Chapter 324 – It’s a natural flow (2)

◈ Episode 324. It’s a natural flow (2)

A demon hunter’s iron rule.

‘Let’s see if I can fit it in for the hundredth time.’

The seniors of Akshan and Grandfell may think nothing of it. However, I, Lee Hoyeol, who is faithful to material greed, have not forgotten. I’ve learned that loot doesn’t drop when you defeat a demon possessing something……!

I spit out an internal scream.


An item dropped by the Seven Deadly Sins.

A set item where seven become one.

For now, it was good.

I knew the power of the set effect from the Sixth Sight Brooch and Dawn set, so I had some expectations.

But then I thought again.

‘…… Isn’t six of these enough?’

The Seven Deadly Sins Greed spot is empty!

It’s not just that it’s a newborn evil. The problem is that it fell to hell while possessing Hakuna. In the past, I’ve complained about not having any loot after defeating a Great Evil.

‘…… I never thought it would come back like this.’

The effects of completed and incomplete set items are similarly evident in the Dawn set. I have a bad taste in my mouth. But I can only shake it off.

‘Grieving won’t change anything, Hoyeol.’

Besides, it’s not like these items are useless, right?

The Sixth Sight Brooch alone was only two out of six.

It has a significant set effect.

[Sixth Sight Brooch 2/6]

[Set item effect applied].

[Set effects currently in effect: 2/6]

[1. Increases all base stats by 2 points].

[2. When attacking boss monsters, all damage dealt is increased by 10%].

Looking at the information window was reassuring. With that, I shook off the remaining bitterness and shifted my gaze. Demonic Item. I checked the information on the new item protruding from the cocoon.

[Neutral Parasitic Creature Envy 1/7]

[Rank: Legendary]

[Limit: Unknown]

[Effect : Envy exists in three forms: Good, Neutral, and Evil, with each form having a different effect on the user. Current Status : Neutral – Grants the user the ‘Absorb’ skill].

[Description : A small creature of unknown identity].

It was so small, I wondered what it was.

Was it alive?

It’s worth the price of the item that popped out of the cocoon.

By the way…….

I stared at the item for a moment. If Grandfell’s demeanor was always the same, his gaze should be the same. Perhaps my gaze is even colder now.

‘It’s not the kind of item that would please my personality.’

Even cats are afraid of furry things.

But what’s the name?

Parasitic creature?!

Considering it’s a legendary item and its high aesthetics.

It is not strange to be reluctant to make contact.


‘It can exist as good, evil, or neutral…….’

At the same time, it’s a great way to stir up Grandfell’s temper.

Who is Grandfell?

For better or worse, he’s a human admirer with a head full of flowers. And a persistent person who manages to realize his mental world.

Suffering from such grandiosity, I opened my mouth.

“What a demonic legacy you’ve left behind.”

It was fired at the Seven Deadly Sins of Envy that fell into hell.

“Did you not grasp the subject until the very end?”

Good and evil.

The effects of the two states could not be known at this time as it was in a neutral state.

But isn’t it predictable just by looking at it?

Especially when the state changes to evil.

Items would have a nasty aftertaste.

“Then I will deny you your last legacy.”

And so it was.

Grandfell’s noble pride would not tolerate even this slight. I reached for the tiny crouching Envy. It looked like a tiny snowflake, which was kind of cute.

‘It’s really mine.’

If it were me, Lee Hoyeol, I’d be all over this item, but not Grandfell. Isn’t that the kind of composure that never falters, no matter what?

‘I’m not sure about the line, but I’m sure I can stay neutral.’

So there’s no hesitation in action.

Maybe it’s because it changes depending on the user.

Immediately, a message comes to mind.

[The appearance of the neutral parasitic creature Envy changes as a result of Aesthetics].

I haven’t even activated the aesthetic yet, and it’s changing its appearance.

This is definitely a legendary item.

Envy’s appearance was suddenly like a transparent, sparkling jewel.

The two people watching and the cat say.

“……That’s quite an unusual item.”

“Indeed, only the Lord would be able to wield such a magic item.”

