◈ Episode 360. Do Flowers Bloom in Abandoned Lands (3)

Blood Elves.

If the Blood Elves are merely mad with blood and killing.

How did the World Tree allow such a fate to befall its own bloodline?


Those who could question it

were no longer in the world.

[Blood Elf, ‘Elsidor’ appears].

The supernovae who first witnessed the message are buried deep beneath the kingdom of Yusra, so another question must be asked. How do they see the Blood Elf in this moment?


The Chinese players against the flooding rift.

They look to Elsidor, breathing heavily.

“What kind of move…….”

“Movement aside, what kind of power is in that sword technique? I mean, it took him less than a minute to clear a single rift! It’s like he’s in a different dimension.”

“More than that, why is that creature helping us?”

A bitter laugh escapes.

“I don’t know, the message says it’s a blood elf. Does being a blood elf make you stronger or something? Anyway, it saved my life, now all I need to do is heal my wounds…….”

The player remembered his tattered belly skin.

A monster’s blow that even a level 300 [Rare] equipment couldn’t block.

It’s a serious injury, but he should be grateful to be alive…….


There was no.

No wounds.

Only a single red thread of blood from the flesh where the wound had been left, giving a hint as to why the man’s wound had healed for some reason.


The red thread was connected to Elsidor, the Blood Elf.

Elsidor recognized it, vaguely.

Something was different.

The sensation of being covered in blood.

It wasn’t the pleasure he’d felt before.

There was warmth in the sticky, fishy blood.

Warm, a warmth.


Elsidor gave a small laugh.

It was similar to the warmth he’d felt from his mother, the World Tree.

Elsidor looked at the red aura emanating from him.

Or, more accurately, he stared at the mass of blood rushing to him.

It was something he could neither see nor understand.

How could humans, who were considered no better than worms.

Why he felt the same warmth as his mother.


But Elsidor didn’t think much of it.

The warmth was unfamiliar.

Maybe it was because the monster in front of him was unnerving.

Whatever the reason, it was good.

“What I do doesn’t change.”

The important thing is to bloom in the weeds.

It was a favorable command.

Thankfully, Elsidor didn’t realize it.

The most important thing for a flower to bloom is a moderate temperature.

The warm blood provided just the right temperature.

Elsidor himself had blossomed and bloomed.

Kinver stamped out his cigarette and raised a brow.

“That’s how it’s done, you idiot.”

There were hundreds of victims in China that day.

There were fifteen collapsed rifts alone, most of them killed inside the rifts while trying to stop them from collapsing. But there were no civilian casualties.

-I heard that Elsidor changed to a Blood Elf!

-Is that the right word?

-Anyway, that’s pretty crazy.

-Who knew a blood-crazed psycho elf would turn into a blood elf with an always-on AoE heal? LOL

Thanks to the blood flower’s life force.

Elsidor’s work heralded the arrival of spring in the frozen land.

Of course, it was still too early for the other flowers to bloom.

But Elsidor was pleased.

“This land is warm.”

Because in this moment, the warmth he felt was real.

It was real.

And then, there were those who approached him.

“We are Players from China……. No, we’re here to express our gratitude on behalf of the Adventurers. We mean no offense, and if you find us intrusive, we’ll leave immediately.”

They can’t even look up.

His overly dramatic demeanor reminded him of the notoriety he had earned in the Adventurer’s World, so Elsidor remembered to stay on topic.

Even if it had blossomed into a flower.

For the flower never bloomed of its own accord.

Elsidor turned away with one last word.

“You should thank Him, not me.”

“When you say Him, do you mean……?”


Elsidor’s feet stop.

The Dark Dragon, Chief of the Magic Tower, a ray of light in an infinitely deep darkness…….

There are so many tinnitus, it’s not even easy to pick one.

‘It’s not sticking to my mouth yet.’

Besides, he was too embarrassed to say the names right away, not to mention the fact that he had just called Hoyeol an insolent human bastard, so Elsidor added nonchalantly.

“There is only one whom I will call Him.”

Well, that was enough for now.


AAU branch leaders meeting.

Park Minjae, AAU’s Korean branch leader, was scolded for holding back his laughter.

‘Your facial expressions are worth seeing.’

Just one day.

It’s no exaggeration to say that AAU has been on a turbulent roller coaster. The collapse of the Heavenly Unity from nowhere. China’s inability to deal with the rift has left the country teetering on the brink of collapse.

‘In many ways, everyone was expecting it.’

That the AAU would finally be able to exert its influence.

But as they looked to China.

Their salivating hopes were dashed.

[Blood Elf, Elsidor Saves China!]

[Elsidor, “Everything is His will.”]

[Close Encounters: Why did Lee Hoyeol save China?]…….

Once again.

The London branch leader, Mr. Baker, opens his mouth to address the nervous-looking branch leaders.

