◈ Episode 330. Disaster Level: Claudi (3)

Matisse Dean Karl, senior in black magic.

Suddenly, I remember his words. Matisse’s office. Looking at the magical tools blackened by the suitable magic I emitted, Matisse carefully opened his mouth.

-“Black magic is a contradiction in terms. Magic is supposed to be the pursuit of truth in the future. But the source of black magic, the suitable magic, is bound to the past. I don’t dare to be presumptuous, but……. I hope Chief Lee will be gentle with himself.”

I asked Matisse about the past.

I mean, I never told him about the Claudi family.

I had no intention of saying I was crazy or shameful.

Matisse had merely seen and guessed at my suitable magic powers and warned me.

-“I can’t fathom it, I don’t want to fathom it, but just in case you fall into blackening…….”

When I first heard about blackening, I thought Matisse was trying to scare me unnecessarily. It sounded like something a master would say to a pupil who was being taught a special move. I took it as simply a warning to prepare myself before diving into black magic.


[Status abnormality, ‘blackening’ occurs].

It was an illusion.

My vision, my thoughts, and my echoing voice were clearly different than usual.

I recognized it immediately.

Why Matisse was so wary of blackening.

-“Chief Lee’s past and background will be regurgitated. I don’t have the confidence to face it. No one but Chief Lee would be able to handle such a vast amount of suitable magic power. this……. I have spoken presumptuously, and I beg you to forget it, Chief.”

Matisse left it at that and bowed his head.

But it’s better to experience it once than to hear it a hundred times.

Even if I didn’t hear the end, I realized the dangers of blackening.

With every inhale and exhale.

The suitable magic seeping into my body.

The past.

I could feel it gripping my body and shaking it.

But if there’s one thing that makes me different from Matisse and other black magic users……. is that the source of my vast supply of suitable magic is not my past, Lee Hoyeol’s past, but Grandfell’s past.

Damn it, they don’t say don’t mess with me for nothing.

This means that if I was being eaten raw by the setting of Grandfell, I am now being blackened even more by the setting of Grandfell. The blackening effect has been added to what used to be just a setting, and it’s starting to feel like another personality.

Let’s see, let’s go back to…….

Acknowledging Claudi is the cause of the current situation.

The fact that Claudi was acknowledged.

Because it meant that the Claudi family’s cruel end was also acknowledged.

“Are you ready to insult my sister with that vulgar mouth?”

Grandfell’s voice rings in my ears, icy cold.

Just speaking to him was like freezing.

I can feel the weight of the past on his shoulders.

……So, that’s what it was, huh, Kichi?

The Shadow Mercenaries were carrying out a commission for a great evil involving Claudi.

Apparently, the specifics of that commission were to assassinate a member of Grandfell’s family, his sister to be precise. I didn’t know that, and I thought I was dwelling on the past……..

His sister’s hair floated around the auction house, and the family hounds fell prey to the crows. If only I knew the cruel whole story, I could see how……. It’s easy to understand why Kichi couldn’t show up in front of Grandfell.

And this moment.

The Arcana continent was engulfed in the suitable magic power.

[The imperial capital, Antonium, is engulfed in an infinitely deep darkness].

[The empire is engulfed in an infinitely deep darkness].

[The Arcana continent is engulfed in an infinitely deep darkness].

And then there’s the unexpected arrival of the Blackening.

Even though you don’t want to see it, you can’t help it, right?

What flesh and blood means to Grandell. Even to the Wensu, who I have a love-hate relationship with, I never forgot to call them ‘sister’.


I did not manifest any black magic, including the black crown.

Maxima’s patriarch.

Ignite had already been choked by the suitable magic.


His unfocused pupils wandered restlessly,

his tongue paralyzed,

The spot where he knelt was soaked with dampness.

It was safe to say that the job was done.

Ignite’s condition was not unlike the demon worshippers I had seen in Mugan.

But I, Grandfell, would not stop.

As if he would pay for his sister’s insult with Ignite’s life. He was preparing for the manifestation of black magic, interfering with the suitable magic power. I could feel it in my gut.

At this rate, Grandfell would kill Ignite.

I understand the sentiment. It’s more than sympathetic, it’s even a little comforting in a way. Ignite’s words were enough to make me shudder.

Still, I couldn’t stand by and watch.

‘How harsh are you going to be, Grandfell?’

I know his troublesome personality better than anyone.

Yeah, noble pride is fucking complicated, isn’t it?

I’m sure you’d rather bear the aftermath of your blackening alone.

But I’m not going to stand for that……!

After all, it’s my body that’s suffering, right?

Sure, that’s an irrefutable reason.

But the biggest reason is that I can’t be ignorant anymore.

Maybe I brought it on myself.

Maybe I brought it on myself.

The end of the Claudi family.

So don’t think of carrying it alone.

[Blessing of the First World Tree rejects ‘Blackening’].

[Status abnormality, ‘Blackening’ occurs].

[Blessing of the First World Tree rejects ‘Blackening’].

