Chapter 332 – No Shackles

◈ Episode 332. No Shackles

Long Shenglac bowed his head and spoke.

“……And I have something to tell you. As you may have guessed, I belong to the Heavenly Unity, and right now, my sight is being shared with Liu Zunqun, the bastard. It’s the effect of a contract in which I gave him this eye in exchange.”

His finger points to the eye patch.

‘I thought you just had unique tastes like everyone else.’

Liu Zunqun was the culprit.

He had a history of doing shitty things behind the scenes. I can’t believe he sacrificed his own guildmate’s eyes to see what’s going on in the Arcana Continent.

“You show no initiative, no pride.”

I can’t get the good words out of my mouth.

Long Shenglac seemed to have a quick mind.

That’s why he spat out those words on the battlefield.

Of course, that doesn’t mean he realized that I was nervous about mentioning my full name. It just means that I don’t hold back when it comes to being honest without being asked.

Long Shenglac continued.

“The main purpose of entering the continent was to extend the influence of Heavenly Unity to the Arcana Continent…………. After breaking free of Liu Zunqun’s brainwashing, that wasn’t the case. Liu Zunqun only had the intention of devouring it.”


Long Shengrak lowered his head and clenched his fists hard.

He’s got a lot on his boss, the socialite.

“He’s no longer a monarch, he’s a tyrant.”

A tyrant.

To summarize the specific words that follow……. Apparently, Liu Zunqun had switched from [Monarch] to [Tyrant] through a class quest.

“I was being manipulated but didn’t realize it. I just thought that if my insignificant life could be of help to my lord, I could sacrifice my life as many times as I wanted.”

In other words, tyrants were a class of leeches who only sucked the blood of others, even worse than monarchs.

Liu Zunqun had effectively thrown Long Shenglac and the rest of the guild into the Arcana Continent to suck their blood.

‘Sounds like a demon, really.’

Basically, it’s an infinitely merciful Grandfell for humans.

Why, just look at his treatment of Ignite Maxima earlier.

Whatever the process, and in the end, the Four Families were forgiven.

But there are some humans that even the benevolent Grandfell can’t forgive.

First, there was Raymond Sean.

Of course.

‘I can’t forgive him either.’

Because of who I am.

I’m fidgeting with a full name like this……! After Raymond Sean, there are those who have committed atrocities that are nothing short of demonic. They’re like the demon worshippers who met their end in Mugan.

My mouth spits out cold words.

“Thanks to you.”

It is.

Taking the lives of others for your own advancement was an act not unlike the demons. Not even the living, but tricking your own trusted subordinates into sacrificing themselves?

” …… What do you mean, thanks to you?”

I replied to Long Shenglac’s question.

“One more prey, thanks to you.”

Congratulations, Liu Zunqun.

You have now been recognized as the second prey after Raymond Sean.

Let’s see, how should I tell you this good news?

While thinking, I said nonchalantly.

“So, raise your head.”

” ……yes?”

Long Shenglac was dumbfounded, but he didn’t raise his head.

“No, I can’t do that, I’ve vowed to give everything I know about the Heavenly Unity to Lee Hoyeol, the Commander-in-Chief of the Holy War Alliance……, because I know that’s the only way I can survive!”


No. If anyone heard me, they’d think I was trying to catch a man.

I catch demons like I catch rats.

I don’t catch normal people, do I?

A snap, followed by the sound of clenched teeth.

“But if he looks up and sees that I’m talking to Commander Lee alone……. he’ll do everything in his power to render what I know meaningless, because Liu Zunqun is as cunning as he is despicable.”

After listening to that.

I could see why Long Shenglac had been avoiding my gaze earlier. Surely someone as dirty as Liu Zunqun would be able to use the leaked information to his advantage.


“Is that so?”

“Yes. Thank you for your understanding…….”

“Nevertheless, you must remain steadfast.”


Grandfell’s pride is not just pride.

As long as he considers Liu Zunqun his prey.

He will not be broken before the demon.

It was only to be expected that his pride would grow stronger.

