Chapter 375 – The Picture I Drew (1)

◈ Episode 375. The Picture I Drew (1)

I seemed to have fallen into a deep sleep.

A deep rest that I couldn’t even dream in.

It was the first time I’ve had this kind of sleep since awakening.

I’m glad I did, but I wondered if this is what it meant to sleep like a dead man.

Seven Deadly Sins’ Wrath.

I never realized he had such an unusual pattern.

Wrath was much stronger than I expected, but I wasn’t worried.

I had faith in me.

If it wasn’t me, it was Grandfell, and he’d get it.

I’d rather worry about…….

I should be worried about me.

I realized that the enemies I face from now on are on a different level.

I realized once again.

In front of such enemies, I, Lee Hoyeol, am completely lacking.

It was different from before.

I was carrying a lot of unnecessary burdens relying on bubbles.

If I drowned in pride, the burdens would sink with me.

Therefore, what I had to do was simple.

I must increase the proficiency of the skill, [Celestial Infant Solitude].

Through the curse, [Dark Understanding].

I must fully restore Grandfell’s abilities to his prime.

It was Grandfell who could handle the situation in reality and on the Arcana Continent, not me, Lee Hoyeol. Despite that, I smiled. Maybe I should get used to this sensation.

It was dark.

Somehow, it felt darker than with my eyes closed. I felt like I was somewhere in that darkness, but I couldn’t be sure because I couldn’t see or feel anything.


I could tell that my body was not moving of its own accord.

It was as if I had been infected throughout my body.

To use an analogy…….

I guess it could be said that the usual situation between me and Grandfell has changed.

Why, I thought so.

The moment I reached 100% proficiency in the [Celestial Infant Solitude], I wondered what would happen to me.

Perhaps, thanks to my fainting condition, I was experiencing a preview of what was to come. I think I saw a message at the end that said [Blackening]……. Maybe that was the effect.

Anyway, it wasn’t a pleasant feeling, as expected.

I’m not complaining, however, because I was thinking about what normal Grandfell was like. As I drifted in the darkness, I heard a voice.

“You have stolen a ray of light from me.'”

It was my voice, but it wasn’t mine.

If it was, it was Grandfell.

Anyway, it was about a ray of light.

I didn’t know what he was talking about, but it sounded like he meant it. It was nothing, but he’s  making it seem like it meant something. Like tea bags and surfing the internet.

But I couldn’t help but be stunned by his next words.

“Then I’ll take it away from you too.”


“The Demon World, and all of you.”

The Demon World, the home of demons.

Except for the Seven Deadly Sins, which were born on the Arcana Continent, all demons, including the top demon kings, originated from the Demon World. The implications of Grandfell’s declaration were simple.

In exchange for that one ray of light.

The entirety of the Demon World.

I could see where this was heading.

I became aware of it once again.

The skill, what I felt when I first activated [Celestial Infant Solitude].

Clearly, I didn’t know enough about Grandfell.

As the system that doesn’t lie said.

I was pretty sure I only knew about 10% of it.

There was a subtle discrepancy between the settings I scribbled down and his behavior, even now. Grandfell was now openly angry.

『One of the first things Grandfell learned as the next Patriarch of the Claudi family was not to be concerned about personal matters.

The position of patriarch of the Claudi family was one in which the slightest disturbance was not tolerated.』

Unlike the setting.


I couldn’t figure it out now.

Let’s see.

Normally, I’d be freaking out at this point.

You’re going into the Demon World alone?

What if a High Ranking Demon King came out……!

You really are drowning in pride.

But that was always just my, Lee Hoyeol’s, perspective.

Of course, Grandfell might be able to do it.

At that point, I realized.

Maybe it was best to keep my eyes closed.

Maybe it’s the best thing for everyone that I can do……..

But life wasn’t so kind.

I heard a voice through the darkness.

“Who are you? You’re…….”

A man’s voice, faintly audible.

But I recognized it immediately because it was familiar.

It was Nam Taemin’s voice.

He was reciting seriously.

“Grandfell Claudi Arpheus…….”

He’s using that damn full name……!!!

The full name is someone else.

It was coming out of Nam Taemin’s mouth, who wasn’t even a stranger.

It was painful to even listen to it.

‘No matter what, it’s not as good as Romeo!’

……So, I’m afraid we’ll have to postpone the Demon Extermination for another time, Grandfell. I opened my mouth desperately. I didn’t panic, nor did I sound like I’d just woken up.

I blurted out as usual.

“That’s a new question.”


“This is Lee Hoyeol.”

And then my vision began to brighten.

Not completely.

Just enough to cast a ray of light into the infinitely deep darkness……?


-“I am Lee Hoyeol.”


Hoyeol collapsed after saying those words.

It wasn’t the least bit strange. How could he stand upright with that much blood loss, it made them wonder how he could even walk forward.

“…… Hoyeol-ssi!!!”

Nam Taemin kicked the ground, his bones shattering. He managed to catch Hoyeol before he fell to the ground in a heap. Hoyeol had passed out, not anyone else.

He should be concerned…….


Nam Taemin felt like an asshole for letting out a small laugh.

Are you arbitrarily suspicious and arbitrarily liking things, Nam Taemin?

