Chapter 304 – Against All Odds (2)

◈ Episode 304. Against All Odds (2)

The President of the Republic of Korea, Jeong Han-taek.


He gritted his teeth.

After the Cataclysm, knowledge of the Arcana had become common knowledge.

It’s only natural that a president who leads a nation should have more common sense, but there’s a difference between what you learn by studying and what you learn by doing.

Jeong Han-taek looks up from the report.

Among the staff with serious faces.

He asks the National Security Chief, a relative expert.

“So what you mean by regular updates is……. Wasn’t it originally something like a regular event that happens every Thursday, Mr. NSC?”

“That’s right, Mr. President.”

“But after Zero Mountain appeared, that stopped, right?”

“That’s correct, Mr. President.”

“But there was a problem with the update after a long time……?”

Updated patch notes.


The world’s reaction to Lee Hoyeol was hard for Jeong Han-taek to understand. With Lee Hoyeol leading the way, hadn’t the level of players around the world become much higher than before?

Han-taek continued.

“Including the Giant Alliance. I’ve heard that players are actively utilizing the Zero Mountains and growing steeply. Statistically, too. The number of collapses due to failure to capture the rift has also decreased dramatically. Didn’t you report that to me just yesterday?”

“Yes, sir. Mr. President.”

Han-taek looked at the patch notes again.

Then he frowned.

“Well, that sounds like good news to me.”

Several staff members shook their heads at his comment.

“You’re right to think so, Mr. President.”

The National Security Chief clears his throat.

Well, this is going to be a tough one. The good news is, Mr. President, he’s open to an explanation.

He continues.

“Let’s go back to before the cataclysm for a moment, Mr. President.”


“You know, before the Cataclysm. It was the AAU’s predecessor, Cosmo, that managed the Arcana. It was their job to coordinate the Arcana. But after the Cataclysm, they lost that ability.”

Jeong Han-taek nodded.

It wasn’t hard to understand that far.

The Arcana had been realized in another world beyond the game, and the ability to orchestrate reality didn’t exist for Cosmo’s employees, who were mere ordinary humans.

“After years of international trials, the Cosmo employees were exonerated-except, of course, for CEO Raymond Sean.”


The earth was scoured.

And still no sign of Raymond Sean.

“This is a blatant reversal.”

“……Suddenly going backwards? What do you mean, National Security Chief?”

“Raymond Sean, now the sole administrator of Arcana, and the trust between him and the players. It’s been shaken by this update he’s released.”

“The foundation of trust is shaken?”

Between players.

Between nations.

Opinions about Raymond were polarized.

For those defending him, the argument was simple.

If he wanted to drive reality to ruin, why would he pay out huge rift-clearing rewards, and why would he share updates with players?


Jeong Han-taek’s stance was neutral.

He couldn’t help but ask.

His brow furrowed slightly.

“One update like this? It’s not that he won’t pay out rewards for clearing rifts, but unlike during the Great Evil period, didn’t he also share the update details properly?”

The NSC’s answer was terse.

“That’s not the player’s point of view. They were told, and I’m sure they believed, that even Raymond Sean, who said he was the CEO of Arcana, had no direct involvement with Arcana.”


The words brought a sudden realization to Jeong.

He rubbed his temples, Time.

He paused for a moment, then spoke.

“I can almost understand how you feel.”

Players are fighting for their lives against the Rift, the erosion of Arcana. But what if that Arcana continent was a world that Raymond had been able to orchestrate as he intended?

“It would be a mouth-watering situation.”

“It doesn’t really matter if the updates are good for humanity or not. What matters is that Raymond Sean can directly orchestrate the Arcana Continent, and since that’s been proven…….”

“So you’re saying it was offensive. Whether it’s a taboo or an obsession.”

Now realizing the gravity of the situation.

‘Think about it, Jeong.’

Jeong was forced to think about the future of the country. The AAU agreement would not be enough. The leaders of other countries must be struggling just like he was.

‘By comparison, I’m…….’

At least I’m better off.

Jeong Han-taek was strangely relieved.

It was inevitable.

‘I never thought I would have predicted this.’

Raymond Sean had mixed feelings.

‘Player Lee Hoyeol.’

Of course, he had no intention of relying on Lee Hoyeol to help him.

