Chapter 356 – I See Everything

◈ Episode 356. I See Everything

I assure you, I will not live up to my name.

‘You don’t even have to say that!’

Of course, this is probably what I said because I was faithful to the procedures.

Why, the next Tower Master candidate quest.

From a gentle giant to a damn dark dragon.

They were all running under aliases.

‘It’s a good thing my full name didn’t appear…….’

Still, I said it myself.

It was still painful to call myself Dark Dragon.

Of course, my iron skin still maintained a poker face.

To handle the reactions that are sure to come.

It was important to keep my composure.

“……What did you just say?”

The next Tower Master candidate had resigned.

Sapphire Hall was already buzzing with excitement at my declaration.

The atmosphere becomes even more tumultuous.

But there’s a difference.

“What, a resignation?!”

“Senior Bensch, you can grab me and shake me, but I don’t know anything……!!!”

“Then what do you know, Vangrit?”

“I don’t know, the results of Senior Bensch’s application for the next attendance?”

“What, what, how could you possibly know that……!”

The Magic Tower, who had managed to maintain their composure despite their embarrassment, were becoming agitated, and Yugweed was no exception.

Yugweed cautiously approached.

“Is it possible that I’ve spiked your medicine, Chief Lee?”

I did get a little high when they call me next Tower Master.

Even so, that’s not the reason.

You still don’t know about Grandfell?

‘If only I moved as I felt.’

I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty sure Raymond Sean and the Heavenly Unity are no longer from this world, right? From the point of view of me, Lee Hoyeol, who is not a saint, those guys went way beyond the line.

But they’re still alive and well, right?

What does that mean?

There are no personal feelings in any of Granfell’s actions.

“Mere emotions cannot move me.”

“Then why did you resign from the election of the next Tower Master……?”

“Because I saw a loophole in the Magic Tower’s rules.”



As I have said repeatedly, it took a damned good cause to get Grandfell’s pride going.

It’s not a duel of proof that I could say no to if I wanted to, and I can’t just drop out of the running if I’m not interested in being the next Tower Master.

At that point, Marcelo asked.

“Chief Lee Hoyeol, I’m asking you on behalf of Magic Tower.”

I nodded.

‘Am, I represent them well enough.’

Earlier, Yugweed had been stripped of the position of Elder Mage, so as of now, it was Marcelo and I, the co-chiefs, who held the highest positions in the tower.

“I would like to formally question you as to what loophole you witnessed.”

A murmur─

First the elder mage, then the co-chief. I’m sure the constant stream of incidents makes me look like a hot potato, a troublemaker, in their eyes.


I was the one who saw through Yugweed.

How could I not recognize Marcelo’s true colors?

‘You’re laying the groundwork for me, Marcelo.’

So I couldn’t panic, but I didn’t panic.

As if the Sapphire Hall were a pulpit.

I walked leisurely and opened my mouth.

“Do you remember the battle of Yugweed with me?”

He seemed to understand my intentions.

The Sapphire Hall transformed into a battlefield once more.

I looked at Yugweed.

“The magic that Yugweed unleashed in the Duel of Proof was of the highest level, and its power was enough to vaporize several cities, large and small, and the aftermath must have reached you.”

Yugweed shrugged.

It was premeditated, so I suppose I shouldn’t make excuses.

I had no intention of criticizing Yugweed for that.

“The manifestation of magic of the highest level inside the tower cannot be condoned, regardless of its purpose. That means no exceptions to the punishment, even if it’s in the midst of an all-or-nothing duel of proof.”

Yugweed shakes her head in sympathy.

So does Marcelo, who has been listening.

The crowd in the Sapphire Hall seemed to have nothing to say.

I stood in silence.


I stopped walking and stretched out my hand.

“Then you are right to question me. How did I manage to receive the highest level of magic from Yugweed without breaking the rules?”


With an outstretched hand, I pulled the Gwicheol from my waistband.

The audience.

Especially the players.

“……Crazy, that was a swordsmanship?!”

“It wasn’t just swordsmanship, it was Ego Sword!”

“Ego Sword can also transform into a dragon?!”

“You idiots, he’s just giving an example.”

That last one is spot on.

‘I’d like to at least put a compliment sticker on it.’

