Chapter 370 – Brushing (3)

◈ Episode 370. Brushing (3)

The Seven Deadly Sins.

Seven original sins originating from the primordial evil. They each have unique powers.

The effects of their powers are different, and their dominance cannot be divided. However, one fact is clear.

Currently, the most powerful of the Seven Deadly Sins is Wrath.

Is it because he’s the strongest of the Seven? No, as mentioned, the Seven cannot be compared to each other. There are other reasons to be confident.


Wrath’s hand flinched as Tempest bit into the nape of his neck and landed on the floor. Tempest reacted, leaping forward and tore at Wrath’s flesh with sharp teeth once more.


Still, his breathing was uninterrupted. Judging by the extent of the wound, he should have burned in the fires of hell, but instead, the flesh of Wrath was regenerated.

The reason for this was simple.

It was because he was ‘angry’.

For the first time since he was born as a Seven Deadly Sins, in fact.

The voice of Wrath rose.

“So, this is what anger is.”

It was a sensation he’d never felt before.

“Yes, it is.”

He wasn’t like the other original sins.

Greed, Envy, Lust, Gluttony, Sloth…….

Unlike the others, Wrath was an explosive sin. Such an enormous negative emotion could not come from a human being.

“You can’t be angry at bugs.”

But the situation was different now.

Now that the humans he once thought of as mere insects have not only bitten him, but have cut off his brothers’ breathing, the shrunken body of Wrath began to grow rapidly.

“Isn’t that right, Claudi!!!”

Wrath, an original sin, exploded.

The momentum of the Wrath grew uncontrollably.

First, it rose sharply, as if adding the power of the Seven Deadly Sins that had fallen to hell.


So much so that he struck away the rushing guardian spirit of Akshan with his fist.

Still, Wrath was not enraged.

He was merely angry.

“Go wild, Claudi. I know it. The anger you’ve built up inside. The truth of that day. All the emotions you must have felt. Yes, you were angry, and that’s why you bit me!”

He was still standing.

He didn’t avert his gaze.

He just stared at Wrath, as if contemplating.

The sight of him made his blood boil with anger.

“I’m telling you to stop acting so noble……!!!”



[The Great Evil, the Seven Deadly Sins of Wrath appears].

[Uncontrollable anger pulsates].

[The field changes].

I wonder if that can be called a simple change.


‘It’s just smashing everything!’

Wrath smashes everything around me with each step. I’ll admit it. The sheer power emanating from that body is overwhelming among all the opponents I’ve ever faced.


As Wrath stomped his feet, the ground collapsed, and countless fragments flew toward me like missiles.

The power contained in each fragment was no joke. Even with my magic shield deployed, I couldn’t defend against the magic surge.


A fleeting moment.

I interfered with the countless flying debris. The self-proclaimed creator of architectural magic. From the time when I had nothing to worry about, even a single rock made an amazing appearance. Numbers don’t matter, because I can skip the search process altogether.


As if stopping the debris wasn’t enough, I immediately erected a barrier. The reason for the scattering of obstructing debris is simple. It’s clearly looking for an opening to attack me.


Indeed, as expected.

Wrath’s fist was blocked by a rising rock wall.

If there was a problem…….

The power of Wrath was much stronger than expected.


As if that wasn’t enough, the rock wall, which had been repaired with magic power, shattered into pieces. Through the crumbling stone wall, Wrath appeared like a scene from a movie. It shouted,

“Don’t you already know, the truth of the day?!”


Thanks to my demon hunter’s perspective, I can see through it.

You want to use my anger to further increase your power, but how is that possible? Above all, look at my demeanor, which hasn’t changed a bit in this crisis.

[Skill ‘Natural Enemy’ is triggered].

Apart from that, it’s hard to keep up with his movements even with the stats boosted by [Natural Enemy]. From the time he rendered Tempest helpless with a simple wave of his hand, I knew.

‘I can’t let my guard down.’

Just as demons have hierarchies, the Seven Deadly Sins have hierarchies.

Or perhaps there was a trigger for Wrath to become unusually strong.

I didn’t know.

I was certain.

‘We can’t win like this.’

Me, Lee Hoyeol.

I’m pretty good at staying on topic.

I looked at my hand.

Even with the stat boosts from [Natural Enemy], I wouldn’t be able to match him.

Even if I converted [Tenacity] to [Strength] or [Agility], it wouldn’t be enough.

‘Several times the number of the Seven Deadly Sins I have faced so far.’

But what about [Legend]?

In terms of the [Legend]s that could be utilized in combat, there was Dark Dragon and Akshan. I couldn’t expect much from the latter, though. The power of a legend depends on how far it spread.

‘Materialized Akshans are actually only rookies.’

The seniors in hell might know better…….

However, I did not have the Hellfire, a prerequisite for triggering [Akshan’s Upkeep], as I had just returned the Torch of Hell to the Explorers’ Federation because of its procedural limitations.

That leaves me no choice but to utilize the legend of the Dark Dragon, Hiel, Diend or Gwicheol……. That would allow me to escape the crisis as I’ve always done.

‘But that’s not enough.’

One thing was bothering me.

Buer, the High Ranking Demon King.

My resolve after seeing him was the problem.

Beings of the Celestial Realm, High Ranking Demon Kings.

