◈ Episode 358. Do Flowers Bloom in Abandoned Lands (1)

It’s not a bullshit.

I really meant it from the bottom of my heart.

I can’t believe you’re sick at that age.

‘You’re really amazing.’

Liu Zunqun.

That bastard.

I should have recognized him whenever he called himself a lord……!

Anyway, it seemed that he had begun to scheme again.

‘What a mess!’

This is why history is so important.

Thanks to this, I was able to figure out what Heavenly Unity was aiming for and why they did the “founding” thing in just a few lines of text. In short, the Heavenly Unity plans to live up to its name.

The current Arcana continent was a seething melting pot. Countless factions were sprouting up from the ashes, including the Empire, which had begun to rebuild.

A simple analogy would be the Spring and Autumn Warring States Period.

For Liu Zunqun, who had already attained the [Monarch] class and advanced to [Tyrant], such an Arcana Continent would be like a fish out of water.

‘You’ve been watching the continent through the Long Shenglac and made a judgment.’

Anyway, the problem is that you think of favors as rights.

I didn’t open the portal to the Arcana Continent for you. Of course, Liu Zunqun won’t be able to return to reality from the Arcana Continent through normal means.

His connector would be like a one-way train, and it wouldn’t allow him to utilize the portal in the Magic Tower. Liu Zunqun was one of the few humans who could make Grandfell’s patience explode.

‘You think I’m going to let you use the Demon Tower Portal?’

Cold sarcasm flowed from my mouth.

“It’s not something you can win by imitating it.”

……Hold on, Grandfell.

‘Are you angry with them?’

The Four Families and the Five Counts.

There was definitely a similar smell.

Moreover, Liu Zunqun would know of the Four Families’ existence because he had seen them through the eyes of the Long Shenglac. As for the Five Counts, it might be because he was conscious of my Four Families that he made it five, one more than four.


‘Please don’t get all weirdly competitive, Grandfell.’

Theirs is a plague, and ours is a pride, isn’t it?

But my pleas fell on deaf ears.

To Liu Zunqun, who is no different from a demon.

The pride of Grandfell could not be more harsh.

“However, don’t even think about setting yourself up on the Arcana Continent.”

The disposition came soon after.

“Hiel, Diend. Answer the call.”

“I, Hiel, have answered your call.”

“Diend, have answered the call.”

Hiel stood before me, her head bowed, and Diend shrouded in darkness.

How could they speak and act so alike?

I had a bitter taste in my mouth, for it seemed that each had colored the other, but…….

I commanded my faithful right and left arms.

“It is time to remind these arrogant people who the true owners of this continent are. Do not allow them to claim anything without my permission.”

Of course, the pride of Grandfell.

From my point of view, it was also the right thing to do. I welcomed the Holy War Alliance with open arms as it grew stronger through the buffs being applied to the Arcana continent.

‘The Heavenly Unity is strictly a hostile force.’

Especially Liu Zunqun, that bastard.

Do you really think I want to let him enjoy the buffs I worked so hard for?

In that respect, I could only sympathize with Grandfell.

Through the [Curse, Dark Understanding].

I’d gotten to know about 10% of Grandfell’s past.

I don’t know what it was.

‘……Should I be happy or sad?’

I realized a sense of pride or a sense of dark history.

Anyway, it was all in my mind.

And I wasn’t in the mood for philosophizing.

The weight of his immediate burdens was overwhelming enough.

“Hiel, will follow your will.”

“Diend will follow your orders.”

As Hiel and Diend returned to the Arcana Continent, I threw myself back into my work. Yes. Fusing a dragon heart into a portal does not mean that your ancestors will grant your wish for free.

‘Exploration, Interference, Manifestation.’

I alternately engraved the structure of the Magic Tower’s portal and the Dragon Heart into my mind. The only person who can understand and manipulate the Dragon Heart, which is the existence of [『Anomaly』], is because I, who have also entered the realm of Anomaly, is the only one who can understand and manipulate the Dragon Heart.

I immersed myself in my work and suddenly spoke up.

“The crime of obstruction of business execution will also be included in the disposition.”

……One thing I’m sure of is that you’re worse off than me, Grandfell.


When I heard the news of the Heavenly Unity.

It was evening, after the afternoon’s work.

