Chapter 398 – A Significant First Step

◈ Episode 398. A Significant First Step

It was a style that required a lot of work, Grandfell.

‘So, I can’t eat raw forever.’

In many ways.

It looks like I’m going to have to work hard to make Grandfell’s setup a reality. Akshan. In fact, I used to complain about things behind the company’s back, didn’t I?

It just seems like it’s there for some reason. Other than that one thing, there aren’t any advantages. A class that was ignored even by players with a variety of tastes.

‘A class that has been abandoned by everyone except me.’

The last time the Akshan received any attention at all was after the Cataclysm, when demonic monsters began to appear in earnest. Considering the time difference between the Arcana continent and reality…….

‘That’s a long time ago.’

So I had to imprint Akshan, the abilities of the Demon Hunter, into Grandfell’s memory.

To do that, I had to maintain my Demon Hunter stance in the face of mid-level demons.

‘Don’t forget the external appearance is important.’

It’s a proper exorcism.

I feel like I’m tutoring Grandfell.

But for once, I needed to be grandiose.

I’m not fascinated by Demon Hunters for nothing.

I need to make sure he knows what a demon hunter is.

what a demon hunter is.

‘Actually, it’s easier than that.’

I’ve been plagued by Grandfell’s pride for years, and I’ve never been able to recite it. So I looked at the demon who still hadn’t gotten the hang of the subject.


I gently put my finger to my lips.


And the demon shut up. No, shut up is not the right word, because in the midst of his rant, he must have bitten his tongue, because blood spurted from the corner of his mouth.

He finally seems to get the hint.

His pupils dilate.

Well, it’s too late.

‘You weren’t wrong.’

After dealing with Demon Kings, Great Evils, and even High Ranking Demon Kings, it’s refreshing to face a nameless mid-level demon. I feel like I know how Grandfell usually feels.

‘An inferior race.’

Thanks to this, I was able to hunt them naturally.

I didn’t need any fancy weapons or magic manifestations.

There was a vast gap between me and him.

It was just.

“Shut up and die.”

The words were enough to cut off his breath.

And with that, the nameless mid-level demon fell to hell, and the ritual was over. The woman staggered, unconscious. I helped her to her feet. She gasped for air.


The demon is dead, but the possessed is not.

The ritual must now be seared into Grandfell’s memory. If nothing else happens, Grandfell will be headed to Akshan, just like the setting.

By the way.

‘I’m not getting used to this.’

Which came first, the chicken or the egg?

The past, the present, and the future seem to be intertwined.

But let’s not blame science.

Even science students wouldn’t understand this.

‘But one thing is for sure.’

I, Lee Hoyeol.

I made the best choice I could at the moment.

In that case, I have no regrets.

I’m just concerned.

I turn my head and look at my surroundings.

“……Thank you for saving my life.”

One by one, survivors of the Sitidel appear from all directions.

I stare at the reversed Sitidel.

It must be Imperial territory.

Why the Empire.

Hadn’t they come to rescue Sitidel from demonic hands?

Another question followed.

“Hii, hiiigh……!”

The Shadow Mercenaries were after Claudi.

I already knew that.

But I hadn’t expected low-level assassins to target Claudi.

‘What if they scraped the bottom of the barrel and poured it all out.’

The thought circuits rolled naturally.

‘Maybe there are a lot more enemies I don’t know about.’

The Battle for the Demon King alone is daunting.

Thinking about it, I’m already getting tired.

I was the one who told everyone that Claudi had returned to the continent. I’m sure that’s made our former enemies wary of the returning Claudi.

‘I’m not going to get any rest from now on.’

The curse, the [Understanding Darkness].

My skill proficiency in [Celestial Infant Solitude] has increased.

It was not the time for complacency.

It was then.


A familiar sensation came over him.

A sensation of being knocked out of consciousness.

It was like being torn out of Grandfell’s past.

[The past is unstable].

……Wait, not yet.

I desperately clung to consciousness. I had already succeeded in imprinting the presence of Akshan and the Demon Hunter on Grandfell’s mind. If you ask me, what’s left to do?

‘It’s my second time, shouldn’t I be making progress?’

I don’t know how much my comprehension has improved from a mere 10% this time around, until I check my messages, but I do know one thing for sure.

One of Grandfell’s original temper tantrums was……!

‘I’ll never let those assassins live.’

But, Grandfell.

Why don’t you take this opportunity to learn mercy?

Aren’t you afraid of the consequences?

They’re not even a threat to you if you let them live.

‘Of course, I’m not forcing you to do it…….’

Isn’t there a butterfly effect?

Who knows?

Maybe they’ll be useful in the real world?

‘……Well, I’m not asking you to like me.’

I looked at the tears in their eyes.

“I’m alive now.”

“Goddess. Thank you, thank you so much……!”

“Mommy, where’s Daddy?”

Is there a need to pour cold water on Sitidel?

[Curse, “Understanding Darkness” is lifted].

Of course, I could no longer interfere in Grandfell’s past.

So I won’t be around to witness the end of those dirty assassins.

That means I can’t do anything about those pitiful eyes.

‘I can only pray earnestly.’

Please, may Grandfell show mercy.


The vision flickers.

[Understanding Darkness (Curse): Greatly increases affinity with suitable magic. However, you must confront the past that is the source of this power. – Current Suitable Magic Affinity: 30%]

……What is it?

‘I’m not supposed to like this.’

I was surprised to see the system message.

A 20 percent increase in affinity is a lot to ask for when it comes to efficiency compared to the days of banging my head into the ground. Looking back, though, I realize that…….

‘The message that the past is unstable.’

