Chapter 322 – What a twist!

◈ Episode 322. What a twist!

It’s starting to make sense.

Only a few years.

How the adventurers were able to shake the Arcana continent in a fraction of a second……! Gremory pondered the physical memories, or more precisely, the player’s knowledge, that poured into her head.

‘Such a blessing.’

If she had been given this ability…….

It hadn’t taken long.

Just a few years, similar to the adventurers.

I could have gained the power to challenge the Demon King of the Ten Thrones.

That alone would have been a satisfying possession.


Even her own eyes were not wrong.

She had chosen the shell simply for its beauty.

Even windfalls were not like this.

Gremory muttered softly.

“A noble family, I didn’t know she was more than that.”

A shinhwa chaebol group.

She couldn’t guess the meaning of the word.

But in her physical memory, she could see a glimpse. A position that would allow her to lead a luxurious life, worshipped by countless people. What a comfortable place to hide.

‘There is no time to waste.’

Gremory followed her body’s lead. Now that she had succeeded in her possession, she doubted that Akshan’s madmen would be able to track her. They’d have a hard enough time dealing with the slaves of power, but still.

‘I will not let my guard down.’

Besides, this land is worse than those lunatics.

The Last Demon Hunter.

Isn’t this the home of the silver-haired man?

Let’s see, a man of his stature would have a reputation in this world, and we should be able to find out something about him from the shell owner’s memories.

Gremory’s guess was correct.

“…… Lee Hoyeol.”

The name came straight out of her mouth.

But something was wrong.

Gremory felt a strange sensation in her shell.


It’s safe to say this was her first possession.

Call it a generous compliment, but it’s only human flesh.

The sensations should have been unpleasant.

It felt strangely familiar.

Normally, I would have shrugged it off.

Hadn’t she vowed not to repeat her mistakes?

Gremory closed her eyes for a moment.

‘I need to look inside myself.’

It didn’t take her long to realize why.

‘You’ve led a very strange life, woman.’

You’ve given yourself to the demon twice.

‘True name, Baek Yiseol.’

Baek Yiseol.

The traces of the demon within her were clear.

It was the scent of Lust, a species that could be said to be on the same level as demons.

Gremory clicked her tongue.


One of the lesser demons of the demon world. Gremory liked what she saw in Baek Yiseol’s body, which is why she whispered to her inner self in private.

‘You should be grateful, for I am far more than a succubus, and I will transform your shell into a true queen, not a mere demon at best.

Her first step would be to return to Baek Yiseol, to her mansion, and after that she would deal with Baek Yiseol’s relatives and entourage, who would surely be the first to get in her way.

‘Wouldn’t it be troublesome to find out?’

Even if she wore a human shell.

Gremory wasn’t going to risk the humiliation of mimicking a human. Anything that got in her way would be removed, and she would surround herself with only loyal slaves of power.

It was a moment of resolve for Gremory.


She snapped.


Her feet moved of their own accord.

At first, she thought her body was responding to her will.

Until she looked around.


There’s no way something like Baek Yiseol’s mansion exists on top of these precarious stairs, right? Gremory urgently looked back at Baek Yiseol’s memories. To be precise, common sense as a player.

‘There is a portal at the entrance of the Magic Tower. Adventurers travel freely throughout the world through the portal. The staircase of the tower, the space above which is only allowed for mages…….’


But as far back as she could remember, there was no reason to climb the stairs. Why? Unnecessary attention. The gazes of the humans hovering at the entrance to the tower were on her.

No, not exactly.

“Uh, senior. That’s Baek Yiseol, right?”

“……uh? It’s really Baek Yiseol!”

“Baek Yiseol is in the Magic Tower for some reason…….”

“Wait, is this an extension of that incident?!”

“Hey, pick up the camera first!”

Baek Yiseol.

She turned to face the owner of the shell.

A snap.

Gremory gritted her teeth.

‘Does this human have a connection to Magic Tower?’

I don’t think they’ll ever find out I’m wearing a shell, but……. The machine these bastards are holding will spread this situation to the world. Faced with Akshan, this attention was not welcome.

‘Don’t you dare, bitch.’

