Chapter 314 – What if it were me? (1)

◈ Episode 314. What if it were me? (1)

The office is silent.

Unlike usual, the number of heads has increased by two. No one opens their mouths, including me. Someone might say that there is a strange nervousness in the atmosphere.

I wish I could be like that too…….


I take out a teacup for entertaining, look at the magic stove that heats the water, and swallow a sigh. Damn it, I knew this day would come someday.

From the moment I was able to travel back and forth between reality and the Arcana continent, and from the moment I decided to accept the full truth of my dark history, Claudi. I had it in my mind that there are no secrets that last forever.

But still, yes, this is too sudden!

I’m grateful for my body’s ability to stay calm under these circumstances.

Of course, it’s a bit of a stretch to say that I’m proud to serve teabagged green tea…….

But now is not the time to worry about green tea.

Jesse and Mary.

They don’t speak, trying to keep it formal until the end. But their faces are full of questions. After all, they’re waiting for an explanation, not mine.

‘To be honest, I’m not sure I’d like to…….’

It’s tempting to be a little more brazen and turn a blind eye. However, the difference between Grandfell’s high pride and arrogance is a single piece of paper, which is more than a step.

So I set my teacup down, breaking the silence.

“I will hear your cause.”

Actually, it’s not too late to play dumb here.

After all, the two person were waiting for me for a reason.

All I had to do was answer their questions, right?

But like I said.

It’s not in the spirit of pride to give in.

So I had to add.

“But first, I’d like to address your question.”


Two pairs of eyes snapped to me.

“Lee Hoyeol and Grandfell.”

It’s the first time I’ve ever heard those two names out of my mouth in real life……? A mixed feeling washes over me, but I don’t hold back.

“That’s me.”

A succinct explanation.

For once, she nodded.

Actually, there shouldn’t be much of a surprise on Mary’s part. My name may be unusual, Lee Hoyeol, but it’s not so strange as to freak her out. It was given to me by my grandfather, much to his delight.


If it’s a little weird, so be it.

Given Mary and Claudi’s relationship, it makes sense. Actually, even without the halo. I’d been a benefactor to Mary by restoring the Twilight Descendants.

The problem was with Jesse.

I know Jesse’s personality all too well. She’s relentlessly curious about things she doesn’t understand, including magic. I’ve had my share of trouble with her.

As usual, the questions come pouring in.

“By any chance, is Grandfell your name on the Arcana continent?”

It’s the name I used in my pre-Arcana days.

It was a sharp question. Of course, she didn’t ask for my full name, so I’m not going to be the first one to say it, but I’m not going to let a bullshit get the better of me, so I answer quickly.


Jesse continued.

“So, is the name Grandfell known to everyone on the Arcana continent? If not, then……. Is this a name known only to a few people?”

What was the intent of the question?

‘Are you saying that it’s a name that’s not widely known?’

I wish I could have seen Jesse’s expression to see what she was thinking.

But it was hard to see through her hat.

So I’ll just tell it like it is.

“Now everyone knows.”

Actually, I was going to hide it for as long as I could…….

But it’s a lost cause.

Why, the legend of Dark Dragon Lee Hoyeol has been floating around the Arcana Continent. As if that weren’t enough, there’s a whole bunch of loud dragons shouting about it. Even if they don’t know the full name, I think everyone knows it up to Grandfell.

I wondered if there was any answer.

It seemed to be enough for Jesse.

I recognized the familiar exclamation in her tone.

“I see!”

Beneath the cone hat.

Her pupils are bloodshot and tired.

Jesse continued.

“It’s similar to infinite darkness or a dark dragon!”


……I unconsciously shake my teacup.

Indeed, humanity’s specialty power.

Jesse Heinness, Archmage.

She’d hit the nail on the head.

Yeah, not so different.

They’re practically synonymous.

But my astonishment didn’t end there.

“It suits you well, even the name Grandfell!”


What does that mean?

Maybe I have a lot to hide, or maybe I’m just being paranoid.

‘Has things been resolved at this level?’

But you did well, Hoyeol.

‘Let’s see.’

Now that he had explained with pride, it was my turn to listen. I, Lee Hoyeol. My shame caused me to be unreasonably hard on both of them, but I couldn’t be grumpy.

Pride would not allow it.


