Dodge the claws and teeth of the angry gnolls.

Raise my fist.

I was just repeating that simple move.

But I could feel it.

That there were no unnecessary movements in my actions.

What if I can’t avoid it?

If my attack misses, will they bite me?

Will I bleed to death?

A thought that every human being has no choice but to have.

The mind and body of Grandfell who completely ignored that anxiety.

『His pride is heavy and unshakable. Even if he sinks under its weight and drowns.』

That ‘setting’ was expressing the abilities of an insignificant demon hunter at 100%, or more. At this point, I was surprised too.

‘It must have been a really serious middle school second-year syndrome. Me.’

He really was a dangerous man who put beauty before life.

But it was the effect of the setting.

In the end, my bare-handed fighting skills were bad.

‘Because I haven’t learned fighting skills.’


It was a fist that I threw out with all my might


It didn’t cause any significant damage to the gnolls.

…Wouldn’t it be disadvantageous if this goes on for a long time?

‘It’s a waste of durability, but I have no choice but to use it.’

I made a very rational decision in my head.

There was no change in my behavior.

How pitiful.

My situation was like a swan on a lake.

To others, I would look like I was really disciplining the gnolls.

But I was serious.

Like a swan flapping its webbed feet to float in the lake.

I did my best to dodge and swung it.

Regardless of what was going on inside, carefree words came out.

“Are you still lacking in discipline?”

It was then.

I heard Seo Jungyeon’s shouts.

“The casting is over! Avoid it!”

Flames rose from her wand.


I walked out with my dignity intact this time too.

The flying magic was Fire Arrow.

I didn’t know anything about mages.

But, I knew it was low-level magic.

Above all, its projectile speed was slow.

It might miss like this.

As I was guessing and thinking about the next move.

For some reason, the gnolls didn’t move.


Droopy tails.

No more growls were heard.

At that sight, I spoke.

“As expected, discipline is inefficient for wild dogs.”

…There’s a limit to being brazen!

I was the one who said it, but I was really dumbfounded.

But in the end, it didn’t spit on my face.

Be careful, Lee Hoyeol.

It’s all my past karma.

“Yes, got it right!”


Seo Jungyeon showed her fist.

I didn’t know what kind of nonsense would come out if I kept watching.

I turned to the gnolls.


In the place where the gnolls were burned away, only items remained.

[Crude Arrow]

[Grade: Normal]

[Restriction: None]

[Effect: None]

[Description: It’s a crude arrow.]

[Crude Self-Defense Longsword]

[Grade: Normal]

[Restriction: Lv.30]

[Effect: When attacking, there is a low probability of status abnormality ‘rabies’]

[Description: Dulled blade makes the attack less powerful.]

When you join a party, you basically share the experience points.

Items have acquisition priority according to their contribution.

Of course, the system applied only to items with a rare grade or higher.

So you can take care of it without worries.

‘There are 32 arrows.’

I wondered if that would be enough for now.

Arrows for supply and hunt for other archer gnolls.

I took my bow out of the inventory.

It certainly felt like I was winding my hands up.


Shooting Mastery (21%): Shooting accuracy increases.


Its proficiency was only 21 percent.

‘Because I was more busy carrying out quests than hunting.’

It was a terrible number compared to the archer class.

However, the existence of the skill was different from fighting with fists.

Seo Jungyeon talked to me.

“Wow, you can handle a bow?”

Of course.

The bow was my only weapon.

The other party members helped each other.

“Hn? It’s not martial arts? Your punch was definitely like martial arts. What is it again? Yes! Tai chi? It looked like that when you let out an attack and dodged them!”

It wasn’t tai chi, it was a struggle.

“Anyway, I’m glad. Jungyeon was the only long-distance dealer, so I was worried..”

Yeah, I’m relieved now, too.

I wanted to answer like that.

I didn’t open my mouth.

What did I say to them again?

I’m here so you guys have nothing to worry about?

‘Only my posture is good. Am I in a position to say that?”

I thought that kind of nonsense would come out again.

Fortunately, the subject changed immediately.

Choi Junghoon, a man holding a greatsword, murmured.

“By the way, what’s up with that hyung today? Hyung! Cheolmin hyung!!”

He was calling Nam Cheolmin.

Nam Cheolmin had already crossed the ticket gate.

He beckoned.

“What are you doing? Why aren’t you coming?”

Seo Jungyeon tilted her head.

“By the way, is it normally like this? I don’t have a lot of party-hunting experience, but… I’ve never seen a tanker go that far alone…”

A warrior armed with shields and maces.

Han Sungwook also nodded.

“It will be difficult if he’s already like this from the beginning.”

“Ha, I’m really sorry. I’ll apologize on his behalf. Cheolmin hyung is originally not that kind of guy. But why is he acting like this today? I’ll talk to him later.”

The atmosphere turned cold.

It was understandable.

A behavior considered problematic in the game,

In the rupture where your risk your life.

“Still, Cheolmin did a good job in setting the line. Meeting with another party is just wasting time.”

“…But, didn’t he go too far all by himself?”

“I know. I’ll call him. Hyung! Cheolmin hyu…?!”


A surprise attack.

Ambushing gnolls appeared.