In fact, for a straightforward explanation, it was easiest to just reactivate [Legendary, Dark Dragon Lee Hoyeol]. However, it would be unbalanced to have a [Legend] with such a huge effect that you could use it constantly without even trying.

[Legendary, Dark Dragon Lee Hoyeol: 5 hours, 50 minutes].

Cooldowns are to blame.

This means that we have to use the example of the same legendary, Gwicheol, instead.

It was inevitable.

I nonchalantly pointed to Gwicheol.

“That’s because I didn’t use magic.”


I held up the sword.

-Master, am I cutting magic itself today?

Don’t be mistaken, Gwicheol.

‘This is closer to a lecture than a battle.’


After adjusting the destructive power of the sword, a sharp and indented sword mark appeared on the battlefield. It was as if lightning flashed and thunder rumbled.


A booming sound filled the Sapphire Hall.

Once again, the sound of shouting is heard.

This time, not from the players, but from the martops.

“Well, I mean……. You overpowered Yugweed’s highest-level magic with non-magic methods, does that make sense, Jibril……!”

“You’re the reason he’s looking at me, so shut up, Linne.”


I didn’t mean to brag.

‘This guy’s attitude is the problem. Posture.’

I can’t help but feel a little self-congratulatory about my upright posture.

But it’s not the first time I’ve had this attitude.

Now was not the time for anyone to call me out on my arrogance.

“As you know, the Magic Tower is closed. It was built with magic, meaning that no outside influence was allowed to enter. Whether that was for good or ill, I will not judge, but there were obvious lapses in the duel of proofs, in the rules of discipline.”

Marcelo added to my words.

“Yes, the rules state that the manifestation of magic above mid-level is strictly forbidden in the Duel of Proof, but……. It doesn’t say much about non-magic means and methods.”

From now on, the Magic Tower will be completely open.

It will slowly begin to unravel.

Players will gradually learn about the rules of the Magic Tower.

In that sense, the Duel of Proof was dangerous.

Given the pride of the mages, it would be easy for them to fall prey to player provocations. What if a player with impure intentions took advantage of a loophole in the rules and made a cowardly move?

‘It’s like dealing with a mage who’s banned from manifesting magic above mid-level, and if you don’t limit their ability to do so, it’s a no-brainer.’

That meant they could lose the duel.

‘Society, as a whole, is not so full of dreams and hopes.’

The flower garden itself.

I don’t know what Grandfell thinks, but as a member of society, I knew. Players who will use the favor of the Magic Tower as a right or something more than that?

Honestly, there’s no shortage of them.

To those people.

Do you want to see Magic Tower fall into disrepute?

“Therefore, as chief, I will formally propose it.”

I can’t stand by and watch from the sidelines.

“May the Magic Tower establish new rules suitable for the new era.”

At that moment, a light flashes before my eyes.

[Quest: Reconstruction of the Magic Tower].

The reality of the contradictions in the Magic Tower.

Even the Magic Tower’s purpose, the pursuit of truth, has been corrupted.

Build the Magic Tower from right from its foundation.

A message that the Magic Tower is one step closer to being completely rebuilt.

‘By the way.’

The time when I parachuted in and became co-chief of the Magic Tower.

I remember staying up for days just to make sure I understood the rules. The book of rules alone was bigger than most complete sets of books.

‘When am I going to get around to rebuilding that?’

Needless to say, I had no intention of taking on such an overwhelming task. So I cut to the chase again.

“So, in a moral sense.”

I didn’t need anyone to explain it to me, I could see it when I looked back at Tower Master’s maneuvers.

Revising the rules of the Magic Tower is something that only a Tower Master can do, which meant that it would be the role of the next Tower Master to revise the rules of the Magic Tower.

“I am withdrawing my candidacy for the next Tower Master.”

That’s why I withdrew my candidacy out of respect……! Still, it’s times like these that I appreciate the strict discipline of Grandfell.

If nothing else, he’s a disciplinarian.

Even the Magic Tower has the same temperament as Granfell.

The players know it all too well.

“……But is it enough to make you resign?”

Even if there were some who didn’t understand the situation.

“Acknowledging victory means that you won by using the wrong method, and Lee Hoyeol of the world will fully acknowledge that. Can’t you see that I’ve lived my life without any sense of shame?”

“So it was all a duel to show contradictions!”