It wasn’t Hiel or Diend who returned with the news.

Golden Palace, Kingdom of Yusra.

It was thanks to my usual wandering – surfing the internet – in the run-up to the Holy War Alliance meeting. I’d simply gotten to the breaking news faster than anyone else.

[Breaking News] Heavenly Unity destroyed……?

[Breaking News] Heavenly Unity lost contact with key branches

[Breaking News] Liu Zunqun’s whereabouts unknown…… Heavenly Unity official says, “I don’t remember anything……. I will not comment on Liu Zunqun.”

But what about destruction?

Doesn’t that make sense?

This is a nation that used its founding message to publicize its bullshit to the world. I thought the media would have something to say about that…….

Why no articles, no comments, no community posts?

I couldn’t figure out why.

But the inauguration of the Heavenly Unity was a big deal that could have stirred up even the heaviest of Grandfell pride. It should have stirred up a lot of excitement in the player community, especially with the message…….

-Wow, that’s some serious bullshit.

-That’s all blood? No deaths, though???

-Wow, that’s pretty gruesome…. ㄷㄷㄷㄷㄷㄷ

-Anyway, I recommend it to you if you feel sorry.

The players were only interested in the end of the Heavenly Unity.

If it were me in the past, I would have been holding my head and struggling alone from now on.

To see through the bullshit behind the rise and fall.

But not now.

“The Heavenly Unity has come to an end.”

Our Holy War Alliance is full of stalwarts who can be trusted in such a situation. In particular, there are players who know more about Liu Zunqun than I do.

“Let me ask you what your thoughts are.”

The guild masters of Gaon and Inazuma, respectively.

Nam Taemin and Hisagi.

Hisagi spoke first in response to my question.

“We won’t know the truth of the rumors until we see his body, and even before the Cataclysm, Liu Zunqun was rumored to be a thorough man who trusted no one.”

Nam Taemin nodded vigorously at Hisagi’s words.

Something had happened between the two of them.

It could only mean that Liu Zunqun was annoying.

“Actually, considering his despicable personality, I wonder if the whole mess is his own doing. At first glance, it looks like he’s been attacked and Liu Zunqun has either gone missing or fled…….”

Nam Taemin adds, sounding genuinely curious.

“Who in the world could do such a thing? I mean, it’s one thing to be in the Zero Mountains, but to come into China, which is like a safe house for the Heavenly Unity, and wipe it out without leaving a trace.”

Harkon looked at the wounded and muttered softly.

“Certainly swordsmanship of this caliber is not common.”

His expression was meaningful…….

‘Why, you seem to have an idea who did this.’

I, Lee Hoyeol, was tempted to pry, but I figured there must be a reason he was being so reticent, if not the others.

‘Let’s ask him about that when we’re alone.’

Besides, we need to get to the point.

The topic of Liu Zunqun and the Heavenly Unity in the first place?

It wasn’t on the agenda of the Holy War Alliance’s reunion, because as far as Grandfell was concerned, Liu Zunqun was nothing less than a demon, and therefore not worth thinking about.

Yes, there was another matter at hand.

“You may begin.”

“Yes, sir!”

The glasses rose at my permission.

Nam Cheolmin huffed and puffed.

He opens his laptop and puts a hologram in the air.

“As you know, China is the only country in the world that hasn’t signed the AAU Convention! Due to the power of the super-giant Guild of Heavenly Unity and the aggressive introduction of the Modernizer. Thanks to this, China has so far managed to bridge the rifts created within itself.”

A view from the Zero Mountains.

It wasn’t a connection that could be made by adding up once or twice.

Unless, of course, they actively borrowed the power of modern firearms.

Players in the Heavenly Unity would not be able to gain full experience.


‘Because it was only for one person.’

Liu Zunqun.

It wouldn’t even matter to him.

He’s the one who went so far as to sacrifice his guildmates to the Great Evil.

He didn’t care about the growth of his guild members or the players of his country.

He couldn’t have cared less, could he?

Such a festering wound cannot be easily healed.

It’s more likely to burst under these circumstances.


Keyboard tapping.

He tapped away at the keys, and an estimate hovered above the hologram.

“At least 200 million. That’s my estimate of the casualties that will occur if the rift created in China is left unchecked for the next month. Plus, if any undead-like monsters with force-expanding traits were to emerge…….”