“Turned into jewelry. That guy is quick on the uptake.”

As if it were a jewel that was meant to be an ornament.

I gazed at Envy, who blended harmoniously into Dawn’s jacket. The gem’s color would change as it changed states, good and evil. As long as Grandfell kept his eyes open, of course.

“Consider it an honor.”

Though I doubt it.

[You have learned the skill, ‘Absorb’].

For whatever reason, I’ve gained a new skill.

Forget the disappointment of the set effect, let’s check the list. A skill obtained from a legendary item. Still, it would be unreasonable to expect it to perform as well as Gwicheol, wouldn’t it?

‘I hope it’s a flat hit.’

With some expectations.

I checked the effect.

And then I cranked up my magic power.

It’s not long now.

Moreover, the location happened to be on the top floor of the Magic Tower.

According to schedule.

I had manifested a portal to the Arcana Continent.

Baek Yiseol was dumbfounded by the fluctuating magic power.

“So this is what was causing the phenomenon in the sky above the Magic Tower!”

Not many players knew about it, but there was no need to tell them. Baek Yiseol isn’t the type to go around making light of things.

I cut to the chase.

“I’ll be back in time.”

Marcelo bowed lightly, and Baek Yiseol hid her surprise and quickly bowed as well. Tower Master was licking his fur with his tongue, and I, Lee Hoyeol, was thrilled.

Inside, not out.

Plagued by curses and Bael since dawn.

In the afternoon, plagued by Gremory.

Unexpected events delayed time.

It may seem like I’m just going through the motions.

That’s not the only reason.

‘……Somehow, even though he was big, he was too big.’

The effect of the acquired skill, [Absorb].

I’m so curious that I won’t be able to understand it without checking it out right away.

It was completely reeking of fraud!


A sense of crisis that had been forgotten among humanity has been revived.

-No, it was a really serious situation.

-ㄹㅇ I suddenly got goosebumps;;

-I thought it was just a quest??

The reason was that Arcana’s common sense was overlooked.

High-level monsters invading low-level areas?

Never happened before the Cataclysm, never happened after.

Of course, one or two monsters could be dealt with without too much trouble.

-No;; Isn’t it okay to just read the appearance message and avoid it??


-What are you saying? I was there and you said something that made sense.


-Think about it, just one appearance message, and suddenly your shit is on fire and you have cold sweats running down your spine, and it’s just one appearance message after another??? Where are you going to run to in that situation?

I wasn’t exaggerating.

Of course, there are guilds active in the Zero Mountains. As long as a dragon lives at the top. Since the update, the Zero Mountains have never escaped the world’s attention and surveillance for even a moment.

24 hours.

Drones and helicopters flying over the Zero Mountains.

Panoramic views of the Zero Mountains from countless angles.

The anchor, watching the recording, sticks out his tongue.

“Can you see it, viewers? The monster was indeed moving towards a specific area like a flood. A whopping 300 kilometer radius to measure……. That means all the monsters in the area from Seoul to Busan were affected!”

The vivid footage made humanity feel more real.

-Demons really have no limits, don’t they?

-Even the mob is possessed? It wasn’t the end just taking care of my mental strength.

-By the way, wasn’t it almost closed because of the Zero Mountains?

The dangers of demon-type monsters.

-Where are all the people who told me to stop talking trash about the Holy War Alliance?

-Isn’t it obvious that you’re a demon worshipper?

-We can’t let our guard down.

-They’re all part-timers, I can tell by looking at their IP.

They needlessly create a sense of crisis.

They increase their power by promoting their cause.

Isn’t that behavior actually strengthening the power of the demon…….

Thanks to this, criticisms, big and small, directed at the Holy War Alliance were silenced. But there was one person who was being reevaluated beyond the Holy War Alliance, and that was Akshan.

-Let’s see how cool it is.

-I only heard about it, but it’s easy to be fooled haha.

-Lol, look at the outfit, it looks like the demon will catch them all by herself.

-Should I film an action movie alone? Wire action is coming haha.

