Chapter 33 – A True Nemesis (1)

◈ Episode 33. A True Nemesis (1)


[Lava Giant Carp : Lv.420]

The strength of its body can only be matched by its tricky patterns.

If it can rampage like that and have so much health, it can’t be called a Lv.420 monster anymore.




Stone Spear.

The stone spear can also be used to deliver an effective hit.

I guess they didn’t expect the lava to crack.

The giant koi had dozens of stone spears embedded in its flanks.

It twitched its tail.

For a moment, its movement was restricted.

There was no way Harkon and the Knights of the LionHeart could have missed it.


Harkon’s sword was colored with a dark light.

‘……That’s not a skill.

Why did he think that?

Simple. I could recognize it at a glance.

‘How strong is he?

His exalted status.

“An innate magical talent that could mimic any spell just by looking at it. And the physical potential to equal it.”

……On second thought, you’ve taken all the good stuff.

Given the setting, Grandfell had the martial equivalent of a magical talent, which could be the harkon that makes a sword shine.

‘It’s definitely different from magic.

But unlike magic, it’s not overwhelming……?

I wonder where to start to reach that level.

I had no idea.

Of course.

“I’m a little intrigued.”

I opened my mouth arrogantly.

Still, I’d rather think of it as a good thing.

Better to be optimistic than pessimistic.

Better to be overconfident, even if it’s unfounded.

Of course, a sword that emits light.

If you’re aiming for the Harkon.

I don’t think I’ll ever see the day when fatigue leaves my body.


As I suspected.

Harkon had indeed spun the Lava Giant Python.

“Everyone, wake up! This is our chance!”

“Kill contribution, secure it at all costs!”

“Once we get through the cracked lava, the lava giant carp……. What?!”

The other players didn’t even bother to put their spoons on it.


Harkon sheathed his sword.

The battle was over.


The head of the giant lava carp fell to the ground.

It really was over.

At the same time, a message appeared in my vision.

[Your level has increased.]…….

Your level has increased by 10 levels.

I went from level 166 to level 176.

“Not bad for experience.

This was a bit unexpected.

I was partying with the Knights of LionHeart.

I had to contribute to their kills to get experience.

Apart from the lava, the Lava Giant Carp itself wasn’t a tricky creature.

Apparently, my small contribution was recognized in that regard.

[Loot is automatically awarded for high kill contributions].

……No, not a small amount, more than half, I think?

I immediately checked my inventory.

The acquired Island Treasure was radiating its presence.

[Island Treasure, Lava Giant Carp Silk]

[Rank: Unique]

[Limit : None]

[Effect: When crafted, grants the crafted item increased Fire Property Affinity / increased Evasion Chance / increased Aesthetic Stat Opening]

[Description : This is a silk that cannot be exchanged for a gem of the same weight. It is so rare that no one would dare to estimate its value].


Another material item after the Emerald Crystal.

But this wasn’t something to complain about……!

“More than three confirmed effects?

Pure Emerald Crystal.

Its effects could only be confirmed after crafting.

As I said, its effects fluctuated depending on the skill level of the crafter.

However, there was no such condition attached to the silk.

‘New stats unlocked, even if other effects are ignored.


It was a stat I had never heard of, and I didn’t understand its effect, but it felt good.

I was a Demon Hunter with no unique stats.

I’d be grateful for anything that opened up.

Indeed, it was worthy of a gem of equal weight.


Above all, the aesthetics of the Grand Palace were impeccable.

That would be the biggest guarantee of quality.

That was it.

“……Wait, what about the island’s treasure?”

Someone said.

The Named Monster was defeated, but no message came up.

It shouldn’t be hard to answer that question, if asked properly and politely.

It wasn’t hard to answer.


……Why have the eyes looking at me gotten worse?


My eyeballs rolled.

The stares seem to alternate between the message window and me.

But I didn’t care why.

I was not idle.

“‘I burned it white.’


I was getting close to exhaustion.

……I feel weak all over.

Fortunately, once the Lava Giant Carp was defeated, the volcano stopped erupting and the lava cooled down quickly.

At this point, I no longer need to maintain my magic.

Harkon approached me.

“I can’t help but admire your magic. Lord Ho-Yeol!”