At this point, Long Shenglac reluctantly raised his head in response to my resolute demeanor.

I locked eyes with him.

And as always, I added a word of advice.

“It’s always polite to make eye contact when having a conversation.”

“Well, I’m just…….”

“Also, if someone is watching, it’s a waste of effort.”

“……What do you mean, wasted effort?”

This was not unfounded confidence.

“Because the prey will be aware of their predicament.”

Let’s keep each other on topic, shall we?

I was the hunter, not the hunted.

I shouldn’t have to go to the trouble of gathering information from my prey.


Long Shenglac.

More precisely, beyond the pupils of the Long Shenglac.

I tilted my teacup as I looked at Liu Zunqun.

‘I’ve been through it all.’

Magic Tower, Holy War Alliance, AAU Yusra Branch, Akshan…….

I had worn many hats.

So I knew what I was talking about.

‘That’s not going to be easy, is it?’

You’re going to sell a trap backwards, knowing that some information has been leaked?

Easier said than done, that’s not normal.

Yes, I was going to use my experience to screw Liu Zunqun over.

‘Whatever, let your imagination run wild.’

Think for a moment that I’m sipping tea with Long Shenglac, eavesdropping on confidential information about the Heavenly Unity, planning to exploit its weaknesses. It’s a trick or a trap, and you have to wait and see.

‘See where I’m going with this.’

The bastard will be in vain.

It’s the Grandfell’s way of treating his prey. You’ve seen it before.

Turning the tables.

It’s a trap.

Blow the whole thing up.

So there’s only one topic left for me to discuss with Long Shenglac.


After accepting the teacup, Long Shenglac hesitates, then speaks.

“If you say so, then I will remain silent, until you, Commander Lee, need me again. I will not reveal the secrets of the Heavenly Unity to anyone, nor the sight I witnessed with my own eyes today.”

……Of course, that includes my full name, right?

‘You must not speak of what you have heard with your ears.’

Although I was eager to get a confirmation from Long Shenglac.

It was always my attitude that I couldn’t reveal my true feelings.

I only tilted my teacup at him.

……Oh, the green tea is bitter today.




It’s a series of uncomfortable seats.

Of course, this guy’s iron skin.

Even in such a position, he keeps his head held high, so it’s easy to see through him. The heads of the four families, with the exception of Ignite Maxima, who is not yet fully awake.

And the face of the Emperor they were trying to overthrow.

Nothing but silence…….

From the looks of it, they’re uncomfortable with each other. Even if the Four Families have nothing to say about the failed rebellion, the Emperor can’t claim victory.

‘It’s a natural reaction, given the relationship between the Seric Rose family and the Four Families.

As a third party.

And as a member of society who can’t stand uncomfortable silence.

I felt like I had to say something. I had a big mouth, but it was an expensive mouth that didn’t move at the whim of others.

In the end, it was the Emperor who broke the silence.

“…… I have no comment.”

At first, I thought it was a simple thank you.

For the Claudi family, anyway.

I had saved the empire yet again.

But the emperor’s face was far more serious than I expected.

“While the Dark Dragon was talking to the adventurer, I was informed of the situation by the lords of the four families. I had no idea you were carrying such a burden……. Foolish as I am, I only knew of one, and never guessed beyond that. On behalf of the Seric Rose family, I apologize.”

……No, you guys just said that?!

No wonder the patriarchs have such an attitude. Wait, even if they rebelled, the Four Families were, after all, sincere in their service to Claudi.

‘Even if they had the best intentions, it’s a bit abrupt, isn’t it?’

I didn’t have to ask what they had told the Emperor.

Well, I don’t know anything else, but the most important fact.

That the Four Families are owned by the Claudi family.

I’m sure that’s what he said.

‘……Wait, so what’s the genealogy?’

The masters of the Empire, the Seric Rose family, serve the Four Families.

And those four families serve the Claudi Family.

Seric Rose is a descendant of Claudi’s……?

As I rack my brain, the Emperor speaks up.

“You must be the true owner of the empire, Dark Dragon.”

I’m the true owner of the empire?!