A woman with flesh-colored hair, presumably a demon.

Seven demon hunters surround her.

The battle was captured on the body cameras of players who had been knocked unconscious. Players who knew Akshan, and those who didn’t, marveled.

-The demon hunter I knew was always doing quests.

-No, I’ve raised it myself, and I beat it at demon hunting by giving it a bunch of stamina quests!!! But if I’d known it would be like this, I’d have killed it.ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

-It’s no joke to say that the natural enemy skill sucks.

-Isn’t that kind of a asshole?


It’s a great way to get the most out of your time, but it’s also a great way to learn about the world around you. As the hidden truth became known through players who were saved by Akshan. The interest in Akshan grew even more intense.

[Real-time trending video rankings]

1. Akshan battle video

2. Demon Hunter Weapons

3. Zero Mountains player livestream

4. Where are the missing Demon Hunters…….


Their legend underestimated.

Someone’s rhetoric was restoring honor.

And there was a name that resonated with Akshan.

-How did the fallen Akshan return?

-Disappeared without a trace.

-Didn’t you know that Lee Hoyeol was the leader of Akshan?

The man who brought Akshan back to the world.

-Was it all a big picture……?

-So Akshan was neither destroyed nor deleted, but was just waiting for the right time to strike, anticipating that the demons would stumble and stab them in the back?!

-If it’s Lee Hoyeol, it’s not like it’s anybody else.

– Shout Homen

Another legend.

As a party who entered the Arcana Continent, a completely different world, following the procedures. A new legend, unknown for the time being, has expanded in size…….


The Arcana Continent.

I thought as I stepped through the portal.

It’s been a while, but I shouldn’t be too surprised.

I had kept up with the news from the Arcana Continent through Hiel.

Numerous forces that came out of bad omens and disappeared from existence.

Naturally, I didn’t expect everyone to get along from the start.

‘Even in a small country, there are regional conflicts over a single mountain, and generational conflicts over a decade. How many years are there between the ancient kingdoms and Akshan alone?’

These are the powers that were erased and swallowed by the tide at different times and for different reasons. Considering the language barrier and physical differences, it’s rather strange that they actually get along so well.

I’m not going to dwell on that.

It’s an inhabited world after all.

That’s what the players knew about the Arcana continent.

So I didn’t have any expectations.

I stepped onto the Arcana continent with no expectations.

Was that why?

My vision flashed endlessly.

[Experience gain increased by 50 percent].

[Item drop rate increased by 50%].

[Magic manifestation increased by 30%].

[Proficiency gain with all weapons is increased by 30%].

[Romantic explorer, Lorenzik, wanders the continent spreading his knowledge] …….

I almost fainted when I saw the message that popped up……!!!

No, what the hell is this buff?!

It wasn’t just a buff, it had a specific background attached to it.

There were so many, I couldn’t even see it.

Not only that.

Every single one of them had a ridiculous effect!

Part of me wanted to utilize the buffs right away.

After all, I have more holes in my body than anyone else, right?

I should be able to utilize the buffs better than anyone else.

But I couldn’t act on my thoughts.


That was the last message I heard.

Even when Arcana was just a game.

A world message I’d seen many times caught my eye.

[War for continental supremacy begins].

It sure does feel nostalgic, like the Arcana continent back then.

‘Yeah, it was a fictionalized day of land grabbing.’

Like I said.

I had no intention of getting involved in the fighting.

That’s what the Arcana continent was supposed to be like.

But this is different.

[Maxima of Gold declares war on the Empire].

[Yugrik of the Forest declares war on the Empire].

[Kansul of Valor declares war on the Empire].

[Acamond of Tremors declares war on the Empire].

Maxima, Yugrik, Kansul, Acamond.

How could I forget those names.

Four Families.

The living witnesses to my dark history that I could never forget, even if I wanted to.

Soon, my lips spit out cold words.

“Freedom and indulgence are two different things.”

This is absolutely true.

This was my declaration as patriarch of Claudi Family.


“You need to tighten that loose leash.”

Not because I’m afraid of my dark history going on a rampage……!