Chapter 311 – I will end it (2)

◈ Episode 311. I will end it (2)

Breaking news.

[Lee Hoyeol, “Balance patches are a mirage…….”]

[“My existence is proof.”]

[“You can deny me if you want.”]

Many more comments follow.

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Demon-type monsters.

Demon monsters are more challenging than any other named or boss monster because of their pattern of constantly pressuring players with the top status abnormality of [Fear]. They are a player’s worst nightmare.

How about a demonic boss monster, the Demon King?

The Demon King’s first appearance.

The Recapture of Frost.

At that time, humanity was in despair.

-I still get goosebumps looking at it after all these years;

Decarabia was nothing more than a lowly demon.

Yet he was responsible for the fall of the great northern city of Frost.

Players who knew of Frost’s power were horrified.

However, there was enthusiasm in Frost.

Overwhelmingly hunting demons of all ranks, starting with the Decarabia.

Not only did he defeat humanity, but he also gave the Arcana Continent a fighting chance.

-But even if it’s Hoyeol…….

-Hunting down all the demons would be impossible.

-Deletion is different from hunting, isn’t it……?

His opponent was neither a demon nor a monster, but Raymond Sean, the creator of Arcana. Whereas Hoyeol had been slaying demons, Raymond Sean had deleted them all with a single patch.

The reactions to Hoyeol’s declaration were sharply divided.

-He’s so full of himself, he must have a point.

-That’s fine, but what’s wrong with Raymond Sean?

-It doesn’t make sense because there’s no evidence.

-Isn’t common sense before pride?

-Pride comes before common sense. What are you talking about?


Even if Hoyeol has shown something so far.

It was hard to turn the momentum around with a simple declaration.

The players’ gaze was no different.

Back at Seoul Station.


The cigarette hadn’t gone out yet.

“So how are you going to show me you’re strong?”

I scratched my head.

It’s not easy for my complicated brain to grasp Lee Hoyeol’s way of speaking straight away, but that minor doubt doesn’t last long. Didn’t I tell you?

Even at this moment, the rift collapse rate is skyrocketing.

Players are demotivated.

Factions have moved to fill the void.

Suddenly, there’s a commotion in Seoul Station.

“Wait, what is this?!”

Citizens can be heard shouting. Players jumped out of their seats to see the source of the commotion, which was a rare sight.


Knights of the Lionheart, Captain Harkon.

The mightiest knights in the Empire, the ones you only see in videos, were in front of them. The Knights moved systematically, scanning their surroundings. They see a rift, and they leap into action.

Harkon gives a simple order.

“All forces, close the rift quickly, over!”

The Arcanians attack the rift.

It’s a rare sight, and already a surprise.

The Knights of the Lionheart were not alone.

“Is, is it true? There’s a magic tower mage overseas?!”

“On the Busan side, there’s a Goddess Church……!!”

“What’s with the Yusra Kingdom Army?”

It wasn’t an exaggeration to say that the entire arcana force that existed in reality was in motion. Discouraged players, they were acting on their behalf to attack the rift.

“What the hell is this……?”

It wasn’t hard to figure out why: they were the Holy War Alliance, and the leader of that alliance was none other than the player, Hoyeol.


A moment of stunned silence.

The players, who had been staring at the rift in fascination, began to stare back. Less than 10 minutes had passed since they entered. A brilliant light begins to emanate from the rift.

Exclamations follow.

“It’s already cleared?!”

It’s no surprise to the Holy War Alliance: the enemies they’ve faced so far have all been extremely high-level, demon-type monsters with vicious patterns.

Their battles became experience, and that experience led to growth. The Rift, on the other hand, is level 100 to 200 at best, and it’s no wonder it’s cleared in a flash.

The victory lap.

-Magic Tower is insane ;;; 1 minute clear of a level 500 rift!!!!

-It was about to collapse, so it’s a good thing we had soldiers on standby.

-If this isn’t a holy war, what is it? ahahaha

A moment of admiration.

The players noticed.

They did.

“A player…….”

The Holy War Alliance that is now shaking the world was started by a single player, Hoyeol. A single player can have such a profound effect on the Arcana and even reality……?

From the perspective of the creator, Raymond Sean.

“…… is this some kind of provocation?”

Isn’t this a situation that can’t help but offend?

The reason he gave for removing the demon was balance, and from that point of view, Hoyeol would be an out-of-spec that needs to be balanced.

Players chime in.

“He’s literally going to prove it……!”

“If he’s going to do it, he should do it!”

“You mean he wasn’t just saying that?”

At this point, rifts around the world are closing at a rapid pace.

That’s not the picture Raymond wants to see.

The players are convinced.

“If possible, I will definitely touch Lee Hoyeol……!”

But if a balance patch for Hoyeol doesn’t come to mind.

It meant that Hoyeol’s declaration was true.

It would be proof that the fear was unfounded.

In the tension, someone says

“No, but does that prove anything? He’s united the forces of Arcana. Sure, it’s a great ability……. It’s not an individual ability, isn’t that subject to balance?”

It was a sharp point, coming from the same player.

But who knows?

Thinking of all the possibilities.

He’s a driven man who won’t take no for an answer.

He leaves no stone unturned.

Soon, the players hear the news.

