◈ Episode 306. The World May Have Abandoned Them (2)

I replied to Diend’s message.

“I knew it would happen.”

Perhaps it’s because it’s the continent of Arcana, where time flows faster than in reality. The regular updates are very fast. Behold, the demon castles that were watching over the continent have been destroyed without a trace…….

“A fitting end for an inferior race.”

Anyway, when it comes to demons, there’s no mercy, this snout.

But he doesn’t mean it.

You know that as common sense for a demon hunter, don’t you?

“Of course, it’s useless.”

Demon monsters don’t overrun the Arcana continent for nothing. In the hands of a demon hunter, if they aren’t sent to hell, they will one day return.

‘You probably thought it was different if it was deleted.’

But make no mistake, Raymond.

“Indeed, it is a narrow-minded view.”

Even for you, the self-proclaimed creator of the Arcana continent biography.

You don’t know everything about Arcana, do you?

Let me give you an example.

My dark history. Not to mention the Claudi family and Grandfell. Not to mention our seniors, the Akshans, who I’m sure you believe have been deleted.

[Class Quest: Operation Akshan’s Bucket].

The Arcana continent may have abandoned Akshan, but Akshan is not broken. The last of the demon hunters. Take up Akshan’s tenacity and fulfill Akshan’s final task.

─Hunt the Bad Omen. (Ongoing)

Not deleted.

It means that we started the operation in the belly of a bad omen with full determination. So I didn’t hesitate. Even though I am like this, I am someone who knows better than anyone else the tenacity of our seniors.

I’ve seen it firsthand, so I have to believe it.

Unique Stat, [Tenacity].

I’m sure our seniors, who have more tenacity and resourcefulness than I do, will do a great job. All I have to do is trust them and do my part.

I declare in Grandfell style.

“Don’t underestimate Akshan’s trust.”

So, if you ask what my part is.

That, too, can be explained by experience.

Bad omens spotted all over the Arcana Continent.

Didn’t we recently deal with a creature similar to this pattern?

A primordial evil.

Who escaped from Sisley World Tree to the Arcana Continent.

It and its byproducts.

I was unable to track down the main body, as it was blocked by the primodial evil’s byproducts.

Who can forget the disgraceful day (disgraceful by Grandfell’s standards) when Grandfell of Heaven missed the demon. The lesson learned from missing the demon was enormous.

I whispered.

“I trust you.”

The Bad Omen that have been spotted all over the continent of Arcana are not the main body.

How can I be sure?

Experience, of course, and fierce fighting.

-“The Bad Omen is in the depths of the Southern Ocean…….”

As general manager of the AAU’s Yusra branch.

“So believe in me.”

Okay, target coordinates, Southern Sea.

The target is the main body of the Bad Omen.

Actually, in my mind, it’s…….

‘I want to give back the reins to the guest.’

After the banquet, I wanted to summon those who had left the Claudi estate, even if it was in front of the bad omen. I thought they might help in some way.

“It’s time to shake off the boredom of banquets.”

But Claudi’s dignity would not permit such a thing.

Besides, even without them, there were the Akshans.

Okay, let’s pull ourselves together.

‘It’s a pity we’re enemies.’

Since the Demon Kings were swallowed by the Bad Omen’s belly along with the Demon Castle.

It was better not to expect [Natural Enemy] to be triggered.

However, as much as I regret its absence.

Why don’t our seniors make up for it?

In other words.


I stepped into the manifested portal without hesitation.

Well, if you really can’t make it.

I’ll call in the Iron Castle to do my part.


The southern sea is now open.

There was an unexpected sight on the shore.

Who are you, you who are radiating so much magic that your skin is crawling with goosebumps……? But Grandfell is not a man to be trifled with.

His gaze is straight to the point.

“Is that bad omen?”

Bad omen, what are you again?

Why did the dwarves express bad omen as ‘something’?

Why they couldn’t even describe it.

I realized immediately why.

‘Because the concept is different.’