Gremory snapped inwardly, wrenching control of her body…….

No, more accurately, she tried to seize it.

The footsteps began to move again, frighteningly fast.



Gremory gasped in horror.

She screamed inwardly.

I am a demon queen.

Not only that, but I have also been swallowed up by the power of great evil.

And now a mere mortal is defying her?

‘It can’t be!’

But that was only the beginning.


As Gremory climbed the stairs, a lanky man stood in her way.

His reputation was well known in the demon world.

Even among the demons, she recognized him immediately.

‘Marcelo Simuard……!’

It would not be a pretty picture if she was discovered to be possessed.

Gremory was deeply troubled. Should I unleash Lust’s power now, so I can break this human’s mind? No, first…….

‘……Wait, why is he still alive?’

Gremory, she was clearly unable to control the power of her rampaging Lust. This means that thanks to her rampaging powers, she was able to go astray and barely save her life.

And then.

“Long time no see. Ms. Baek.”

Marcelo casually said to herself.

He was treating her like a shell.

It’s hard to say that he offset the power with his vague mental strength.

‘The bugs downstairs were fine…….’

Gremory speculated.

‘……Could it be that I am now able to control my powers?’

It was a wild guess, of course.

Her mouth moved of its own accord.

Her head bowed of its own accord.

“It’s been a while, Chief Marcelo. First of all, I must apologize for violating the rules of the Magic Tower. I formally apologize for my unauthorized access to the upper levels.”

……Believe me!

I hadn’t meant to spit those words on Gremory. It would have been best to turn around and leave the tower in time to escape the humiliation and come up with a lame excuse.

Marcelo shook his head.

“Don’t worry, I’m sure you’re here for a reason. Come upstairs, I don’t think we can have a proper conversation on the stairs.”


It’s not too late.

Don’t follow that man.

Don’t you dare go against me.

I scream inside, but my body still won’t listen.

Eventually, we reach the top floor of the tower.

With no one in sight, the conversation continued.

“I can guess why you’re here. There is only one point of contact between me and Ms. Baek Yiseol. You must have something to do with the Holy War Alliance.”

What, the Holy War Alliance?

Gremory was stunned. An alliance in the name of the Holy War had been organized in a completely different world, a situation she hadn’t even anticipated when she was on the Arcana Continent.


Gremory felt her lips dry up.

‘Son of a bitch.’

Now that she knew of the presence of the Holy War Alliance. She could picture Marcelo’s reaction when he realized she was there, and she could almost hear the plea in her mind now.

‘Please, please shut up.’

But Baek Yiseol’s mouth moved in a cold way.

“It’s just that I think I’ve been possessed by the demon again.”

……You were aware of the possession?!

How on earth?

Grasping the situation, Gremory desperately struggled within herself.

Thankfully, she realized in hindsight.


This was the second time Baek Yiseol had been possessed.

That meant that the succubus that had possessed her the first time was no longer inside her. Gremory recalled the feelings she’d felt during her possession.

‘……I’ve seen the possibilities.’

Revenge was just around the corner.

The system is power, more power than that.

Sitting in the Ten Thrones is no dream…….

‘Am I the only one who’s had such dreams?’

Wouldn’t a succubus have known that?

The thing is.

That a succubus would never give up this body of their own volition.

‘I did.’

Gremory finally arrived at the right answer.

‘……The succubus was hunted!’

A puzzle begins to form in her confused mind.

“Possession, then, in that case, you must have come to see Chief Lee Hoyeol.”


And Lee Hoyeol.

Why did Baek Yiseol’s body make its way to the magic tower.

“Yes, it looks like I’m in debt again.”

And why I still had a strange sense of déjà vu.

It was.

It wasn’t the succubus I was seeing.

It was an innate reluctance to face a natural enemy that was etched into the demon’s genes.

Gremory finally broke down.

‘……You’re telling me I can’t go this far?’

Did you mean that I could never defy my natural enemy, that the hunt had begun the moment I set foot on this earth, that once I was caught by a demon hunter, I could not escape by any means……?

Soon, a bell rang in Gremory’s ears.