The graph soars toward the ceiling.

Over 300 million, towards 400 million, towards 500 million.

‘You must have guessed, this is how it’s going to end.’

I’m the one who witnessed the founding message.

It means they know this is part of their plan.

I couldn’t think of anything nice to say.

It’s really, really disappointing. Liu Zunqun.

I whispered.

“Even the place where you stay must be beautiful.”

……It’s not wrong.

It’s not a twist, I’m just reciting a phrase from the restroom at a highway rest stop, Grandfell……! The only good thing is that there are only three Koreans in the room, me, Nam Taemin, and Nam Cheolmin.

As Nam Taemin shook his head, I spoke up.

“What a cowardly and irresponsible way to leave.”

Who would have thought that he would abandon billions of people and irresponsibly disappear while claiming that he is the main authority? At this point, it is safe to say that Liu Zunqun has surpassed Raymond Sean.

‘It’s just too much.’

Talim, leader of the Holy Knights of the Goddess Church.

He stared at the map on the hologram and spoke.

“On the map, it looks like China is connected to most of the world by land. If the rift were to collapse, it would be devastating not only to China, but also to its neighbors.”

This brings us to a practical issue.

China was the only country not to join the AAU, and it used that to its advantage to gain diplomatic leverage over the rest of the world. Of course, it was a diplomatic advantage because of its rhetoric.

‘Because it was actually a way of saying it was a stomachache.’

It was clear that China was going to collapse with the fall of the Heavenly Unity.

It was clearly visible.

How would the AAU and the world react in such a situation?

I could tell by the public’s reaction.

-Whether you fail or not, you are my alpha?

-Who would want to shoot a monster like that? LOL

-Even if you cry and fuss, the lost experience will not come back~

-If they hadn’t been trolls, they would have seen the Arcana ending.

-I think we need to block the border first.

Of course, it is.

I, an individual player.

I don’t know the full extent of the emotions between countries.

However, I do know that China’s actions have caused many countries problems. Back in the days of the Zero Mountains, the AAU strongly condemned the atrocities of the Chinese carrier fleet.

But, as Talim said, the Rift is a catastrophe.

We don’t know what it will lead to.

The AAU will have no choice but to support China at the appropriate time.

But in doing so, it will demand a great price from China.

‘Compensation or whatever.’

I understood.

‘That’s the politics of the real world.’

But how could Grandfell allow that?

Especially when you realize that hundreds of millions of lives are at stake.

Grandfell’s uncompromising pride would not allow him to stand idly by.

And Grandfell’s temper was not to be denied.

At least this one.

As a member of the Holy War Alliance, you know this well.

So I didn’t have to tell you.

Then, a new hologram emerged.

“We designed the China rescue operation accordingly!”

The entire Holy War Alliance focused on Nam Cheolmin’s words.

It’s comforting to see them.

It seems I’m not the only one feeling a surge of pride.

Suddenly, Harkon spoke up.

“Mr. Cheolmin, can you hold off on the explanation for a moment?”

” ……? Ah, yes, I will.”

“Thank you.”

He turned to me and spoke meaningfully.

“I have something to tell you, Commander-in-Chief.”

“What is it about, Harkon?”

“About the ‘right person’ for the job.”

……The right person?

It is indeed Knight Commander Lionheart, Harkon.

As expected, someone guessed.


An Elegant Flower Garden.

Elsidor leisurely tended to the flowers.

He couldn’t tell what kind of flowers the arrogant man had planted.

Is it because of the touch of this body?


An arrogant laugh.

“I suppose this is as good as Sisley’s flowers.”

Elsidor’s self-congratulation was short-lived, however.

Elves have advanced hearing.

It allowed him to hear sounds.


There was a stabbing.


Elsidor feigned nonchalance. Kinver, the trash, said it was anyone’s guess as to what they had done. He didn’t know why, but he said it was because they left no evidence behind.

However, Elsidor was not as cruel as everyone else.

A chilling voice behind his back.

He turned, and there was Hoyeol, stroking the flowers.

In the words that follow soon.


Elsidore dropped the seedling shovel.

“It looks like the weeds have been cut, Elsidor.”


As expected, this man saw everything……!!!