Jeong Hantaek quickly instructed his staff.

“Now the players are in confusion. Won’t the loaches that can’t give in to others start to grow? That’s all we have to do. Pull out the weeds and cut off the yellow shoots.”




The Golden Palace, Kingdom of Yusra.

“It’s been a while, Lord Harkon.”

“Oho, those eyes have become more determined.”

“Can you tell? I’ve been through my share of life and death.”

“Is that so? You speak so confidently, and I can’t wait to see with my own eyes just how dark your swords have become. I’m afraid I won’t have the chance today.”


Harkon and the three Guildmasters of the Great Alliance don’t stop walking as they exchange greetings. Leonie, struggling to keep up, speaks up.

“Have you heard the news?”

“Of course. This is truly unexpected.”

“That son of a bitch really pulled a fast one.”

Taemin felt bad about the situation.

“What, a balance patch?”

Even when Arcana was a game, balance patches were not common.

No, it was safe to say there were none.

Even if something was found in Arcana that was unbalanced.

Cosmo saw it as a natural progression and event.

‘They’re balanced by giving you a new quest to remove them, or if that’s not an option, they’re removed by NPCs themselves, or if that’s not an option, they’re removed from memory and no one notices.’

It’s about balancing things without breaking the player’s immersion.

Now that I think about it…….

The party that would have fulfilled that role as an NPC, Harkon, was there.

Yes, in the real world, not on the Arcana continent.

Nam Taemin slammed his fist into his palm.

“……Wait, is this because there are no people on the Arcana Continent to balance things out, since people like you are all here? Isn’t that why Raymond Sean, that bastard forced his way in?”

“Nam Taemin-kun.”

It was Hisagi who spoke coldly.

Snake eyes widened.

Hisagi shakes his head in disbelief.

“Do you think it would have gotten to this point if he’d thought to adjust the balance? From the direction of the update in the first place, to the lack of consideration for the players, and finally.”

A sharp point with multiple meanings follows.

“Doesn’t the Arcana continent have a commander-in-chief?”

“……Well, I can’t say anything in front of you.”

“You should be proud of yourself, Nam Taemin-kun .”

A war of words between the two.

“What do you guys do with the same things all the time, really?”

Leonie clicks her tongue.

The four approached the round table in the Golden Palace.

The meeting of the Holy War Alliance was already well attended.

The King of Yusra, Hakuna, looked around the room and spoke.

“Looks like everyone is here.”

I will enter the Arcana Continent.

Marcelo, who was present, suddenly remembered Hoyeol’s letter of explanation, which he had submitted to the Tower and the Yusra Kingdom.

‘Personal matters.’

He didn’t dare to speculate on Lord Hoyeol’s personal life.

It was just that he was concerned about this momentous occasion.

He was only concerned that he would not be able to see it in real life.

A strange quest.

I checked the urgent news on the smartphone Hoyeol had handed me.

The updates would have a profound impact on the Arcana Continent.

‘We don’t know when the Lord will return.’

At least in the world of adventurers.

I wanted to ease your worries in the real world.

He’s not alone in his thoughts.

At least everyone in this room is here for him.

Reality and the Arcana Continent.

He can move between the two worlds seamlessly.

Hoyeol, who has mastered Anomaly, is away.

‘It won’t be possible to completely replace the vacancy of the Lord.’

But in this place, an adventurer.

And Arcanians like myself.

Marcelo gave a small laugh.

‘Nevertheless, we will cooperate according to the Lord’s wishes.’

The meeting began at the same time as Marcelo’s resolve.

Parchment magically floated to the surface.

On it was written a regular update.


Arcana Continent Biography: Regular Update (with Balance Patch)

※Subject to major balance adjustments

●Demon boss monster, Demon King.

All Demon Kings except the top 10 ranked Demon Kings will be deleted. This decision was made because the unnecessary presence of the Demon King could have a negative impact, so we hope for the players’ generous understanding.





The Witch of the Southern Sea.

She stood on the shore and looked out over the southern sea.

Judging by the wind direction, the smell, and the quiet of her ears, she could hear…….


She let out a sigh with smoke.

“How is this going to be a quiet day?”

One day, two days, three days…….

The bad omen, which had not gone a single day without a fuss, had quieted down for the past few days. From the time I noticed its existence until now. It was an unusual few days for the witch who had been watching him.