It would be difficult for the people of Arcana to understand the existence of bad omen, just as it would be difficult for players to understand magic. Yes, the bad omen was a real thing.

At the same time, they were all too familiar to me.

“No different than those crude creatures.”


The mechanical monster I’d witnessed in Raymond’s [CODE] rift.

If there was anything different, it was its size. Overwhelming, indeed. It was no exaggeration to say that it had swallowed and erased Akshan and the Demon City. It fills the entire field of vision.

But who cares about all that?

As long as you are a prototype, bad omen.

A creation of Raymond Sean.

You have a natural enemy you can’t resist.


A throbbing sensation at my waist.

That’s right.

Gwicheol was screaming for his turn.


Wait, wait, wait, Gwicheol.

No, not Gwicheol in front of the prototype.

“Wait for the procedure, Illusion Breaker.”

……Yes, that was a weird name!

Anyway, it’s not time to wield you yet.

Like I said, there’s more than just a bad omen in front of us. There’s flying on a broomstick against a bad omen. Furthermore, there’s someone who’s manifesting magic that even I, the co-chief of the Magic Tower, can’t recognize.


The enemy of my enemy is an ally.

I don’t know who this person is, but it seems like we’re on the same page.

Part of me wanted to watch the situation.

That skill?

If it’s magic, I can tell just by looking at the big mouth of Grandfell spitting out venom from a cold perspective. This is no ordinary mage.

‘Not only the amount of magic power, but the level of manifestation is extraordinary.’

I could tell.

That’s a transcendent, at least, who has unlocked a Circle.

The moment I realized that.


The back of the head began to look vaguely familiar.

…… I see, it’s times like these that the back end of a Grandfell comes in handy.

Why, the moment I first entered the spacetime social hall. The only transcendent who wasn’t focused on me. The one slumped over on the table in the corner. Apparently it was this one.


When I saw Sword Saint, Shegwin, and Iron Fist’s Urs…….

I know what Transcendents are like without ever meeting them.

So there’s no need to increase the number of enemies here unnecessarily.

Let’s make the best of it.

Since we’re facing a bad omen, we shouldn’t make more than a few scratches.

With that thought in mind, I took a step forward.

Perhaps I was too eager for battle.

She doesn’t notice me, but I dare to speak to her.

“It’s been a while.”


How self-centered is that?

I know the back of my head.

Who says she knows me?

But this iron-faced bastard doesn’t care about pettiness.

In the midst of unleashing her magic, she slacks off.

The back of her head turns.

Face to face.

It’s the first time.

Anyway, it’s better to start with a good, clear statement.

I thought to myself.


Light blue pupils.

The woman’s eyes flicker wildly.

Hard enough to destabilize the flow of magic.

‘No, wait.’

Look, I don’t know what startled you.

Why don’t you manifest that magic properly first!

If you turn the muzzle suddenly, it gets cold.

Not to mention that magic……!

I’d be in a lot of trouble if it went the wrong way and came flying at me like a fireball.

I don’t even know what kind of magic it is, so I can’t perform reversal magic!

I convey my feelings in a Grandfell style.

“Wasn’t the target a bad omen?”


“Don’t forget. There is a procedure for everything.”

A magic procedure.

Exploration, interference, manifestation are all well and good.

But shouldn’t you look your opponent in the eye?

You’ve come to your senses after my words.

The Transcendent manifests magic toward the bad omen.


A beam of violet light shoots out in a straight line and hits the bad omen.

I don’t recognize the magic.

‘Judging by its power…….’

It seems to be a step above Meteor Strike.

It’s a very high level of magic.

Intense violet light.

My vision flashes and then returns.

As expected, by the way.

‘Of course it won’t budge.’

It is a [Prototype] in 『Arcana Continent』.

After all, it’s a [Anomaly].

A Anomaly can only be dealt with by a Anomaly.

‘I’ll try.’

I’ve been making my own efforts lately.