One, two…

There were ten in total.

The arrow narrowly missed, but we were outnumbered.

Even if Nam Cheolmin joined, there was exactly twice of difference in number.

“Cheolmin hyung! No, hyung!”

However, Nam Cheolmin didn’t seem to have any intention of joining.

Choi Junghoon’s face began to turn red and distorted.

“No, fuck. What’s wrong with you!? Hey, Nam Cheolmin!”

On the stairs to the platform.

Nam Cheolmin was standing there just looking at us surrounded by gnolls.

I looked at his eyes.

Black eyes with unclear focus.


I felt pleased seeing those eyes.

‘…What? I don’t even know him?’

Isn’t it time to resent him instead of being happy?

But regardless of my questions, I took action.


A standard posture that didn’t seem disturbed in the slightest.

Like an archer pulling a bowstring.

I aimed at the gnolls, unfazed.


Until the moment I let go of the bowstring.

There was not even the slightest quiver in my breathing.



A precise hit to the head.

A warrior gnoll got knocked down by a single shot.

Nevertheless, I didn’t feel happy at all.

『The first thing Grandfell learned as the next head of the family was to be indifferent to personal matters.

The head of the Claudi family was a position where even the slightest disturbance was not tolerated.』

Being happy just because of knocking down the gnolls?

It was impossible for Grandfell.

I was on the same page.


Another headshot.

‘There are eight left.’

I put an arrow on the bowstring again.

The gnolls didn’t just watch it happen.


Players rushed in.

Choi Junghoon and Han Sungwook stopped the warrior gnolls.

Two people each blocked two warrior gnolls.

However, they couldn’t overcome the difference in size.

“Damn it…! Watch out!”

There were two warrior gnolls running toward me.

There were two gnoll archers left that reload their bowstrings.

Casting her magic, Seo Jungyeon was in tears.

“What should I do…?”

The warrior gnolls approached Seo Jungyeon.

The archer gnolls were aiming for Choi Junghoon and Han Sungwook.

No matter what choice you made, someone would suffer.

It seemed Seo Jungyeon couldn’t make a judgment easily.

But ironically, I replied indifferently.

“I’ll leave the archer gnolls to you.”

At the same time, the arrow left my fingertips.


The warrior gnoll who was rushing toward Seo Jungyeon collapsed.

Thanks to this, Seo Jungyeon successfully completed the magic casting.

“Please… Don’t miss!!”


Fire Arrow stretched out toward the archer gnolls.

Choi Junghoon and Han Sungwook were entangled with their own types.

Concentrating on hitting these two, the gnolls didn’t notice that the Fire Arrow was flying.

By the time they felt the heat, it was already too late.

All that was left was a gnoll warrior charging at me.


I didn’t have a ‘rapid fire’ skill.

There was not enough time to reload the arrow.

Still, I had a long sword for self-defense that I had acquired from the gnolls.

If I swung it somehow and block it, I might be able to buy some time.



I raised my right leg, not the sword.

The lofty outstretched leg struck the warrior in the head.


Just like in the first battle.

The option of being counterattacked was not in my mind.

Hence, the extreme speed reaction that could be expressed in my body.


Towards the warrior gnoll who had fallen under my heel.

“I won’t allow you to splatter blood on me.”


I pulled the bowstring with an expressionless face.




Everyone except me breathed heavily.

“Sigh. I thought I was going to die.”

“I didn’t expect to get ambushed.”

“…But why didn’t he tell us?”

Nobody said it first.

Eyes turned to Nam Cheolmin, who was still watching us from the top of the stairs.

Choi Junghoon was angrier than anyone else.

“Fuck. Hyung, don’t you feel anything for us?”

He huffed and came up to Nam Cheolmin.

His voice grew louder and louder.

“Fuck. Hyung, you definitely set us up! Yes, call it a mistake, let’s assume you didn’t know there was an ambush. But why are you just staring at me from there? Huh?! Say something! You have a mouth!”

Two people approach him.

If we kept quiet, a fight would break out.

Seo Jungyeon and Han Sungwook stopped Choi Junghoon from both sides.

“I understand, but let’s calm down a little.”

“Yes. Fighting here won’t do you any good.”

“No, stay still. This is a problem between me and hyung. Hyung! Hey, Nam Cheolmin! Did you really think that you’ve become something now that  I call you hyung and follow you around? Fuck, I am not your little brother or a sucker, you bastard…”

I took a step back and watched.

“Hahaha! Hahahaha!”

At that moment, Nam Cheolmin burst into laughter.



The dimly lit light began to flicker.

“You’ve lost your mind. Why are you suddenly laughing?”

“Hahahaha! Sigh… As expected, it’s fun.”

“Is this funny? Fuck, are you really done talking?!”

I stared at Nam Cheolmin in the flickering light.

Incomprehensible eccentricity.

The surrounding atmosphere that was heading for a disaster.

Black eyes with no focus.

The happiness I felt when I saw those eyes.


The letters that popped into my sight at this moment.

[Skill ‘Natural Enemy Relationship’ is activated.]


Natural Enemy Relationship: Fighting power increases dramatically when fighting demons.


Tap tap–

I looked at Nam Cheolmin and said.

“As expected, you are the demon.”