◈ Episode 37. Ancient Kingdom of Yusra

The Yusra Islands.

No, the whole world.

A message appeared before the players’ eyes.

[Someone has uncovered the secret of the Yusra Islands].

[The ancient kingdom of Yusra is revealed].


The same message for all players.

A world-class message, that is.

It meant that an event of epic proportions was about to take place in Arcana history.

“See? I told you this wasn’t a normal update!”

“It’s not a treasure island, it’s an ancient kingdom…….”

“This is why I was throwing rice cakes and spraying them.”

The first message printed to players was.

It was also relayed to the general public by the players.

Park Hwigang, his fellow Netubers, and others quickly broke the news.

“……The ancient kingdom of Yusra has appeared!” he wrote.

“Crazy. Brothers, the content is all over the place!”

“Who’s that somebody? No, how does a hack like me know that, again!!!”

Similarly excited viewers.

-Treasure Island was an ancient kingdom?

-So it was a very rich kingdom.

-Is it an ancient oil kingdom or something?

-If it’s restored, we’ll lose…?

As an ancient kingdom, it would take time and effort to restore it, but if it could be restored to its former glory, the Kingdom of Yusra would be worth a fortune.

He agreed.

“Expert. If the breaking news that just came in is true, isn’t this the first time a nation has been summoned to reality?”

“Yes, it is, and it’s a big deal!”

“Can we estimate its value?”

“First, if we simply look at the role the Empire played in Arcana. Even if it is restored to some degree, the Kingdom of Yusra will, for the first time ever, be worth an incredible amount…….”

The first Arcana nation to be summoned to reality.

Because that’s what the Kingdom of Yusra was.

The emergence of a new nation.

It was also an ancient kingdom.

A time when Arcana was just a game.

A world-class event even back then.

Even in real life, the Kingdom of Yusra was revealed in the first nation-level update.

So this moment.

A hot topic, the tension in the Kingdom of Yusra is hard to describe.

Shining, the world’s greatest guild.

The Guild Master, Rox, was frozen in mid-battle.

“……What happened?”

……Wait, let’s rewind a bit.

Level 500 Skeletons.

We entered the Golden Palace and they swarmed us.

Without Jesse.

The Shining wasn’t at full strength either.

Even taking that into account, the Skeleton army was too strong.

Why were they able to hold out?

‘Simple patterns compared to their stats.

High levels.

Relentless health.

But the way they attacked was simple.

Even its weapon wielding looks sloppy.

‘It’s easy enough to take down.

That was why Rox didn’t back down.

Sure, it would take a long time, but it was worth the effort.

Not just any demon, but a big one.

And given the nature of Treasure Island.

The loot that would be dropped would be worth a lot.



Suddenly, the skeletons collapsed.

They had been reduced to bones.

What the sight meant was simple.

The master of the Golden Palace, the Great Evil, had fallen.

At the same time, a message surfaced.

Shining, the guild began to chant.

“…… broke through the skeleton field and defeated the Great Evil?”

“Is that possible?”

“What kind of bastards are they? Chungha Tongil? No, those bastards couldn’t have done it……?”

What are we saying?

It was the kind of thing that would have made Chungha Tongil cringe twice if he’d heard it.

“It’s obvious, it’s The Shining again, those assholes……!”

The Shining and Unification of Korea.

As bad as they are.

They knew each other well enough to recognize each other.

Had they broken through this skeleton siege?

No, it’s impossible.

Rox and Liu Zunqun.

The two guild masters spoke at the same time.

“It’s not the Shining.”

“It’s not the Shining!”

Question marks appeared on the faces of the guild members.

They were not alone in their doubts.

The message was in front of every player’s eyes.

It was inevitable that players would have questions.

So who is the “someone” in the message?


[Hidden Quest: Kingdom of Yusra].

The legendary treasure island has reappeared.

The king wants to make amends and regain his pride.

Give the crown to the king of the Kingdom of Yusra. (Success)

[You have fulfilled the condition].

[You have uncovered the secrets of the Yusra Islands].

[The ancient kingdom of Yusra is revealed].

And a hidden quest……!

I can’t believe this quest actually exists.

At first, I couldn’t help but be skeptical.

I’d never seen one before, no matter how much I searched.

The story of the first time class quests came to mind.

At the time, I had searched for all the quests in Arcana.

There were all kinds of quests, but I hadn’t heard of hidden quests.

But I had an inkling.

In the twelve years since I left Arcana.

I’d been through the wringer, and I’d learned to notice.

“…… Something’s not right.

Most of all, it was the quest’s conditions.

Nothing else, but a crown.

