◈ Episode 326. Even animals recognize their owners (2)

It’s just like this.

It’s only when a situation arises that memories become clear.

The setting of 4 families comes to mind.


Maxima’s wealth came from the jewels of Midas. Those who served Maxima were guaranteed great wealth, and those who fought for Maxima were armed with golden armor. The abundance of wealth brought the continent’s strongmen to Máxima’s domain, and Maxima did not turn away from them, which was the origin of Maxima’s golden elite.


Golden Maxima.

To summarize, Maxima’s power was wealth. Indeed, it is not for nothing that money can solve everything. If you fail, it’s because you don’t have enough money.


Yugrik’s generous mercy was enough to comfort the wounded. Even if they are the twins of the sun and the moon who were heartbroken after being abandoned by the sky. The twins who were saved by Yugrik did their best to repay the favor, so they punished those who went against Yugrik.


Yugrik of the Forest.

This one, to make a long story short, had a lot going for it. Above all, the twins of the sun and the moon were like dependable mercenaries that could not be bought by money.


Kansul took courage and headed out into the vast northern wilderness that was their home. The vast majority of the northern barbarians followed them, with Kansul as their leader.


Kansul of Valor.

This one was half man, half beast. Not just any animal, but half a legendary creature. Thanks to this, they were faithful to the details of being worshiped like a god by barbarians.


In the footsteps of the Acamond, prosperity followed. Gold mines were discovered in humble villages that soon grew into cities, and mercenaries hired by Acamond became as powerful as any knight in a matter of months.


Shivering Acamond.

Acamond’s abilities are just as fraudulent as the rest. In player terms, it was the equivalent of having a bunch of AoE buffs around you.

As you can see, each of the four families was incredible.

So it’s understandable that even the Empire couldn’t be confident of victory, but what, the Emperor didn’t earn his seat, he was merely placed there by the Four Families?

How did that happen?

I can’t put an end to the rampaging dark history.

No wonder.

The aftermath of Claudi’s realization alone is overwhelming.

Do you have a guess as far back as the fourth family?

‘If I know that, I am a shaman.’

But one thing’s for sure.

“You must be possessed by demon.”

That was never Claudi’s intention.

One might ask.

If the abilities of the four families are true, wouldn’t it be okay to withhold loyalty to Claudi? Doesn’t it make sense that they were serving Claudi in the first place?

I will answer that question.

Do you think dark history is dark history for nothing?!

Yes, it is.

It’s history.

You have to flesh out the ridiculous setting to make it authentic and plausible.

Only then can it be called deep, dark history.

How the Four Families came to possess such immense power.

I have my own reasons for this……!

The Emperor asks me out of nowhere.

“Even animals recognize their owners……. Of course, you are right, but how did you come to say that, and what do you mean by demon possession? Dare I ask?”

I blurted out without changing my expression.

“Because they are abusing it.”

” ……What do you mean by abusing?”

“The blessing I gave them.”

I did.

In my dark history, the Four Families weren’t even the original families.

They were merely servants, one, two, three, and four, in the service of Claudi Family, who were recognized for their abilities, earned their freedom, and were given their current names and blessings as gifts when they left the Claudi territory.

‘If you were quick-witted, you would have recognized it.’

Abilities possessed by the 4 families.

Maxima’s wealth.

Yugrik’s mercy.

Kansul’s valor.

Acamond’s influence.

All of which the Claudi had in abundance.

Or, to put it another way, Claudi was overflowing.

In other words, Claudi was just passing it on to the four families……!

‘You really have great self-consciousness, Hoyeol.’

Claudi was just giving away what was in its vast bowl.

The Four Families have become the de facto masters of the empire that united the Arcana Continent, maintained their power even now that the demons have broken out, and now they’re the ones advancing on the empire?

“You gave them your blessing…..? are you talking about the Four Families, are you saying that you knew about the Four Families, unbelievable, It’s not that I doubted it, I just hadn’t even thought about it.”

I watched for the emperor’s reaction.

Apparently, he was unaware of Claudi’s connection to the Four Families. Or rather, the Emperor didn’t seem to know much about Claudi in the first place. That’s understandable.

‘Very few people on the continent know about Claudi now.’

Dragons, elves, great evil, Mary, etc.

Only those who have lived for eons or seen the last of Claudi know who Claudi is and what he is known for. Of course, it’s not Claudi’s greatness that matters.

‘…… It’s better that you don’t know about Claudi.’

I don’t want you to wonder about my dark history.

To do that, I can’t be still.

I can’t even give him a chance to think about it.

I opened my mouth immediately.

“So leave it to me.”