[Status abnormality, ‘Blackening’ occurs]……..

I winced as the message flashed incessantly; after all, the cause of the blackening was an uncontrollable surge of Suitable Magic.

If only I could do something about the Suitable Magic Power that engulfed the Arcana Continent……. I will be able to save Grandfell, which has been encroached upon by the past, and myself, who is being swayed by dark history.

And just in time.

I knew just the thing.

A newly acquired skill, to be exact.

[Absorb (Item Skill): The parasitic creature Envy absorbs a target. Depending on the target, Envy gains a new unique effect. Envy’s hunger determines the number of unique effects it can store. Envy’s current satiety- 0%]

[Envy, a neutral parasitic creature].

Great Evil, Seven Deadly Sins Envy.

A Legendary-grade item dropped by the creature.

I looked at Envy, who had changed his appearance to jewelry under the influence of [Aesthetics]. Envy didn’t move an inch as if it was a jewel that was originally inlaid into a jacket. You’ve obeyed my orders to keep quiet, I’m proud of you.

But now you owe me a favor, Envy.

[Skill, ‘Absorb’ is activated].

With the activation of the skill, Envy’s appearance changes from a gem to a snowflake.

Envy takes a deep breath.

Envy inflates a few times, then flashes in front of me.

[Envy, a neutral parasitic creature, absorbs a ‘suitable magic power’. Envy’s current satiety – 1%]




Envy’s satiety level is rising frighteningly fast. It’s only been a short time since I purified it with the Exorcism Ritual, so I haven’t seen its performance, but it’s still a legendary item, right?

I had seen the performance of legendary items time and time again through my training, so I thought that even if it was a suffocating amount of suitable magic power, Envy would be able to neutralize it to some extent.



……You mean there’s no way?

Suitable magic power from the past.

The Claudi family’s past.

It seemed that even legendary level items could be treated as ‘nothing’.


[Envy’s current satiety level – 100%]

[Digesting ‘Suitable Magic Power’ absorbed by Envy]]

[Digesting – 0.1/100% until new unique effect generated]

Envy cringes and shudders, then turns back to the gem once more.

A legendary item and it doesn’t even send a message.

Damn, I feel like I’ve been staked by my trusty axe……?


My thoughts fade away as my steps move of their own accord.

Ignite is gradually getting closer.


An infinitely deep darkness.

I wonder what he’s looking at with the suitable magic.

Ignite squinted.

He wriggled pitifully on the floor, which had become mushy from his own mistakes.

He wasn’t the only one.


“I think my head is going to crack……!”

“Kuhk, I can’t breathe anymore.”

The soldiers on the plain groaned in pain.

No, they would not be the only ones.

Systems don’t lie.

The system message was clear.

Suitable magic extends beyond the capital of the Empire, beyond Antonium, across the Empire.

Beyond the Empire, across the Arcana continent.

But my eyes remain fixed on Ignite. At this point, I must ask you in all seriousness, do you really want to go any further than this, Grandfell……?

‘If we move on from here to the manifestation, the Arcana Continent is…….’

An immeasurable disaster.

We may end up in a cataclysm.

But there is no answer.

Not even once.

Not even a blink.

Just the same stare as always.

It stares at Ignite.


Then, a final stiffening.

Ignite’s body jerked upward.

Finally, my mouth opened.

“I’m sure you understand by now.”

As if nothing had happened.

[Blessing of the First World Tree rejects status abnormality, ‘blackening’].


At the same time, physical sensation returned.

A split second.

‘……What is it?’

The suitable magic power that enveloped the Arcana Continent.

It disappeared everywhere.

A normal-looking snout spoke up.

“Patriarch, Ignite Maxima. Since you have paid for your sins on behalf of the Four Families, I will suspend the disposition of Yugrik, Kansul, and Acamond. Of course, you will have to prove your worthiness to have the blessing restored. Just as your ancestors did.”


All but Ignite respond in unison.

“I will keep that in mind, Claudi.”

“Kansul will follow your wishes.”

“Acamond pledges allegiance to Claudi.”

[You have gained command of Cleanse Yugrik].

[You have gained command of Smite Kansul].

[You have gained command of Letel Acamond].

Suddenly, I try to organize myself.

I don’t know if it’s because of pride or because of disposition. First of all, the situation quickly came to an end. If it were me in the past, I would have remembered the setting of Grandfell at this point.

『One of the first things Grandfell learned as the next patriarch was not to be concerned about personal matters.

The position of patriarch of the Claudi family was such that even the slightest disturbance was not tolerated.』

But you, Grandfell, you.

You can fool all the world, but you can’t fool me.

Yes, in reality and on the Arcana continent.

Even if it’s twisted, I can understand your tightly twisted thoughts.

Because there is only me.

So I had no choice but to be serious.

……Are you sure you’re okay, Grandfell?

But now that the blackening has been lifted.

I don’t expect to hear an answer from you.


I just adjusted my clothes as a habit.

Always the same posture.

I feel incredibly devastated.

Hiding behind a pride that could sink at any moment.