Chapter 300 – The Invitation

◈ Episode 300. The Invitation

Akshan was stabbed in the back before the holy war.

But did it lead to Akshan’s destruction?

No, it didn’t.

‘Akshan disappeared overnight.’

Why, even if the Demon Hunters were wiped out.

A place called Akshan should have remained.

But Akshan vanished without a trace.

‘I didn’t see it myself.’

For a moment, I blame myself.

A decade, even years.

Still, shortly after the player’s awakening.

I’ve been trying to fill in the gaps.

Thanks to that, I found out in hindsight.

Akshan must have been removed by a patch.

‘There was no reason to announce it in the first place.’

The Demon Hunter was an asshole.

Akshan wasn’t on the players’ radar either.

The class quest shows it.

‘I would have been the only Demon Hunter.’

For me, who lost my connection history many years ago.

I guess it didn’t show the update details.

Demon Hunters aren’t the only class to disappear from Arcana. There were tens of thousands of classes across the Arcana continent. Any class that wasn’t chosen by players would have disappeared like mice and birds.

‘Delete and create.’

I recalled the Bad Omen’s abilities again.

And then it clicked.

Akshan had been swallowed whole by the Bad Omen.

‘I would have said it was for probability…….’

Even in the face of such a formidable foe.

I cannot retreat.

The reason is simple.

“Do not resent.”

You swallowed Akshan and nothing else.

“Your bowl will be too small to hold them.”

It must have been really daunting.

Why, just look at AAU President Park’s reaction.

In the first place, the Bad Omen was not a monster made to be captured.

‘The heterogeneous demon race was a monster that would appear at some point.’

But the Bad Omen is different from monsters.

It’s not even a demon race, but it can be said to be my greatest weapon.

I can’t use my [natural enemy].

In that sense, I couldn’t be more reassuring.

‘My Akshan seniors.’

I, Lee Hoyeol.

I’ve learned a lesson from my social life. There are self-proclaimed crazy people everywhere. But I can’t be that confident when I have a crazy person like that on my side.

‘You’re amazing, really?’

Even in real life.

I have seen many groups of humans on the Arcana continent.

‘Amazing, really?’

Even in real life.

I have seen many groups of humans on the Arcana continent.

Our seniors have never seen the same character.

So, even though it was deleted, it must have been left behind.

This quest!

[Class Quest: Operation Akshan’s Bucket].

The Arcana continent may have abandoned Akshan, but Akshan will not be deterred. The last of the demon hunters. Inherit Akshan’s tenacity and fulfill Akshan’s final task.

─Chase the bad omen of the southern sea that swallowed Akshan. (Ongoing)

●Find the final mark of Akshan. (Ongoing)

It literally say “Tenacity”.

“You overlooked Akshan.”

Raymond, who would have authorized the deletion of Akshan.

You didn’t know this, did you?

Of course not.

The Holy War’s betrayal had already taken its toll.

I can’t believe they planned this.

And you don’t know this either.

In this moment, their pride transferred to me.

“I won’t be able to sit still either.”

Of course I would.

As long as it’s fueled by pride.

Even if there is a sinking point.

I have no choice but to move forward.

So there is no time to lament about our situation.

In order not to sink, you have to struggle systematically and efficiently.

Cherish every minute and every second.

In Granfell terms, it should be treated like afternoon tea time.

Soon, my spinning brain comes up with an answer.

“Returning to the territory.”

Because in reality, my territory doesn’t exist.

I’m referring, of course, to the Claudi family territory.

I would have said it was a bad omen.

‘Good, an eye for an eye.’

To deal with a ridiculous enemy called the Bad Omen.

This one, too.

Shouldn’t there be some ridiculous settings?

“Make sure you prepare on a grand scale.”


Agentress looked around the area.

“Not a trace of it.”

The primordial evil that cowered within his mother.

Agentress had never stopped searching for it after it escaped from Sisley and was released on the Arcana continent. No trace of him could be found anywhere.

“You entrusted me with this task.”

Dawn, Mother’s chosen one.

He had returned to his world, trusting in Agentress and his people. But he hasn’t made any progress on his task. Isn’t that why he deserves to face her?


Oh no.

It’s been stuck in his mouth for eons.

Agentress quickly corrects himself.

“No, the dragons are not out of the picture either.”

Swallowed the evil fruit.



Agentress bites his lip. If only they had done their job, none of this would have happened. He swallowed hard and looked away.

The landscape of the Arcana continent is desolate.

For the humans who survive on this continent.

For the first time in his life as an elf, he was in awe.

To be able to survive on a continent like this with such weak bodies and minds.

Admiration and disbelief at the same time.


Cold words are bound to come out to demons.

Is it because we’ve regained our pride?

The elves’ sense of being the chosen people was being exercised positively.


The path that Argentress has walked.

“Do not pollute nature with your unclean body.”

There was not a single demon alive on that path.

Isn’t this just a repeat of the past?

On the surface, yes.

But Agentress knows.

Big ears.

Small noises that pierce his innate senses.

“……I’m hungry.”

“Shhh. Be quiet.”

“But I’m hungry…….”

“We’ll find something when it’s quieter around here.”

The voices of humans hiding from demons.

In the past, they wouldn’t have listened.

But a sense of superiority built up over eons of time does not fade easily.

Agentress shook his head.

‘…… Forgive my inadequacies, Dawn.’

If it were you, you would have helped them.

But Agentress was not confident.