“Well, there wasn’t really a reason to duel each other, was there……?”

He immediately dropped the question.


I shoved the Gwicheol back into its sheath.

The scenery of Sapphire Hall was once again restored.

Yugweed whispers to me in a low voice.

“It’s really on the tip of this old man’s head, Chief Lee.”

Finally, she bursts into laughter.

“In that case, I’ll have to amend this last greeting. I trust you’ll be just as good as ever, Chief. If I can’t trust you, I can’t trust anyone else. Besides…….”

Yugweed’s gaze flickers to Marcelo, who still seems to be coming to grips with the situation.

“Please take good care of our next little Tower Master, so innocent but so capable. With your help, Marcelo will be able to fulfill the role of Tower Master.”

Yugweed was disqualified as an Elder Mage for violating the rules.

Naturally, there were reasons for disqualification as a candidate for the next Tower Master.

In addition, I have withdrawn my candidacy in good faith.

Marcelo is the only remaining candidate.

This meant that Marcelo would naturally become the next Tower Master.

I thought it was just me and Yugweed, the conspirators, who realized this.

Thanks to someone else, everyone in the room soon realized.


A muffled voice called out from the back of the room.

“Well, that leaves only our own Chief Marcelo for the next Tower Master candidate, doesn’t it? Yeah, I knew it! The Colosseum’s God of Gambling, Rockid, hasn’t died yet!”

Thanks to Rockid, who had been thinking about gambling all day.

Of course, Rockid’s joyous celebration didn’t last long.

Who am I?

I told you.

A disciplinarian like a knife.

“Rockid, member of the Shadow Mercenaries.”


Rockid jerks upright at my call.

No need for words at this point, right?

I sneak a finger to the corner of his mouth.



Even if it means writing new rules.

Basic etiquette won’t change.


Chongqing Branch of the Heavenly Unity.


Sanji clicked his tongue at the unexpected beeping.

“What are you doing at such an important time?”

The general meeting was just around the corner.

I couldn’t get through to the Tianjin branch leader, who was supposed to be on the same line.

At first, I wondered if Tianjin was stabbing me in the back.

But there was no reason to think so.

“Aren’t we all in this together for the sake of our master?”

It may have been radical.

He was acting out of loyalty to his master, and if he told the truth, the master would punish the snitch even worse.

All of China knew this because they had been watching.


“Then why aren’t you answering?”

I thought they were just avoiding my calls, so I contacted the Tianjin branch.

From the top to the bottom, no one could be reached.

It’s like…….

“Have you risen to the sky or have you fallen to the ground?”

If not both, then…….

“Did you get caught in a rift by accident?”

I checked the rift sightings, just in case, but there was no mention of a rift in Tianjin, not in the motherland, not in the updates, and not in the AAU’s announcement.

One other possibility came to mind.

“…… raided?”

Shaking head.

It’s not an exaggeration to say that there are enemies everywhere.

No matter how much I thought about it, it didn’t make sense.

This wasn’t the Zero Mountains, this was Tianjin.

“Without going crazy.”

Who would dare to attack the headquarters of the Heavenly Unity?

“My nerves must have gotten the better of me.”

I’m done thinking about it.

It had been a long time since I’d been to a General Meeting.

I knew the weight of the agenda.

It’s clear that your nerves are already tense.


The beeping began to increase.

A bump!

A strange door opened.

The secretary came with news.

The man asked without looking up.

“Have you heard back from the Tianjin office?”

There was no answer.

He turned his head and saw no one.

The man realized something was amiss.

“…… [Stealth]?

He muttered.

At the same time, the shuffling footsteps in the hallway were getting closer.

Finally, the protagonists of the mystery appeared.

Kinver casually unlocked his [Stealth].

And then.

Elsidor speaks up, tastelessly.

“Not in Guangzhou, not in Tianjin, not in Beijing.”

“……Tianjin? And, Guangzhou, and Beijing?!”

“Five stars of a supernova.”

It was a simple statement, not a threat.

“Where did you hide the Five Stars, bastard?”

The man’s eyes flashed.

[Status abnormality, ‘fear’ occurs].




Guangzhou, Tianjin, Beijing.

And the fall of the Chongqing branch.

The arrival of Elsidor and Kinver in China.

It happened in a mere half hour.