“……Wait a minute, Lee Hoyeol made the move himself?!”

It was no ordinary rift capture.

“Where is this rift? Is this a rift in Korea?”

The man asks his neighbor, forgetting that his cigarette is burning.

“Let’s see. First, one in Korea. One in Osaka, Japan. And one in the United States. One in Canada. One in Italy……. Wait, how many of these are there?!”

Not a few, not a few dozen.

A hundred rifts simultaneously.

In the aftermath of the Cataclysm, Arcana’s common sense is upended.

Unusual powers have begun to manifest themselves.


The bigger the performance, the better.

‘I said it, so I have to protect it.’

For the sake of balance, deny my existence!

This is a confident statement.

To fulfill it, I had to prove that I was beyond balance. In the past, I had raised a demon hunter.

I’m also good at self-objectification.

‘I must be the balance disruptor.’

Technically, it’s not me, it’s Grandfell.

He can manifest magic just by looking at it, and his connections across the Arcana continent would knock a flying dragon out of the sky, not to mention his good looks and incredible family background…….

‘I don’t fit in, really.’

Because the setting that made me blush just by reciting it came to fruition and was with me. You can tell just by looking at me that Raymond Sean, who wants the destruction of both worlds, is leaving me alone, right?

The Creator is an asshole.

“It’s ridiculous that you claim to be omnipotent.”

Of course, sealing the Bad Omen made me feel even more confident.

I didn’t think of him as omnipotent in the first place.

Even for all of Grandfell’s pride.

“It’s time to show your dirty little secret.”

But since the world doesn’t know the complicated game of numbers between me and Raymond Sean, I’ve openly provoked him. The current rift capture was part of that.

[Draco’s Swamp]

[Recommended level: Lv.150]

[Orc’s Clan]

[Recommended Level: Lv.200]

[Sewers of Skeletons]

[Recommended level: Lv.180]…….

Level 250-300 at best.

Needless to say, at level 700, it was a waste of time for me to try to capture those rifts. It’s not a metaphor, it really doesn’t give me any experience.

“I salute those of you who do not lose your courage.”

I muttered to myself and manifested a portal.

I jumped from rift to rift, hunting down the monsters that rushed at me, but there was no real payoff. Sure, it looks pretty good on paper.

‘I’m literally working for a living, right?’

I mean, if we go back to the days of Arcana continent biography……. One player had a monopoly on a hundred hunting grounds. And not just by sitting there, but by slaughtering them.

Naturally, this attracts attention.

“I’m afraid I can’t repay your courage.”

It’s Grandfell. It’s publicity and attention.

I don’t give a rat’s ass.

I, Lee Hoyeol, am uncomfortable in many ways…….

First of all, this monologue is quite embarrassing.

No matter how serious I am about everything.

To a level 200 monster at best.

Do you really think it’s right to make such a grandiose statement, really……?

‘……, what am I saying?’

For now, let’s just focus on clearing the hundred rifts. It wasn’t bad in that sense. Big, flashy things are my specialty.


I step into the rift that illuminates beyond the portal.

[You have entered the rift, the ‘Grizzly’s Bedding’].


“What a welcome.”

At the same time as the entrance message, a number of monsters charge at us. Instead of entering through an entrance, we’re dropped in the middle of enemy territory. Thanks to this, we were able to encounter the boss monster without difficulty.

‘Well, to me, it’s just another mob.’

But that doesn’t change the fact that everything is done seriously.

The holy trinity of swordsmanship, magic, and tenacity, even against weaker foes.

At least it’s something to show the world.

‘I’m so out of the norm.’

At the point where I can’t do anything about it, powers like creation and deletion just don’t exist for Raymond Sean. Sooner or later they’re going to realize it, aren’t they? Are the players quick to notice?

Besides, it won’t be long before we hear something else from Magic Tower. I’ve already been contacted by the AAU. The AAU informed me that an initial setup for Twilight Descendants exists in their database.

‘Mentally ill, now physically ill.’

Didn’t I tell you?

I’ve got a long back story.

I’m not satisfied with just sealing the Bad Omen.

‘I won’t let you take it out, Raymond Sean.’

It was a moment of gritted teeth.


Suddenly, a presence touched my five senses.

To put it in a good way, there are not many people who are exalted, but in a bad way, there are not many people who are annoyed by the presence of Grandfell, which looks down on everything. As you can see, Grandfell is basically benevolent.

‘You’re kind to humans as well as monsters, right?’

He’s not afraid to show it.

There is only one target of his enmity.

I opened my mouth coldly.

“I smell an inferior race.”


But this was different from before.

First of all, [Natural Enemy] wasn’t triggered.

That meant there were no demons around.

But a natural step forward.

With that, I stopped in my tracks.

What I saw was blood.

Yes, I could smell the demon in the dried blood.

The senses of a demon hunter, refined like never before.

I intuitively knew the reason for its growth.

I knew why.

Because the greatest Akshan had risen.

Because of Akshan, there is never a day when my eyes feel dry.

The mourning, the reunion, the ridiculousness of it all, I was about to burst into tears.

[The legend, “Akshan, Hero of the New Era,” becomes reality].

A black Akshan uniform flutters in the air.

……So you’re saying I was in love with that look?

I can’t do it, I shed more tears because of shame……!