◈ Episode 318. Still, it’s laughable (2)


Bael’s sword that destroyed the continent of Seorn in a single blow.

A sword strike with immeasurable destructive power stretched toward me.


With a bizarre sound, Bael’s forearm creaked.

The demons from the Demon Realm that trampled on Seorn shout at the sight.

“What is going on?”

“Why are you heading towards empty space……?”


They say it’s Grandfell, a place no demon can pass by.

There was no way to do anything about those demons.

That’s because the scene I was watching was a past that I couldn’t intervene in.

What made me so sure it was the past?

Because I am a demon hunter.

I saw the demons I sent to hell with my own hands.

In that sense, In that sense, I was once again shocked by Baal.

Past and present.

Bael transcended timelines and became aware of my presence.

As if that wasn’t enough, he even swung his sword.

Indeed, he could sink an entire worldview with a single stroke.


Didn’t I already say it out loud?

“I did not ask for understanding from an inferior race.”

In the face of the approaching Sword of Bael.

In the face of the destructive force that shattered the continent of Seorn in a single blow.

I spoke, not backing down in the slightest.

“Consider it an honor. I will enlighten you myself.”

Of course, it was a thoroughly calculated action.

As were my words.

Was it because he knew how to hunt Bael?

No, of course not.

I simply believe.

My experience as a player has taught me that……!

‘There is no battle.’

Yes, that’s how strong Baal was.

How strong Bael was to recognize my presence.

The system doesn’t lie.

Unless the message brought up the right level.

‘You, you can’t hit me, can you?’

Bael, you are not worth a hair of my head.

Not even a single well-trimmed hem.

You can’t touch me.

‘Is it shameful? whatever.’

Did you say it?

It’s not groundless confidence.

This is the shameless reason why I didn’t even blink.


The muscles in Bael’s forearms burst.

Unlike me, the look on the demons’ faces above ground is one of concern. Their panicked voices carry clearly through the demon hunter’s ears.

“Why are you making such a huge sacrifice in vain, Bael! Do you realize how much the Demon World has sacrificed for this day? The Demon World is not satisfied with a mere Seorn continent. Fulfill the contract. Use that sword to open the gate to the Arcana Continent!”

Apparently, according to the contract, Bael was to open the way to Arcana after Seorn.

But you see.

The curse sensed me watching from the past.

He swung the sword that was supposed to be pointed at Arcana at me.

“How foolish.”

“How is that the king of kings……?”

“……Everything is wrong. The sky is closed.”

“I can’t believe I missed this opportunity!”


Off to the races…….

The cries of the demons are realized.

The sword stops swinging into nothingness. The grip on the sword loosens. Bael’s forearm bends and twists grotesquely, and he is soon sucked into the cracked sky.


Then, as if nothing had happened, there was silence.

A message flashed before my eyes.

[The Demon World has become one with the Seorn Continent].

Two completely different worlds have become one.

Where have I heard this before?

Yes, this was also strange.

Karimzeva, a demon worshipper, once said.

-“The demon is only a means. You know, don’t you, that what the Arcana needs is the real truth!”

That’s how I knew.

I didn’t know what he was talking about at the time.

You were talking about me dealing with Anomaly, Karimzeva.

That’s right.

Bael, that’s the realm of the anomaly.

The being at the apex of it was certain.

No, considering he’s the original Demon of the Ten Thrones……. It would be more accurate to say that he was born into the realm of anomaly, not that he entered it like I did.

But it is what it is.

Why I was so sure I could hunt you down, Bael.

Struggling or whatever.

Because I was making steady progress in the realm of the anomaly, and if ever there was a pinnacle to reach, it was the noble Grandfell.


‘Anyway, we’re still in the same class, right?’

Some might scoff at the notion that I’m being overly shameless.


What have I been shameless about, a day or two?

I muttered to the closed sky.

“You’ve got your tail between your legs, at least you know the subject.”

The realm of the anomaly, a being at the pinnacle, even a demon.

To me.

To Grandfell, even Bael was no more than a lowly demonic imp.

‘……Anyway, it’s a bit unfair to ask if he stuck his tail out.’