Bewilderment flashes across the Emperor’s face.

“How can you say such a thing? It is beyond me to know what connection the Dark Dragon has with the Four Families. I cannot do so, for I am the Emperor…….”

“Are you truly confident, Emperor?”


You know you must go to battle as Emperor to protect your empire and your people, but it’s fear, not courage, that radiates from you.

“I am…….”

Emperor Seric Rose.

From generation to generation.

The brutal truth of the Empire, told in secret.

” ……I apologize.”

The weight of it was enough to make even the Emperor

It was enough to make a man tremble before the truth of his family.

Of course, I had no intention of rebuking the Emperor.

“You have nothing to apologize for.”

“No, I don’t…….”

“And neither does your family, Seric Rose.”


“I understand how you feel.”

Being shocked by a family secret?

Not me, even if the rest of the world doesn’t know.

I’m the one who somehow acknowledged the Claudi family lineage.

I have to be generous and understanding.

The reality of the Claudi family that I will face in the future.

It won’t be easy at all……!


“And this is my responsibility alone.”

“What do you mean, your responsibility……?”

“It means that it is a burden that I must bear as its owner.”

Is there any way that Idiot, who likes to carry everything, can stay still?

After all, it was Claudi who gave the Four Families their name and blessing.

He would be held accountable accordingly.

The Emperor raised a brow.

“I apologize again.”

I understand that, too.

A situation complicated by the Grandfell style of speaking.

It won’t be easy to figure out.

But there is nothing to worry about.


Let’s see, if we calculate the speed at which the parchment flies.

and the rate at which the Four Families are advancing on Antonium.

I’m sure we’ll hear from them sooner or later.


Ignite Maxima.

The large man was splendidly armed.

The highlight of all was the huge jewel embedded in the exact center of the helmet.

How many carats?

No, it would be quicker to estimate by weight.

It was a gem larger than the fist of most adult men.

‘…… Isn’t that a fair price?’

Zhang Anlin rolled his eyes as he clenched his teeth.

Everywhere he looked, it was dazzling.

It sparkles.

‘I expected it since you declared war on the Empire, but……. What the heck, this huge level of troops, where did these NPCs come from, Bugun?

But the question is short-lived.

Zhang Anlin smiled inwardly.

Apparently, the decision to split was correct.

-“I’ll choose the Acamond.”

The four factions in the quest.

Long Shenglac chose the Acamonds. The reason was simple. Long Shenglac’s class was Blocker, a rare class that could only be found in Ericton, a small town in the eastern part of the continent.

-“Let’s hope the Arcana continent has its share of delays.”

The Acamonds were advancing on the Empire from their territories in the east.

He pinned his hopes on the possibility that there might be someone on their side who would recognize his value as a Blocker. Zhang Anlin, on the other hand, had nothing to offer.

‘I have nothing special to offer.’

His class, Lancer, was neither a rare class nor a hidden class. Like Long Shenglac, he had no delays, no schooling, and no blood ties to rely on, so Zhang Anlin had planned to follow Long Shenglac to join Acamond.


-“No. I think we should split up here. Shouldn’t one of us pick the right answer so that we can lead the one who picked the wrong answer?”

There was nothing logical in Long Shenglac’s words, so Zhang Anlin cried and chose Maxima to eat the mustard, which seemed to be an excellent choice.

“Adventurer, I’ve always been interested in you!”

Ignite Maxima.

The master of the Maxima was extremely generous.

Zhang Anlin bowed low.

“If you accept, I will reward that interest with achievements.”

“Yes, you are very motivated. It looks good.”

“Thank you!”

He is on a different level from a rootless bastard like Liu Zunqun.

He can recognize and value a talent like me.

Zhang Anlin swallowed his saliva.

A quote appeared in his head.

‘In this war, Maxima will win unconditionally.’

Even the Empire at its peak would not have been able to defeat the Golden Legion. But wasn’t the current empire on the verge of collapse?

‘If I win, I will be rewarded handsomely.’

Add to that Ignite, this man’s flamboyant personality and wealth.

It seemed like it wouldn’t take much for him to be rewarded with a pot of gold for a decent performance.

Inwardly, Zhang Anlin begged for forgiveness.

‘I’m sorry, Long Shenglac.’

I’m sorry, but I can’t help you.

Zhang Anlin intuitively knew that Long Shenglac was better than him, and if he were to lead him to Maxima, wouldn’t he end up taking all the credit?

If only Long Seonglac wasn’t there.

“With all due respect, Antonium was my backyard. I know how many gates it has, where the buildings are, and even the current power supply.”

Zhang Anlim spits out the words in a plausible package.