Swordsmanship, Magic, Tenacity.

To handle the myriad combinations of anomalies that come from different concepts as if they flowed together like water. Rifts, a hundred thousand caves, a great evil. I literally tossed and turned at night.


Reach out and grab the handle.

The pounding of the iron is transmitted.

There’s no need to stop the rampaging Gwicheol this time.

Radiate with the sword of pride, ascending to the ranks of the transcendent.

Path 1.

[Sword of Illusion: Illusion Breaker]]

[Effect: When facing a “Prototype”, greatly increases its destructive power].


Sword energy condenses into sword force.

The sword force transforms, and the form of the Gwicheol changes in an instant. It is a prototype that looks like a machine. The voice of the Illusion Breaker is heard.

-If it’s sharp enough, it shouldn’t have any trouble cutting, Master.

The glowing azure sword edge adds to its credibility.


And I almost forgot.

‘Slip it on, sleeve.’

Before battle.


I shamelessly put on the jacket I’ve been wearing over my shoulders. It doesn’t matter what the transcendent who is watching will think. What matters is the set effect of the Dawn Series.

Especially the second one.

[Waiting for the Dawn 5/5]

[Set item effect applied]

[Set effect currently in effect: 5/5]

[1. When you’re the Commander, your allies’ morale is “maxed out”]

[2. Grants additional damage to all attacks. The additional damage has the ‘Light’ attribute and causes the same damage even if the attack target is the ‘Light’ attribute.]…….

Adds additional damage to all attacks.

That is a rare effect, both before and after the cataclysm. However, I have confirmed directly and indirectly how effective it is. It was thanks to the [Vampire Count’s Orb] that Count Ascura dropped.

It was so powerful that the Great Magic Tower requested to borrow it.

Senior Enchantment major.

Kiko Armin.

After finishing her research, she handed over the borrowed orb.

-“This may be presumptuous of me……, but I think it might be the most appropriate magic effect for you, Senior, since you’re so versatile, not just with magic, but with all kinds of things……!”

Yes, it is.

The key is that it applies to all attacks.

Swordsmanship, magic, spirits, shooting, etc……..

It’s a great match for a guy who’s dug fifty thousand holes in me.

Additional damage, no matter how much it is.

‘It’s practically a bonus, right?’

Who doesn’t love a bonus?

Me neither.

It doesn’t even have a weakness in the biting attribute.


I realize that there’s a reason why I shamelessly arranged my clothes to the point of shame. But my mental victory was short-lived.

“…… also.”

Suddenly, the Transcendent opens her mouth.

Her pupils, which had been fluttering, steadied.

Then she speaks.

“Grandfell Claudi Arpheus Romeo, it must be you……?”

That’s his fucking full name?!

Damn, with a glittery outfit on.

The psychological shock is doubled because my full name is called.

In the midst of my confusion, I rack my brain.

‘……Is it a social gathering place?’

Back when Arcana was just a game.

It was the social hall in space and time where the community of transcendent characters was realized. I had in mind that the Arcana continent’s biographies would reveal my identity. The question is, how did you know it was me?

You mean……?

Do I look good enough for that name?

……Did I really deserve that name?

But once again.

I couldn’t show my inner turmoil outwardly.

Indeed, to be still is to hide half.

She introduced herself first.

Bowing her head.

“Mary, Witch of the Southern Seas, greeting Claudi’s patriarch.”

Mary, Witch of the Southern Sea.

Well, whoever she is.

You know too much about me.

‘……So much so that I want to pretend not to know.’

So what do you think of me, of Grandfell?

Are you even willing to cooperate with him?

I was about to cut to the chase.

A vision flashed before my eyes.

[You have taken command of Mary, Witch of the Southern Seas].

Me and Mary reacted to each other.

“……Mr. Grandfell, why is my body starting to glow?”

Mary was embarrassed by the contagion of pride.

‘No way, is this Claudi’s halo again?’

I ask, horrified at my widespread manifestation of dark history!