I did a double take at his words.

“Rather, I admire it.

Once at his humility.

“No, more than that, everyone is listening. What?!

…… Lord Ho-Yeol?

Again, at the unfamiliar title.

A split second.

I’m stunned again, but I don’t show it.

I answered without changing my expression.

“Your swordsmanship is excellent. Lord Harkon.”

The good news was that no one was laughing at me.

And for good reason.

I told you.

The method acting fools me sometimes.

“……No way.”

“I’ve never seen Harkon so polite.”

“There’s something arrogant about his tone. Are you sure he has a higher rank than Harkon……?”

I felt like correcting him.

I don’t have a title.

And the arrogant tone.

That this was the most polite thing I could do.

But I couldn’t.


A message flashed before my eyes.

[Yusra begins to be tainted by greed].

[Collapse Progress: 9/10]

Collapse progress increased.

Sure enough, I wasn’t the only one.

The players chimed in.

“This seems like a bit of an afterthought…….”

“Wait, the numbers don’t add up in the first place. This?”

“Isn’t the island’s treasure hidden somewhere else?!”

Other players might be confused.

But I wasn’t.

My island treasure didn’t affect the progress of the collapse.

For me.

Because the emotion of greed didn’t exist in Grandfell.

So what was the reason for the message?

I could guess.

Someone had taken the island’s treasure.

That the island’s treasure was once again tainted with greed.

*A supernova.

A supernova.

Park Hyun-joon continued to bite his nails.

His body was drenched in cold sweat.

-Really? It’s the last time. I don’t have any more chances.

-You’re just going to stand by and watch?

-You said you wanted the treasure. You’re a coward.

A voice called out.

But Park wasn’t wearing earphones.

Was this voice a hallucination?

It was natural to be suspicious and wary.

Park didn’t have time for that.

“Shut up. I’ll take care of it…….”

Park took stock of the situation.

He spotted Ho-yeol.

Didn’t the supernovae still have at least some loyalty to each other?

Kinber was right.

If he had unknowingly touched Ho-Yeol, he could have been killed. …….

“I don’t want to die yet.”

I realized that I would have gone on with my life.

Only now did I realize that.

It’s not enough to cut through the lava, it’s dozens of stone spears.

And at his side were the Knights of the Lionheart, one of the strongest NPC groups around.

Even if the Kinver cub hadn’t gotten out of the way, it would have been suicidal to try and take on Ho-Yeol.

At this rate, it was as clear as day that Ho Yeol would obtain the island’s treasure.

“Shit. This isn’t working.”

But if he went back empty-handed…….

“……I’m done.”

I can’t go back.

I need the island’s treasure.

Then Park heard another voice in his ear.

-Why don’t you just take it?

-What’s wrong with wanting it?

-What’s the big deal?

Just take it away.

‘There’s nothing to see.

Park Hyun-joon’s eyes lit up at the sound.


If you don’t like it, you can kill the other guy and take it.

And Park knew.

The easiest prey among those who had acquired the island’s treasure.

“There’s the Explorers’ League as*h*les……!”

The Explorers’ League.

One of the NPC groups that found the Yusra Islands.

As the name implies, they were explorers.

Naturally, their combat strength was not outstanding.

That was a characteristic that also showed up when they acquired the island’s treasure this time.

‘They said they obtained the island’s treasure without fighting.

That was the way of the explorer class.

Park Hyun-joon’s eyes sank even further.

Yes, it wasn’t the method that mattered.

“That the bastards have the island’s treasure.

Park put on his earpiece.

” I will hunt the Explorers’ League.”

-……Who are you? Are you crazy? You’re messing with NPCs?

-Haha. You’re just as crazy as Kinver!


It’s one thing to hunt players, it’s another to hunt NPCs.

And this was turning the entire Explorers’ League against them.

Considering the influence the Explorers’ League had in Arcana, no one should have done this.

But Park did it anyway.

“I’ll take the blame. Just watch.”

[The seven deadly sins of greed are watching you].

[Irresistible desire clouds your judgment].

[Status Abnormality: Greed occurs].

His eyes had already turned black.

And now they were.

Park stared at the body on the floor.