“In particular, the Knights of the Lionheart, the Emperor’s right-hand men. They do not currently exist in Antonium, nor on the Arcana continent, as they were caught in the rift and have since settled completely in our adventurers’ world.”

“Oh, well, if that’s true, that’s good news, for knights of the Lionheart who wield their swords with their lives would be a formidable opponent for even the golden elite.”

Ignite clapped his hands together.

Zhang Anlin laughed sinisterly inwardly.

See, even if they were realized, they were still basically NPCs.

‘I can see through this.’

If only there were a Goddess of Luck. Zhang Anlin was willing to sacrifice at least one gold coin from the gold and silver treasures he would receive as a reward to that goddess.

‘……No, at least not a gold coin. I’ll take silver.’

Of course, his shallow faith didn’t last long.


Ignite stopped clapping and spoke.

“Oh, by the way.”

“Yes. Feel free to ask me anything.”

“There’s something I’ve been wondering about you, Adventurer.”

“Speaking of questions, I’ll do anything I can to answer them.”

“Ohhh, would you do that? Thank you.”


Ignite snaps his fingers.

Similarly, a soldier whose entire body is covered in gold steps forward.

For a moment, Zhang Anlin is dumbfounded.


Is this a test of strength? If so, he vowed not to back down. At this moment, dozens of deceptive buffs were being applied simultaneously. He might not be able to fight many, but he was confident in one-on-one combat.

But that, too, was an illusion.

A human who was no different from himself.

An illusion that he overlooked in favor of an NPC.

“I’ve been curious about the truth of the rumors ever since I was stuck in the west. I mean, adventurers, I wanted to see if your blessings were real. Isn’t that easy to believe?”

“What blessing are you talking about?”

“You don’t know?”

Ignite, his pupils glowing with a strange light.

“Do you think I, Ignite, have many questions for a lowly stranger? I have only one question for you. The blessing of resurrection. Whether it is true or false.”

“What, resurrection, what is that?!”

“All right, since you’ve readily agreed, let’s hurry up and find out!”


Before Zhang Anlin could say anything.


The golden elite soldier’s sword shone.


At the same time, a fountain of blood gushed from Zhang Anlin’s neck. A few drops of blood splashed onto Ignite’s face as well, but he didn’t frown in the slightest.

He just stared.

“What the hell.”

Zhang Anlin, the adventurer who was now nothing but flesh.

“The power of resurrection, that was a lie.”

A momentary diversion on an imperial expedition.

Zhang Anlin’s life was treated so lightly.

Ignite’s eyes were free once more.

“It never made sense in the first place, my lord. How could a mere stranger be granted such a ridiculous blessing as resurrection?”

Ignite nodded, comforted by his loyalty. Yes, there are beings who live for eons, but there are no beings who live for eternity on the Arcana Continent.

Even if it were Claudi.

But a mere adventurer could be resurrected?

“What a ridiculous rumor.”

Ignite spat out his feelings.


A parchment fluttered out of thin air. The soldiers drew their swords in alarm, but Ignite waved them away with a wave of his hand. A magical letter, apparently.

If so…….

“Letel Acamond, it can only be her.”

Neither Cleanse Yugrik, nor Smite Cansal, nor that furry thing is magic, and you have a cute way of working behind the scenes that belies your fierce appearance. Letel.

The corners of Ignite’s mouth turn up as he takes the parchment.

“Of course, I’m always welcome.”

Now that the Four Families have made their move, the fall of the Empire is a foregone conclusion.

The big question, then, was which of the Four Families would fill the Emperor’s vacancy. In that sense, Letel Acamond would not be a bad partner. If Maxima and Acamond joined forces, the other two would be no match for them.




The smile faded from Ignite’s face as he unfolded the parchment.

The parchment was luxurious, but not extravagant.

It was clearly written on it.


As of this time, all status and blessings from the Maxima family will be revoked.


It wasn’t just a “disposition” for Maxima.


As of this time, all status and blessings from the Yugrik family will be revoked.


As of this time, all status and blessings from the Kansul family will be revoked.


As of this time, all status and blessings from the Acamond family will be revoked.



All eyes turned to the last sentence.


Patriarch, Grandfell Claudi Arpheus Romeo.


Eventually the punishment came.

“Lord, Lord?!”

Ignite looked up at the urgent cry and saw the terrified face of a golden elite soldier. It didn’t take long for Ignite to realize why.

It was in his ears.

A snap.

An heirloom passed down through generations of the Maxima family.

‘The Jewel of Midas’

The giant gemstone embedded in the helmet was beginning to crack.


And as if foretelling the future to come.

Crack, crack, crack!