It was an Epic-grade item to be handed over to the king.

‘My stats were terrible. Was there a reason for that?

My hopes were long gone.

I didn’t need to defend the integrity of Grandfell.

I’m a man without the slightest bit of regret.

No, I had crowned the king of the Kingdom of Yusra.

And now.

The insistent message.

[Your relationship with the Kingdom of Yusra has reached its maximum].

[Your influence in the kingdom of Yusra has reached its maximum].

[Your ‘Privileges’ feature has been activated in the Kingdom of Yusra].

……Relationship with the Kingdom, Influence, and even the Authority feature?

These were unfamiliar words to me.

‘It must be so.’

Back when Arcana was a game, and even now.

I wasn’t in a position to have ties or influence with any particular country, but apparently……. I guess that position is different now?

“It’s all about maximization.

Plus, you’ve enabled the “Privileges” feature.

Part of me wanted to check it out right away.

There are so many other messages that come to mind.

Hold on, let’s put that aside.

First, no loot dropped.

“Second time’s the charm.

Maybe it’s just bad luck.

‘If not, then…….

A demon possessing someone doesn’t drop items.

It’s too early to tell.

Still, I’m not disappointed.

[Leveled up]…….

It’s getting to the point where it’s faster to check the status window than to count the lines.

[Name: Grandfell Claudie Arpheus Romeo]

[Class: Demon Hunter]

[Level: 226]


Strength: 27 / Dexterity: 33 / HP: 126 / Luck: 3

[Points Reserved: 50]

You have slain the great evil, the Seven Sins Greed.

Thanks to you, I gained a whopping 50 levels……!

Beyond my personal best, I wonder if this is the maximum in the system.

It’s a lot of experience, to say the least.

However, it wasn’t an excessive reward.

“I just killed a level 650 monster by myself.

Suddenly, I thought to myself.

Had I really gotten that strong?

It was certainly different from when I faced Count Ascura.

I had to rely on the power of Jesse Hynes to take him down.

Of course, a lot has happened in a short period of time.

I got involved with the Magical Tower Society, learned about magic, and…….

I also improved the manifestation of that magic.

Not to mention the brooch.

“Cooperation with the Knights of the Lionheart, Gaon, and Berserker.

As if that wasn’t enough, I was currently in a state of magical exhaustion.

I’d used up all the energy I’d saved to defeat a guy who couldn’t even fight back due to his old ways.

But I had a hunch.

“……Seven Deadly Sins Greed.

It was a demon hunter’s sense.

Apart from my growth.

From one who professes to be a great evil.

I sensed an immature demonic aura.

‘He didn’t seem to know anything about demonic rituals.

Above all, ignorance of demonic rituals.

That meant he had no knowledge of demon hunters.

‘You don’t know about the Demon Hunter, a great evil and natural enemy?

……Well, the reason for this is beyond me at this point.

But one thing is clear.

Demons hunted by demon hunters are cast into hell, never to return. This was no exception for the Great Evil.

The words of an Akshan demon hunter come to mind.

-That’s why demons fear us.

I lifted my gaze and looked at the remains of the Seven Deadly Sins Greed.


Just as Count Ascura had done.

Thick smoke rose from his trail.

Then I sensed a figure walking toward me.

It was Harkon.

“What should I do with this, Lord Ho-Yeol?”

I asked, straightening my disheveled clothes.

“I did what I had to do.”

I said it bluffly, but I was merely fulfilling a quest.

But it was the kind of thing that could easily be misunderstood if left unsaid.

The corners of Harkon’s eyes glazed over in a way I had never seen before.

“I cannot help but regret once again.”

……Please don’t cry, Harkon.

Crying will only make my feelings of remorse worse.

It was a man who brought the mood back.

No, I should call him the King of the Kingdom of Yusra.

“…… O silver man. May I ask your name?”

He asked me, still kneeling.

He’s still the king, I thought to myself.

Even a king shaking his head.

I was the one who took it for granted.

Without a moment’s hesitation, I opened my mouth.

“I am Lee Ho-yeol.”


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Maximum connection and influence.

I was realizing the power of the message.

Hakuna, King of the Kingdom of Yusra.

King of a long-defunct ancient kingdom.

A position that cannot be ignored.

Look at the golden palace that still stands.

It’s so luxurious that you wonder if you could buy all of Seoul’s building stock if you sold just this one palace.

The owner of such a golden palace, the king of the Kingdom of Yusra.

Hakuna turned to me.

“What does the benefactor think?”

And in a very polite manner.

I never taught him any manners.

It’s all about the rewards of the Hidden Quest, I suppose.