The situation seemed ripe for two people to request a meeting.

The Twilight Descendant and the Archmage.

The AAU’s report was right. A new class quest had been created between the two. Mary spilled the beans.

“I couldn’t make out exactly what the class quest meant with my dull vision, but……. I thought I might be able to help this girl.”

It’s not about intelligence.

I’ve seen how hard it is to pick up the lore of a completely different world, players and Arcanians alike. So it was the word “girl” that made me pause.

“I’m not a girl.”

Jesse looked at Mary.

“Oh, I’m sorry, I didn’t know your name.”


We stood side by side and didn’t say a word. When she realizes Mary is right, Jesse bows her head and introduces herself to Mary.

“I’m Jesse Heinness. My class is Archmage.”


Mary muttered meaningfully, but there was a reason for her confidence.

Now that she was making progress on her class quest, Jesse didn’t seem to mind.

But there’s no way this guy’s nonsense can just be overlooked.

“Are you truly sure, Mary?”

Mary answered without bending.

“I’m sure, but if you have any concerns, I’ll take them to heart.”

It’s not a huge concern.

As I just said, it is not easy to understand something from a completely different world. Lee Hoyeol, who is suffering from Grandfell of the Arcana Continent in real life, and thanks to him I am eating raw, I guess this is an unusual case.

“Ability is not the issue. We just don’t understand each other because our foundations are different. Do you think you can truly teach and be taught by someone like that?”

Says Jesse.

‘I think it’s purely because of the Archmage class.’

Not skipping a beat, even in front of guests.

As I entered the office, I glanced at the parchment on the desk. It contained the seniors’ and Marcelo’s assessments of Mary’s proofs.


Regrettably, none of the seniors, including myself, had witnessed anything.


Unable to evaluate due to lack of competence.

What even the mighty Marcelo could not witness was the magic and power of the twilight. It was unreasonable to expect Jesse, who had barely dipped his toe in the water of magic, to understand twilight.

Mary replies.

“Considering Miss Jesse Heinness’s manifestation, Mr. Grandfell is correct, and if something unknown to me, such as a class quest, stands between me and Miss Heinness…….”

Mary trailed off, and Jesse remained silent, apparently having nothing to say. It goes without saying, but I didn’t bring this up to discourage you.

“Then there’s only one way.”

Who am I, Grandfell?

I’ll do whatever it takes.

The kind of person who sees things through to the end.

I cut straight to the chase.

“I will join you in your quest.”

I’ll say it up front.

This was a bit of a cop-out, but it was a cop-out for a reason. From the perspective of the Holy War Commander-in-Chief, it makes perfect sense to grow Jesse’s specialty.


‘I’m actually interested.’

Twilight power and magic.

I’ve experienced its effects firsthand. But I don’t know if I can handle the Twilight, not being a Twilight Descendant and not being an Archmage associated with the Twilight Descendants.

What’s there to lose by trying?

I’m in, I’ve declared.

Even if I’m rejected, I’ll push through anyway.

Luckily, they didn’t seem to mind.

“I hope I’m not causing too much trouble…….”

“I’m both sorry and relieved, Chief Lee!”


I quickly shifted my gaze away from them and stared at my teacup.

It wouldn’t show on my face, because I couldn’t help it, but it was there…….

‘You never think I’m going to look over your shoulder and learn from you.’

Is this really a proud act……?

I questioned it.

After all, it was a spit in my face.

“Then, let’s go.”

In times like this, it was best to just drink green tea…….


It’s Thursday.

There was a strange tension in the world.

Today was the day between Raymond Sean and Hoyeol.

It was the day the winner would be crowned.

On the ice, Hoyeol was no different from usual.

Performs the role of Chief of the Magic Tower.

The work of Yusra Branch General Manager was also not forgotten.

“……How can you do that?”

“I knew you weren’t nervous or anything, but…….”

“If it were me, I’d take today off, man.”

While the world watched and gossiped.

Time flew by, and it was almost time for a regular update.

And then.


Nothing happened.

Seoul Station.

Players were screaming.

“I told you! Raymond Sean, that’s pure bluff?”

“What did he say, who was that stiff smoking a cigarette just now?”

“That’s……. Yeah, that’s because of rift withdrawal!”

There are no more balance patches.

Lets prove it.

It was a passionate performance that proved just like the declaration.