You killed an NPC from the Explorers’ Alliance.

It was the same as killing a player.

You killed a man who was begging for his life.

Now he was killing people.

He wasn’t too shaken up.

He’d killed too many players, too many people, for that.

But his body was shaking.

“…… f*ck!”

He had the island’s treasure.

The message that flashed through his mind made him realize it.

[The Yusra Islands are beginning to be tainted by greed].

[Collapse Progress: 9/10]

Still, I couldn’t stop the desire that boiled inside me.

My chest tightened.

“f*ck. f*ck.”

Park tore at his clothes like a madman.


He scratched his chest frantically.

Just then, a scream drew a crowd.

“Adventurer, did you hear that……?”

“Ugh, ahhhhh! Julie, wake up! Julie!!!”

“No way, you didn’t……!!!”

The explorers of the Explorers’ Federation shouted.

Park Hyun-joon was puzzled.

“……na, why are you doing this?

If you killed her, you should have run away.

Why is he here scratching his chest?

But the thought didn’t last long.

“I can’t take it. f*ck!”

I’m dying of frustration.

I scratched my nails, but I couldn’t get rid of my frustration.

An abnormal condition, the effect of greed.

His judgment clouded, Park Hyun-joon did not hesitate.


The dagger sliced through his frustrated chest.

In his blurring consciousness.

He heard a voice.


-But your death was not a noble sacrifice, you brought it on yourself, blinded by greed, and I’m afraid I have nothing to offer you.

-I mean, I can’t give you even a speck of dust.


Until the last moment.

The voice of the devil deceiving himself.

[Decay Progression : 10/10] .




[Decay Progress : 10/10] .

The decay progress rose unchecked.

At the same time, a message popped up.

[The great evil of the Yusra Island is born].

[Collapse begins].


My vision shook.

It was on a different scale than a giant tortoise or a volcanic eruption.

Literally, the Yusra Islands, each island was shaking.

“So, in the end, something collapsed?”

“Yeah, it’ll be a shame if it ends up like this, for all the rice cakes we’ve been throwing around!”

“It’s got to be the demons, so let’s quickly switch equipment.”

As expected, the top players had gathered.

They had expected the worst.

But they were wrong.

I was convinced.

“This is not a foe we can deal with at their level.

Harkon reinforced my judgment.

His eyes were different than before.

“This energy is demonic.”

A whopping 600 levels.

Even Harkon, who was used to killing Named Monsters over 400 levels in a single blow, was nervous.

Yes, this is why they’re called behemoths.

It was a realization.

The Yusra Islands.

Ten islands merged into one.

Then the hidden cracks meshed and collapsed.

The true form of the Isles of Yusra was revealed.

It was a vast palace of gold.

A sight that embodied the word greed.

Still, a demon hunter.

I could feel it in my gut.

A palace built on greed.

A great evil, the Seven Deadly Sins of Greed, reigns within.

At that moment, the quest window flashed.

Investigate the Evil of the Yusra Islands. (Success)

Stop the resurgence of the Seven Deadly Sins of Greed. (Ongoing)

Keep the island’s treasures from being tainted by greed. (Pending)

Defeat an incarnation of the Seven Deadly Sins of Greed. (Ongoing)

A hunch turns into a conviction.

I opened my mouth to speak.

“I’ve been waiting.”

……No, I wasn’t waiting.

I wanted to end it as quietly as possible……!

My condition was not one of speech in the first place.

“You despicable fiend of great wickedness.”

First and foremost, disenchantment.

I’m running out of magic right now, whether it’s a great evil or an incarnation of a great evil.

There’s no way you’re going to be able to defeat him…….


What, you don’t feel the helplessness of disenchantment……?

I don’t feel helpless, but rather my whole body is full of vitality.


I finally remembered.

“No amount of demonic temptation, deception, or trials can make a dent in Grandfell’s lofty pride.

Demon hunters and demons.

A relationship that transcends their natural enmity.

The relationship between Grandfell and the devil.

“Perhaps it is not Grandfell’s class as a demon hunter that demons should be most wary of, but rather Grandfell as a human being.”

A light tidying of a garment.

Brooch straightening.

I spoke, my posture as stiff as ever.

“Time to go to hell.”