Of course, I snapped back.

“It would be right to rebuild the Kingdom of Yusra. What the country needs, Hakuna, you know better than I do.”

You may be king, but you are not my lord.

There’s no need to hang your head in shame.

Yes, it was Grandfell’s attitude that made sense even to me.

“No matter what.”

Most of all, look at the surprised faces of the players.

“……Taemin’s brother. What am I looking at?”

“Sis. I shouldn’t be surprised that he tackled the chief mage. He’s talking to the king?!”

“Wow. He’s an as*h*le.”

I couldn’t agree more with that last statement.

Then Hakuna spoke up.

“You are right, my benefactor. Be proud, though, as you said……. I am concerned. Who can trust and follow a king who has turned his back on his people…….?”

I said harshly.

“It is up to you to believe and follow. King of Yusra. You already think you have nothing to fear. And yet you are worried?”

“……I am, ashamed to say.”

“I see.”

What a futile worry.

The value of the Kingdom of Yusra.

It was enormous, even for someone like me who didn’t know much about Arcana.

After all, isn’t the Kingdom of Yusra a treasure island?

Not only the monsters that appeared around it, but also the resources that grew from the ground.

By comparison, the Kingdom of Yusra was like an undervalued stock with nothing to show for it.

There were players, guild by guild, who would line up to establish friendly relations with Hakuna, even if it meant working for no pay……!


“Then I’ll propose it as my ‘privilege’.”

Now would be a good time to utilize my active privileges.

Why, there’s give and take in everything.

I continued.

“I nominate the Knights of the Lionheart, the Gaon, and the Berserker Guilds, gathered here, as those who will contribute to the rebuilding of the Kingdom of Yusra.”


“King Hakuna, what are your thoughts?”

Of course, there was no way Hakuna would refuse my offer.

Everyone was stunned.

I thought nonchalantly as I looked at them.

At least not in this kingdom of Yusra.

My authority overrides your right to refuse.

If you’re so inclined, you can activate your privileges like I did…….


Now that the great evil is gone.

There is no natural enemy, no epic battle between Grandfell and the Demon.

I’ve pushed myself too hard, and I’m feeling the repercussions.

Damn, this is harder than it should be……!

My whole body shakes in the aftermath of magic exhaustion.

Most of all, my eyelids are closing.


But I shrug off the interview request.

My gait never falters.

Pride is so tiring.

I turned to the portal.

“Mr. Ho-Yeol, I really don’t know how to repay you for this favor! I’ll do my best, and so will Gaon, and we won’t let you down.”

Until the end.

The reason Nam Tae-min was so grateful was simple.

To work for the rebuilding of the kingdom.

Like I said, it was a great opportunity to build relationships and influence with the Kingdom of Yusra. See, Hakuna, I told you I’d line up for unpaid service, didn’t I?

“Thank you, and I’ll be sure to repay the debt later.”

I chuckled.

I don’t think Leonie’s position is much different.

Of course, in the case of the Knights of the Lionheart, it was my word against his.

“Ser Harkon. Have I done something wrong?”

“By no means, Sir Ho Yeol. We are more at home here than we would be in a strange city, and I am grateful for your consideration.”

Most of all, Harcon and the Knights of the Lionheart liked the fact that they could train their dulled senses here.

Considering the level of the monsters they encountered, it would be plenty of training for them.

“Let’s go back.

The possibilities of the Yusra Kingdom flashed through my mind.

Among them, I can use…….

I stopped thinking about it.

‘I can’t think too deeply anymore.

I want to lie down.

I want to go to bed.

I want to sleep.

I travel through the portal and arrive at the tower.

I stop by the lab.

I plan to send the parchment for appraisal and then return home.

I use research as an excuse to send in three items for appraisal.

Level 400 restricted item, [Vampire Count’s Orb], purified through the Ritual of Exorcism.

A Pure Emerald Crystal, obtained by killing an Emerald Tiger.

And finally, the [Island Treasure, Silk of Giant Lava Carp Scales].

However, my halberd stopped in front of the door to the laboratory.


A large tinfoil hat stood blocking the door.

Another angle.

It had recognized my footsteps.

The tin foil hat flinched for a moment.

From under the hat.

Its pupils glistened with exclamation marks.

“You’re here! I’ve been waiting for you, Ho-yeol!”


The head bowed respectfully.

A hand neatly placed on the navel.

Needlessly polite.

“I’m sorry, sir, but I have a few questions about magic!”

……unable to refuse.

“I trust your questions are as well thought out as your wait.”

I opened the door.

“Come on in. Jesse Heinness.”