“Then, while we’re at it, why don’t we take a spin around the rift?”

“Call! I’m in!”

“How’s that for a loot bet?”

“Call that too!”

Last week.

My pent-up frustration has been released.

It wasn’t a metaphor, it really happened.

Rifts status updated in real time on AAU.

The scribes snicker.

“I guess everyone was really waiting for this moment. Except for a few of the rifts currently confirmed to be created…….All players have entered. In terms of percentage, it’s close to 95%, branch leader!”

Only a week.


Is it possible to change the hearts of players who are beyond fickle and even eccentric so dramatically? I am once again impressed by the abilities of General Manager Yusra.

Baker, the head of the London branch, grinned.

“You’ve gone beyond a London miracle, you’ve written a New Era miracle.”

A new era after the cataclysm.

With lives on the line, the Arcana, its players, and the public were intimately connected, so good news for the players was good news for the world.

[No regular updates ……. Will it become a new driving force?]

[Fictional character, Raymond Sean, proven hereby].

[Spotlight on : Lee Hoyeol has not changed today either.]

But there was one group of people who couldn’t enjoy the festivities.


The Heavenly Unity.

And Liu Zunqun.


Liu Zunqun stared at the screen wordlessly. As of today, he had seven connectors in his possession. He felt that he had gained enough momentum to move ahead.


“This is absurd.”

Lee Hoyeol was playing in different waters.

Liu Zunqun’s eyes turned to the connector.

To get his hands on it.

He’s already taken a lot of damage from playing with Raymond Sean’s moves.

But what about Lee Hoyeol?

He trampled on Raymond Sean, who had made fun of him, as if to show off.

He must have sensed Liu Zunqun’s discomfort.


Just then the door opens.

“Successful, my lord!”

Liu Zunqun wordlessly stood up and walked over.

” I want to see my lord!”

Where he turned, there were seven prototype connectors and the same number of Heavenly Unity Guild members. If there was one thing to notice, it was that all of them were covering one eye with an eye patch.

A marker to recognize each other on the Arcana Continent.

If so, why the blindfold?

The question didn’t last long.


The fully filled Holy Grail is placed in front of Liu Zunqun.

Liu Zunqun looked at the Holy Grail.

More precisely, he looked at the liquid surface.

[Triggers the effect of Holy Grail of the Harsh Contract].

[Shares a contractor’s vision].

[Current contractors: 7].


Then, a subtly different vision of Seven appeared on the surface of the water.


At that point, an ordinary person would wonder what was rolling around in the Holy Grail.

One might question, but Liu Zunqun was no ordinary person.

“Consider it an honor to be my eyes.”


In his mind, there was only the thought of looking at the Arcana Continent through the Holy Grail. The experience points he gained on the Arcana Continent would not be enough to satisfy him.

‘I will see it.’

Liu Zunqun could guarantee it.

A land suitable for a monarch to exercise his will.

The Arcana Continent, not this world.

At this moment, the people lying on the connectors were sacrifices to fulfill Liu Zunqun’s promise. The buzzing connectors quieted down, and Liu Zunqun’s Holy Grail began to reveal itself one by one.

Liu Zunqun clenched his fist.

‘I will not settle for reality, Lee Hoyeol.’

You are the real Magic Tower and the Yusra Kingdom.

When you’re wasting your time on holy wars or something like that.

I will see new possibilities on the Arcana continent.

‘I will not mind, Lee Hoyeol.’

Even if you were the first to see the Arcana Continent, I have a vision that you don’t. I have the Eye of the Monarch, which allows me to see the continent’s flow.

And now, the Seven Sights, which are fully awakened.

The corners of Liu Zunqun’s mouth slowly rose.

So, it was true.


Spring and Autumn Warring States Period.

A monarch.

No, the stage of a tyrant was right there.

“What do you mean that continent is desolate?”

Liu Zunqun sneered.

“You’ve fooled everyone, Lee Hoyeol.”




Liu Zunqun’s mistake had been overlooked.


Even if they could share the view.

He couldn’t even peek at the message being printed out to the contractor.

The members of the Heavenly Unity Guild saw the message.

“What the hell?”

“No way……!!”

“Lee Hoyeol, Lee Hoyeol is dangerous. My Lord……!!”

Countless unbelievable messages.