Even though he blamed himself, he heard him say, ‘I am Lee Hoyeol.’

Hoyeol’s reply echoed in his head.

“Operation successful, all troops retreat!”

The Holy War Alliance returned to the Iron Castle with their Commander-in-Chief Hoyeol. It was not a smooth process. The [Behemoth’s Maw] was not a place to be messed with.

“Is that where all the demons were coming from?”

Enough demons to cover the Arcana continent.

No wonder their heads were spinning. Many demons were torn apart, but the number of demons that survived and walked safely across the Arcana Continent was just as great.


Chainwalker used his hammer to shake off the demons.

“Do you understand now? The continent did not allow them to invade. It just knew and couldn’t do anything about it. It was too late to do anything, which is why you should have listened to Akshan.”

Hisagi nodded. If it weren’t for the superior tanking of the Dwarves and the firepower of the Iron Castle, they would’ve been screaming to death.

But it worked. Although the Commander-in-Chief was knocked unconscious and returned to the Iron Castle. ……. That meant everyone was back on the Iron Castle.

Hisagi looked at the two spirits, Hiel and Diend.

“I apologize, my lord…….”

Hoyeol collapsed, and the two spirits returned to consciousness.

The infinite darkness that had engulfed the Arcana continent was gone.

It was as if nothing had happened.

Hisagi looked at Nam Taemin.

‘What kind of muscles are those?’

There wasn’t an inch of his limbs that wasn’t broken, and it had even already healed somewhat. Taemin was sitting upright in his chair, bandaging it with his own hands.

“I said it’s okay. I’ll do it.”

“Hold still.”

“No, do you even know how to bandage? You’re a [Berserker], and bandages are like a debuff to you. Cheolmin is my brother, and I’m not asking you to…….”

“Will you shut up?”


Leonie wrapped the bandage until it was bloodless. Nam Taemin’s brow furrowed of its own accord, and Hisagi could tell that it was a look of regret.

Gaon and Inazuma.

As masters of the guild that once represented Korea and Japan, they knew each other well. They could tell how each other were feeling just by looking at their faces. Only after Leonie had left did Hisagi turn to Nam Taemin.

“What were you two talking about?”

“You’re curious, right?”

“Yes, I’m curious.”

Taemin was surprised.

Hisagi was a stubborn man who never bent to anything.

Taemin smiled sheepishly.

The seriousness of the situation.


Even as he opened his mouth, Nam thought.

‘I don’t know what’s what, and I have a lot on my mind.’

He pushed through the pain and faced Hoyeol.

As expected, it wasn’t Hoyeol.

Aside from his long hair, he looked no different than usual.

The gaze was not his.

‘It wasn’t like he was looking at a bug, either.’

Perhaps he didn’t even see himself in his gaze.

Like he was looking at a tiny speck of dust.

No one cares what happens to the tiny specks of dust floating around.

He didn’t care about his own pain either.

This convinced Nam Taemin, so he asked.

“Can you call that a conversation? It was just a question.”

“What kind of question were you asking?”

“Just……. Who are you?”

Hisagi remembered Nam Taemin’s words.

-“That’s not the Commander-in-Chief I know. That’s not Mr. Hoyeol…….”

The moment he stepped into the [Behemoth’s Maw].

That’s what Taemin had said.

Hisagi didn’t think much of it.

“At the time, I thought it was just a metaphor.”

He just took it to mean that it was out of the ordinary. But considering Nam Taemin’s straightforward, casual way of speaking……. Hisagi gave a small laugh and continued.

“I guess I don’t have to use my head when talking to you after all.”

“You, what do you mean by that?”

“It’s a compliment.”

“Really? Then I’ll take it.”

It wasn’t just the two of them.

The Iron Castle was still full of questions.

Why the moment the line fell, the infinitely deep darkness that engulfed the continent had disappeared.

Did his long hair return to its normal length?

Did the warmth return to him?

There was still no answer.

So it was best to simply stare at the door of the cabin where Hoyeol was resting. Not neglecting their duties, of course, as he taught them.

Suddenly, Hisagi asked.

“Did the Commander-in-Chief answer any of your questions?”

“Do I have to tell you everything? What, are you going to write a memoir?”

“I’m willing to do that. A biography of the life of the commander-in-chief. When I was looking at the books in the Magic Tower, I said to myself, “There is not a single book that records the great deeds of the Commander in Chief, I should write one.”

“……You, that’s insanity.”

Nam Taemin stuck out his tongue in disbelief.

But Hisagi’s face was even more serious.

Or more accurately, it looked like he wasn’t going to give up.

Even if it meant shaking off the snake moniker.

“Well, it’s not like I can’t.”

He opened his mouth.

“But that wasn’t the end of my questions.”

“I’d like to ask you every single one.”

“You’ve always been such a dick.”

After a moment of scolding, Nam Taemin continued speaking.

“Like I said, I don’t think it’s Mr. Hoyeol. Then I thought, who the hell is that wearing Mr. Hoyeol’s uniform, and I could only think of one person.”

“I guess so.”

“That’s right.”

It was then.

“Grandfell Claudi Arpheus that Hoyeol was looking for in the Claudi Territory…….”



The door to the room where Hoyeol was lying opened.