“It looks like the Lord was waiting too.”




‘Oh, no…….’

The sound of the train to hell’s whistle.


The top floor of the tower.

I enter.

A familiar message greets me.

[Skill, ‘Natural Enemy’ triggers].

I’m honestly surprised.

“It’s a refreshing reunion.”

Baek Yiseol, Master of the Shinhwa Guild and member of the Holy War Alliance.

I didn’t expect her to be possessed by a demon again.

Even as I casually greeted her, I was dumbfounded.

‘Is this really okay?’

According to Marcelo’s telepathy.

I heard that Baek Yiseol was possessed by a demon when she entered the Zero Mountains, and that path led her directly to the magic tower where I was most likely to be. The simplicity of the story leads to a natural conclusion.

‘A half-breed demon possessed Baek Yiseol.’

As if on cue, the quest objective flashes.

-Hunt the demon. (Repeat)

●Follow the blood trail to track down the half-breed demon. (Successful)

●Defeat the Half-Blood Demon. (Ongoing)

That was why I was surprised.

‘Ms. Baek Yiseol, you are also a true…….’

I thought I was the one suffering the most from Grandfell, but I can’t complain in front of Baek Yiseol, who was possessed by a demon twice.

Besides, it’s not a normal demon this time, is it?

But Baek Yiseol was no different than usual.

“Gremory. According to my memory, she was a 56th ranked demon king. And judging by the way she kept mentioning her power……. It seemed like there was a corner of her that believed in something.”

I was silent.

I just stared at Baek Yiseol’s pupils. You can fool other people’s eyes, but you can’t fool the eyes of a demon hunter. Sure enough, Baek Yiseol’s eyes were definitely black.

That made me even more curious.

‘How is she still alive?’

Demons feed on negative emotions, which drives the humans they possess to further destruction. I mean, just think back to Baek Yiseol, who was possessed by a succubus in the first place…….

‘It was a different story.’

Why, trials make you stronger.

‘Did the experience of being possessed by a succubus do something good?’

I don’t know, but I think it hardened your mind. There was a time when society and even entertainment articles were full of stories about Baek Yiseol.

Me, Lee Hoyeol.

My head was full of thoughts.

Who is Grandfell?

“You’ve grown up, too.”


“You’ve finally realized pride.”

The founder of the noble theory of pride.

At my words, Baek Yiseol let out a small sigh.

“Wow, thank you for saying that! I was actually worried that I might have been possessed again and annoyed the Chief, but as you said, it’s because I didn’t forget my pride. I have a terrible dark history, like when I was possesed by succubus……. No, I was able to avoid repeating my mistakes.”

……Dark history, I know how that feels.

I nod, and then, suddenly.

I hear a meow.

“What the hell are you talking about?”

“Stay still, Tower Master.”

“I still don’t know what pride is.”

Anyway, that!

You’re less awake.

What’s with the tone?

I wonder if he’s taking a nap on the top floor and watching this embarrassing scene. Regardless, it doesn’t take away from Baek Yiseol’s performance.

“Let’s get straight to the point.”

Without hesitation, I prepare the [Exorcism Ritual].

A half-breed demon.

I still haven’t figured out what it means, but if it’s a demon with added powers, it’s definitely not an ordinary demon. What we need to hunt such a creature is a sacrifice, a demonic item.

An item of the right grade, too.

‘I have just the thing.’

The spoils of a great evil.

[cocooned in envy]

[Rank: Legendary]

[Limit: Unknown]

[Effect: Sealed]

[Description: Sealed with a demonic curse, its effects are sealed; it must be purified to know its full effect].


Left behind by the Seven Deadly Sins Envy.

This must be a legendary item.

‘It must be an item comparable to Gwicheol, right?’

I was looking forward to it.

I can’t let this innocent guy get the best of me.

I looked as stern as ever.

Baek Yiseol. No, I declared to the half-breed demon.

“I will begin your punishment as of this moment.”

[The ‘cocoon of envy’ was chosen as the sacrifice].

[Skill, ‘Exorcism Ritual’ is triggered].

[Invite the half-breed demon, Gremory, to the ‘Ritual’].