I’m sorry, but I don’t want to take on that kind of responsibility.

But as if that weren’t enough.

The Emperor pauses, then corrects himself.

“No, I shouldn’t call you by that name anymore, I should call you Grandfell Claudi Arpheus Romeo. You are the only one who can set the continent straight, beyond the Empire.”

……Tough, seriously.

It’s not enough to be a dragon lord, now I’m an emperor.

What’s wrong with me today, everyone?

But none of my inner lamentations escaped my lips.

I merely stared.

‘What an accident, and then they pretend not to notice.’

Yugrik, Kansul, and Acamond.

The burdened stares of three families.

Those expectant eyes really want me to run the empire.

They want me to sit on the Emperor’s throne.

But do you think I’m up to the task?

I’ve suffered enough as it is.

I mentioned it before.

I’m the chief of the Magic Tower, the general manager of the AAU’s Yusra branch, the leader of the resurrected Akshan-the only demon hunter, so I’m the end-all and be-all.

But what, Emperor?!

If we make a hundred concessions and become an empire during the era of peace……. I’m willing to consider it. But with the empire I have now, I won’t have time to enjoy the tea time that is more precious than gold.

So I replied.

“I’m afraid that won’t happen.”


The stuttering emperor and the vassals look shocked. What did you expect from me, anyway? I wanted to ask, but the snout spoke up.

“To me, a throne or a crown is nothing more than restraint.”


It’s a single line, but the meaning is clear.

I am Claudi’s lord.

I am the all-seeing Dark Dragon.

I am the actual owner of the continent.

Why should I be tied to a smaller vessel, the Empire?

“Oh, no…….”

The Emperor could get used to Grandfell’s way of speaking.

I suppose it shouldn’t be surprising that you picked it up right away.

The Four Families’ memories of the past have been revived.


The Emperor bows to me at the same time.

“I apologize, I did not recognize your deeper meaning.”

In the end, the uncomfortable meeting ended with me receiving an uncomfortable apology.

‘Anyway, I guess the cleanup is roughly over.’

With the embarrassing full name out in the open.

I was left feeling like I’d lost something, but…….

Oh well.


I headed to the emperor’s terrace.

If you ask me if I am not the emperor but a secret power who is freely moving around the imperial palace. The terrace was the only place I knew of in the vast palace.



I step onto the terrace, my jacket flapping in the breeze.

I see Antoniun through his flowing silver hair.

A panoramic view of Antonium, who only moments ago would have been enveloped in the suitable magic.

I grunt inwardly.

‘I knew it.’

For all his pride, he shouldn’t be so burdened with responsibility.

So if I’m going to live, I’m going to have to learn from him. At my sarcasm, the snout remained silent, unlike the way it had treated the emperor and the householders.


The Emperor said that there were no aftermaths in Antonium, so that’s a good thing. As I pondered the black paintings again, my mind wandered to the flashing quest.

Sure enough, it was a World Quest, wasn’t it?

With such an extraordinary name, I shouldn’t put off checking it out any longer.

I immediately checked the quest window.

[World Quest: Saint of the Second Coming].

And I was stunned.

……Wait, a saint of the Goddess Church?


I thought she looked familiar…….

That’s when the Goddess Church’s holy place, Muon, was updated to reality.

A demon of true name that tried to devour Muon.

Isn’t that the name Nephrite used to impersonate?

But, no.

The saint was a real person?

As if the Cataclysm wasn’t enough.

A cataclysm has turned the Arcana continent upside down once again.

Let’s say it could be.

But why would a saint of the Goddess Church.

─Saint, survive the judgment of Freyja. (in progress)

You’re going to judge me……?!

This was clearly a misunderstanding stemming from blackening.

As anyone can guess.

He does not tolerate even the slightest misunderstanding of himself from ‘anyone’.

He was a man of sword-like pride.

After all.

“A goddess. In case that wasn’t enough proof, I’ll prove it to you again. My belief that there are no gods, so let me prove it to you.”

The silent snout exploded.

“Of course, my verification will never be easy.”