To surpass them, I need to make a more fundamental effort. I may have gotten to where I am through bubbles, but now I have to manifest those bubbles into something real.



For this bubble has carried too much on its shoulders.


Maybe I, Lee Hoyeol, was the one who complicated things.

Complicated Grandfell’s mind.

I felt a burning sensation in my abdomen.

I could hear the anger in his voice.

“Even with the hole in the side, it’s still upright..”

……Damn it, there was no need for that.

I didn’t even have to bend my head to see it.

[Status abnormality, ‘excessive bleeding’ occurs.]

[Status abnormality, ‘fainting’ occurs.]

[First World Water Blessing rejects ‘fainting’]…….


It looks like I’ve been pierced.

It must’ve been the first time I’ve allowed a demon to deal such a big blow after awakening as a player.

The [Blessing of the First World Tree] was constantly offsetting the deterioration caused by the injury, but unless I heal my torn side, it wouldn’t stop.


I realized.

What a precarious path I’ve walked.

How weak I am for not relying on bubbles.


Wrath moved in.


No wonder. Wrath would not listen to my lamentations. It stomped its feet again, this time toward me, who was already mortally wounded but not showing it.


Shards of earth scattered like missiles.

It took advantage of my obstructed view to attack me squarely.

Earlier, I tried to block it with a barrier.

It didn’t do much good.

I changed my tactics.

This time, it’s not as the self-proclaimed creator, but the officially authorized Reversal Magic of the Magic Tower.


It was the after-effect of having my side ripped off. The flow of magic circulating in the circle is not smooth, and I realize it only when I am no longer in my body.

‘……I see why everyone freaked out, huh?’

How ridiculous Reversal Magic was.

The founder of theoretical magic, Marcelo, had this to say about reversal magic.

-“Reversal magic is magic that transcends magical common sense.”

It is beyond common sense because it is so difficult to manifest.

In the blink of an eye, performing a magic trick in reverse meant that if you hesitated at any point in the process, you couldn’t even take the first step.


I was met with a dull shock.


My eyes couldn’t follow.

I couldn’t tell what hit me.

All I could see was the scenery being quickly pushed away.

A normal mage would have fainted here……. As a demon hunter, thanks to not missing a single day of training class quests, I was able to stand on my own two legs without falling to the ground.

Of course, that was all I could do. It was no exaggeration to say that two blows had left my body in tatters.

At that point, I regretted it.

‘Was the problem that we were trying to choose between means and methods…….’

There is a saying that if you do something you don’t want to do, you will die.

Me, Lee Hoyeol.

I suddenly realized the saying of ‘a hummingbird gets its leg torn off while chasing a stork’.

‘…… Damn.’

At this point, I had to admit it.

Maybe I’m in the way.

Maybe just by holding onto consciousness, I am.

No, to Grandfell.

Maybe I’m just a severe debuff.

Suddenly, I remembered the words of Gwicheol.

-My master. You truly impress me.

The moment [Celestial Infant Solitude] was triggered.

Gwicheol’s demeanor was clearly different than usual.

I may not have the ability, but I’m quick to adapt.

It’s not me that he recognized, it’s Grandfell.

I don’t blame him for changing his attitude.

On the contrary, I like you for being as honest as you are, Gwicheol.


Should I call it shock therapy?


Thanks to the flesh and bone, I’ve come to a clearer realization.

I, Lee Hoyeol, may not be able to reach the Celestial Realm.

You know it because you saw it a little while ago, right?

From now on, the enemies I face won’t give me a chance to think about anything else. If they see an opening, they’re going to pounce on it. So from now on, I don’t want them to see even the smallest opening.


And I knew that better than anyone.


‘From now on, please take care of me, Grandfell.’

[Skill, ‘Celestial Infant Solitude’ is activated].

I wonder if it was the after-effects of blood loss.

‘If not, then…….’

The message flashed through my fading consciousness.

[Status Abnormality, ‘Blackening’ occurs].




His wrath was palpable.

Power surged through his body.

The power of the Seven Deadly Sins within him.

Each of his five fingers emanated a different energy.

“Greed, Envy, Lust, Gluttony, Sloth.”

His face contorted in anger.

“My damned brothers!”

It was clear why Wrath was able to overwhelm even his natural enemy.

Wrath could only grow stronger with the death of the Seven Deadly Sins.

It was a pattern, to use an analogy from the days when Arcana was just a game, if you wanted to defeat all seven, Wrath was the first one you had to kill, no matter what it took. Wrath spoke to Hoyeol.

“You have overlooked my anger, Claudi.”

He faced it with both magic and body.

That was why victory was certain.

No matter how he hid it.

That he could not overcome himself with a wound like that.

But was it because he was sure?

Wrath didn’t notice. The fact that his silver hair had suddenly grown long enough to go beyond his waist. Soon, the tone of the resounding voice subtly changed.


The voice sounded firm.

“What you feel is not anger.”

Even in the infinitely deep darkness that spread out in all directions.


Wrath was confused.

He couldn’t understand.

Wrath muttered, echoing his last words.

“What are you talking about?”

Again, he couldn’t make it out.

That’s right.

Because the ‘level’ was different.

“□□ □□ □□ □□□ □□□□.”