I was just getting to the point.

My vision began to blur.

The demon worshipper, the unstoppable flow of his intentions.

The real truth.

The past had shown me the power of Bael.

The curse had taken effect.




[Purified the curse, the ‘irresistible flow’].

[The relationship with Akshan has increased.]

[Influence in Akshan has increased.]

As a recurring quest in Akshan, my relationship and influence have increased. Of course, that’s not the point. My gaze drifted to the cursed walls of Mugan.

‘Well, at least I won’t have to wrinkle my clothes.’

The curses were gone, thanks to the successful purification. The corpse of the demon worshipper was nowhere to be seen. His life force had run out and he had been consumed by Mugan in accordance with Mugan’s rules.

I said.

“It was terrible until the end.”

After all, I had denied the Demon Worshipper his last act, why, he had hoped that witnessing Bael’s power would break my heart.

“And you, too. So did the demon who claims to be king of kings.”

If anything, I’ve given him a false sense of confidence.

By the way.

……What time is it, now?

I had entered the curse, though even time flies in Mugan. Even if it wasn’t a long time, it was an event that disrupted a schedule, a procedure.

The words I would spit out were obvious.

“You’ve wasted precious time.”

I snarled and walked out of the room.


The door closed behind me and I climbed the stairs. As I walked up the stairs, I looked back at my big mouth and thought about how hard I’d have to work to make it all happen. …….

In retrospect, it wasn’t so much of a bluff, was it?

-“We cannot be satisfied with only Seorn continents. Fulfill the contract. It means opening the door to the Arcana Continent with that sword!!”

The destruction of the Seorn Continent is in the past.

If, for some reason, I did not enter the curse.

What if Bael had opened the gates to the Arcana Continent as contracted……?

Wouldn’t the history of the Arcana Continent have changed significantly?

Would my big mouth have prevented that?

Of course, I can’t be sure. The mere fact that Bael recognized my existence suggests that the timeline is a complex concept beyond my current understanding.

‘Maybe I should start studying science.’

At times like this, I resent being a liberal arts major.

Still, I knew one thing for sure.

Bael was not to be underestimated.

Thankfully, my steps were light.

Another hour.

As expected, the time had passed and the sun was shining on the Magic Tower. The Magic Tower was crowded early. The sound of shoes echoing in the lobby drew my attention.

Eventually, I heard chatter.

“…… It’s Lee Hoyeol!”

“What, what, there’s a basement in the Magic Tower?!”

“What happened this morning?”

“Get me the breaking news now!”

But I didn’t care what anyone thought of me.

I headed straight for the portal.

Let’s hurry, we have to stop by the Arcana Continent this evening.


[Zero Mountains]

[Appropriateness : Not recommended for anyone]

[Collapse Rate: 100%]

The players look up at the Zero Mountains.

“Kya, I always wondered when we used to climb that.”

“After the Cataclysm, I kind of forgot about it, actually.”

“Well, I guess I’ve made quite a comeback.”

The daunting Zero Mountains.

While the Zero Mountains were not recommended for anyone, the number of players active in the Zero Mountains, including Ranked players, was growing. Tips and information about the monsters were spreading like wildfire.

An archer with a bow slung over his shoulder adjusted his glasses.

“At level 400, it’s more efficient than most rifts.”

“Still, I didn’t realize everyone was level 400 like me.”

“I’m actually only level 400.”

The four players maintained a moderate level of tension.

Swords and shields, staffs and bows.

Each grabbed their equipment and climbed the Zero Mountains.

“Aha, wait a minute, I actually got a map from an explorer I know, he said it would come in handy one day when we enter the Zero Mountains…….”

Everyone was stunned by the mage’s words.

“An explorer’s map?! That’s no ordinary map, is it? I’ve only seen it on Nettube videos……. I heard that it’s like a navigation system.”

“Is that for real?”

“I’ll hold the cane, you can browse the map at your leisure.”

“Oh, thanks. I found it thanks to you!”

[Federation Explorer’s Map: Zero Mountains Lowlands]

[Rating: Rare]

[Restrictions: None]

[Completeness : 3.2%]

[Description : A map created by a Federation explorer, let his footsteps be your guide].

