the irresistible tide of time.

Class, [Monarch] will be in full bloom.

[World Quest, “Warring States Period”].

This naturally begs the question.

Emilio never left the sewers of Antonium in the first place.


Only now.

Now that he had encountered the Monarch of a hostile faction?

The reason was simple.

The monarch of a hostile force that appeared in the message.

That didn’t mean the Emperor.



Emilio froze at the intense pain in his toes.

Was it magic?

Even if it was magic, he couldn’t scream.

There could be a palace guard beyond the darkness, pointing a crossbow at him.



It wasn’t magic.

There was a thorny vine on the ground.

Emilio’s eyes widened.


He tried to see the end of the vine, but there was no end to it, and when he carefully traced its roots, he found only more tangled branches.


Was the thorny vine planted to block access?

No, they weren’t there just a few days ago.

Besides, with thorns like this, there would be no place for a guard to stand.

Emilio swallowed dryly.

‘What’s going on?’

But he couldn’t let his doubts get the better of him.

He was the only one who knew what was going on inside Antonium.

Emilio ducked out of the way of a thorny vine.



A groan came from the other side of the darkness.

It wasn’t hard to figure out who it was.

It was the groan of a drunken guard who had just woken up.

As he caught his breath, he heard a clear voice.

“Aaron? Mel? Where are you guys? After selling the torch somewhere……. Ouch! What’s with the fucking thorns?! Holy shit. Are you still sober…….”

The guards didn’t seem to notice.

The thorns had been growing for what seemed like hours.

The guard’s voice continues.

“…… What is this flower?”

A flower……?

At that, Emilio poked his head out of his crouch.

And then he saw it.

In front of the guard with his head bent.

Two huge flowers on a thorny vine.

They were indeed human-sized roses.

The guard whirled around.

“Human-sized roses, I must be dreaming, this.”

Maybe he thought he’d been sleeping, or maybe he’d been drinking.

But alas.

It was neither.

In the darkness.

Because Emilio was watching.



The thorns sneak up on the man with his back turned.

The moment it touches the man.

The mouse that was sleeping in Emilio’s pocket.


It jumps up and starts running away down the sewer.


Emilio had a hunch.

“Uh, huh, Huhh?!”

The danger level of a human-sized rose blossom.

One, two, three layers of guards wrapped in thorn vines…….

Covered in rose petals.

“Oh my……?!”

Eventually, it turned into a flower.

Two flowers hanging on a thorn vine.

In the same form as those flower clusters.




[Warrior’s Library]

[Collapse Rate: 100%]

[Seric Rose, the Eternal Monarch of Roses appears.]

[Seric Rose, the Eternal Monarch of Roses, transforms the field.]

[An eternal rosy future envelops the Imperial Capital, Antonium] …….