The frequency of my thoughts has decreased significantly, as has the sense of strangeness in Grandfell’s body. I check the next message.

[Celestial Infant Solitude (30%): Unsurpassed, a rare genius who despises even the Goddess. Demonstrates the talents of Grandfell Claudi Arpheus Romeo.]

Increased by 20% as well.

I turned away from the message, hoping that I could use the Celestial Infant Solitude in the Demon World, because I had an experience that I couldn’t ignore.

‘So what day is it?!’

The last time I entered the [Understanding Darkness], I had unexpectedly disappeared. In preparation for that, I had written a letter to Marcelo.

Magic Tower’s office.

On the desk.

I stared at the parchment.

‘It’s already been heavily updated.’

Let’s see, at least two days old.

“I guess I’ll have to borrow Anomaly’s power.”

I said it out loud, but I meant to simply check my phone.

My instincts were right.

It had been exactly two days.

Two days and a 20 percent increase in skill proficiency in the [Celestial Infant Solitude] skill.

‘Not bad for a business, right?’

Of course.

“Time is precious.”

Apparently, there is no satisfaction in Grandfell.

After all, I’ve got another two days of work to catch up on.

I’m sure he’s not wrong.

The good news is that I’ve already told Marcelo.

‘It’s really not like that cat.’

That took some of the pressure off me and allowed me to listen to what was being said on the parchment. But……. What does that mean? No, I don’t know about the other two, but how can……?


Arcana Continent entry list.

1. Matisse Dean Karl, Senior Black Mage.

2. Bellier Yusia, Senior Healing Mage.

3. Bensch William, Senior Fire Mage.

────── (tl/n: finally William brother reunion)


Bensh William was authorized to enter the Arcana continent?!

I don’t know about the Cat Tower Master, but Marcelo was the one who approved it.

Marcelo, who makes better judgments for the Magic Tower than I do, must have had a good reason for allowing Bensch to enter the continent.

‘Anyway, it’s permission to go out.’

My mouth hangs open.

“There’s something off about the Arcana continent.”


Without hesitation, I tapped the quill.

The reply came quickly.



Sir, Antonium has sealed the gates.



I just couldn’t believe it even after seeing it.





I headed straight for the top floor of the Magic Tower. A portal in the tower would allow me to enter the Arcana continent, but I didn’t want any unnecessary attention right now.

‘The portal’s coordinates are fixed in the Claudi Territory.’

I would inevitably run into players. Moreover, Matisse, Bellier, and Bensch have already entered the Arcana Continent through the portal.

If it were known that I had also entered the Arcana Continent, I’m sure the media would run wild with their imaginations, thirsty for a scoop.

“I can’t afford to bring trouble to the family name.”

…… Yeah, let’s see some filial piety for a change.

“I’m glad you made it back safely, Sir.”

Marcelo inclines his head as I enter the top floor.

I nodded lightly, then cut to the chase.

What the hell was going on?

“Anomalies have been detected in Antonium.”

“We’ve been informed by the Holy War Alliance, and by news from adventurers. They say the Empire, or more precisely, its capital, Antonium, has cut off communications with all forces.”

“I see.”

Grandfell responded nonchalantly, but my stomach churned with surprise. No, what kind of development is this? Marcelo continues.

“It is said that even the nearby, rebuilt cities of Antonium are unaware of its existence. I’m told that even the most senior imperial officials who have been dispatched have not been able to return to Antonium.”

I was quick to reply.

“So much for the Emperor’s arbitrary judgment.”

Only the Emperor could issue such a monumental order to close Antonium in the first place. What change of heart has occurred, anyway, Emperor?

‘He never showed any signs of doing so.’

There must have been a trigger.

“As you are aware, Sir, the Magic Tower has dispatched three senior mages to the Arcana Continent to determine the true nature of this event.”

Marcelo added with a serious expression.

“It may be presumptuous of me to ask, or perhaps it’s just old age, but the senior mages of Magic Tower may be able to help us uncover the truth about Antonium, so please accompany them, sir.”

He bowed respectfully.

‘You don’t think I’ll refuse, do you?’

Me, Lee Hoyeol.

I have no intention of venturing into Antonium alone……!

Of course, it’s the Arcana continent.

Thanks to the [Last Adventurer] effect, I don’t have to worry about my life.

‘I think their intentions are lame.’

Why did they close the gates?

That means holding the people of Antonium hostage.

It was an act of blackmail.

They weren’t going to be deterred by that.

‘I’m glad to hear it.’

Matisse and Bellier.

They were two of the most skilled of the twenty senior mages, and I could trust them with my back. Only one, Bensch William, was less than convincing.

‘…… Follow the damn procedure.’

But it was Marcelo, the Tower Master’s request.

‘I may not be able to say respect.’

I can’t have vomit.

I summoned my magic without a word.


The power grew stronger and more pure. Without a murmur, I manifested a portal to the Arcana Continent. First, join the seniors.

The target coordinates are the three senior mages.

Each of them.

Taking a step forward, I soon came face to face with them.

“Chief Lee.”

“Ah, Chief!”

“Eh! Chief, Chief Lee?!”

Three senior mages, each with a different reaction.

But my gaze was drawn first to Bensch.

Yes, I hadn’t been able to ask Master Marcelo about it because of procedure.

Only by asking him would I be able to unravel this mystery.

“Bensch William, do you know why you were chosen?”

The most shameless Grandfell style of speaking.

Either he knows it or he doesn’t.

Bensch opens his mouth.

“I do.”

The answer leaves me stunned.

“Because Nash William, the Imperial Mage, is my brother.”

……Our Bensch Senior, you’re a scion of the noble family?!