“Thanks to you, I earned some gold to buy cigarettes.”

Gold coins earned through the 『Requests of Time and Space』.

Very few Transcendents have access to the upper levels.

Since the witch had that qualification, it didn’t matter much if she spent her gold coins on cigarettes, unlike the majority of Transcendents, who were stuck with the gold coins from Space and Time.

Of course.


Although her body rotting from the poisonous cigarettes was a problem.

“…… I can’t do this anymore.”

Her gaze returned to the sea.

Aware of her connection to the bad omen.

The few who knew of her relationship with the bad omen had asked.

-“Is it such a bad omen? Why are we just staring at the sea on this empty day, with your bodies dying, when there is no way to stop it?”

The witch replied.

” …… It’s talking to me.”

She had a feeling that if she didn’t curse it, the bad omen would rampage again. It looked like it was going to open its mouth for the continent. So the witch could only stare out at the damn ocean.

“I must be crazy.”

The bad omen had long since consumed the witch’s mind.

But for all her efforts.


The change came from the few lines of text that appeared on a world entirely separate from the Arcana continent. No wonder she couldn’t recognize the signs.



A huge shadow rising beyond the horizon.

Only then did the witch realize.

“Uh, why……?”

The fact that the bad omen has appeared on the continent.


I never run out of things to do.

Somehow, Claudi’s mansion had been restored, and now it was the territory that was in shambles. But how to restore the territory would have to wait.

“Time flies as fast as afternoon tea.”

Another day has passed in real time, and it’s time to pick up the quill.

If you suddenly ask what kind of quill it is.

Why are you asking this again?

‘I have to raise it. Greetings and appeals.’

Even though I suffer from Grandfell’s filial piety, I suddenly find myself admiring it.

How does anyone write thousands of letters every day?

Of course, I don’t ask, because I know the answer is filial pride.


I put down the quill and opened my mouth.


In the real world, a simple magic trick would have given the letter wings and sent it flying home on its own, but since this is the Arcana Continent, additional intervention is required.

“Deliver the news, and bring it back.”


Soon, a letter is sent through the dimension.

‘It’s great filial piety, really.’

I must be the only person in the world who uses this much magic for a mere morning greeting. Given the time difference, it will be a while before a reply arrives.

‘In the meantime, I’ll take a look around.’

Claudi’s mansion.

Now that I’ve restored it with the reversal magic, I might be able to salvage some of Claudi’s settings. Why, there might be something I can use, like the reanimated statues of the Four Families.

‘The more we miss, the more we scrape.’

That was the moment I decided with a stern look on my face.


……The reply is faster than expected?

It’s my parents, who have been writing back to me for so long that they can’t keep up with the buzz. Even with the time difference, it was too fast. I wondered if they had written it in advance.

I opened the letter.

And from my mouth.

A cold voice spoke out.

“I see no pride in you.”

Enclosed is an A4 paper printed with regular update details.

Yes, it was still Thursday.

It seems like a new regular update has surfaced for the first time in a while.

That’s when I entered the Arcana continent.

I almost missed this, not knowing what it was?

In that sense.

“I will not forget your grace, Father and Mother.”

This time, I benefited from extreme filial piety.

Let’s see.

‘Delete the Demon King.’

I don’t know what the balance adjustment patch is for.

All I know is that it’s not good news for me.

In fact, it would go beyond that and go to the level of sniping at me, Lee Hoyeol.

‘The demon king drops some experience and loot.’

Would you come out in such a shameful way?

Well, it’s not as if Grandfell isn’t proud.

By the way, Raymond Sean.

You’ve made a mistake, and a big one.

‘The Bad Omen moves.’

Delete the Demon King.

So you’re going to feed the Demon King to the Bad Omen.


‘You’re overlooking, aren’t you?’

Who is in the belly of that bad omen?

I opened my mouth to speak up.

“Let’s skip the cumbersome process.”

As if waiting for my words, the quest objective flashed.


The cumbersome quest objective is erased and a new one is updated.


●Hunt the Bad Omen. (Ongoing)

An irresistible natural enemy.

The moment a Demon Hunter comes face to face with a demon.

The skill that is activated, the power of [Natural Enemy]……!

“Let the hunt begin.”