The information window was crude at first glance.

It only recorded the lowlands, and it was only 3.2 percent.

At first glance, you might wonder what it’s for.

But in the vastness of the Zero Mountains, 3.2 percent is no small amount.

[An explorer’s footsteps light up the area].

The footprints appear on the map at the same time as the message.

“So these footprints serve as signposts?”

“Yes! If you look closely, you can see……. And it brings up information like this!”

“I can’t believe you managed to get this.”

“We’ll do our best, mage!”

“Eh, no problem.”

Even in the lowlands of the Zero Mountains, where new maps are being updated, it’s natural to be concerned at first, but the explorer’s map sheds some light on the area, and the players are relieved.


Suddenly, a rustle in the distant forest.

Instead of panicking, the players checked out the footprints around them.

The footprints are small and cute…….

“Could it be a mountain sparrow?”

Mountain Sparrow: Lv.430.

I had memorized it by heart.

Specific information immediately came to mind.

“I can’t believe this little thing is level 430.”

“Considering how many ranked players have struggled with rabbits, we shouldn’t let our guard down.”

“We can’t have them coming at us in packs, so let’s lure them out one by one!”

Even if they’re far from ranked, players at level 400 are considered high-level and veterans. Especially after the Cataclysm, there’s a real-world feel to players who’ve had to fight for their lives.

That’s why they notice.


Unexpected body changes.

“Am I the only one getting nervous over there ……?”

Level 430 is a tough level, but it’s one that can be dealt with if you work together. However, their bodies didn’t listen to them too much.


The player was not alone.

Something in the bushes was getting closer and closer.

The pressure was too much for the mountain sparrow to bear.

The mage steeled himself.

‘I have the map, Senior Hwigang gave me.’

There are no monsters in the area that pose a threat.

That’s a sparrow, a mountain sparrow.

But as he steeled himself, he realized something.

“……But does a sparrow make that much noise when it moves?”

And there it was.


The thing that had been approaching them from the woods had come into full view.

Without warning, it flashed before their eyes.

It was an emergence message.

[A ‘Moon Glaive Bear’ appears in the area].


Information similarly flashed up.

Moon Glaive Bear: Lv.700.

Why did a monster that even Ranked players had to hunt down by sticking to it appear in the lowlands of the mountain range? With his life at stake, he couldn’t ask questions.


The odds were stacked against them.

I had to run.

But can we run away from a level 700 monster……?

“Everyone run……!”

A split second.

I hesitated and slurred my words.

It’s too late, I have to endure one more blow.

I steeled myself and raised my shield.


There it was.

The eyes of the Moon Glaive Bear.

The pupils glow softly like the moon, as if possessed by something.

Or rather, mesmerized.

It was moving its massive body without paying any attention to the players.

“Wait, what’s the direction?!”

However, the 300-level gap is a dangerous one, with overlapping paths. Those with strength and agility could dodge it, but it was too much for the mages who were preparing their skills.


The mage and the moon glaive bear got closer.

“What the ……?!”

But nothing happened.

“Uh, what?”

A split second.


A rock wall rose between Moon Glaive Bear and the mage.

And a voice.

“Is it just the four of you?”

“……Uh, huh?!!”

Facing himself.

Not to mention the other players who were stunned.

Hoyeol continued.

“Still, I don’t believe in superstitions.”

Confidently say something you don’t know what it means.




Why is it that the more you do, the more you get in the way?

It’s a science at this point.

And it’s not just the Moon Glaive Bear.

From top to bottom.

The Zero Mountains were in a backwater. It meant that the high-level monsters from the highlands were coming down to the lowlands in droves. As if possessed by something.

“Still, I don’t believe in superstition.”

Good for you, Grandfell.

Even I, a superstitious man, will concede on this one.

Just four players.

It’s too much to attribute to death.

Because what was happening in the mountains was strange.

I looked up stiffly.

And my senses sharpened.

Why, I had learned something.

Demons are almost always responsible for shitty things.

Then there was a flash before my eyes.

See, I was right, wasn’t I?

It’s like a demon on the rise.