“As expected, it’s General Manager Yusra, and he’s canceled the branch meeting to prepare to enter the Arcana Continent, and he’s managed to defuse the Heavenly Unity crisis in the midst of all that.”

Park Minjae was right on point.

It was because it was ungrateful and condescending.

Some branch leaders change their attitudes whenever it suits their interests.

Nations entangled with them.

“Where is that? Elsidor, I never thought I’d see you completely transmogrify that nuisance. Surely tending to plants in a flower garden is good for your emotions?”


Park Minjae’s gaze swept the room.

By the way, Park’s nickname at Cosmo was Crazy Guy.

He was the one who ran at the CEO.

“Don’t you think we should bring a few potted plants to the meeting? I mean, if that’s not enough, some of you guys need to remodel the branch leader’s office into a botanical garden.”

Korean spiciness.

Park’s explicit remark made them flinch.


A few of the branch leaders cringed, but that was it.

They had done something to deserve to be stabbed in the foot.

Park studied their faces carefully.

‘A new phase is coming soon.’

The portal to the Arcana Continent opened.

Shallow pride would be shaken in the face of a vast land of opportunity.

Bitter, but not surprising.

That’s the way humans are.

Park Minjae shrugged.

‘Well, my pride and leisure…….’

Maybe it stemmed from the fact that the general manager of Yusra was a Korean like me, so he didn’t have any unnecessary feelings of superiority.

He just kept one thing in mind.

‘You may know what’s inside the water, but you can’t know what’s inside people.’

Hoyeol had a lot on his plate.

Park Minjae was going to pay more attention to Hoyeol because he was going to be unable to attend the branch meetings more often.

He’s busy moving forward, and he can’t be stabbed in the back, can he?


Magic Tower’s Lobby.

[Target Coordinates: Arcana Continent].

“It floated, it floated!!”

A cheer erupts from the players camped in front of the portal.


The portal to the Arcana Continent has opened.

A series of messages popped up in front of Park Hwigang’s eyes.

[Two completely different worlds required knowledge and power that encompassed both worlds. The person who achieved extraordinary achievements did not even leave a name, but great achievements will never be forgotten.]

What is an explorer?

A piece of map.

Sometimes they track down the location of a treasure based on rumors in a tavern. One of the most skilled of these explorers is Federation explorer Park Hwigang.

For him, this mystery was a piece of cake.

“It’s you, Hoyeol!”

He had accomplished the great feat of connecting reality and the Arcana Continent.

As if it were a matter of course.

He didn’t even leave a name.

“If it were me, I’d just put my name on it. Every time I use the portal, I’m imprinting my name on the players! Is that too much of an honor? Oh, come on. I broadcast it because it is a religious service.”

There were unavoidable circumstances that prevented Hoyeol from leaving his name…….

There was no way the players, let alone Park Hwigang, could have guessed the reason.


-Are you going to go straight in?

-I hope the broadcast doesn’t get cut off.

-Why don’t you record it?

-And I’ll watch it all again, so post it on NetTube!

It’s not enough to get stuck at the portal entrance.

I couldn’t wait to see the Arcana continent beyond the portal.

Of course, Park Hwigang was in no hurry.

“First, let’s check the exact coordinates! Even Lord Hoyeol warned me that the Arcana Continent is dangerous! Even before the Cataclysm, it wasn’t strange to die outside the city walls at any time…….”

Now, even the walls provided by the Empire have collapsed.

On top of that, there are probably a lot of demons out there, hungry for their own flesh. With that in mind, the players who were about to enter the city began to have realistic concerns.

“Is there a better place to stay than ……?”

“Forget lodging. You said the only decent city is the Imperial capital, Antonium, so I’ll just have to pray that it falls somewhere close to Antonium.”

“I don’t know about you, but I have to sit down to use the restroom.”

The road to the Arcana continent is open.

The excitement of this fact was too much for those who hadn’t thought of the practicalities. This was why they had to set up a base camp on the continent, just as they had in the Zero Mountains.

But then I thought.

“Anyway, we can’t have it, so we’ll come back when we can.”

With that, the player in the lead stepped through the portal.

At the same time, the scenery of the destination flashed in his mind.

It was definitely the Arcana continent.


He had heard that there were no intact cities or provinces on the current Arcana Continent. Even Antonium, the capital of the empire, was said to have suffered a wall collapse.

But it was strange in another way.

“What, what’s so colorful?!

No, it’s not colorful, it’s gorgeous.

What kind of city are those vast estates and mansions?

The player is confused.

Then the specific destination information is revealed.

[Target Coordinates: Arcana Continent – Claudi Territory].

“……Wait, surely it’s Claudi?!”

Too great to be buried and hidden by time.

A very great family.

Claudi was beginning to reveal itself.