He could not be trusted to deal with humans other than Hoyeol.

His mind was scattered with visions.

Visions of the Polestar, the town, flashed in his mind.

‘I’m not worthy to face humans yet.’

A deal with the Seven Deadly Sins.

He was going to sacrifice the residents of Polestar for eternal life.


Argentress disappeared and headed towards the humans.

It was not easy for an ordinary human to notice Argentress’s approach.




It was natural to be startled by the sight of food dropped in front of their hiding place. A trap, perhaps? Humans sneaking around and grabbing food.

Agentress nodded at him.


It was all the pride he could muster at this point.

Then let’s get back to walking.

Agentress moved through the woods with elven footwork.



Suddenly, something fluttered in the air.

No, it was as if it had been flying toward Argentress from the beginning.

The fluttering object was gently caught in Agentress’s grasp.


The Arcana continent.

The only people who could write to him were his own kind.

There was no reason for them to bother with telepathic correspondence.

So maybe……?

Agentress’s eyes lit up.

‘Seven Deadly Sins Gluttony, is that him?’

If it’s what they call a great evil.

Perhaps he knows something about the primordial evil.

Agentress unrolled the parchment, considering the possibilities.


He gasped.


The invitation


I wasn’t surprised by the word invitation.

“You really do have a way with words.”

Agentress was surprised because of the sender.

Just like the sender.

The invitation, which was simply written, said.


Claudi invites you.





An invitation from Claudi’s family.

The invitation was not addressed to the Agentress alone, for it was addressed to those who could answer his call on the current Arcana continent.

『It is no exaggeration to say that the continent moves when Claudi hosts a banquet. The invitees are all the great men of Arcana, and yet there has never been a single one who has refused the invitation. For there is none who would refuse the honor…….』

But this is Claudi’s family, fallen and forgotten.

Not many accepted the invitation.

But it was all a matter of perspective.

To put it another way.

Those who currently know about Claudi on the Arcana Continent are people who would be classified as bigwigs among bigwigs. Just because they accepted Claudi’s invitation.

“Are you saying that Claudi is truly back?”

” …… We’ll have to check that out!”

“Judging from the way you summoned this old man, it must be Claudi.”

[The red-eyed Shahin appears on the Arcana continent].

[Diamond Merchant Garmond Phil appears on the Arcana Continent.]

[Great Sage Rise appears on the Arcana Continent] …….

The Arcana Continent was shaking.

Of course, Claudi’s invitation was extended to the Four Families.

However, the reactions of the patriarchs were obviously different from the others.

“Really, Grandfell?”

“How the hell is he going to……?”

“……Are you all going to accept the invitation?”

Even as the patriarchs of the four families were agonizing, time on the Arcana Continent was passing by four times faster than in reality. It meant that, one by one, big players were gathering at Claudi’s estate.




『The heir to a great family. In the past, Grandfell’s presence in social circles was like an oasis in the desert, or a mirage. Since he didn’t enjoy social situations, he didn’t show up often. The day he appeared, it caught everyone’s attention. …….』

[Duke Swallin’s Favorite] whose shape is being refined.

A dawn set that is no different from a banquet gown.

I whispered.

“I guess I’ll have to endure it.”

A banquet that not even the great Grandfell would want to attend.

Why did I send out invitations anyway?


I don’t know about the demon, but that bad omen didn’t come up with an estimate at all.

YNow I can’t even figure out what level the opponent is at.

More is better.

‘The more I have on my side, the better.’


With the discovery of Claudi’s territory.

Hadn’t I declared that this, too, was a burden I must bear?

A burden that was more than a burden.

I thought I should use it even though it was unfair.

‘Of course, I don’t have high expectations.’

At this point, it’s safe to say that Claudi, has completely disappeared from the history of the Arcana Continent. But we all need to meet face to face, don’t we?

Eunaxus, Agentress, and the others.

Yes, I did what I had to do.

But why did I feel sick to my stomach even as I told myself…….



When writing the damn invitation.

In the end, I had to write it down by hand.

『Grandfell Claudi Arpheus Romeo』!!

If you say it’s Claudi’s invitation and mention my name, Lee Hoyeol, it will look like a prank letter to anyone. That’s why I have no choice but to cry and write down that damned full name.

“I guess this is another weight to bear.”

You said you’d take responsibility.

It’s not like I’m going to get away with it.

In that sense, let’s think positively.

‘Yeah, maybe……?’

Wouldn’t it be better to go by the name 『Grandfell Claudi Arpheus Romeo』 on the Arcana continent?

It’s a terrible name in real life.

On the Arcana continent, it would seem like a proper noble name.

Sure, it’s long for a noble name, but…….

‘Okay, maybe we should separate them.’

In the real world, Lee Hoyeol.

In Arcana, it’s Grandfell.

I came to the conclusion that it would be better in many ways to have two names.

After all, the real world and the Arcana Continent are two completely different worlds, right?

‘I just need to hide it well. Only me.’

But I was wrong.

There were already people who knew my two names.

They just happened to be the loudest ones……!

Kudhanax, the Great Earth Dragon.

Landed on Claudie’s estate.

Calls out in a gravelly voice.

“Earth Dragon Kudhanax has traveled to Claudi’s estate in response to an invitation from Dark Dragon, Lee Hoyeol Grandfell Claudi Arpheus Romeo!”

Lee Hoyeol Grandfell what is this?!


Do something about that mouth……!

Do you really want to see me die?!